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Studio: Lions Gate Home Ent. Release Date: 09/09/2008 Run time: 21 minutes Rating: R

The take-no-prisoners sex thriller from 1992 now stands as a milestone in the career of screenwriter Joe Eszterhas, but in the hands of director Paul Verhoeven Basic Instinct is an undeniably stylish and provocative study of obsession. In the role that made her a star (and showed the audience a little more skin than she intended), Sharon Stone plays the cleverly manipulative novelist Catherine Tramell who snares San Francisco detective Nick Curran (Michael Douglas) with her insatiable sexual appetite during the investigation of her boyfriend's murder. Tramell is the prime suspect, but the plot twists and turns until Curran is trapped in a dangerous cycle of dead ends and unsolved murders, never sure if Tramell is committing the crimes or if it is some other, unknown suspect. With a plot that keeps viewers guessing, Basic Instinct is the work of a director who is clearly in his element. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • Original Instincts
    With all the buzz surrounding the release of Basic Instinct 2 ("Will Sharon Stone look as good nude at 48 as she did at 34?"), I got a hold of this Director's Cut and decided to see the original. I'd never seen it in '92, turned off by all the hype surrounding Stone's "leg crossing" scene. I should have stuck to my original instincts.

    Yes, there is suspense in this movie: Is Stone really the killer? Unfortunately, that question was never definitively answered...which set up the opening for today's long delayed release of the sequel. But unlike the "classic" movies which transcend their own era and bring a compelling story or characters to any time they may be viewed, this movie now comes across like That 70's Show, so mired in the artificial conventions of the time in which it was filmed that it is an embarrassment when seen today; sort of like having someone show the pictures of you in your leisure suit and platform shoes of 30 years ago. You can't believe you actually ever dressed like that.

    I am not sure that ANYONE was ever as hip, cool, liberated, and callous as the character in this film are supposed to be, but what comes across today is a cast of quite unlikable people acting in ways that defy logic. I can't, for example, imagine Michael Douglas making this movie today, and not simply because he's too old to pull it off. Rather, the reason would seem to be that we have all matured past the pseudo-cynical "edge" that his "Nick" displays throughout this film. Indeed, for all the panting and brow furrowing, the only characters the viewer really winds up caring about are Nick's therapist-girlfriend (who is apparently and successfully framed for the crimes committed by Stone's character, and who then meets an unfortunate end), and his down-to-earth partner, who meets a similar and related fate.

    It was sensationalism and sex that sold this movie 14 years ago; but sensationalism wears off, and sex is now available literally anywhere. Those attractions taken away, this film and the execution of its basic story simply do not hold up. In short, I am glad I passed this film by 14 years ago, I am sorry I spent the time to see it now, and there is no really reason for a sequel.
    ...more info
  • Nothing Basic about this movie
    A sexy thriller with good performances and nice direction and cinematography.

    This is the best thing Sharon Stone has done on film to date I think.

    Extra bonus features are good and the ice pick pen is a cute touch!...more info
    Your impression of this cult classic is probably bang on target, no pun intended. It's lurid. It's paced like a highway truck. With decent twists. Even grotesque ones. And it's embellished with grisly slasher scenes inspired by "Psycho", or perhaps De Palma's lacklustre "Dressed to Kill" if you include a certain elevator murder.

    You could accord several labels to its unabashed whodunnit moments wrapped in soft porn, but complexity would not be one of them. The plot isn't exactly a brain-twister, Hitchcock nailed this effectively in "Suspicion", about someone unwittingly getting entangled with a virulent maniac.

    It's the screenplay that scintillates. Smart and sexy, a little manipulative and very interchangeable, but it fashions itself for the purpose of its existence. Ultimately, it's less ham-handed than it is nonchalant about being such a disposable perk. The finale is admittedly a bit contrived but it works in that strange little way.

    Stone needs no introduction but my second viewing confirms that Michael Douglas pitches in a lot of 'hard' work too. Not sure if it's the indelible rear shots of him, or the ultimate range he proves in what could have easily been a third-tier erotic thriller.

    Fascinating rental for above eighteens. ...more info
  • Not much different than the "IcePick" version
    This Ultimate Edition could have been the definitive edition, had it been produced a little differently.

    First, with the exception of the two new Sharon Stone items, Intro and Commentary, it is the same as the "IcePick" Unrated Director's Cut that came out some years ago. When I mean "IcePick", I'm talking about the release that came in the clear plastic case with a little bonus metal icepick.

    Second, the movie's video and audio quality are also the same as that IcePick version. Which means passable, but not great.

    This is where my biggest gripe with this item is located. The video and audio quality.

    What would have made this a truly "Ultimate" Edition would have been if they had made it a 2-disc edition, one disc with only the movie, and the other all the bonus features. Many current releases do it this way.

    As it stands, a one-disc version of a movie that is slightly over two hours (2 hours 8 minutes more exact) along with all the bonus material means that the video bitrate of the movie is limited to no more than an average of 5.0 Mbps.

