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Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 02/05/2008 Run time: 127 minutes Rating: G

A wonderful/rueful running gag in El Dorado involves the Edgar Allan Poe line "Ride, boldly ride" being mangled by toupee-wearer Wayne into "Ride, baldy, ride." Two years later, in True Grit, Wayne put the joke in italics by donning an eyepatch and several inches of girth to play cantankerous territorial marshal Rooster Cogburn. Critics belatedly noticed that he could be a marvelously entertaining actor, and Hollywood finally gave him the Oscar they'd failed to nominate him for in Red River, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, The Quiet Man, The Searchers, et al. But make no mistake: True Grit is a splendid movie, with lovingly textured storytelling and sturdy characters, Henry Hathaway's finest high-country action set-pieces, intoxicatingly ornate frontier language, and a couple of formidable bad guys (Jeff Corey's Tom Cheney and Robert Duvall's "Lucky" Ned Pepper). It's a compliment to say that, from a technical standpoint, the movie could have been made any time in Hathaway's 40-year career, yet its feeling for the reality of violence ceded no ground to The Wild Bunch, released around the same time. Still, the film's most sublime passage falls between bursts of gunplay: Rooster sitting on a hilltop at night recounting his life story, as John Wayne metamorphoses ineluctably into W.C. Fields. --Richard T. Jameson

Customer Reviews:

  • True Grit
    I am a John Wayne fan and like to watch this one whenever it comes on Turner Classic Movies. Glad to have my own copy....more info
  • 71Dotty
    The VHS tape, 'High Noon' is exactly as listed on Amazon and the service was excellent. The tape was received on time and in 'new' condition as stated in the ad. Very pleased with tape and service. Thanks !!!!!...more info
  • John Wayne is a verb
    What can you say about John Wayne that hasn't already been said. I never understood why they didn't make a hundred Rooster films. Another great performance and I own em all... Robert Duval is another Hollywood great and puts in a great performance as does Kim Darby one of her few movies. Glem Cambell will surprise you. I recommend....more info
  • Excellent DVD. Great extras and super picture and sound, worth rebuying!
    This is one of my favorite films and my favorite Duke film. This package is great, with an informative extra (Of decent length) about the making of "True Grit" in Colorado.(Not Arkansas, where it takes place) One of the parts of the extra is going back to where some scenes were shot, very interesting for a fan of this film. At one location there is still remnants of wood and metal objects they left behind. I had the original DVD but gave it to a friend when I heard the "Special Collector's Edition" was coming out. I bought it the tuesday it came out.
    The film has been cleaned up and looks like it did in the theatre.(I saw "True Grit" at a kiddie matinee in the early to mid-seventies as a child)
    I have almost all of John Wayne's films (The only ones I do not have are some very early B+W " 3 day westerns") and I wish they all got this fantastic treatment.
    If you are a "True Grit" fan, buy it! It is worth the money.
    ...more info
  • A Cinema Classic
    A terrific re-packaging of this fabulous movie. Picture and sound much improved. Impossible to improve the film itself....more info
  • John Wayne's finest performance-Great American Western!
    The Duke was great, Kim Darby was cute, and Glen Campbell sang wonderfully, remember he is a singer! I bought this DVD as a Christmas gift for an even bigger John Wayne fan. I was disapointed at the lack of any extras on the DVD. Not something I usually gripe about, but I don't consider a trailer and a menu with chapter markers, much less a "Widescreen presentation" to be extras!!! Those are standard features on most DVD's. I have noticed Paramount to be woefully lacking in this department on the Paramount DVD's that I have collected so far. Frankly, it reminds me of the airlines, the big carriers think they have a monopoly, in this case its the big studios ... . Well, I realize the Duke isn't around today to do a running commentary, but how about Kim Darby or some of the production people? This is the whole point of DVD's greater capacity! Paramount can do better, Film rating A, DVD rating B/Video-B/Audio-C/extras, overall rating B- Best Wishes....more info
  • A Revelation on DVD
    I recently received this movie as a gift. I had seen it many times over the years on television and had always enjoyed it.

    The DVD transfer on my set is fantastic! I saw details, and heard things, that I'd never noticed on television presentations.

    The most striking to me, though, is that the length of the movie is 127 minutes. As we know, ordinarily a movie like this will be allocated 2 hours on a TV schedule. That's 7 minutes lost. If it is broadcast on commercial TV, deduct time for commercials. That takes another 10 minutes, at minimum.

    I saw scenes on the DVD I'd never seen on broadcast. It's far too many years for me to remember whether I saw them on theatrical release, but it was indeed a surprise and a pleasure to see them here!

    There is little I can add to the prior reviewer's assessment. It's tough for me to say which is Wayne's best performance, he had so many and some so different. However, as noted before, this film represents John Wayne at his Western best. He couldn't have done this role to best advantage at any younger age. I enjoyed the performance of Kim Darby, with her self-centered prudishness and confidence. Glen Campbell was the weakest actor, as to be expected since he wasn't an actor.

