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  • A girl can't save no situation without a boy
    Apart from the comic trip look and feel of this film, apart from the special effects both on the side of the vampires and on the side of the werewolves, apart from the impossible love affair between a vampire girl and a werewolf boy, at the beginning qt least, soon to become something else, this film is decadent in all possible ways and somewhere kind of paranoid. And yet there is something that floats over the whole thing, that survives the animal horror that animates these pictures and bleak places. Two species have been fighting for centuries and the salvation of both is in a new blood line that will cross the two different ones. Peace can only come from crossing the bloodlines of the two rivals, the two enemies, the two antagons. And that works, in the film of course, because in reality if it were that simple...! It has been noticed that when a civil war starts we never know when it will stop. It took some thirty years for the latest episode of the Irish civil war to come to maybe an end and that was only the last episode of a war that was started by the invasion and conquest of Ireland by the English three or four centuries ago. And I will not speak of the Bosnian or Kosovar conflicts, nor of the opposition between Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq and in the world. But that's the optimistic final scene of a film that targets teenagers when war comes to an end because the two bloodlines have been mixed in the veins of a new leader. Yet I found the film a little bit long and repetitive as for the fighting scenes.

    Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, University Paris Dauphine & University Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne
    ...more info
  • For Vampire Lovers
    I love this movie, vampires and werewolves against each other, it was awesome! I like this movie a lot more than part two (underworld evolution). Part 2 wasnt as great....more info
  • Perfect Picture/Perfect Sound/Almost Perfect Movie
    This Review Is For Underworld In Its Blu-Ray Incarnation.

    I Have Just Finished Watching The Movie And All I Can Say And Think Is "AMAZING"!!!
    The Picture And Sound Are Simply Incredible.

    This Is The Type Of Movie They Would And Should Use At An Electronics Store To Demonstrate The Advantage Blu-Ray Has In Both Its Picture And Sound Over Standard DVD.

    Not To Overlook The Incredible Story Line,Acting,And Computer Generated Graphics.This Was A Movie That Drew Me In From The Beginning And Never Let Me Go Until The End Credits Rolled.

    I Am Looking Forward,Now,To See The Sequel "Underworld Evolution".
    If You Get Only One Sci-Fi/Horror Movie On Blu-Ray Give This Movie Serious Consideration.
    It Will Most Certainly Be A Movie I Watch Many More Times Then Once.

    I Would Rate This Movie 4 and 3/4 Stars If That Was An Option....more info
  • A little bit more
    DVD in good condition (oughta be; it's new), containing the film ordered (what a surprise), BUT did in fact include scenes I'd not previously seen and which helped clarify the plot just that bit more. Am well pleased....more info
  • underworld bluray
    I have both the bluray and dvd copy of underworld, and bluray was a great upgrade....more info
    Underworld (Full Screen Special Edition)
    Arrived ahead of time; Really enjoyed the movie. I love the series. You don't mind that their werewolves or vampires; excellent chacter development....more info
  • Underworld DVD
    The first in the series, yes the pre-quile does help answer a few questions. Excellent in widescreen. Knocks spots off the tame mush of "Twilight". Enjoy....more info
  • Documentary on the Lives of Ordinary Rats
    Underworld is a sleek documentary on the plight of rats living inside a cave beneath Grand Central terminal in NYC, stated for demolition in 2006. Told with compassion and foresight, the filmmakers devote about 2 hours worth to the fringed little creatures, mostly told in flashbacks by a rat called "Sebastian" who smokes a pipe and spies on humans above in the city. I found it not only humanistic, because it advocates adopting stray rats, but also very entertaining and I had tears in my eyes near the end when I walked out of the theater and found myself surrounded by gerbils....more info
  • A great new addition to the vampire and werewolf genres
    Visually impressive, well-directed, and not overdone on the special effects, "Underworld" is worth the viewing time. I liked this movie's twist on the traditions of vampires and werewolves. (I also thought it was much better than Whitewolf's The Masquerade.) At times, slightly more violent and sensual than I usually prefer, I tolerate it in "Underworld" (and its sequel) because these *are* vampires and werewolves, creatures that are no longer human, but part demon, and therefore, even though they still look human (most of the time), have forgotten some of their human morals and behaviors. Casting is good, and the script is well thought out; I didn't find many plotholes in this one -- or if there were, they're small ones tackled in "Underworld: Evolution." I'm also looking forward to the anticipated third film in the series....more info
  • Supernatural Action in Gothic setting...oh yeah and guns!
    A pleasant surprise with Underworld, which upon my initial opinions was that it was just some second rate film with third-rate ideas. On the contrary, Underworld spins a stoic and fascinating tale that weaves through the past and present as it mixes Werewolves and Vampires in a war throughout all time. Kate Beckinsale is one of the vamps, and at night her and her leather jacket, automatic pistol firing pals are combing the streets for Lycan using constant surveillance that is matched by the general stealth that they possess. The Lycan are an ancient Legion of Werewolves though, and although nearly extinct at one time, suddenly seem to be coming back in some sort of "end of time" phase where the endless litters will perhaps pay off with world domination once and for all.