    A 2 hour movie can be encoded at 9.8 Mbps (almost the theoretical maximum) if placed entirely on a DVD-9 RSDL disc.

    The difference between 9.8 Mbps and 5.0 Mbps is huge, as long as the source material is high enough quality to take advantage. Since this edition says "newly remastered widescreen version" I would think the original video quality would be such.

    In addition, we are still stuck with Dolby Digital 5.1 448 Kbps for the audio. But with the extra storage that comes with a two-disc edition, they could have increased the audio quality to DD-EX 6.1 and DTS 6.1 formats.

    Had they done that with this "Ultimate" edition, making it a two-disc extravaganza and increased the video and audio bitrates, this would have truly been the final, must-own version of this film.

    So therefore, if you already have an Unrated Director's Cut version of this film, there is no need to purchase this "Ultimate" edition, unless you absolutely have to have those two extra Sharon Stone features. The movie itself is the exact same material.
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  • Well remembered, but not a classic
    At the time, Basic Instinct was considered shocking and new. In retrospect, in a world where much harder pornography is so commonplace, it's not got much sex appeal going for it. What I do like is the OTT game of cat and mouse between Stone and Douglas.

    Catherine Tramell is a writer of sleazy novels who lives out her pulp trash after she's written it. This would be fine if she wrote about saving the children or building churches but Tramell writes about sex, murder and betrayal. She's accused of murdering her Rock-star boyfriend by icepicking his head 86-times during a massive shagathon. She feels no guilt and no sadness and Detective Nick Curran regards her with utmost suspicion even though she passed a lie-detector test.

    Determined to find the truth among Catherine Tramell's web of pork-pies, Curran falls into her world of sin and seduction. Already a bad cop well on the way to cleaning up his act, all of his nasty habits come flooding back to him. The drinking, the snorting, the smoking...all because of a blonde. I would be impervious to this.

    In fact, Jeanne Triplehorn, who plays Curran's psychiatrist, is a billion times more sexy than Sharon Stone. Especially when she wears her glasses. But that's just my thing.

    One can accuse Basic Instinct of being contrived, overly-complicated and over-plotted but they'd be missing the point. I do feel that the irony of gutter-level fiction becoming real within gutter-level fiction would have been more appropriate and perhaps louder if Basic Instinct were a book, but as a movie it makes its point despite the high level tawdriness that most audiences are going think is all the film has to offer.

    Paul Verhoeven takes a Hitchcockian approach to the material as there are already a few connections to Vertigo. At one point in the film, Sharon Stone even dresses up in an outfit identical to Kim Novak (hairstyle and all). You can't help but notice the sleaze sometimes though. Like Michael Douglas walking around a nightclub in a horrible V-neck sweater or the 'infamous' leg-crossing scene with is only really notable for its unsubtlety.

    There are also some parts of the film which kind of date it badly. The production design and fashion is sooo early 90s. It's not the kind of story that oozes class but the outdated look kinda distracts. But the one amazing thing Basic Instinct has going for it is Jerry Goldsmith's wonderfully haunting score. Truly one of his best in the latter part of his career.

    Add it all up and Basic Instinct is wildly inconsistent in terms of quality but the sheer OTT nature of plot is enough to keep it afloat. And all these years later, when we have mostly become impervious to titillation, people still remember all the skanky publicity and the aroma of sleaze will never quite die away. See past all that and you'll find a clever thriller underneath....more info
  • Surprising and provocative.
    By now most people are aware of some of the more notorious scenes in this popular 1992 movie about a murder/mystery writer (Sharon Stone) being prime suspect for a string of murders that eerily resemble the death scenes in her novels. What some people may not know is that this movie actually has a really intriguing story. I decided to rent this movie one night when not much else was at the rental store and I was in the mood for a mystery movie and the clerk at the rental store recommended the new unrated edition of "Basic Instinct". At first I was skeptical, I figured it wasn't much for story, just eye-candy, and I wanted a story. The clerk assured me that it was more than just eye-candy, this movie had an excellent story full of twists that would keep you guessing until the end, so I decided, why not give it a try. To my surprise the movie was excellent. Even the most notorious scene in the movie (the interrogation scene) which when talked about sounds like it was a marketing ploy to get plenty of guys in the seats, actually served a purpose in the film by showing the power Sharon's character weilded over men with her sexuality.

    The acting in this movie is quite superb, especially by Sharon Stone who you never quite know if she's good or evil or simply playing the devil's advocate. Michael Douglas also does an excellent job of playing a loose-cannon detective who is the lead investigator in the case and gets involved with Sharon's character. The directing by Paul Verhoeven is also top-notch, possilby his best.

    So, with all that being said, don't write this movie off as simply another raunchy movie with no story, give it a chance and I'm sure you'll be surprised.

