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MADE Products CA-1115-SMK SLR Camera Armor for Nikon D40 and D40x Digital SLR (Smoke)
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Product Description

Custom Engineered for the Nikon D40, Camera Armor is an always on, protection system consisting of 4 parts: An elastomeric silicone Body Armor, a Lens Armor, a Lens Cap Lanyard and a Polycarbonate LCD Shield.

The precise fit covers up all of the important parts of your DSLR camera to protect it from impact, abrasion, dust and fingerprints without sacrificing any necessary camera functions or adding additional weight. Camera Armor provides protection in action and is uniquely designed so that all of the camera controls and access ports are completely functional and accessible without taking the camera out of the jacket. You can put the Camera Armor on your camera and leave it there while in your bag or taking pictures.

For maximum protection, this Camera Armor comes equipped with Lens Armor and lens cap lanyard as well as a clear polycarbonate LCD shield that protects the rear LCD screen from daily abuse.

  • Ruggedized custom fit protection
  • Clear polycarbonate lens protects the LCD
  • Rubberized comfort for ergonomic shooting
  • Bonus lens guard will fit most lenses up to 85mm
  • Corners and lenses protected by impact-resistant material

Customer Reviews:

  • Keeps my investment safe
    Compared to the cost of what it's protecting, Camera Armor seems like a no-brainer for protection. It's like having a rubberized grip on the whole surface of the camera, plus a shock-absorbing space on the bottom of it. The lens protector can get in the way if you're using the onboard flash, but it slips off and on easily enough. I put mine on my camera before I even had the battery inside it....more info
  • Worse than bad
    This is a hinder to you using your camera. Hard to attach a tripod to camera with the rubber flopping into the underneath of the camera. Fits like a glove - a baseball glove. The Rubber on the back covers all the buttons and makes all the buttons sloppy to push. Each change of the menu was an ordeal and a lesson in anger management. I ended up going underneath the rubber to get access to the controls.
    Nice try, but don't bother. I cut mine off with a razor so I would not be tempted to use it again....more info
  • Protection
    Seem's to provide protection for minor bumps for the camera body.I don't use lens protector due to my changing lenses quite often, it just seems to be in the way....more info
  • Protects but makes a little hard to use buttons
    This is a great product for protecting your camera. However, it makes it difficult to use the buttons and mount on a tripod....more info
  • Excellent Protection for Camera
    This is an excellent product to prevent your camera body from damage. It was a little hard putting it on but with a little stretching and tugging it fit like a glove. Every Camera Armor is made specifically for each camera body so it has openings to access the battery, SD/memory cards, viewfinder, mode dial, etc. Also, it has a clear plastic cover for the LCD monitor to protect it, too. The price is very reasonable considering the alternative. Most of the entry level/lesser priced camera bodies are made from plastic so they can be scratched or broken easily. My only complaint - the small function buttons have their symbols or letters molded into the rubber and are hard to read. This won't be a problem after I get used to operating the camera and get familiar with them. I tried using some white paint to fill in the letters and symbols but it is not sticking to the rubber. I need to find a paint that will work. Anyway, I'm very happy with my Camera Armor. ...more info
  • Always wear protection...
    on your camera. I've been very happy with my purchase of Camera Armor for my Nikon D40, it really does do what it claims.

    Fits like a glove when it's used for the camera it's designed for
    Only adds a small amount of mass to the camera and gives access to all the buttons
    Seems pretty durable and protects the camera well

    Price, it's worth it but $35-$50 for a silicone shield is a bit steep
    It gives access to all the buttons but it makes some difficult to use, trimming it fixed that...more info
  • Too little protection, too many problems
    This product is essentially a rubber body glove to protect cameras from impacts and scrapes. In addition, it comes with a rubber attachment to protect the front of one lens as well as a plastic shield for your LCD. The D40 already comes with a similar protector but if nothing else you can use this one as a spare.

