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  • Patriot is a great movie!!!
    The Patriot is another example of Mel Gibson's ability to draw you into his character and make you feel a part of a great story. ...more info
  • Aim small, miss small
    THE WAR: Revolutionary War, desperately important in its cause for freedom and independence, but brutally ignorant in its fighting techniques. Whoever thought that lining up in a big mass in front of a group of musket-wielding automatons was a good idea, is a military leader without a hint of imagination. Through the ardent desire to form a country free from oppression, a country is born, and its first heroes

    STORY: Col. Benjamin Martin (Gibson) wishes to stay out of war and seek peace. With a recently deceased wife he counters the growing surge to fight the Brits with this brilliantly prophetic line about having one's own government, "Why should I trade one tyrant three thousand miles away for three thousand tyrants one mile away? An elected legislature can trample a man's rights as easily as a king can."

    PATRIOTISM: When his son Gabrielle (Ledger) enlists without his permission, Benjamin is heart-fallen and worried. With just about everyone, however, enlisting is looked upon as brave, just, and patriotic. As the wars rage in his own crops and on his land, his young family is unwillingly embroiled in a country's birth. When his despotic middle child foolishly rushes into a gun-fight without a gun, Benjamin decides it's about time to unleash the fury within (the defense of one's country is closely tied to the security of a man's family).

    FAVORITE BATTLE(S): In the most memorable scene of the movie, Benjamin takes his two youngest sons - one may have still been carrying a pacifier - into the woods to hunt some Brits who had previously imprisoned Gabrielle and displayed their poor dental hygiene. After setting up a rudimentary ambush and supplying the kids with a few words of wisdom, Benjamin almost single-handedly destroys a platoon of red-coats with a couple of muskets, a knife, an Indian axe, and the rage of a father who just saw his son get the business end of a musket. Benjamin Martin really was some sort of combination of a ghost, a ninja, and great Indian MME warrior in this one.

    FAVORITE LINE: Aim small, miss small.

    THE MESSAGE: Taxes suck, without representation they suck worse, and there was no way England could control the willpower of America's people....more info
  • The script needed a rewrite
    Because it had too many sub stories that does not propel the overall plot. And the endless slooooooow mooooooootioooooon all over the place, ack! Great Bloody action throughout to give it four stars. The only thing I don't like is that they don't have an option for me to be taken to those blood soaked splattered moments to relish. Come on! You telling me you came here to learn some American History?! On a Hollyweird production?! By a tree hugging hippie director from the euro side of delusion?!!! This is like trying to get Paul Verheoven(sp) to do a period pic. All he'd do is insert nazi asides to show you how corrupt those American/Euro/Romans where in the way back past....more info
  • Great video/audio transfer, and story
    Another excellent Blu-ray title. It has great video and audio transfer. Both the story line, and the act have the kind of quality you would expect from Mel Gibson. ...more info
  • Great Blu-Ray Title
    As the dreaded format war continues (Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD) I find myself on the Blu-Ray side of the fence because of my purchase of the PS3. I'll be honest, without having purchased the PS3 I would not have adopted either format and would have been content with standard DVD movies.

    But now that I have a Blu-Ray player and a 1080p HDTV, I have been hooked and want more. I have been careful in my selection of Blu-Ray Titles, picking up only movies I have yet to watch or great movies that I want to see in HD.

    The Patriot did not disappoint. The colors of the movie jump out of the screen and when you can see the fibers flying off of the British soldiers uniforms into the wind as they wait for battle, you know you are watching a great HiDef movie.

    Most of the extended scenes do not add to the story and you will understand why they were cut out in the first place.

    I've been disappointed in some of the Blu-ray discs I've purchased in the past month, especially when my purchases are the second or third time I will have bought that movie. (VHS, DVD, DVD SE/CE/DC)

    But I must say that The Patriot is well worth seeing on Blu-Ray....more info
  • An eye-opener! WATCH IT!
    I think I will never look at the British the same again! I didn't know how evil they were! It is disgusting to see, what crimes they committed against freedom itself! They murdered patriotic Americans in cold-blood!