    "Basic Instinct - The Unrated Director's Cut" contains language, violence, strong sexuality/nudity, and drug references....more info
  • YeePee...PORN with a PLOT ! ! !
    *BASIC INSTINCT: Unrated Director's Cut*
    Wow, I don't remember this movie being so pornographic. I guess the Director's Cut, with the extra 5 minutes, is nothing more than extra porn. I remember it's what made Sharon Stone so popular? This would have made her a legend if it was released this way. From graphic oral sex(Michael on Sharon) to a near rape scene, this movie is just too much for me. The main story is great, with a great twist for an ending(or non-twist, depending on how you look at it) however, the graphic sex-scenes are just not neccessary and are way too overboard(I can't help but wonder if Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas are still proud of their work on this film?).
    Go ahead and call me prude, but I cannot recommend this filthy trash. ...more info
  • A classic on Serial Killer Movies
    Sharon Stone is in her best years. Beautiful, good actincg. Her skin looks made on velvet. I enjoy this movie when was on theatres. However the ending is silly, but any way this movie cach you all the time.
    As any other serial killer movies is highly unreal, but as well is highly enjoyable....more info
  • Much better than episode 2
    I did watch this movie for many times. Finally, i got this blu ray version. I am a bit disappointed about the content because some hidden scenes were not covered in it. Sharon fans, don't miss it....more info
  • One of my favorite films of all time
    Basic Instinct is a guilty pleasure. I love this film, and have had the Unrated Director's Cut on VHS for many years. I bought the so-called Collector's Edition (included the ice pick pen) a while back and returned it because it missed quite a bit of footage. Recently, I tried again---and this time it was ice pick bingo! (Who needs the pen, anyway?) The Unrated Director's Cut is listed on Amazon as an unrated special edition (Special Edition - Unrated) which "contains scenes the director was forced to cut." There is no image available. You can identify the DVD as Artisan's release, ASIN B00005N919. Make no mistake, THIS IS THE VERSION TO BUY. I also highly recommend the soundtrack on compact disc. Jerry Goldsmith's music is haunting, and one of the best scores ever composed for film. ...more info
  • Like Minks
    The primary purpose of this movie seems to be to show off Sharon Stone's body and the give her and assorted other characters the opportunity to #$% like minks. They throw in a psycho murder mystery for free.

    The story involves a police investigation where a murder is just like one described in a book. The investigating officer pursues the author of the book and at various time is convinced of her guilt and of her innocence. Along the way, he manages to be a suspect himself and to suspect an old flame who also happens to be an old flame of the author. It is all very sordid and convoluted. That does not stop it from being an intriguing mystery.

    In addition to gratutious sex and nudity this film also offers quite a few unexpected plot twists and surprises. One of the most surprising things for me was number of times when I became convinced of the author's guilt only to be proven wrong...for a while. In the meantime, the body count continues to rise.

    This is certainly not a bad psycho drama but I certainly would not put it up there with the best. It does provide a lot of...scenery....more info
  • The DVD to buy
    I know that this is like the 4th DVD release of the classic 90s film "Basic Instinct" but this is really the best edition you can buy. It has nice packaging as well as video and audio. It also includes all the pervious bonus features from the regular Special Edition release and adds more. Along with the Director's Cut of the film, the main reason to pick this up if you have yet to get it, is the commentary from the director and the director of photography. They discuss all the points of the film you had in question and its a great addition. There are also featurettes and documentaries and intreviews to waste time. Yes, I know this is a shameful way to promote the release of "Basic Instinct 2", but its nice to have a definitve edition of the film on DVD. "Basic Instinct" is not an amazing film, but it is fun and sexy. It was revolutionary for its time and if you are a film buff I suggest you pick up a copy. ...more info
    Basic Instinct really showed us viewers what a ice pick can really do..... Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas star in this thriller..... When guys start getting killed by a ice pick Michael is on the case and he knows its this writer by the name of Catherine Tramell played by Sharon Stone...... Needless to say he can't prove it but he knows it.... When he gets caught in her little mind game and falls in love with her he can't say if she or didn't she kill these men!!!!!! All i can say is that this is one of the best sexy thrillers of all time and its worth owning in any dvd collection!!!!!!...more info
  • Apart from All the Rest -- Sharon Saves Movie......
    Ho Hum. Another Michael Douglas film whereby the puzzle's the thing, and your quest to have them reveal the answer creates more confusion for your brain cells. Not to say this isn't entertaining.
    Michael is a detective who has been excessive in his self destruction (booze and cigarettes) and the department is keeping an annoying prying eye on him. Investigating a murder, he comes across the not caring one bit out of the mainstream Sharon Stone. She lives life on the edge, and he becomes more deeply involved with her as he tries to figure out the murder.
    Sharon is called in for questioning, and it is there she exerts her full power and control over the men questioning her. I am surprised the department didn't have drool cups available. Anyway, sex and sin and alternate lifestyles and blond wigs figure into this whole mess. In the end, the cat and mouse game still doesn't get resolved because you are kept wondering who caught who?
    The movie tries to give you intrigue, but doesn't always hit the mark. The camera, though, does hit the mark when Sharon is on screen, and she saves the movie on her own, without the wooden Michael Douglas and his phoned in performance. For curiosity seekers only....more info
  • still sexy, still compelling, still a
    pretty good movie. Sharon is very good, as is Michael and even Ms. Tripplehorn, who's never been recognized as a pretty sexy actress herself. But a classic? Nope. Sorry. It just isn't. The film flops around a little too much to really stand out as a gem, which is a shame because some of the scenes are truly powerful. A bit too slick for its own good, IMHO. Worth watching again? Absolutely. Worth owning? Only at a discount. ...more info
  • Best movie of all time.
    Watching Sharon Stone is very sexy,naughty,and good to look at.In this movies she is very seductive,naughty,sexy.Watching her having sex,makes u repeat that scene over and over.Good movie to watch from the begining to the end....more info
  • A Must-Have
    The video and audio transfer of this early-1990's movie is incredible! It was beautifully lighted and wonderfully shot. I have the DVD and Blu-ray version and the Blu-ray disc is the one to have....more info
  • Base Instinct
    Basically, I think this movie is fairly offensive. I don't mean the sex. Good grief. At this point who cares? We've had actors grunting and groaning since the 70's. I think we're used to it.

