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  • Avoid this Flicka flick--read book instead!
    My 11 year old horse-crazy daughter disliked this movie, and so did I. It's not just that they swapped a headstrong teenage girl for the book's original young, quiet, sensitive boy. We both just thought the girl in the movie was a horrible, spoiled, annoying, selfish brat. We couldn't abide her and so no amount of pretty horses could make up for her one-dimensional character. The book is so lovely, so nuanced--it's a gem that wasn't even adequately portrayed by the 1940s "classic" version of the story. Strange that such a subtle story has not been adapted successfully for the screen, whereas the fun but mainly action-adventure "Black Stallion" story was turned into the beautiful, lyrical, timeless film of the same name....more info
  • Superb
    This movie is superbly done. Great acting by Tim McGraw who is uncomfortable with his daughter and has an estranged relationship with her. This is the best acting I've seen from Maria Bello. Overall, it's a good remake, different from the original, not perfect, but a great family film. I liked it alot, and thought the acting was good. ...more info
  • Rent The Original!
    There's just no reason to plod through this unnecessarily butchered remake of Mary O'Hara's book. They could have found an original script about horses, I think, instead of more "remake-itis" that Hollywood is stuck in right now. Rent the 1943 version and the 1945 sequel "Thunderhead."

    They're old movies, but they can't be improved upon. The technicolor of the Big Outdoors is sumptuous, the horse stunts nearly impossible to tell they were staged as when Flicka's mother rears under the sign while she's being trucked out and brains herself. Or when baby Flicka escapes the barn by breaking through a glass window and jumping out and the heart rendering scene where she is caught in the barbed wire fence. Can't watch either of these movies without a BIG box of kleenex! Flawless horse training for movies as was the fight to the death of Thunderhead and the Albino in the sequel. PLus there was the music score by the great Alfred Newman whose son, Thomas Newman, did the superb score to Horse Whisperer.

    If your horse-loving daughters really need to see a horse movie, get them training tapes by the gentle and effective trainers out there such as Pat Parelli, Chris Cox, Clinton Anderson, etc. At least they'll learn something. There's nothing in this bastardized version to like. And the only tear I shed was that 2 horses had to die for this turkey. ...more info
  • Flicka DVD
    We absolutely love watching this movie. The DVD was new in excellent condition after delivery and it came quickly. Purchased with our pepsi points...very satisfied. Thank you. ...more info
  • Flicka the movie
    The dvd arrived shortly after ordering it and was packaged very good.

    What I liked about the dvd is that on one side "Full screen" and on the other side "Wide screen." This is great especially when you have different types of tvs.

    Great Movie if you are into horses, which my family is. A must for a horse library of movies....more info
  • Movie review (Flicka)
    This is a very good movie that grabs you right in the beginning. The actors portray their parts with the utmost realism. I am a huge fan of Tim Mcgraw and Maria Bello which made the movie that much better. Definately a must have for your collection....more info
  • Flicka
    Tim McGraw was great. I was a little disapointed with such a BIG build-up. I was exspecting more. But yes it is a great family movie......more info
  • Great family movie
    Sometimes a little corny but that comes with most horse movies. The landscape shots are breath taking...more info
  • Cute Story, My neice and I loved it.
    Watching it was a well spent afternoon....more info
  • Flicka
    Wonderful family movie - I watch this movie with all five (5) of my children. Ages are 16,13,10,8 & 5. Kept their attention the whole time. We have watched it over and over again....more info
  • "Who Wants To Go Running?" ~ Never Come Between A Girl And Her Horse
    Newly released `Flicka' ('06) is an enjoyable piece of family entertainment, the kind the over fifty crowd can remember from their childhood. What's could be more wholesome than a pretty, young country girl riding a feisty but loving mustang across the expansive, breathtaking Montana landscape?

    Synopsis: Katy (Alison Lohman), daughter of quarter horse breeder falls in love with Flicka, a wild mustang found roaming their property. The Father (Tim McGraw) does everything he can to get ride of the untamed animal and Katy fights him every step of the way. Will the bond of trust and friendship between Katy and Flicka be enough to change the heart and mind of a stubborn Father? I think you probably already know the answer.

