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Nikon D40X 10.2MP Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)
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Product Description

The D40x's high-resolution image quality 10.2 effective Megapixel Nikon DX format CCD imaging sensor and exclusive Nikon image-processing engine assures stunning sharpness and color. You'll be amazed at the power packed into a camera that weighs just over 16 ounces. High resolution provides room for creative cropping. A fast 0.18 second startup combined with split-second shutter response and rapid-action shooting at up to 3 frames per second makes it easy to freeze special moments instantly. 2.5-inch, 230K Color LCD Monitor with 170-Degree Wide-Angle Viewing Playback images are easy to see and function menus are easier to use with a larger and brighter color LCD monitor. The large 2.5-inch LCD monitor enables image preview at up to 19 times magnification and has large type fonts with easy-to-view menus. The D40x's Image Optimize setting lets photographers adjust color, contrast and sharpening, as well as other image settings, according to the type of scene or output desired. The supplied EN-EL9 rechargeable battery will allow for shooting up to 520 images per charged based on CIPA battery testing standards. White Balance - Auto (TTL white balance with 420-pixel RGB sensor), six manual modes with fine-tuning and preset white balance LCD Monitor - 2.5-inch, 230K, TFT LCD with 170-degree wide-angle viewing Compatible Lenses - Nikon F mount with AF coupling and AF contacts Type G or D AF Nikkor Exposure Compensation - plus or minus 5 EV in increments of 1/3 EV Exposure Lock - Exposure locked at detected value with AE-L/AF-L button Self-Timer - 2, 5, 10 or 20 seconds Unit Dimensions (Body Only) - Width 5.0 x Depth 2.5 x Height 3.7 inches / Weight - 1 pound, 1 ounces

  • 10.2-megapixel CCD captures enough detail for large, photo-quality prints
  • 2.5-inch LCD monitor; 170-degree viewing angle
  • 3D Color Matrix Metering II for ideal exposures in almost any lighting condition
  • Image optimization functions and in-camera image retouching
  • Automatic Exposure with 8 Digital Vari-Program modes

Customer Reviews:

  • Nikon D40X
    Fantastic Item. Bought both lenses and you must purchase a card as well. Great features!!!...more info
  • Nikon D40x - problems
    I bought this camera 7 months ago to replace a Pentax SLR film camera.
    I am not pleased with my purchase.
    The autofocus is frequently ineffective, and I have had hundreds of shots ruined by uneven focusing. I now do not use autofocus, but manual, and I always shoot two shots of the same scene to ensure that at least one of them is in focus.