    What's shocking isn't the nudity or gymnastic sex ("I think she stuck that one, Brad"). What's shocking is the lack of any humanity. I mean its so mean spirited. Let me give you an example. I recently saw and reviewed "Unfaithful." Those people had feelings. They were confused. But there was love, sometimes impeded love, love with obstacles in the way. Sometimes misdirected love. But the folks, kids, husbands, wives all had some heart. I mean they cooked dinner for eachother.

    Here, Douglas and Stone were . . . heartless. The picture was regarded as a powerful statement of the 90's. What powerful statement? That some women don't wear [...]? How did we get along without this information? Or did we know it and it really didn't mean that much?

    To quote the bard, 'much ado about nothing.' It's kind of like the 'emperors clothes.' A whole bunch of people say 'This is a really great movie." Who's saying that? It's [...] that got by without the X rating. Does that make it bad? Not necessarily. Just call it what it is. What it's not is art. 2 stars. Larry Scantlebury ...more info
  • Basic Instinct unrated directors version
    good movie in blu ray. Sharon Stone was well....Sharon Stone. My husband enjoyed it more than I did....more info
  • Basic Instinct Blu Ray
    Finally in my opinion Lions Gate got a Blu Ray Transfer right. It is not perfect but it is good condidering Basic Instinct was released in 1992.

    Picture quality was good during day scenes but a little grainy when a scene gets dark. Sound quality is good as well (DTS HD Audio).

    All the extras are in Standard Definition. This is great Blu Ray to own. Price is also great :)...more info
  • Demented but enjoyable trash
    "Basic Instinct" is absolute trash and yet is is hard not to like. Director Paul Verhoeven's over the top style fits the material perfectly. Why Michael Douglas agreed to appear in such a perverted film is difficult to understand but he is excellent as a troubled cop and Sharon Stone is great as a demented femme fatale. The much-vaunted sex scenes are completely unstimulating, the ending a disappointment, and the story ridiculous and yet it works much better than it should. Sadly the DVD has no extras as Verhoeven provides the best "director's commentaries" you will ever hear.

    ...more info
  • A masterpiece that gets better with age
    BASIC INSTINCT is a masterpiece of human behavior and frailty that could never be made now in these days of extreme political correctness. It pulls no punches in portraying the characters in harsh reality, without remorse or apologies for their flaws.

    After viewing the movie through once, I went back to the "Extras" and turned on the commentary by the psychologist. Her observations were spellbinding, and I found myself watching the entire movie again. I highly recommend her commentary for anyone seeking a deeper understanding and appreciation for this cinematic classic.

    The Blu-ray version was superb!...more info
  • Are you a pro? No, I'm an amateur
    Basic Instinct is a basic geometric triangle, and while, as in basic math, the square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the square of the two adjacent sides, all of the sides are important, and basically, with Michael Douglas, Sharon Stone, and Jeanne Triplehorn, you can't lose.

    Jeanne Triplehorn is from Oklahoma. She has been described as having an incredibly open face and a devastating glare. Her father, Tom Triplehorn, played guitar for Gary & the Pacemakers on such hits as "This Diamond Ring Doesn't Shine For You Anymore." Working with Michael Douglas as the 2nd Lead in Basic Instinct led to Ms. Triplehorn's chance to portray Tom Cruise's wife in the box-office smash The Firm (1993). Her clever work in this film afforded her the opportunity to work opposite other "top guns" in the industry, including Kevin Costner in the futuristic epic flop Waterworld (1995), Gwyneth Paltrow in the experiment-gone-wrong Sliding Doors (1998) and Hugh Grant in the preposterous Mickey Blue Eyes (1999). Though Triplehorn couldn't rescue these Kamikaze missions from certain disaster, her performance in Basic Instinct as the bespectacled psychiatrist Dr. Beth Garner garnered my attention.

    Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone are so well known that I scarcely need to go into their biographies. Michael was the son of well known, well liked actor Kirk Douglas. He didn't want any of his sons to ply the acting profession, so he never gave Michael so much as a 'foot in the door.' He first got the public's attention playing a cop opposite veteran actor Karl Malden in 'The Streets of San Francisco.' [shot on location in San Francisco, it is fun to watch re-runs for the superb location shots alone]. TV led to films, but it was Basic Instinct that catapulted Douglas to household name status. Other notable roles were Fatal Attraction and Wall Street.

    Stone was also catapulted into the limelight from the success of Basic Instinct, but fell from grace with Sliver and a slew of slim pickings until finally getting respect and redemption in Casino with Robert De Niro, an Oscar nomination, thank you. Sharon has had some ups, with Basic Instinct, Casino, The Muse, The Quick and the Dead, The Mighty, and Bobby; but others, such as Sliver, Diabolique, Intersection, The Specialist, Catwoman, Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold, and the sequel-that-never-should-have-been, Basic Instinct 2, basically sunk like a... well, Stone.

    I have a basic theory about Joe Eszterhas. His career was in a tailspin after Sliver, Showgirls, and Jade, so he went down in flames with An Alan Smithee Film: Burn Hollywood Burn. Anyone familiar with the name Alan Smithee knows that it is the name a director attaches to a film that he wants nothing more to do with. This film not only capped a string of bad reviews for his writing, it added one for his acting, playing himself for goodness sake, he was such a bad actor he couldn't even effectively portray himself. Besides that, it was a kind of vendetta against Hollywood, and all he had suffered there. I think that Flashdance was brilliant, for a movie about a welder/stripper who wants to go to ballet school, and I would like to see Jagged Edge. Basic Instinct might be the pinnacle of his achievement. You know you are being manipulated with trashy, exploitive garbage, but like Wayne Knight (Newman from Seinfeld) and the other cops in the famous scene in the interrogation room, you don't care. After his apotheosis with Basic Instinct, he slid down the slippery slope with Sliver, Showgirls, Jade, and finally, to kill his career once and for all, An Alan Smithee Film: Burn Hollywood Burn.

    I find it interesting that Sharon Stone plays a sociopathic writer in Basic Instinct, and contend that Eszterhas was drawing from personal experience in that regard. At one point Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone) reveals the finer points of her craft, where she asserts that writing teaches you how to lie. She utilizes that skill in beating a polygraph. I find this very telling, Mr. Eszterhas.

    Though I remember Spetters, I doubt that many other people do. It was a charming foreign film about motorcycle racing, as I recall. Total Recall was totally an Arnold Swarzeneger vehicle supposedly based on the writing of Philip K. Dick, but it came up surprisingly dickless. Robocop, though I personally didn't see it, it was so popular that I remember it nevertheless. Basic Instinct seems to be the high water mark for Verhoeven as well, but his next outing with Eszterhas resulted in Showgirls--not a brilliant career move for either one.

    Take these actors, this writer, and this director, mix them together in a pot boiler like Basic Instinct, and voila! I liked the way Catherine Tramell knew how to exploit Nick Curran's weaknesses: cigarettes, cocaine, booze, sex, violence--if she could awaken his craving for one, it would lead to the others. All the while, he thought he was solving the case, and that proved to be his biggest weakness of all. Thinking he could out think Tramell in this cat-and-mouse game, where he thinks he's the cat, but he is nothing but a mouse.

    Though I admit that Basic Instinct was a great film, it remains a guilty pleasure, and though I was entertained, I resent being manipulated in such a trashy and exploitive way. So I will shed no tears for the fall of Eszterhas.


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    Nick: What's your new book about?
    Catherine: A detective. He falls for the wrong woman.
    Nick: What happens to him?
    Catherine: She kills him.
    ...more info
    BASIC INSTINCT is, a voyeuristic, psychological thriller. It's protagonists ( Michael Douglas, and Sharon Stone ) are not very likeable, though they are interesting. The exploration of sexual obsession, blatant ( often kinky ) eroticism, and sociopathic murder is interesting, though not handled as well as in Hitchcock's VERTIGO, or as perversely as Brian De Palma's SISTERS. Still, there are plenty of jolts, twists, and unnexpected turns. All in all it's a captivating, and briskly-paced drama that I've seen at least a couple of dozen times.