    Once again, good family entertainment. Heartfelt storyline, attractive and competent cast and some incredible Montana scenery will keep you watching until the end....more info
  • A Great Family Movie
    With so few movies an entire family can actually sit down and watch together, this one is a breath of fresh air.

    With whatever controversy surrounds this movie, it contributes nothing to the merits of it. This movie promotes respect for horses, not the opposite. Horses are of course just the backdrop. It is more about families. It is about children coming into their own and discovering who they are. It is about bravery and sacrifice.

    The beautiful scenery definitely does not hurt. Tim McGraw, Maria Bello, Alison Lohman, and the rest of the cast turn in excellent performances. This is a movie to not miss out on.
    ...more info
  • One of the best films of the year!
    Amazing that one of the most emotional and moving stories to grace the screen this past year went literally unnoticed. This film has themes of tradition, hope and despair embracing tones of freedom as well as true destiny. The actors are a patchwork quilt of talent that ranges from country star Tim McGraw to Maria Bello, and last but not least includes up and comer Alison Lohman. This amazing script pulls together better than any movie I've seen this year, and the core that it gets to when it comes to the West's history vs. the West's hurt is all wrapped up for a beautiful story that rides on the shoulders of a wild mustang.

    Flicka centers on a Wyoming horse ranch that is run by the McLaughlin family. When the oldest daughter returns after a year of boarding school, her bright summer gets off to a rough start. As she braves the reaction of her parents when a letter about her performance in a certain class comes, she suddenly happens upon a wild mustang that she eventually builds an amazing connection with. What people on the outside cannot see, is that Katy (Alison Lohman) has more in common with this horse than she does with some of her own friends. The problem is, can she fulfill her ultimate destiny, or are her and the horse ultimately going to end up with the same future in which both are imprisoned?

    Flicka is a great family film and it connects on levels of both the adolescent youth factor and the parent trying to make the right decision. As someone who grew up on a ranch myself, I can attest that the scenes of emotional struggle of what to do in order to preserve the future of the family farm are done very truthfully. As we follow Katy through her struggles, we learn to love her and the horse she now calls "Flicka". Flicka has been on the big screen before, in the 1943 adaptation of the book "My friend Flicka".

    Country Music Singer Tim McGraw exceeded many people's expectations when he played an overbearing father in the film "Friday Night Lights". McGraw again does an excellent job here as a father (Rob McLaughlin) and husband who are trying to build for the future while not severing the past. Although the film centers on the various themes that surround Katy and Flicka's destiny, McGraw does a great job as Rob, and along with his wife Nell (Mario Bello) portrays a realistic ranching family that is melded together with hard work ethic and the importance of family.

    Flicka is such a strong film because it also has excellent pacing. You never feel like there is a character you don't understand, a scene that was cut too short, or a theme that is over explored. It never feels rushed, nor does it drag and plod along. The majestic landscape is truly something to enjoy and for those of us who live in it, something to never take for granted. This film tells a great story, and does it without the use of foul language, Computer Graphics or the aid of a large budget. Now that I think of it though, it doesn't have to. Flicka is what more movies should be, something special that has that human touch to it. Watch Katy as she fights herself, the horse and ultimately her own blood before coming back around through some dangerous and scarring events to truly make it full circle.

