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Speck MacBook 13" See-Thru Hard Case - PINK
List Price: $49.95

Our Price: $33.99

You Save: $15.96 (32%)


Product Description

Accent the sleek look of your 13-inch MacBook notebook. Get this great hard case for protection, a hint of color and a massive dose of shine. SeeThru MacBook cases are made of translucent hard plastic for aesthetics and protection.

  • 2 piece snap-on hard case
  • Use everything without removing the case!
  • Protective hard plastic shell
  • Sleek and shiny finish
  • Fits White and Black finish 13" MacBook models (will not fit newer Oct 2008 black keyboard/aluminum unibody models)

Customer Reviews:

  • its ok
    i received on time...but the case its not the same that the pic doesnt have the apple it was dissapointing.....more info
  • Speck Macbook cover
    The front cover got dust and crude under it in the first week. So we just took it off and use the bottom cover only.
    Saw a woman at work with only the top part on and she said same thing happened to hers!...more info
  • Envy Green
    Speck has fantastic products and I am very happy with this one! I would be sure to get all the dust and invisible specks off the computer and the case prior to attaching the two...dust shows up very much through the see-thru case. Good stuff though!...more info
  • Wife loves PINK!
    Gentlemen, if your wife loves pink and she happens to also have a white mac book, this case is the ticket! A ticket to what you might ask? Either a guilt free night out with the boys, or a special favor from your wife. She will gladly offer either once she sees the beautiful shiny pink case surrounding her baby mac! Go for it!...more info
  • pretty good
    it fitted really good and it even brings a tissue for you to clean it!
    its awesome...more info
  • Perfect protection for a portable
    This cover attaches/detaches easily and provides perfect protection. No need to worry about bumps or scrapes once snapped on your machine. It's like wearing leather riding clothes on a motorcycle! The best part is it adds very little weight. Nice product....more info
  • Great product, fast delivery!
    I'm very happy with my case for my Macbook. I was very happy about the price, and delivery was very fast. the case was easy to put on and it's very sturdy. Now my Macbook is much safer while in my backpack when I'm going around campus! Thanks for great service....more info
  • looks great, but . . .
    purchased the speck orange see-thru shell during the first year for my macbook 13" after seeing my teaching assistant's red one. while i love the color and the way the apple logo shines through, after a short while (don't remember how long), i noticed what appeared to be dust marks on the inside of the shell, both top and bottom. after removing the shell i discovered those "dust marks" weren't! they were/are SCRATCH marks, the exact same thing i bought the shell to prevent! apparently the result of getting dust trapped between the shell and the case that became permanent marks over time from the micro-movements of the laptop inside the shell. unfortunately, i didn't read many reviews before buying it, but quickly discovered after seeing the SCRATCH marks that this is an outcome that has been reviewed unfavorably by others.

    since it was too late to do anything about it, i snapped the shell back on and started searching for another protective covering to camouflage the scratches caused by the speck shell . . . in retrospect, if i'd read the unfavorable reviews, i probably would have gotten something like the zagg invisi-shield to put on the computer case BEFORE using the speck shell, just to maintain the look. now i'm just about ready to spring for either a macally shell or the other, rubberized shell, even tho the colors are less attractive to me.

    one more thing: the heat build-up using the plastic shell seems excessive to me (too warm to rest on an unprotected lap for more than 2 minutes), although i am not aware of having experienced any undesirable malfunctions that resulted from it. would have given it 1 star, but bumped it up to 2 stars because it really did look good - before the scratches showed up....more info
  • Cover is great - No issues
    I would recommend to anyone that uses their computer around the house. Looks great!...more info
  • I love it.
    I purchased the orange speck case for the 13in Macbook.I love the color. I love how it fits on the notebook-it snaps on perfectly and stays snug. Other cases similar to this I have purchased and tried also and none have pleased me as this one has. I know it is protected from outer damage. It does not protect the inside face of course. However, I will highly recommended this product!!...more info
  • read important!!
    i have had this "case" for two months, ive had two of them so far why i give this pice of 50 dollar plastic 2 stars is because after a week or so i spotted some scratches on my macbook and i immediately removed this junk. there were over 30 scratches i wet my finger and removed some of them but there were still a vast number remaining so if you are to buy this i suggest you put a pice of paper inside this well acutely a few pices of paper...more info
  • I LOVE my pink hard case for my MacBook!
    I thought my 13" MacBook was super cute before....But now! I LOVE my pink hard case for my MacBook! Not only does it keep it clean and safer, but everyone keeps asking me where they can get a case too! For birthdays this year, I'm gettin cases for my mom and brother in different colors!...more info
  • laptop cover
    This is a great product, i feel a lot more secure knowing my computer is protected. The only caution i would give is that since it is a clear case I can still see scratches from before i got the cover so i think a colored case may have been nicer...more info
  • I'm buying a few more!!!
    I'm the IT manager of an insurance company. We have almost 10 MacBooks for our road warriors, including me. I bought two of these to test. I tested one myself, and I've had it for a year.