    The 6-point focus of other cameras appears to work better....more info
  • Excellent choice for most people
    I have owned this camera for a year now. It is an excellent camera. I read through several of the reviews here and wanted to add some comment to some things brought out. Although I am not a professional photographer I do work with digital cameras and have for several years. The D40x is a great choice for people who want the advantages of an SLR camera without some of the pitfalls of such - cumbersome, covered with buttons and requiring multiple settings, etc. just to take a picture. The camera is an advanced technology with its quiet shutter, noiseless focus and great menu system that toggles you through basic settings quickly - ISO, picture quality, white balance (if needed) You do not need to search around for separate dedicated buttons to set these settings. Users know where to go - the toggle. IF YOU leave it on the first menu set known as shooting menu, switching any of these settings is about 3 button presses to your choice of action.
    Those who noted the lens issues and no sports pic shooting, eh, the camera shoots quickly and it is instantly active upon switching power. If you have a lot of Nikon lenses then perhaps the D80 is best and obviously you are more than an average camera user. Do not be concerned about lens availability though. Something else not mentioned is that many of the DX lenses also have VR or vibration reduction. Finally the lack of a depth of field PREVIEW is interesting. I did a search on the internet to actually find out what the importance of such a thing was and found two very detailed descriptions. Basically, according to the first website, "few professionals consider the DOF tool in their is rarely used and often criticized for seemingly making the picture appear darker. It can however allow for a preview of creative shots that make your subject pop and all else seem unimportant" Hmm. Professionals rarely use it? Why then is it so critical on a camera? Further reading and I realized that this feature's purpose is to set the aperture to what you see in the view finder prior to taking the picture. This seems odd though considering the advantage of seeing shots in a viewfinder and also having aperture priority mode AND automatic modes to compensate for such tedious work. Professionals may scoff at my description but the point is that unless you are a professional wanting a highly specific tweak on your depth, this camera will do it. The other website I found had a movie showing the advantage of a depth of field preview. The DOF description was the same except the example was a woman standing in the woods. The woman was focused and the background blurred. All while showing how to press the DOF button while looking through the viewfinder, focusing and shooting. With the D40x you can accomplish the same effect faster by turning the knob to portrait and snapping the picture! You can still work at it if you want with the aperture priority setting. Everything is visible from the viewfinder. I just wanted to bring these important points out because this really is a good camera and when things are mentioned that most people do not know what it is other than "this camera is really missing something" then they check it off their list. The automatic settings on the camera produce fantastic results and are what most people would use anyway. Just don't think the camera can't do it- it can!...more info
  • Underachiever- buy D50 or D70 instead.
    Let me start by saying I am a full-time professional photographer. I shoot purely with Nikon, right now I work with a D300, D200, and I use a D70 for around-the-house photos. D70 gives pretty good quality, and to must people(non professionals), superb quality. It isn't quite the quality of the D300, but is much less bulky which is why it is my go-to camera for home.
    The D40 is really quite terrible in my opinion. If you hope to do anything besides shoot auto, you are out of luck, things like ISO, F-stop, and speed are all inside the camera's menu, rather than being on the upper user screen like the other D50 and up. They are trying to sell you on the higher megapixels. Go to: to read about the megapixel myth that camera companies are trying to sell you on. I started out shooting professionally with a D50, and I was able to blow it up photos up to 11x14 for photos of people, and I actually have a two foot by 4 foot landscape canvas from that camera that did not pixelate.
    The camera takes okay pictures, but you'll get better ones and more options from the D50 or D70. The ONLY thing that the D40 offers, and should not be the deciding factor, is that it gives you a pretty large lcd screen.
    I shot around with a D40 that my sister-in-law owns the other day, and it was so frustrating to shoot with. It takes a long time to focus, it's very slow. It also has a delay to taking the picture, like a cheap point-and-shoot camera, vs. the D50 or 70 that shoot quite fast and perform well as far as focus goes.
    Also, another reason to avoid the D40 is that the auto-focus is in the lens rather than in the camera, so it makes the lenses really expensive (and quite crappy I might add). I don't think the D40 should even be in the "D" line, because it really isn't set up like a normal SLR. It is more like a fancy point-and-shoot. I hate it and I hope that you avoid paying more for less of a camera just because it is a newer model. You can get D50's and D70's used for pretty cheap now, sometimes in the $300's....more info
  • A GREAT Camera
    This is the finest camera I've had. I'm not a professional but travel in remote and unusual places. I must admit it is a bit heavy and not easy to whip out. It does intimidate people a bit. but the photos are outstanding.
    I use the 17-200 mm Nikon lens and that's all you need when space and weight are limited. I would say it's the best camera for adventure travel where you won't have someone carrying your "stuff". I trekked with it.
    Why bother to take more than one lens? I take an extra battery & charger, with lots of memory 4GB. The battery is unbelievable and lasts longer than most. Just charge when you have the opportunity for electricity.
    I have a Canon SD 1100 for the pocket and the Canon G10, but the photos do not come close to the Nikon D 40 X

    I would buy it again and Highly Recommend it if the size is not a problem for you....more info
  • Nikon
    Nikon D40x 10.2MP Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G ED II AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor Lens...more info
  • Great service. Great camera.
    I was very leery to buy a good camera on the internet. This camera came w/ everything promised, it was all packaged and never used. Works like a charm. Came promptly, too!...more info
  • first purchase on amazon
    For a first time transaction with amazon the transaction went smoothly and the goods arrived in a timely fashion. I was impressed!...more info
  • A great dSLR camera for beginners
    for a digital SLR, it's both user and cost friendly. at least, for those of us who are just new to digital SLR photography and willing to spend a little more over a "point and shoot" camera. i have had my D40x for about a month now. and i must say i have had a lot of fun with this camera. it's not as sophisticated as the Nikon D80 or D300. but if your like me, who just likes to take pictures of everyday people, events, and travel. then you may come to love this camera as i do. my friends, relatives, and even co-workers are impressed with the results. i dont regret my purchase. i think its a good deal. and i think you may eventually see things the same way too. just try not to get too carried away by all the rants and raves of this or any other camera. your basic needs or purpose should determine your choice. ...more info
  • An Excellent Piece of Work.
    Myself, my father, and my grandfather are all die-hard Nikon fans. Between us, we've bought about every product Nikon has put out in the last 50 or so years. When I bought this camera last year, I expected no different.

    It came down to either this camera or the slightly less expensive Canon Rebel. Since I chose this camera, I have had the chance to mess around with the rebel a great deal (one of my friends bought one a few months ago), and have to say that the d40x is a far superior camera. In terms of simple ergonomics, the Nikon's grip is incredible, compared to the somewhat awkward grip on the Canon. Quality is identical. The thing that really separates the two, though, is the UI. The Nikon's menu structure is very intuitive- I never picked up the user manual once. Compared to the d40, the Rebel's menus are clumsy and poorly-thought-out.