    Katy's writings of Mustangs and the West were great, and the special bond that a person can have with an animal is done with great care here. You may not like Flicka as much as I did, but you may like it enough for its meaningful messages and enjoyable pace to give it a try....more info
  • disappointed :(
    I was greatly surprised by this movie, it was not as good as I was hoping it'd be. It was slow, and for me, a little gory. The acting was good, but that's about it....more info
  • Flicka
    the best horse movie ive seen the story line was great the scenary beautiful the actors were so down to earth i laughed mostly cried threw it the acting on the horses part was amazing any one who owns a horse or is a horse lover has too see this film i used to watch my friend flicka on tv as a lil girl and was thrilled when it was made to a movie A+++...more info
  • Loved Flicka
    To those bashing this movie.
    I am a 23 year old horsewomen who happened to love this movie. Sure it was a little predictable, but it was beautifully made. I know there are people on here from a site called "MY DEAD FLICKA", yes 2 horses died...in a FREAK accident. Very few people realize how little it takes for a horse to spook and in an effort to flee, harm themselves severely. It is my understanding that one horse spooked and stepped on their own lead rope breaking their neck. Things like this happen when dealing with domesticated, but still WILD animals. I love horses and most animals and do not in any way condone abuse or neglect, but I think that if you are going to spend time protesting something, get over the movie and start looking into the situation at Premarin horse farms (where mares are repeatedly impregnated and abused in an effort to obtain pregnant mare urine to make a prescription drug) Premarin farms kill thousands, maybe even millions of horses every year and this movie only claimed 2. Do you also protest at rodeos where animals are riled, strapped and kicked to get them to buck for entertainment value? Please someone enlighten me because I think that there are way more important things to whine about than a movie ACCIDENT. In any case, if you love horses and you don't require profanity, nudity or adult situations to enjoy a movie, check this one out, its a cute take on an old classic....more info
  • Flicka
    Anyone who loves horses will love this movie. I cried like a baby watching it. The music was great!...more info
  • Flicka
    This is one of the best family movies I have seen in a long time. A must for a dad and daughter fun outting. Very good acting and interesting the whole way through and the scenery was awesome. Took my 18 year old nephew with me and even he said it was a great movie. MUST SEE...more info
  • Remake but still a classic...
    Okay, listen. My friends went to see this movie. I was in the process of moving so couldn't go with them, but they totally loved it. Scenery, horses,ranching...welcome to the REAL America, the heart and soul of the country. Unfortunately, a two yearlings died in the making-of. I love horses, and work with them on a regular basis, and want to say THINGS INVOLVING EQUINES GO WRONG! They, although are domesticated, are still wild at heart, and someone probably got a cell-phone call while wrangling the colts and spooked them.

    [...] Treat yourself to a good piece of American filmmaking and enjoy....more info
  • "My Dead Flicka"
    Since not just one, but TWO horses were reported to have been killed during the making of this film, I have no interest in seeing a fairy tale that was produced by people who apparently know and appreciate a lot about making money but little about consideration for horses. I have lived with horses for nearly all of my 65 years and can find no justification for any such unnecessary human exploitation of animal life....more info
  • Bankable
    "Flicka" (2006) bridges several sub-genres, unfortunately it is one of the weakest examples of each. It's a horse movie (the original is better, as are "National Velvet", The Horse Whisperer" and for that matter most episodes of the Saddle Club and "Spin & Marty"). It's a 'wild mustangs as a metaphor for the changing West" movie ("The Misfits" and "Billy Jack" do it better). It's an overwrought coming of age melodrama (countless other films do this better as well as most of the stuff you find playing on Lifetime).

    It's also an Alison Lohman film and in all fairness contains one of her best performances. Lohman is always excellent and in "Flicka" she is given a lot to work with and handles it all quite well but the scripting and editing are so weak that her strong performance (and nice supporting work by Maria Bello and Ryan Kwanten) cannot turn this thing into a quality film. You might notice that neither the two screenwriters nor the director have been involved in any feature productions since the release of the film.

    "Flicka" was a major release (over 2900 theaters in the U.S.) and turned a profit at the box office. I credit shrewd packaging by the film's producers as they focused from inception on insuring that the project would be bankable. They incorporated elements that pre-sold the film beyond its target audience of pre-teen girls. Tim McGraw was cast to bring in his large fan base, Kwanten was counted on to draw a fair number of teenage girls into the multi- plex, and there are so few live action family films in 2006 that it tapped into this under-supplied market.

    Although Mary O'Hara's beloved children's book (My Friend Flicka-previously adapted into two feature films and a television show, is credited) it would be more accurate to say "inspired by" rather than "adapted from". The original's ten-year-old hero has been changed to a 16-year-old heroine named Katy McLaughlin (Lohman).