    Before this, I tried everything in airports to get my MacBook in and out of security fast, and this beats everything by a mile. No slipping the Mac in and out, even when you want to use it. Just open it up and start working.

    My concern when I bought it was if it added so much bulk to the Mac it was no longer miniscule. It did not. It's not noticeable. And it's fantastic protection.

    As for scratching - I've had the Speck shell off a couple times for upgrades and it's difficult enough that it will not come off inadvertently, but easy enough when you want to do an upgrade. I haven't noticed any scratches on my black 13" MacBook, and I'm pretty critical.

    After reading about the problems with scratching in these reviews, I'm thinking to try a piece of clear plastic food wrap (Saran Wrap) between the Speck and the MacBook. That's the first thing I thought of.

    Before I got the Speck cases, several of my road warriors dropped their Macs off the top of cars and one knocked it off their bed. All of them destroyed the shell of the computer (very expensive repairs for two, totaled the third). No one has dropped a Mac since I got the cases, but they've all learned to be careful. If they did drop it, I think it would crack the $40 Speck case but protect the computer.

    I can't say enough great things about this case. A few minor scratches will happen no matter what case you have (slipping it in and out of neoprene will probably do the same thing), but a drop of a computer or something dropping on it will negate the worry of a few hard to see scratches.

    And talk about convenient. Like I said, just take the computer out open it up to start work. No other case to take it in and out of. And no matter where it is, it's protected at all times. I can't stress this enough. What if you take it out of it's nice neoprene case and put it on the tray table of an airplane and someone knocks it off? Your neoprene case is in the overhead (or under foot), but with the Speck, it's protected.

    I'm buying one for every MacBook we have.
    ...more info
  • MacBook See-Thru Hard Case
    A gift for our grandson of spectacular success - the color, the fit, the protective quality all come together and create a huge smile....more info
  • GET IT!
    this is a truly great product. if you look at it you should buy it. it functions great, protecting your investment (your computer). it also looks great. everywhere i go people stop me and ask me where i got this because they want one. many people seem to think i have a special "red computer" and are amazed this is a case. IT RULES! and it lasts. fits like a skin....more info
  • The cover is not that great
    When i first got the cover and had it on my macbook it was fine and I loved it. However, when I took the cover off I noticed that the plastic around the edges of my laptop were starting to crack. I think it was from the pressure the case exerted on the laptop. The seller was awesome. I got the product within the estimated shipping dates and was in perfect condition, I would not recommend this product but I would recommend this seller. ...more info
  • pink and happy!!!!
    I love my pink hard case!!!
    It protects my MacBook from getting really scratched or damaged.
    Though, I feel really bad for my hard case... its been taking a good beating....more info
  • forget this go with U-suit
    Those of us that are overprotective with our MacBooks and do not like to see it scratched up should not get Speck's hard case. Within a few weeks I had man scratches all over the smooth white surface. Grant it, I dropped my MacBook outside on the ground and this case protected it, but overall it's not worth it. I have swiched to U-suit. It has a soft protection on both inside and outside of the case and snaps on the MacBook the same way Speck hard case does. ...more info
  • Hard case
    Nice to give your laptop a special look.
    Boutht it for my daughter. They don't uses books anymore omn school.
    But very expensive.
    And now I get a extra bill from the FedEx (???) Strange....more info
  • Speck MacBook 13"
    I don`t have any complain, the product was as expected. Amazon always fulfill my expectations. Time for delivery was very good, price was good too. Definitly I wil keep on buying on amazon, and trusting the products they put on....more info
  • Protective, but Bulky and Not Very "Mac-Like"
    In short: If you want to protect your Macbook for a long trip or some other adventure that may damage it, this product is great. Realize, however, that this case will completely ruin the aesthetics of the Macbook, making it look bulky and feel much heavier....more info