    There are some extended sexual scenes, and ice pick stabbings- so if that's your thing, this is the product you'll want....more info
  • More than meets the Eye
    I absolutely loved this movie. The plot is intriguing, diabolical and multi-faceted, the characters are interesting, and the score is mesmerizing. All in all this film is captivating and erotic. The unrated version is definitely worth getting over the R rated version. The review by Camille Paglia is worth watching all the way through because her insights on the film are quite interesting because she really explains the imagery and the interplay between Douglas and Stone. Paglia also brings up the role of Goddess religions and the occult as being part of the movie which explain and give depth to the Catherine Trammel character, and she also gives an interesting take on how the movie in some ways is very analagous to the war between the sexes and the role of the vamp character in explaining the feminine mystique....more info
  • Sharon Stone's pathetic claim to fame...
    This movie reminds me of something that happened to me when I was 10 years old (1979). My stepmother (at the time) said that we (me, my Dad, her, and my two stepbrothers) HAD to go see this movie that was coming out, and we HAVE to see it the VERY FIRST weekend that it comes out. Well, we waited for over an hour (in line) to get the tickets. As it turned out, it was so crowded in the theater that we couldn't even sit all together. I sat by myself, while my Dad sat with one of my stepbrothers and my stepmother sat with the other. Well, all the hype about the movie turned out to be just that: HYPE. As we were filing out like cattle, I heard more than one negative comment about the film, and, if I remember correctly, I believe this particular movie was gone from theaters in just over 2 months. The name of the movie???--METEOR. Never heard of it? Well, there were no crotch shots, or any nudity or icepick murders, but had there been, the movie still would have sucked....more info
  • Schlock remembered for a crotch
    The crotch shot is the only bit of this heavy-handed erotic thriller that has remained in the popular imagination, and rightfully so. Sharon Stone's sexiness falls far short of the level of enthrallment Douglas accords it, and the bisexual psychologist is the only real sexy character (including, I'd say, Douglas). The action scenes are about average, and the plot becomes more convoluted than is justified by the payoff. Just because this raised the level of production values for erotic thrillers more commonly found on late-night Cinemax doesn't mean that it's truly escaped its tawdry roots. ...more info
  • Very good movie and SHARON STONE IS REALLY HOT!
    Baisc Instinct, directed by controversial director Paul Verhoeven (Robocop, Total Recall) is a very erotic film that would have passed off as the most controversial film ever. In my opinion, it is. This unrated director's cut is the exact same shown in Europe (The R-rated version is the American version, which features less stabbing, blood, and explicit sex) This version adds about one minute of explicit footage, inculding 4 extra stabs in the Johnny Boz murder and longer, uncut sex scenes (especally between Michael Douglas and Jeanne Tripplehorn, and Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone) and the murder of Gus has more blood, gore and 3 extra stabs. Well, that's about it.

    Overall Rating: 7/10...more info
  • Revisionist revenge chick flick rubbish
    On first viewing it's check out the architecture and guess the killer. On second viewing it's check out the clothes and guess the killer. On the third viewing it's the dawning realization that this is a revisionist feminist revenge chick flick (whatever that means) with few redeeming features made for the tackiest of Hollywood reasons - let's give the suckers what they want - sex, ice picks wielded by braless women under forty, and lots of expensive clothes and fast cars. The greatest suspense comes from the awful overacting Mr Douglas who is trying to give up smoking - will he? Won't he? Ms Stone iks embarrassingly bad. It is redeemed somewhat by Mr Dzundza and the elegant Ms Tripplehorn. And yes, I am a slow learner as this film made squillionsof dollars and I thought thousands of paying customers could not be wrong so I looked at it three times. And yes I am a sucker....more info
  • Basically I Stink
    Excellent movie, especially for a guilty pleasure. wonderful quality Bluray. worth the price paid. will order again....more info
  • How To Become A Star By Doing Onscreen What Actreses Used To Do Offscreen To Get Onscreen!
    This is a highly forgettable movie which made a "Star " out of Sharon Stone for reasons which I can't quite fathom. The only thing I can remember about this movie is the Interrogation Scene whcih should appeal to every 16 year old High School Geek's sexual fantasies.I give this movie 5 stars because thankfully Ms. Stone and Mr. Douglas are rarely seen in movies anymore these days!...more info
  • If Only The Formatting Could Be Better --
    There isn't much more to say about this movie than hasn't been said by other reviewers, however, I'd like to point out that this version is in widescreen, meaning "letter-box," style. For those with the right kind of televison set this shouldn't be a problem. But for me with a smaller screen, I would have preferred to have seen more of Ms. Stone and this movie than the wide angle letter-box gives. There is a version listed by Amazon that only says only NTSC format rather than say widescreen, though that may not make it actually full screen as some movies are noted to be. If there is a full screen version of this movie, the production company should make that clear. And if there is no full screen version of Basic Instinct, why isn't there? We should be given the choice.

    Oh, and be careful of that silly plastic box with its "ice pick" pen: the box is rather fragile and can break. It's kind of cute but not really worth the effort save as a promotional piece. Even the pen is useless and doesn't write.


    ...more info
  • Grade A Entertainment
    Basic Instinct is an intelligent, lush, and ultimately pointless thriller. It says very little, if anything, about humanity. There is no moral lesson or altruistic "drama as teacher" plot to be found. That is, in fact, what makes it such a great movie!

    The lush photography, the sizzling and controversial sex scenes, the huge, iconic performance by Sharon Stone, and a stunning, icy score all add up to a couple hours of pure, mind-bending excitement. It imposes nothing of a political or philosophical nature on the viewer--but acts as eye candy just for the sake of art.