    Every American MUST see this movie to understand what a living hell life was a few hundred years ago; what Americans suffered, because of the evil British! But in the end we gained freedom!

    I have to thank the director and the cast members for this revelation!
    5 OUT OF 5 STARS!...more info
  • Great Movie
    Mel Gibson's performances in "The Patriot" and "Bravehart" were outstanding. Not wanting to be involved with the revolutionary war, Mel Gibson is drawn in when the British invade his property and home. Then the real action begins!
    This (as with "Braveheart") is not for anyone who cannot tolterate seeing on the screen what violence of war is about. ...more info
  • quality
    the picture and sound is woooooooooow.
    In the battlesceen you think your in the battle.
    An disc to let see the true potentieel off blue ray...more info
  • Mel Gibson's Best
    The Patriot has humor, romance and action to the hilt. I watch this many times and it is always good....more info
  • the patriot (blu-ray)
    Yet another superb remastered classic, with superb high definition picture and unbelievable sound. I found the bit where Mal lets loose with the musket pistol at the soldiers where the sound of the projectile actually pings around the room via the surround sound so good I had to replay it several times. This is a superb film, directors cut and as usual you have to wonder why they cut some of the more important scenes. well worth the dollar. Oh, and it plays on Australian Blu-ray players too....more info
  • The Patriot...
    ...Wherein a German filmmaker by the name of Roland Emerich makes a movie where evil British Redcoats commit a vile atrocity against American freedom fighters... an atrocity that in reality was perpetrated by German troops against French villagers in WWII. Nice one Roland. What are you going to do next - make a film where the British gas 12 million people in Auschwitz before the plucky German freedom fighters come to the rescue?...more info
  • AMAZING! Definite Buy
    Out of all of my Blu-Rays, this is my favorite. Amazing sound and picture quality, and the directors cut brings this one to just under 3 hours in length. A must buy for anyone looking for a great movie!...more info
  • Huzzah for the 4th of July!
    As we get ready to celebrate another national birthday, I'm preparing the DVD player for another round of holiday movies. Along with "1776", and "Yankee Doodle Dandy", we watch "The Patriot" every year. Yes, I know TP is NOT the most accurate portrayal of the RevWar, but as a feel good movie about the birth of this nation it can't be topped.
    I must also confess that I agree with previous reviewer that this movie rates as a guilty pleasure for the fabulous performance of Jason Isaacs as "that man we love to hate" Col. William Tavington. Whenever I see that scene by the creek I "go over to the dark side". Tom Wilkerson, and Peter Woodward look dashing in those red coats as well. Those Brits make me proud of my British hertitage as well. Several years ago at a 4th of July parade I found myself next to an English tourist, and we got to talking about the holiday. He was feeling a bit awkward about the big celebration of declaring our independance from GB, and I found myself explaining that a lot of colonials were loyalists so not all Americans were anti-british even at that time. And of course now most Americans consider the British our staunchest friends and allies.
    As well as watching TP every year when we watch the fireworks from our front yard we put the soundtrack in the CD player. John WIlliams rousing score is the perfect background to the show in the sky. Have a great 4th, and Happy Birthday America!...more info
  • Mel and co engage again with the British with blood & guts
    This film coming a few years later after "Braveheart" was one of the first films in which I saw the late Heath Ledger--and he was impressive to say the least. Mel Gibson plays a farmer who is an ex-guerilla fighter who is reluctant to take up arms against the British until a tragedy occurs in his family that forces him to take a stand. Critics of this film have liken this to a Mad Max film but his re-transformation back into the warrior mode is plausible. Of course, there are some dramatic licenses taken here since Gibson's character is a composite of many of the types of American heroes like Francis Marion aka "The Swamp Fox" and also depicted in Disney film years ago by I believe, Leslie Nielsen before he descended or risen into his famous comedy mode (The Naked Gun). The Blu-ray transfer of this extended version is excellent and a special mention should be made of the excellent acting of Jason Issacs as the villainous British officier who forces Gibson's hand in a pivotal moment. Also Tom Wilkinson as Cornwallis, Chris Cooper as a Federalist and Tcheky Karyo as a French compatriot are excellent too. Recommended for war buffs and action fans alike!!...more info
  • go to he**
    In the worlds time of crisis you have to show your true colors!!!!! Go to HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Thank You Mel Gibson
    Amidst the steady stream of disgusting, vulgar, and /or western civilization-bashing crap that flows like a sewer from our Left Coast, we get a little reminder every once in awhile that the United States is not completely the Great Satan. We do have a redeeming quality or two. Thank God for a generation that didn't bow the knee to British oppression and tyranny. (Anyone who thinks the British were righteous during that period probably also thinks that Islam is a religion of peace.) Today we are the world's oldest democracy because that generation "stayed the course" (oh, the mindless clich¨¦s!), fought barefoot in the snow, and defeated the most powerful empire in the world (strangely reminiscent of the Vietcong).