    Incredible piece of equipment- really lives up to the high standards of Nikon and Nikon users....more info
  • Excellent value!
    I bought this camera with the Sigma 30mm f/1.4 lens for casual and street photography. My studio & portrait camera is a D300 with fast glass, which give me outstanding quality but lots of bulk and weight. The D40x is small and light and I carry it with me everywhere. Photo quality is excellent for the price!

    Pros: size, usability, image quality, LCD

    Cons: Tends to overexpose, only autofocus with AF-S lenses, AF is primitive.

    I recommend this camera to beginners and serious Nikon photographers that want the convenience of a small package to carry everywhere.

    Sigma lens link: Sigma 30mm f/1.4 EX DC HSM Lens for Nikon Digital SLR Cameras...more info
  • Awesome pictures and easy to use
    This camera is perfect camera weather your just starting out or a seasoned pro. The auto settings take amazing pictures with out ever changing any settings. In manual mode you can change any setting you could imagine. I read many reviews before i chose my camera, and i am very happy with my choice. if you go to you can go into groups and see photos people have taking with this camera....more info
  • Great deal
    This Nikon is an awesome deal. It takes beatiful pictures with ease. We live in Alaska and find this camera truly captures what you are looking at....more info
  • The Nikon D40x
    I like It, It's a great little camera. I love Nikon products and the quality is great!!!...more info
  • Great beginner DSLR
    -Great for beginners.
    -Easy to use.
    -Good build quality.
    -Takes amazing shots.

    -Limited number of lenses available. (AF-S and AF-I only)

    If you are new to DSRL world, then this camera is for you. It's fast, takes great pictures and really easy to use. The only downside I can think of is the lack of drive motor, which limits the number of auto-focus lenses you can use. ...more info
  • Great Compact SLR
    Having made the jump to a DSLR last year, I've found the D40x to be able to do anything I want, given a little bit of menu fiddling. Yes, this means that you have to bracket your shots yourself, but if you're bracketing, you'll probably want a tripod anyway. For those of you who complain about the lack of AF lenses for the D40x, have you tried MF? Because in full manual mode, which is why most of us buy SLR's it actually has the highest compatibility with any Nikon F-mount lens, even 40 year old lenses. Another plus is that manual focus lenses are cheaper to buy, and don't drain battery power from the camera body, so you can keep shooting. Either way, more and more lenses are coming out that have a built-in autofocus motor to AF on the D40x. I myself mainly use the 135mm f/2.8 and 50mm f/1.8 lenses

    For the price, it's a great camera. It can do anything the D80 can, except for wireless off camera flash. It's also smaller and lighter, making it easier to carry around comfortably. As for the "new" D60, all it has are some dust reduction features, and a jacked up price tag. Unless you live in a windy/dusty area, or change your lens multiple times every time you use it, it's not really an issue.

    I've used my D40x for sports shots, pictures of animals/pets, family, night pictures, parties and more. I'm pleased with the picture quality and it feels great in the hand. Sure if I had $2000, I'd probably buy something better (more frame per second, or more autofocus points and dedicated buttons), but for $600, you can get this good camera and a couple of good lenses and a flash unit for less than $1000.

    Here are some pictures I've taken with this camera at the Rose Parade, the Los Angeles Coliseum (yes I am a USC student) and more, so you can look at them and decide if you need a camera that does more.

    [...]...more info
  • Best camera you can get
    This is one of the best camera you can get around, it has lots n lots of features which any professional photographer may relish. one of the best feature is you can get someone clicked in min or no light without flash but the pic would come out to be normal as got clicked in daylight and you can never make it out by seeing the pic that it was taken in no light....more info
  • Great camera for IR conversion
    I picked up this camera to have it converted professionally to Infrared photography. The camera is compact and compatible with my D200 lenses. It's a great buy at just over $500.00...more info
  • Great Value Camera
    For the price, this is a fine camera. The 10 Megapixel sensor takes excellent images - and the camera is small and lightweight.

    I purchased this body, and added the AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5G IF-ED Lens. Nice lens and with this body is a better value than the Canon XTi in my opinion - even these less expensive the Nikon lenses are better than the Canon lenses, and certainly the poor kit lens that the Canon XTi comes with.

    I really want a Nikon D300, but that was not available when I made this purchase, and in fact, the D40x does nearly everything I need, is easy to use, and substantially less expensive than a D200 or D300. As I am not doing high volume work, the D40x is just fine.

    A...more info
  • Nikon D40x
    Simply THE BEST camera I've ever owned! Takes great pics. Even with an unsteady hand, it focuses beautifully. And eye color is right on (18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G ED II AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor lens). Love it!...more info
  • It's okay...not great, but okay.
    I've only had this camera for two weeks (Nikon D40x), but have shot 1,000 photos. This is common for me when I get a new camera. I won't write a review until I've given the camera every opportunity to show me what it can do.