    Cinematic Appeal: This film does an excellent job with portraying the dark, evil tones that accompany such a landscape of macabre terror. Hey, I have nothing against Vamps and Werewolves, but they do need all the ancient statues and stone steps one can muster. Throw in some ancient symbols and don't rush anything in the film, and the viewer may enjoy a vast array of visual wonders. Sure, it is done often, but not very often does this reviewer find a film in which it is done well.

    Script & Plot: Nothing bad here at all, the history of the vampires and werewolves that are shown as well as the mystery behind some of the key characters is laid out carefully. Sometimes a film like this can go overboard with dialogue or mere "Shock and Awe" tactics, but I found Underworld to possess a high quality in the story, the way it is executed, and the special effects and originality involving the vampires and werewolves.

    Special Features: If you are expecting anything special from the Widescreen edition, don't bother. I would look elsewhere for a better package in that department as the widescreen edition only offers some Director commentary, which of course is pretty standard with most special features. Nothing on the Widescreen edition that has interviews with the writers or cast, and no section on the special effects and such.
    If you are looking for a film with some supernatural slashing in a gothic setting, then Underworld may be for you. I found the film enjoyable from the aspect that it seemed more genuine than many films of this genre. Beckinsale is superb in her role as Selene, a woman who must eventually challenge her own loyalty before it is all over. ...more info
  • original and entertaining
    fairly tired subject matter gets a nice boost in this movie. Rather than go point to point over the movie, I have only to add that the plot is great and never drags, the settings and scenery look fantastic, and the best part: they did not over use wires and impossible body contortions in the special effects to make it entirely unbelievable.

    Great show and great special effects. Kate in BluRay? a must have!...more info
  • Excellent film
    Together with Underworld: Evolution, two great films. Action-packed, fast paced, great photograhpy and special effects; good plot too. A must see for action/vampire film lovers. This the first film to see. Then see Underworld: Evolution, to keep the story straight. Buy it!...more info
  • After about twenty minutes, It begins to warm up and become enjoyable
    The beginning can be pathetic. It's unclear how many movies I recognized while 'observing' and loosely watching. Matrix rings a bell. I mean that in a derogatory way. I'll stop there. I do belong, on occassion, to cultous fangorious, goth groups.....when the moon is full and friday collides mysteriously with the 13th...which was drunkily yesterday. Did I mention how I stayed up all night with friends and watched this film for the first time? We borrowed it from the library for free. Awesomeness, free. What lulled me from my drunken sleepiness, was the occassional moody fits of Victor, who seemed the savior of this film. I loved when he cracked that scientist' skull because......well he was mad. And he didn't want that guy to squeeze out another wise'allicky comment. I mean, I've never seen some dude just wind up and smack someone with one death blow and successfully kill a person like that. He's the man. So I liked it for that, and I liked that it was sorta short and way gothy. There you go. ...more info
  • Underworld
    Region 1 only??? BOOO! region free plz... what about us antipodians?
    seen the regular dvd, ( 4 stars) liked the theme...more info
  • Even worse than remembered.
    So I vaguely remembered seeing Underworld, possibly even in the theaters when it first came out, yet didn't quite recall my final judgement of the film. Then came the glorious Blu-Ray release of the film, well HD viewers, don't waste your time or money. The film itself comes out still appearing too grainy in spots while in others is too dark. I remembered this about my original viewing of the movie and I will say that the HD quality improved it slightly. Foremost in my mind is the overall terrible movie that this is. Bad acting, bad scripting and convoluted plot don't help matters at all. Overall just skip this movie, it will not stand the test of time....more info
  • Monster mashing
    Werewolves and vampires, two staples of the horror genre, are mixed together in this action - drama set in some European country where it is always night and raining. The protagonist is Selene, a gorgeous and very athletic female vampire who is a Death Dealer; someone who kills Lycans. Lycans are werewolves, and the two races are immortal enemies. The story centers around her relationship with a man who happens to be an original descendant of the man who gave rise to both vampires and werewolves. Along the way, he, and then she, discover the truth about this immortal war, and who has really done what to each other.