    When I'm feeling low about the porn-saturated, Bush-decimated, corporate-dominated, widely-hated USA, I'll watch this movie and imagine a time that my people not only believed in virtue, but actually behaved as though there was something more important than self-interest, self-esteem, self-awareness, and getting off.

    If I seem a little overly passionate, it's because I've mistakenly spent time reading the one-star reviews. When I calm down my review of the movie will probably just be "It was pretty good." In the meantime, I'm compelled to respond in my review to Bob's "family values" review:
    So you do or don't like how he doesn't want to fight? Your sarcasm makes it difficult to determine if you approve of anything about the movie. You really should study up on the definition of fascism. Fighting an invading army does not fit the definition of fascist. Or is the Iraqi resistance fascist too? Maybe it was the flag scene that bothered you. Perhaps we should not have a flag at all?? When you see the US flag do you envision a giant swastika? I like the way you put words in Gibson's mouth like "God must be on our side." It's easier to debate your opponent if you get to pick his arguments. Thanks to our revolutionary generation, you and I both get to say whatever foolish things we want to.
    I notice that you really love the Bourne movies (as do I). I guess your "blood lust shall be satisfied with just killings of the wicked" too, as long as the killer is sufficiently remorseful and is killing unrepentent CIA (read "SS") agents. That's the "liberal" thing to do! How absurd to suggest that the British would burn a church full of people! Now the CIA, that's believable! With the aid of our jack-booted marines, they're burning mosques full of children at this very moment! I hope Michael Moore is filming it! The truth about the Christian fascists must be told!!!

    If this generation's warriors who have bled and died in Iraq and Afghanistan are going to have their heroic deeds told on film (REGARDLESS OF ANYONE'S OPINION OF THE POLITICS THAT GOT THEM THERE!) it will have to be someone like Mel Gibson that does it, someone with the ability to withstand the hateful and moronic attacks of our "patriotic" countrymen on the Left.
    ...more info
  • Amazing movie, so so blu ray
    Being a huge fan of the revolutionary era, I love this movie (and not for its historical (in)accuracies). Had to upgrade to Blu Ray of course, but was unimpressed. Its mildly better than the SD version, so I'd recommend buying only if you can get a good deal or if you don't already own the SD version. ...more info
  • A CLASSIC film about the American Revolution!
    "The Patriot" is the ONLY movie I know of about the American Revolution. If another exists, I don't know what it is. Curious, because the American Revolution was an important event in American history.

    This movie is almost as GOOD as Mel Gibson's all-time GREATEST "Braveheart". I fell in love with this movie when I first saw it. The battle scenes are SUPERB and Jason Isaacs make the GREATEST villain. I cannot recommend this film highly enough.