    If you find the human body offensive, or sex, then do not watch this movie. If you want an intelligently written film that does not aspire to be a moral lesson, but is intelligent and captivating just the same, then do yourself a favor and take your mind on a holiday. See what made Sharon Stone a '90s superstar. See Basic Instinct (and cross your fingers the proposed sequel will happen soon, with Stone and Ashton Kutcher.)...more info
  • How disappointing
    After waiting for over two weeks, I was finally notified that the company no longer carried this item. I seem to be having bad luck receiving things lately, so I've not bothered re-ordering with any other 'carriers.'
    What's going on lately? I'm still waiting for another order that I'm told was mailed on March 19. Worse, THEY billed me, and wanted payment.
    This is not a good way to conduct business, with this kind of economy. Most people are watching where they spend their money....more info
  • Trashy, Yet Entertaining
    Up until now, "Basic Instinct" has always been that little movie in pop culture in which Sharon Stone uncrosses her legs and exposes her vagina for an instant. After watching this movie, that is exactly what I'll remember it for. This movie is pop culture staple, it's stupid and impossible to predict. As soon as you think you've got it, you don't, only to discover you do; as we we see with the ending. The movie what critics refer to as "a bad movie".
    And it is. However, people will forget "Gandhi" the Best Picture winner of 1980 something before they forget this movie. If you label your DVD collection, this would definitley be in the "Guilty Pleasure" section where you would also find movies like "Wild Things" and "Cruel Intentions". It's a movie that has big stars, a big budget, and a stupid story. But this all works perfectly. Oscar Winner Michael Douglas (Best Actor, Wall Street) plays Detective Nick Curran, an ex-alcoholic and smoker, who's investigating the murder of a former rock star. The person believed to have commited the murder is Catherine Tramell (Stone), a novelist who's novel has detailed the killing exactly. As Nick discovers more about the case, he finds simalar incidences involving Catherine and at the same time he begins an affair with her. Probably not the best thing to do when you're pretty damn sure she's killing people with ice picks. The movie is packed with cliches and occasional bad dialouge that is only annoying sometimes. Oddly enough, Douglas and Stone are perfect in their roles. Stone catches the feroscity, sexuality, and glamour of Catherine perfectly; and Douglas plays the vulnerable, yet tough cop perfectly, as well. I can't see another actor in any of these roles, which is one of the highest compliments I think an actor can recieve. While it looks like Douglas made the smart decision by not returning for the sequel, I look forward to seeing Stone playing Catherine Tramell again in the movie. So, film buffs who actually know what a Best Boy Grip is probably won't like this movie; but entertainment seekers will surely like it.
    And hell, if you don't even care if it's a good movie...The sex scenes are great.

    ...more info
  • Enjoyable thriller from Paul Verhoeven!

    A San Francisco detective named " Nick" ( Michael Douglas) is investigating the murder of a former pop-rock star, he suspects gorgeous bisexual novelist Catherine Tramell ( Sharon Stone) thinking that she murdered him as she seduces him. It's now a game of cat-and-mouse as Nick is caught in a sexual web of violence and trying to find who the killer is.

    Intersting, controversial but enjoyable erotic suspenser from the director of "Robocop", " Total Recall" and "Starship Troopers" Paul Verhoeven is quite a puzzling movie that has steamy sex scenes, the famous interrogation scene, decent acting and violent scenes you won't forget such as the icepick murder.

    The Unrated Director's Cut Special Edition DVD has very good picture & good sound quality with scenes that never made it into the R Rated cut to avoid an NC-17 rating especially the uncensored version of the interrogation scene. It's extras are good such as two audio commentaries, a featurette, Photo Gallery, Storyboard Gallery, an easy to find easter egg and Trailer with TV Spot.
    ...more info
  • Great Movie
    I moved from the first time i saw it. I actually had to by part II as well....more info
  • "She's Evil. She's Brilliant!"
    Michael Douglas plays Nick Curran, a troubled detective who is investigating the "ice-pick" murder of rock star. The prime suspect is the victim's lover, the overtly-sexual Catherine Tramell, a beautiful, blonde mystery novelist who shows no remorse and is in the habit of not wearing any under-clothing. Curran falls under his suspects seductive spell and what follows is a hi-speed cat and mouse game which leaves several dead and one incredibly confused cop.

    Although Sharon Stone was making movies a full decade before this film was made ("Deadly Blessings", "King Solomon's Mines"), it was this raunchy, erotic thriller that finally put the blonde on the map. "Basic Instinct" became a massive hit when it was first released in 1992. The media had a field day covering the scandal this film caused. Religious groups were bothered by the sexually explicit images depicted in the film and the Gay community was infuriated of the negative portrayal of homosexuals. The public in general didn't seem to mind since "Basic Instint" ended up grossing over $100 million domestically. I guess we were all entranced by Sharon Stone's slick, icy beauty and the infamous leg crossing scene.

    Whatever one thinks of the film, few will deny that Sharon Stone is one of the film's highlights. She steals every single scene she's in and her performance is captivating and it's not just because of her incredible look. It's how she delivers her lines, her body language, her voice, her cool demeanor. She mastered the art of seduction and we clearly see why Nick fell prey to her dark charms. These elements along with the witty dialogue all contribute in to making Catherine Tramell one of the greatest screen villians ever.