    The movie is quite dark in setting, and most of the characters are palish white in contrast. The action scenes are a mix of hand-to-hand combat and shooting galleries in the style of the Matrix. The violence is bloody and sometimes gruesome. There is no nudity, or swearing even; just violence. This DVD came with some extra features, but not much. This is no matter though as the movie is quite entertaining and moves along at a quick pace. All in all, highly watchable. ...more info
  • Enjoyed this movie in Blu-ray
    I enjoyed this movie. The way the story was written is good. The picture quality is top notch, really deep blacks and well colored blue/gray hues. The sound was OK, not the best (the gun shots could have been louder). And of course Kate B. kicks werewolf/vampire butt in this movie....more info
  • Visually Beautiful, with a Flawed Plot

    Visually, this movie is perfection. The crisp clearness of the movie is the high point of "Underworld", as well as Kate Beckinsale as vampire "death-dealer" Selene. Dark, vivid, and brooding, the imagery in this film is top notch. The story was good as well, though--unlike the imagery--was flawed.

    Selene is a believable character, and I rooted for her throughout the film. The world she's thrown into is interesting, as well as intriguing. Even the werewolf/vampire rivalry is riveting. However, how is Master Vampire Victor allowed to be a Master Vampire is his powers hardly rival a more recently-sired Vampire? I have to add though, that Bill Nighy did a stupendous job as Victor, using his menacing, calculated voice.

    Back to the grips: Why do some vampires/werewolves die by regular gunshots, but some just pull them out of their chest and get back up? Why do some vampire need to be hit with ultra-violet bullets, but some just--again--die by regular gunshots? A lot of plot devices thrown in the movie simply don't make sense with the world the writers and directors have established but it is an all in all enjoyable movie.

    Oh, and before I bow out. One more problem. In the beginning, this is said by Selene: "Our war has waged for centuries, unseen by human eyes. But all that is about to change." Nothing to that effect happens. A few humans are killed, but nothing out of the ordinary. Just another inconsistency.

    8/10...more info
  • Underworld
    This is a great movie. Vampire movies are really hot now. Great quality movie. I recommend it. ...more info
  • Fun, Beautiful Film
    Like the story or not there is no denying that this is a beautiful film to look. The overtones and the cinematography make watching the film like looking at gothic art. Kate Beckinsale is great in this movie. If you're into Werewolves and Vampires, you have to check this one out....more info
  • What DO you get when you cross a Vampire with a Lycanthrope?
    UNDERWORLD, a faced-paced, in your face, kick-a** monster movie, tries to answer that age old question. Vampires and Lycans (werewolves) have been at war for untold centuries. Very few even remember how the blood feud started. But the crossing of a Vamp with a Lycan has always been forbidden. Or has it?

    UNDERWORLD is action-packed from the get go; you jump right in and it never lets up. Epic battles, high-speed chases, gun fights, impossible stunts, blood and gore (although less than you would think), and fantastic transformations keep you on the edge of your seat. The directing/cinematography/editing are excellent, cutting away from anything truly disgusting before you really see it; leaving the rest to your vivid imagination. The acting is impressive, with Kate Beckinsale, Scott Speedman, and Michael Sheen all giving scene-stealing performances. The rest of the cast, including Bill Nighy, are equally good in there respective roles. And let me just say, the costuming for UNDERWORLD is marvelous: gorgeous dresses, fabulous leathers, skin-tight cat suits. I'd like to go shopping were the Vamps do!

    UNDERWORLD includes all the universal Vampire and Werewolf lore - sunlight kills Vamps, silver kills Lycans, you become a Vampire or a Werewolf from a bite. Not too many surprises in this area (although these precepts are taken to new heights), making it easier to keep up with the plot. But added to the standard lore is the theory that there is a line of humans who carry a gene that enables them to survive a bite from BOTH a Vampire and a Lycanthrope. And this is what the Lycans are looking for.

    Even if you aren't a fan of monster flicks, you will enjoy UNDERWORLD. It makes for a great popcorn evening at home. It is clearly too intense for the youngest members of the family, but tweens and up should be just fine.

    So, what DO you get, when you cross a Vampire with a Lycanthrope? Apparently, something the Lycans want and the Vampires don't. And something bigger and badder than both...
    ...more info
  • Great movie!!
    Not my cup of tea, but my boyfriend loved it. Action and chicks in tight leather. He was in heaven...ha ha...more info