    If you're like me, and enjoy movies about historical subjects, you will LOVE "The Patriot". This movie deserves to be shown in history classes all over the country so the young may learn of America's historical past....more info
  • Could it be time for another revolution
    Excellent movie and acting, Story superb if you can overlook hollywood political correctness recreating history...more info
  • Blu Ray Perfect for "The Patriot"
    The Patriot is another very good movie by Gibson ... entertaining, good plot, action, character development, and believable acting.
    Blu Ray adds greatly to this movie with superior definition, color, depth, and much better audio and soundtrack. The extended cuts in this movie are value-added.
    Certain movies are good candidates for Blu Ray; this is one of them....more info
  • Great Movie
    In short, I knew "The Patriot" was a great movie when I got it. I bought it for my 17 yr old and he loved it. The action and the quasi-historical content makes the film quite enjoyable....more info
    The Patriot is another reson why one should buy a high definition BLU-RAY player. Patriot is exclusive to BLU-RAY and it displays magnificent picture and uncompressed surround sound-GREAT picture and Sound.
    The Patriot is a vastly entertaining and moving film that gives a glimpse of our fight for freedom from England. The performances are excellent and so is John Williams stirring musicaql score. Get this one-if you have a HD TV I highly suggest you buy a BLU-RAY player-they have an offer now with 5 free BLU-RAY movies-Check out BLU-RAY Players!!...more info
  • Absolute Rubbish
    From a Brit perspective, this is total historical rubbish!
    Do you really think that British soldiers could have (or would have) herded women and children into a church, locked the doors and then set fire to it without us knowing about it 200 odd years later?
    It staggers belief!
    Yes, there was brutality on both sides, but there was also honour
    As for Mel Gibson being a S.C Plantation owner who didn't own slaves? Come on Mel, get in the real world!
    Mr. Gibson should go back to school and learn some real history and stop being so anti-Brit (and anti-Jewish). The causes of the American Revolution were economic and one of the reasons the Americans won was that the war was so unpopular with the British people who didn't want to support it.
    I suppose if you changed the names America into "Ambrosia" and Britain in "Ruritania" and you have the IQ of a demented flea, I could see that it might be enjoyable.
    There are so many other excellent movies about the Revolutionary Wars out there.
    Avoid this one!
    ...more info
  • Worth a watch
    I love the movie and have the DVD, but just wasn't motivated enough to watch it again. This is a chance when you change your stock to blue ray, you do want to watch them again and appreciate them more. After all the movie looks more stunning than ever. ...more info
  • Great film
    I liked this film the first time I watched it. Since Heath Ledger's death it made me want to buy the movie because I remembered the great job he did in the movie ...more info
  • I Enjoyed It
    I enjoyed this movie. I like Mel Gibson's action movies. This falls into that category. It is not a comedy. I like the new young actor Heath Ledger who played his son. I think we will see more of him in the future. We don't get many movies about the Revolutionary war and I enjoyed this one. Some of the scenes reminded me of THE LAST OF THE MOHEGANS especially the ambush scene in the forest. The final battle scene was very good. They don't make movies like this anymore. We all liked it. ...more info
  • Patriot
    This is an epic film. One of Gibson's all time classics. Great supporting role by Heath Ledger...more info
  • Amazing Blu-Ray Transfer & Photography
    The cinematography is the high point in this emotional movie, with lots of pretty shots outside and inside. It's just stunning at times, and on this Blu-Ray release "incredible" is probably the best description of the transfer. It's just amazing. Kudos to cinematographer Caleb Deschanel for a job well done. It's also a terrific audio movie with a lot of surround sound that's impressive, especially when the cannons are shot.

    As for the story, this is All-American flag-waving which nauseates some but makes most the U.S. citizens happy. This is "Braveheart" all over again, except instead of Middle Ages Scotland and England, it's the United States and the American Revolution. Mel Gibson plays a similarly-heroic person he played in Braveheart but he's still fighting the British, time time as an American patriot "Benjamin Martin.".