    Even with repeated viewings, this is a movie to enjoy for its own sake, and to enjoy great acting and beautiful scenery....more info

  • The *BEST* John Wayne Movie!!!!
    In my opinion this movie is the *BEST* movie that John Wayne ever made. "True Grit" is my favorite movie that John Wayne did. I have "True Grit" on VHS & on DVD. John Wayne, Glen Campbell & Kim Darby are fantastic. Once I watched the movie I had to buy the book. The movie pretty much follows the book. If you haven't watched "True Grit" I suggest renting it from your local video store. I also suggest watching "The Sons Of Katie Elder" & "The Shootist" both movies star John Wayne.

    Movie/Book Spoiler: One of the most memorable lines from the movie/book is when Rooster is in the court room and he says "I always go backwards when I'm backing away."...more info

  • The Duke is alive and well in this video
    The late John Wayne is one of the most famous American screen actors of all time. See this film and you can see why he finally won a well-deserved Oscar for his performance. We are all fortunate that he lived long enough to perform in this film; he underwent lung cancer surgery a few years earlier and he almost didn't make it. This is also the first (and last) appearance of country singer Glen Campbell in a movie. Campbell is one of the most successful country recording artists with many gold records to his name; his performance in this movie isn't the greatest, but it's adequate enough for a supporting role. Whether you're a Wayne fan from years ago or just discovering his films now, this video should be in your collection....more info
  • The Duke's best...
    John Wayne stars as Marshal Rooster Cogburn, a one-eyed, hard-drinking, straight-shooting, cantankerous lawman teamed with a feisty kid (Kim Darby) and a conceited Texas Ranger (Glen Campbell) to bring to justice one Lucky Ned Pepper (Robert Duvall). Wayne won a much-deserved Oscar for this performance. This, along with "The Quiet Man" prove the guy could really act. It's a shame he didn't get to more often.

    "True Grit" benefits from a sharp script with a real feel for period dialogue... and some cranky characters with very individualistic points of view. Of course, the Duke's Cogburn leads the way, but Kim Darby, in her film debut, fearlessly jousts with all comers and generally comes out ahead. She's Cogburn's match in the grit department, headstrong and stubborn. "She reminds me of me," Cogburn says with obvious glee as the girl daringly crosses a swiftly-moving river on horseback. Duvall makes a redoubtable villian in his short screentime- not evil, exactly. Just hardbitten and intent on pursuing crime, and strangely fatalistic. Even with such well-observed characters, the film doesn't lack for Western action; it eschews gunfight cliches in favor of realism. ...

    Gorgeously shot in authentic outdoors locations by director Henry Hathaway, "True Grit" also features an outstanding Elmer Bernstein score. Even if you're a Western-hater, just focus on the characters and an excellent tale. This is just flat-out a first-rate movie.

    Look for cameos by Jay Silverheels, Wilford Brimley, plus small roles well-played by Strother Martin and Jeff Corey (Wild Bill Hickock in "Little Big Man")....more info

  • Awesome movie
    This is great entertainment. My whole family enjoyed the characters and the story. Wish there were more like this one around....more info
  • John Waynes film
    This is a quite unusual western. John Wayne plays the aging, hard drinking, overweight Rooster Cogburn, a Marshall hired by Mattie Ross (kim Darby) to find the killer of her father. Glen Campbell is the Texas Ranger who helps them out. The unusual element is the script, its well written and both Wayne and Darby make full use of its witty lines.

    The film is also beautifully shot. There is one great shot where the trio approach a hideout and you see this panoramic view of the valley with the river snaking through. The sun is reflected off the water - its a wonderfully constructed shot. I wanted to be there straight away!

    The remainder of the cast is very good. Robert Duvall is there as Ned Pepper, and Dennis Hopper plays Moon. But its Waynes film through and through, he dominates every scene, even when you think Kim Darby has stolen it he'll have one last look or frustrated hmmff to steal it back. Its not Waynes best ever performance and he probably didn't deserve the Oscar he won for True Grit, but rather like Martin Scorcese for The Departed it was right that he won for the body of work he produced down the years.
    ...more info
  • Collector of John Wayne DVD's
    I am a collector of John Wayne DVD's - have most of his movies on VHS. This was a great addition to my collection. ...more info
  • True Grit (Special Collector's Edition)
    Well what can one say, but this was the one that got "THE DUKE" his Oscar, this is one movie that was certainly made for "THE DUKE", and a must see for all DUKE fans alike. Great viewing, great cast and one Movie that will be remembered forever....more info
  • What a ride ...
    John Wayne's belated Oscar came for 1969's True Grit," a rousing entertainment that didn't stand quite as tall as, say, "Red River" or "The Searchers." Paramount Home Entertainment has released the double-disc set as part of the studio's 100th-year Wayne promotion with Warner Home Video.