    One of the problems I had with the film was with the casting of Michael Douglas. He is a great actor but in my opinion, he seemed a bit too old for the part. In many scenes he reminded me of someone's grandfather smitten by his daughter's much younger girlfriend. Since the release of the sequel recently, there have been several individuals/critics who have complained about Sharon Stone being too old to be reprising the role and acting alongside a younger leading man. These same individuals don't seem to care when film-makers cast much older men in the lead opposite younger women (in some instances MUCH younger women). No one complained when Harrison Ford was cast alongside Michelle Pfieffer or when Sean Connery was cast alongside the beautiful Catherine Zeta-Jones but when an attractive actress who is in her late 40's, in this case Stone takes the lead in an erotic thriller, everyone has something negative to say. It appears there is a double standard here.

    As for the film's sexual content. Anyone who has ever seen Paul Verhoeven's earlier films "De Vierde man" ("The Fourth Man") or "Spetters" will know he does not shy away from showcasing human sexuality graphically and several of these European films will even make "Basic Instinct" look tame. This film was clearly made for adults and it was always advertised as sexually explicit so keep in mind this film is not for everyone. "Basic Instinct" is unquestionably sleazy but it is clever and Sharon Stone's polished portrayel of a hard-as-nails temptress with a heart of stone (no pun intended) is reason enough to recommend it. Despite all the negative, nothing can hide the fact that this is an entertaining, sexually charged thriller that is well-made and well-acted. It's amoral message may be evil but it's brilliant.

    Highly recommended....more info
  • Hollywood's most 'basic instinct' = CASH GRAB.
    I will dispense with the standard plot synopsis and, for the most part, a review of this movie. 14 years later, most of us looking at a special edition "Basic Instinct" DVD already like it enough to at least show interest in possibly buying this. My question was, is it worth it to replace my old "Basic Instinct" DVD with a new one?

    By my count this is the 4th DVD transfer of this film (there was a bare-bones DVD of the theatrical release, then a special edition with extras, then the unrated directors cut special edition with the same extras (that one had the dumb "ice pick box," but was eventually, and is now, available in a standard box whose cover art looks just like all the other releases (including the original VHS release): All white box, torso-and-up shot of Stone and Douglas whith her clawing his back), and now this one that still retains that same image of the stars, but now it is inside the lettering of the title).

    I mention this for two reasons.

    The first may not matter much to amazon and other on-line shoppers, but here's what happened to me while walking around Best Buy today: I already owned the "bare-bones" version (I picked it up for 5 bucks brand new at least 5 years ago, so this has never been a movie one needed to drop a lot on to own), but I wanted the unrated director's cut I saw advertised in the Best Buy weekend circular. I picked it up off the shelf and saw there was the older '02 special edition release right next to it for $5.99. I was not crazy about spending $15 (not that that is a terrible price, mind you) on a movie I already owned so I decided to go with the '02 version (I'll get to the comparison between the two in a moment - that is reason #2). I got home and found out it was the special edition alright, but it was the original theatrical version. It had extras and such, but the point of replacing the thing in the first place was to get the director's cut. So I went back to Best Buy and, sure enough, because the boxes look the same except for a tiny-worded "director's cut" in the bottom corner, I grabbed the wrong one. The director's cut was there and it to was also only $5.99 (and because of some additional sale I was unaware of it rang up as something like $4.40). So BE CAREFULl WHEN SELECTING A VERSION OF THE FILM. The ice-pick box, dumb as it looked on the DVD shelf, seems to be gone so there is no easy way to tell all these apart. You gotta do a little reading. "Special Edition" doesn't automaticly mean "director's cut." (Especially for a DVD that has had as many similar - and similar looking - releases as this one.)

    That's my first point. The second is to inform you that, in comparing this new version "special edition director's cut" with the $5 version I got, the only difference, besides the newly arranged cover art, is that there is an interview and an introduction by Sharon Stone. That's it. Other than that, it has the same bonuses, commentaries, etc. And that is said if that even matters to you in the first place. If you just want the movie, there is no reason to opt for this new, more expensice release; or if you already have the director's cut, replace it with this one - unless you really want to hear from Sharon Stone (that's her now, mind you, not 1992 - I'm just sayin'...)

    So why was this made then? "Basic Instinct 2" hits theatres in a few weeks. I'll reserve judgment on that move until I see it, but I can judge this as a cash grab. I'm not angry though. "Basic Instinct" is hardly the first film to pull this stunt and I almost wish that some of the movies I really loved had just one "special edition" or update from its first DVD incarnation, not to mention 4 or more. I would just hope there would be something that sets them apart from the previous version.

    That's not the case here.

    * One quick observation I could not resisit mentioning: It is ironic that a movie as notorious for its graphic sex and violence as "Basic Instinct" that the Amazon info lists its rating as simply "Unrated for drug use and laguage." :)...more info
  • Basic Instinct Blu-Ray
    I watched this movie when it first came out and I thought it was very entertaining. Watching it again in Blu-ray format was amazing and it brought the movie closer to reality. The scenic view from the beach house were spectacular and breathtaking!...more info