    I won't get into the pros and cons. That's been worked over time and time again by other reviewers. I have several digital cameras and for me this is a disappointment. I've been using the Fuji S6000 for a couple of years now, which has been producing great photos. The Fuji is rated at 6.3MP. Naturally, I thought a 10.2MP produced by Nikon would render even more detailed photos. But I was wrong. The Fuji S6000 produces clearer and more detailed pictures. So for me this was a shock! This is my first Nikon camera and it will be the last. I'll probably put this one on eBay. If you're thinking of getting this camera with the thought that you're going to get finely detailed photos you can forget it.

    Having said all this, it does take pictures that a good many people would be satisifed with. For those that are looking for finely detailed photos, this isn't the camera you should consider....more info
  • Very good ...price??
    I have no complaint with this camera I have used for almost two years now as a vacation/hiking camera. I shoot at a daily paper so I'm used to using pro gear and this body is a tad small, but I got it for it's light weight. I must comment on this insane 900.00 price. I picked one up, body only, at this same website for less than $500 almost two years ago. Stay away from this price. It is a huge rip. Shop elsewhere for the d40x. This is not a $900 camera. This is a $400-500 camera at best. ...more info
  • D40X Camera
    D40X is a good all-around camera for the basic user, all programmable and fully manual, for the more advanced user. ...more info
  • Great Camera
    This as a great camera and is fine for all but the most sophistocated amateur or pro user who will naturally have a D3...more info
  • Great buy
    I guess you could call this an advanced basic camera. It look very basic and intuitive from the outside, but on the inside and feature wise its very advanced. It has ISO settings for almost any lighting environment and it can also take pictures in RAW format. It's JPEG format takes amazing quality photos though. One feature about this that I simply love, is that it will take picture in a widescreen format, just like video. Best of all, its very light and easy to carry around as compared to other camera that have the same features....more info
  • Great Digital SLR
    I purchased this camera for myself last year. I had hinted to santa that this was what I wanted for Christmas. Christmas came and went with no camera under the tree. So, I took advantage of a good deal at Amazon and purchased the D40x kit and also the 55-200mm VR lens. A year later and I'm still pleased with my purchase. I'm still learning how to use it, having fun and taking some great pictures....more info
  • NIKON D40X
    Great price for a great camera. User friendly, small so you can carry it around any where. ...more info
  • Fantastic camera for the price. Amatuer and pros alike will find useful.
    Fantastic small form factor in a surprisingly high-quality image. Have been using this camera for travel assignments and on-the-go when I need to spend a lot of time wandering around, and is an excellent light-weight and inconspicuous body. Still works with many Nikon lenses, though you'll need to manual focus with some of them.

    Highly recommended, I plan on using this till 2012. A++...more info
  • A great little camera
    I absolutely LOVE this camera! At first I was looking to buy the D200, but after receiving the D40x as a gift I wouldn't have it any other way. It's the smallest DSLR on the market which is perfect because I have little hands and it's makes for easy handling. Also, the CCD image sensor is just amazing and makes everything so sharp with the help of the AF 3-area matrix metering system. Quite honestly, I prefer the older 3D color matrix metering II on the D40x and D200 then the newer one on the D300 because the newer system tends to blow out highlights and data is lost where as the older white balance meter tends to show details in the highlights and darken the shadows. Also, the LCD monitor is really big so you can view pictures easier which is awesome and the battery lasts a long time without having to charge all the time (if you don't use the built in flash alot like I do). All in all this is an amazing little camera and it's versatile enough to be used by both novices and semi-professionals....more info
  • Excellent!
    Second time ordering from Cameta Camera. Excellent camera in brand new condition with 2 shutter clicks. Can't ask for better and Cameta will continue to hear from me....more info
  • Fantastic Camera, Easy to Use and Capable
    I used a lot of people's digital SLRs before finally deciding to buy this one for my own, and I couldn't be happier with the choice. The camera is light and perfectly ergonomic. Its menus are big, bright, and intuitive. Its image quality is far better than the Canon digital Rebel and Rebel XT that many folks I know have. Its use of SD memory, rather than compact flash is forward thinking. Its lens selection is somewhat limited right now, but that will only get better, and the lenses that are available now are excellent and do cover the needs of virtually all amatuer photographers. And the price for what you get absolutely can't be beaten by anything that competitors like Canon and Sony are offering right now....more info
  • The best entry level camera on the market
    For someone just getting in to digital photography or an experienced veteran this is the best lower end DSLR on the market. I have used the CANON equitant and the NIKON is way beyond it. It fits like a glove in your hand and the controls are easley accessible from your fingers. Light weight, fast response and easy to use. The interface is amazing, it has a multiple thumbnail pictures imbedded into the large LCD screen giving you a preview of the settings you getting ready to give it. Auto focus is fast and this camera is worth every penny you spend and more. I highly recommend this camera to anyone. ...more info