    The Duke plays one-eyed bounty hunter Rooster Cogburn. Valley girl Kim Darby plays a teen bent on avenging her father's death. Darby, who gives a sensational performance, stood toe-to-toe with Wayne onscreen and off, the bonus features note. Critics of the time thought Darby was in for a major league career, but she went on to a modest but long-running tenure in the business.

    The extras aren't deep, but the docu "Working With the Duke" does a decent job of positioning "True Grit" in Wayne's sunsetting career. Perhaps mellowing with age, right-winger Wayne went to bat for the hiring of blacklisted screenwriter Marguerite Roberts, who was "weaned on stories about gunfighters."

    The images of Colorado (2.35:1) are suitably sweeping and majestic. An extra feature returns to some of the "True Grit" locations, such as the graphic triple hanging. I experienced none of the softness cited by some of the other reviewers....more info
  • An old but still robust oak!

    "True grit" is a humanizing Western that obviously doesn't lack of the main ingredients, but provided of a superior vision. Booster Cogburn is a one-eye crotchety U.S. Marshall who still can shoot straight.

    In this sense we must acknowledge an absolute and even worthy treatment in which concerns originality and profound honesty about the genre that definitively has achieved a true mythic feature.

    And so, being Wayne the most complete icon of this genre was more than obvious to suppose he had to star the most variegated gamut of characters in his successful artistic trajectory.

    On the other hand, this was the film in which Dennis hopper and Henry Hathaway smoked the cask of the peace after a long chain of misfortunate events between them.
    ...more info
  • How to fix image quality
    I had the same problem with image quality as previously posted by another reviewer on May 27, 2007. Mine was blurred, NOT in 2.35:1 and the "Enhanced" setting did not work on my DVD player. Here is what I had to do to fix the image quality problem: go back to startup DVD menu before you select "Play" and change your "Display" to "4:3 Letterbox". ...more info
  • Big problem with the image qualtiy in this movie
    We have a big mystery here. All the reviews I have read about this movie say the picture quality is great, but the focus is soft. Here is a note I sent to a reviewer on a prominent DVD website. I haven't received a reply yet. If anybody on Amazon knows what the problem is please write in and let us know. Here is my note mentioned above:
    "I am puzzled about the lack of sharpness in the focus in this movie. All the long shots and medium shots are definitely soft. I have a top of the line 50" plasma monitor with a lot of DVDs and I worked as a film cameraman for 15 years so I know what a sharp image is supposed to look like. The movie plays in what looks like 1.85 with narrow letterboxing at the top and bottom as normal. The Internet Movie Database says this is a 1.85 film. In that 1.85 aspect ratio the image is soft as I said. However, in the supplemental documentary there are several scenes from the movie that appear to be in about 2.35 or close that look sharp just like they should. But True Grit wasn't a 2.35 scope process movie! What is going on here? I understand if a scope movie is shown in 1.85 the image has been enlarged and it would look soft, but it is a 1.85 movie and it looks soft which usually means the studio messed up the transfer. But your review says the picture is great. I am really puzzled. Can you explain what the problem might be?"...more info
  • This review is on the special edition
    Let me be the first to review this Special Edition presentation of True Grit. Since so much reviews have been written about the plot and all, I will go straight to the gest of this review. The special edition is a definite improvement over the previous released editions of True Grit. The colors, image and everything appears to be more clearer, vivid and cleaner. The sound also improved as well and overall, any true fan of this movie will upgrade to this edition. The extra features also proves to be quite nice and they are well worth the time and effort to view as well.

    This movie may not be one of John Wayne's finest effort (I thought his work in the Searchers was superior) but it represent everything there is about John Wayne in one package. His Oscar is well deserved and the captured of his character, Rooster Cogburn, is near perfect. As a friend of mine's once said, "Wayne can only play Wayne", but he does it so superbly that it virtually off set most actors playing other characters. True Grit is a great movie and this Special Edition does pretty good justice to the film....more info
  • true grit
    i enjoy john wayne western but i hate to see glen campbell chacrator get kill...more info
  • One lawman's finest moment.
    John Wayne. How can you review a man who made (I heard) over two hundred movies? The answer is, watch True Grit--it seems to show a little bit of every movie he was in. Well, except for that one with the singing cowboy.

    If there ever was a finer western I have yet to see it. Despite what people point out as flaws, the movie continues to be the greatest done by Wayne and many others. I'm just glad they got people who could act.