    Installation of the armor is a pretty simple affair. You will need to remove your neck strap to put it on and can reattach it when the armor is in place. It requires a bit of tweaking, but once properly arranged, the rubber fit the camera snugly, had no bulges, and was not prone random movement. Many of the controls and buttons are left exposed but certain buttons are covered to improve the structural integrity of the armor. In these cases, the button is articulated into the armor and the label is also molded into the button so you can see what it is. The problem is that the label molded into the armor is black-on-black whereas your camera has white lettering against the black button for far superior ease of reading. Some of the controls are also uncomfortably close to the edge of the rubber so that it is not as easy or comfortable to manipulate them.

    In terms of protection, I was disappointed. On the plus side, it should provide very strong protection from scratches. The rubber will also provide very minor protection from impact but you need to be realistic about what it can do. Any real impact against rock or concrete will likely pose just as much chance of fatal damage as a camera would face without the Camera Armor.

    The lens protector is a nice idea but is also a decidedly mixed blessing. If you use any filters, it will be very inconvenient to put them on or take them off while the armor is in place. Even adjusting a circular polarizer is difficult. You can take the armor off and put it back on but this is a pretty rigorous process and not something you want to do all the time while trying to shoot. Also, you can forget about using a lens hood. The armor will completely cover the threads that the hood attaches to. Both of these are deal breakers for me as I use a circular polarizer almost constantly and I can't accept anything that makes it difficult for me to use. Lens hoods are equally essential on sunny days. I should add that, like the armor for the camera body, this piece will protect your lens from only the most gentle impact.

    Finally, there is one more drawback to this Camera Armor, although it will not affect everyone. The armor extends down to the bottom plate of the camera. If you use a tripod, you will need to check the plate that attaches to the bottom of your camera. If it protrudes beyond the edge of the camera at all, then you probably won't be able to attach it while the Camera Armor is on.

    This is a long review, so allow me to summarize. Camera Armor offers superficial protection, primarily against scratches. If this is important to you, then you should definitely consider buying. You must be prepared to sacrifice all filters, ease of use for your camera, lens hoods, and most likely the ability to use a tripod. In my eyes, this is simply an unacceptable level of restrictions to use something that offers so little real protection....more info
  • Almost Perfect
    When I first held a Nikon D-40 in the store, it seemed too small for my hands. Then, I saw Camera Armor. I ordered it with my D-40, and I cannot imagine using the camera without it. I cannot speak to the protective function, because I have not yet dropped the camera. What I can say is that Camera Armor makes the camera feel larger, and way, way grippier. In fact, I have no problem carrying the camera with one hand around the grip area. There are only two very small issues: First, I have not found the rubber lens hood to be useful. Second, I found the rubber at the bottom center rear of the camera to be in the way when I tried to mount the camera to the tripod. This was easily remedied by trimming away a sliver of rubber from back. In short, buy it. you will not regret it. ...more info
  • One point to consider
    Outstanding product. Be aware that the lens hood interferes with the built in pop up flash. You will find a dark area in your photos as the hood blocks a small amount of the area from being illuminated by the flash. There are no issues without the flash....more info
  • armor for camera
    Good protection for camera. Helps keep dirt and dust out. Only negative is that it is a good deal bulkier....more info
  • It bounces when you drop it
    OK, I am not advocating that anyone go out and drop their cameras, but I have dropped the D40, in Camera Armor, onto a concrete floor from waist height, and it survived. Actually, I cringed, and it bounced.

    I have also banged it on the table, bumped it into walls, heavy machinery, and stuff it into my bag without any other case when I travel. I guess I am what you call a hard user, and I think that's exactly what camera armor is all about.

    I do agree with the other reviewer that there is a potential problem with tripod quick release mounts. I use a Manfrotto base plate, and it was a little tight so I took an exacto knife to the overlapping bumper and removed a little. Fits great now, and my camera is still protected.

    As far as the lens armor goes, I use this as a sun hood, and like it, although I occasionally take it off, as it is a little bulky. I have used it with big lenses on other cameras, but with the D40, which is my travel camera, I just use the kit lens. I use a polarizing filter as well, but have never had any problems fitting it.

    Over all, I am very satisfied with the product, particularly the protection....more info
  • Great Camera
    The only reason for the 4 star rating? Limited selection of fully compatible lenses.

    Over all performance? I could not be happier. It's a Nikon! what more can I say.

    I must admit that the Canon XTI was a real thought....more info