    I normally rant a bit when an older actress is cast as a teenager but Lohman is the Mary Pickford of her day and with her cute face and freckles still looks physically believable playing a teen. Her new look for the film, long curly hair-dyed dark, makes her look a lot like Kari Russell (insert "very Irish" here). In this remake it's totally Katy's story (in the original the parents had a more central role) and is told from her point-of-view. She even does a short voice-over commentary to begin and close the film. Normally this POV stuff leads to viewer identification and connection, but the scripting and directing works against Lohman and you stay distanced from her character.

    Katy is mega-headstrong, uncomfortable and bored at her boarding school but at one with the wilds of her family's horse ranch in Wyoming. Her father is grooming Katy's older brother Howard to eventually take over the ranch, clueless about Howard's desire to escape and about Katy's affinity for the place. She is the chip-off-the-old-block, not her brother.

    The title character is a two-year old black mustang mare that is a source of conflict between Katy and her father for most of the film. While the movie looks pretty the thin plot, the poor sequencing, and absence of "genuine" emotion" doesn't add up to a particularly satisfying viewing experience.

    Then again, what do I know? I'm only a child....more info
  • flicka
    Hi well to start I was excited about watching this movie cause it looked a lot like dreamer which I enjoyed. BUT IT WAS HORRIBLE!!! Katie is selfish and has a bad attitude which never gets better throughout the movie. The characters are allways yelling at each other. And Katie is also dumb and tries things whith Flicka that get her hurt and in trouble. I hated this and so did my Mom but my Dad strangely liked it. Anyways this is one of those love it or hate it movies. And I personally hated it. Well gotta go hope this was helpful Brooke. ...more info
  • Horse mad kids will love this one.
    I couldn't stand this movie, but my horse mad daughters loved it. As an adult I couldn't sit through five minutes but the girls watch it over and over again. My daughter rates this film as "I just love it, mum" and she goes and watches it AGAIN!! So I give it 4/5 on her rating. Not for adults but its a great one for kids....more info
  • Annoying characters
    This movie should carry a warning about all the whining and arguing contained in it. Why on earth a smart horse like Flicka didn't have enough sense to run for the hills, away from this dysfunctional family is beyond me. I for one have had it up to here with smartalecknowitallkidteachesdumbparent movies. At least in the original movie, Roddy McDowall was respectful to his father. The character of Katie in this movie is just obnoxious. The whole family could benefit from some counselling. The scenery and horses are beautiful however....more info
  • mediocre even for a horse movie
    "Flicka" is a Y2K version of the children's classic "My Friend Flicka," which is part of a trilogy set on a ranch in Wyoming. The book's protagonist is male and somewhat younger than the "teenage" girl, Katy, here. Alison Lohman does a decent job, but she can't overcome the fact that she looks WAY older than a teen. I mean, some actors you can suspend disbelief and others you just can't. The other actors do a good job with the cliched material, but another problem is that Katy's brother looks only slightly younger than her father. This really should have been corrected because it dampens the drama between the son and dad, who have a major conflict going.

    Anyway, like the kid in the book, Katy is quite the daydreamer because she would prefer to be riding on the range than going to boarding school. She seems to be on good terms with her classmates, but she winds up failing a final, and returns home to thunderclouds. Literally and figuratively. Then she spots a wild mare running free and falls in love. Will she tame the beast and prove to her dad that mustangs aren't trouble? Will she show everyone that girls can ride just as well as boys, and have the potential to take over the family ranch? Have you ever seen a horse movie before?

    There are also lots of ballad style songs, sung by the dad, Tim McGraw, that seem to well up at the slightest provocation. The symbolism is always crystal clear, too, so you don't have to worry about missing anything. Good for a rainy day, but there are so many other horse movies out there. I'd recommend "The Black Stallion" instead. Or better yet, read the books. And please. Before you go climbing up on your neighbor's wild horse when no one's looking, wear a hard hat. Forget the romance of your hair flying out, and avoid a possible concussion. Thank you.

    ...more info