    Even though it's considered an "epic," At 174 minutes it is a tad long, but I don't remember ever being bored. Women beware: this gets a little bloody in parts. It's not as gory as Braveheart, but there is still a good deal of violence.
    In all, a powerful story magnificently filmed.
    ...more info
  • The movie is great...not so sure the extra 10 is worth $15.
    First of, The Patriot itself is a great movie with a captivating doubt did it make an interesting story around the events of the revolutionary war (And a partly true story at that)...However, If you ALREADY have The Patriot on probably don't want to pop $15 over for this. Why? At only 10 extra minutes (Some scenes are extended by a minute, some have a few seconds added here or there), it's not much of a leap. It's not like they took all of the deleted scenes from the actual first DVD and threw them in. But, if you have seen "The Patriot" before and want it on DVD...why not go for this? This is a nice edition to your collection. But if you already have The's best avoid this. As for me, I used to own the original, but lost it and stumbled across this, and figured "Why not". I'm happy to have it, but learned if I still had my original and bought this...I would be wondering why I did. ...more info
  • A must see historical perspective of the war that ensured the Independence of the 13 US colonies
    During our 4th of July, 2007 celebration, we decided to see this movie to put the birth of our nation into perspective.

    We just completed a vacation tour of the South Eastern United States, visiting our home State Florida, and then driving through Alabama, staying for a few days with family in Fayetteville, Georgia, then onto to Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington, DC, South Carolina and back through Georgia, finally arriving safe at home in Miami Lakes, Florida.

    Throughout our trip, we visited war memorials, monuments, and historical places that inspired taking the time to delve into the patriots that forged our way of life. This movie takes place in South Carolina back in the 1776 struggle to free ourselves from British rule.

    The hero, Benjamin Martin is the consolidation of many patriots, and it surfaces the tremendous sacrifice endured by our ancestors, who survived through the destruction of their homes and the trauma of losing family members to the cruelty displayed by many a British soldier.

    Benjamin Martin, masterfully played by Mel Gibson, is a hero of the French-Indian war, who witnessed such cruelty during the many battles he survived that he has decided to live by peaceful means and not get involved in what he augurs to be a rather brutal fight that shall not take place in a remote location, but that will take its toll in every backyard of the residents of the town where he lives with his six children. His wife has died and he is therefore, solely responsible for the upbringing of the children, thus he explains, he does not have the "luxury to fight" for he has the responsibility to parent his children 100% of the time.

    But his eldest son enlists, and as Gabriel goes off to war, events start taking a rather menacing turn which in the end compels this father to become integral part on our fight for Independence. As we watched the movie... Don and Virginia McDonald, Alex, Katya and Nadya Ariano... and myself... we were left with the realization that our nation was formed by men willing and able to sacrifice all for a new way of life... for the gift that it represents to live our lives guided by the precious document represented by our Constitution, and with the awesome responsibility of doing whatever it takes to ensure that the USA remain... free from tyranny!

    A must see film!!!
    ...more info
  • One of the Great Ones
    'The Patriot' is a superb war story about the American Revolutionary War.

    It features superb acting by Mel Gibson (as Col. Benjamin Martin), Heath Ledger (Gabriel Martin) and Jason Isaacs as British Col. William Tavington. The supporting cast does a great job as well.

    This one is set in South Carolina in 1776-1781. Martin is a widowed farmer who is just trying to raise his children while the patriots of the area are preparing for war. He wants no part of it but is forced into it by by the brutal killing of his young son and other atrocities by Tavington. The Tavington character seems to be based on General Banastre Tarleton well known for his atrocities. Lest readers worry that the film is falsely portraying the Brits, that is not the case. Most of them are portrayed as noble warriors, but Tavington (Tarleton) deserves his place in infamy.