    1. Stars John Wayne, Glen Campbell (the singer) and Kim Darby (the cutie). That's a star right there.
    2. The music is almost perfect.
    3. The acting almost perfect.
    4. Shot mostly outside--lots of scenery shots--beautiful.
    5. Great idea--imagine that, the story is actually about the little girl, John Wayne just pitches in to help. Carried out nicely.
    six. The language they speak. I've heard some complaints about this, and I'm not a linguist, but it seems like I remember hearing all the contractions we use nowadays like Can't, Don't, Shouldn't, Couldn't -- and the list goes on-- did not exist one hundred and twenty years ago. I have heard they are all modern changes. You notice when Kim D. is talking to the horse salesman she pronounces each word individually, and so does he. I've heard that during the days of the pioneers this country was at its' most educated level--I've also heard the opposite--that the pioneer mothers would teach their kids reading, writing, and math on the long road out west. What do I me, I wasn't there, so you'll have to decide.
    7. Heroics at its finest.
    8. Kim Darby. I don't believe it possible for her to have done a better job of acting. I do not know if this was her first movie or acting job but one thing is certain--she was an expert. Watch her face and body language especially when she slid down the mountain side and met up with Cheney (I hope I spelled that right) the low life who murdered her papa.
    Watch her mouth as she is torn between crying and sneering at the murderer confronting her--it sounded authentic to me. Great job!
    9. The horse salesman, I couldn't have done it better myself even after seeing the movie.
    10 Glenn Campbell. Regardless of what the reviewers and advertisment said, he did a great job. Take the few last scenes of the movie. Campbell has that well combed hair. He's a Texas Ranger but probably one who stayed closer to the city--a lady's man. Then take John Wayne, pot bellied, patch over one eye, burned out somewhat drunk. Glenn and Kim are running back down the trail after John shoots it out with 'Lucky' Ned Pepper. That guy jumps right out from the brush and whacks him with a rock. This is what happens to a city guy who only occasionally goes out into the country. Then John Wayne shows up, pistol in hand, spots the bad guy with the gun and 'Bam!' no more bad guy. This is somebody who lived in the country everyday--their a little harder to sneak up on. It is my opinion Glenn Campbell played his part perfectly--a Texas Ranger who is also a lady's man.
    11. The two times John cussed I feel were called for. That is extremely rare especially today.
    12. The two actors in the survival shack? Over acting? No. People who act like that in real life usually walk both sides of the law and light and darkness and can appear as either. Hooper did great--I've met people like that--a true believer who turned bad once.
    13. Lawyer Dagget? I guess I spelled that correctly. Just fine, all proper, dressed the part showing his success in non assuming cloths showing he was proper and reserved.
    14. The funny moments are funny to anyone who is not jaded permanently.
    15. Despite the occasional flaw in the lines it is okay. It just adds flavor to it.
    16. "You think one on four's a dog fall?"? I think it means "You think one against four is easy?"
    "Hurray for the man from Texas, some bullie shot!" Use to, when people stood up and cheered somebody, they would yell 'Well bullie for you!"
    "I never busted a cap on a woman or nobody much under sixteen, but it is enough for you to know I'll do what I have to do." Means either, bash her head in or-- long ago they used brass caps in their pistols. You would load the revolver from the front of the cylinder and after you were finished you would put a small brass little 'cap' on the other side of the cylinder. Kind of like a blasting cap or a 'cap' for a blank gun.--it could have meant shoot her.
    All in all, the movies' language such as its' funny moments are a sign of the times...back then it made sense to us. It still does to me. Sorry it does not to you.


    There is no downside to this movie. The acting is there, the storyline is there, the fun is there, the scenery is there. A little girl is in trouble, two world class heros ride to the rescue, who could stop them.

    So all in all, I can't say you don't know what you are talking about if you didn't like this movie, but I will say your judement in matters of what constitutes real art are in question. Bye....more info
  • John Wayne classic character
    John Wayne as the tough former Confederate guerrilla turned hard-hitting lawman, Rooster Cogburn, gives us his most indearing character ever. The plot is enjoyable and keeps your attention. The characters, not just Rooster alone, are all perfectly cast and played well. There is perhaps no match to the final show-down scene between Rooster and and Robert Duvall as Ned Pepper. A favorite you can watch over and over again. ...more info
  • John Wayne's True Grit
    The movie is good. Hard to find in stores. Husband wanted it to see where he hunts in Colorado where the film was made need Gunnison....more info
  • A great movie
    Wayne's first outage as Rooster Cogburn. Forced to team up with a teenage girl (Kim Darby) and Glen Campbell as a bumbling Texas Ranger, the personality clashes are hilarious, yet the story remains strong and sweet at the same time. Definately for all ages, despite a little bit of language. You'll laugh, you'll cry.. seriously....more info
  • Great movie
    If you love John Wayne, you will love this movie. Glen Campbell is mediocre in it - he should have stuck to singing. Still, the Duke is fantastic, as is Robert Duvall. I love the horseback shootout between them....more info