    Also, this is not as documentary. It is a work of fiction that is very well done.

    This is highly recommended for anyone who loves a great war movie, particularly one about the Revolutionary War which is seldom depicted in the movies....more info
  • Never get tired of this one!
    Always a late bloomer, I discover things after they've been out for a while - that's just my way. I finally rented this flick and watched it the whole way through...and it's great! I really loved it! There is alittle bit of everything in it - for men and women. There's war, romance - and it keeps you interested the whole time. Trying to watch all of Heath Ledger's work since his death - I'm so glad I saw this. This was definately Mel Gibson's movie (and he was great too) but Heath held his own as Mel's oldest son. He's beautiful to look at - but he showed such just knew he was destined for greatness. I now have this movie in my dvd collection - and would recommend it to anyone. You will be entertained. ...more info
  • The truth is usually more entertaining than fiction!
    Isaacs and Gibson both excell in this action filled movie.Unfortunately the theme of the movie was once again based on the 200 year old myth regarding the anti-hero Tavington(Banastre Tarleton)played by Jason Isaacs
    Again branded as the villain Tarleton was a brilliant tactition who played the American militia at their own game and won.
    Tarletons efficiency made him feared by the Americans but his tactics never reduced him to be the mind-less butcher that he is always portrayed as.
    These tactics were reserved for the likes of Ben Cleveland and Light Horse Lee who were infinately more cruel but were almost always noticably absent when Tarleton was around.
    In real life Tarleton died peacefully in his own bed in his 80th year and not on the end of Mel Gibsons bayonet.Pardon my soapbox but I feel that another opportunity has been missed to tell history as it was and now this movie is destined to live in the part of the bookshelf housing Grimms fairy tales etc...more info
  • A grand old-fashioned epic
    Okay, I'm going to nail my colors to the mast here: not only do I like Roland Emmerich's The Patriot, but I also think it's also a damn good film, and not just because so many films about the Revolutionary War are so pitifully bad (Revolution, cough cough). While it is driven by the simplistic revenge motif that all American epics seem to need to stand a chance at the box-office, it does give a good sense of the slow progress of the war as it deteriorated from a `civilized' confrontation waged according to the rules of battle to an increasing vicious guerrilla war for survival. The battles are convincingly brutal and for perhaps the first time in a movie it shows how cannonballs were really used - not as explosives but to smash their way through the flesh and bone of the opposing ranks of soldiers.

    Yes, it glosses over the real Swamp Fox's racism in favor of an idealized vision of racial harmony and it invents a church-burning incident redolent of old anti-Nazi propaganda films (revenge on Herr Director's part, perhaps?), but it's not quite as simplistic as that. For much of the first half Mel Gibson's character takes no prisoners himself, taking genuine pleasure in killing surrendering British troops until he persuaded to stop more for propaganda reasons than moral ones. Similarly, it points out that this was initially very much a civil war, with colonial settlers divided among themselves over where their loyalties lay (people tend to forget that rather than Americans vs. British, it was British vs. British at that time). Certainly history gets a better deal here than it did in Gibson's own Braveheart. And give it credit for at least not having Gibson stab the bad guy with Old Glory.

    Don't use it as a history lesson by any means, though it's not quite the travesty outraged tabloids have implied, but as a lavish, old-fashioned epic, complete with a cast of thousands (even if many of them are digital), glorious widescreen photography and a fine score by John Williams. The theatrical cut boasts a good array of extras, with some featurettes and trailers that were not carried over to the extended cut that is also available. ...more info
  • Blu-Ray version
    I really enjoy watching this movie and now it is on BD it is truly a vision of splendor. The clarity and sharpness makes the picture gorgeous to look at. The audio transfer is also extremely good.

    I am thankfull that the version that made it to BD was the extended version which I think adds a greater depth to the movie.

    Overall this BD title is just brilliant and definitely top tier 1 level....more info