Fisher-Price Star Station Entertainment System
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Product Description

The Star Station with two microphones lets kids turn any television into an instant hit show by putting the power of performance right into their hands. And now, the fun of the original Star Station is doubled with two wireless microphones. Kids can see and hear themselves on TV while performing to children's music.

Using Plug and Play technology, the hardware unit plugs right into the TV, meaning the power truly is in kids' hands as they control the action. It's so much fun that family and friends will love to join in! With two mics, children can perform in perfect harmony while singing into their very own microphone. And because the microphones are wireless, there's no limitation to a performer's imaginative actions and dance moves. The Star Station will be accompanied by a music library of kid-appropriate songs.

Hardware includes one ROM cartridge featuring four of kids' favorite sing-along songs. Additional ROM cartridges (sold separately) include a variety of music, with each ROM containing eight songs. The additional ROMs make it easy for kids to use as they can quickly and easily change the music and the theme of their show. Requires 6 "AA" and 3 "AAA" batteries, not included.

Now your child can be a rock star on TV. With the Star Station Entertainment System kids sing into the microphone to perform favorite songs, all while watching and hearing their performance "live" on the television screen. The base unit uses plug-n-play technology to easily hook up to your TV, allowing performers to see and hear themselves as they put on their show. You can even record performances by connecting to a VCR or DVD player as well if your TV has audio/video input jacks.

Plug n play
Plug-n-play technology lets the base easily hook up to your TV.
The base has a controllable camera with five different lenses that create cool video effects, and the base¡¯s oversized, kid-friendly buttons make it simple for small hands to control all the action. The four buttons include play, pause, volume control, and song selection. The system comes with one cartridge with four recognizable sing-along tunes: If You¡¯re Happy and You Know It, Row Row Row Your Boat, This Old Man, and The Wheels on the Bus. When kids (or parents) grow tired of these songs, there are eight additional cartridges that can be purchased separately, or the device can be hooked up to a CD or MP3 player if kids have other favorites.

Wireless microphones let the action move around the room.
This entertainment system also includes two wireless microphones, which means double the fun. Kids can invite friends over to play, parents can join in, harmonies can be added, or solo performers can just hold one in each hand. The fact that they¡¯re wireless is ingenious. This allows budding pop stars to dance around as they sing, means they don¡¯t have to be two inches from the TV screen, and, most of all, means there are no cords for tripping over, ripping out, or taking up space when not in use.

One base unit, two wireless microphones, and one music cartridge are included. The necessary six AA and three AAA batteries are not.

  • The Star Station with 2 microphones lets kids turn any television into an instant hit show by putting the power of performance right into their hands!
  • Using Plug and Play technology the hardware unit plugs right into the TV, then the power truly is in kids' hands as they control the action. It's so much fun that family and friends will love to join in!
  • The Star Station will be accompanied by a music library of kid appropriate songs. The hardware includes one ROM cartridge with 4 of kids' favorite sing-along songs!
  • Additional ROM cartridges (sold separately) include a variety of music, with each ROM containing 8 songs.
  • The additional ROMs make it easy for kids to use as they can quickly and easily change the music and the theme of their show.

Customer Reviews:

  • Hours of fun for your little performers
    Bought this out during a "snow day" from school.... It was wonderful. It entertained my three kids (8,6 and 4) for ages. The quality of picture is fine (other reviews are not so favourable - but hey - this isn't Blu-Ray). It has a great picture. Easy to set up. I would highly recommend for your budding performers....more info
  • Great concept
    I saw this at a friends house and thought my kids would like it. They are 3 and 5. I guess they are a little yound for the product. I have spent more time singing along to the music than they have. The product itself is in great shape. I know a lot of reviews complained about the quality, but I found the quality to be right on. ...more info
  • Much better than expected!
    My youngest, who was just turning three, loved to sing, dance, and pretend to play insruments. When he discovered how much fun it was to do this all in front of the full-length mirror in my room, I decided to look for something he could use in the same way for his birthday. I was torn about buying the Star Station because of so many mixed reviews. I am glad I decided to take a chance.

    The camera works much better than a lot of the reviews led me to expect. As long as our room is well-lit, the picture comes out surprisingly good for a child's toy. No, it is not of the same quality of a normal TV picture or our video camera, but the picture comes pretty crisp and the colors pretty good. It is easy to hook up and use. The microphones work pretty good, we just sometimes have to adjust the TV volume and the Star Station volume to get a more ideal contrast. My son absolutely loves 'performing' and even his older sister and brother don't mind joining him! Here are our thoughts on the Star Station:


    Easy to set up
    Microphones are cordless with adjustable volume
    Easy to use
    Can hook up external music
    Seems pretty durable

    Cons: (none of these are a big deal)

    I wish the main unit plugged in instead of using batteries
    With the microphones on high, we sometimes get feedback (small living room!)
    The cartridges are getting harder to find and are getting more expensive
    The music on most of the cartridges is not the original versions

    I hunted down some of the cartridges that were reasonable, but the kids like it a lot more when I hook my iPod up. The cartridges are just music, and not versions your child may be able to sing along with. That is not a big deal, but it seems to be so much more fun to make a play list of my son's favorites and just let them play. Then you are not limited by unfamiliar songs or a small selection. You get exactly the music you want, what is most liked and most familiar.

    This toy is very fun if your child has an interest in singing and dancing or performing and would like to see themselves on television. It encourages them to use their imaginations and just have some fun. We've had a very good experience with ours....more info
  • My child was not interested
    Well I thought my little girl would have loved this product because she loves to sing. When we started to sing the Dora songs she got mad because she couldn't see Dora on the TV. She didn't want to have anything to do with it after the first time. ...more info
  • Price gouging
    Isn't this what is known as 'price gouging?' Give me a break, it retails for $59.99 at most stores. ...more info
  • Happy with the product
    I just purchased this toy for xmas this year. It was hard to find and i ended up paying more than the manufacturers retail price but still think it was worth the money. The toy is simple to set up (color coded cables that tell you exactly where it should connect to your tv or vcr) and so easy to operate that my 2 yr old twins were able to use it unassited. I had originally purchased the Playschool Dance Cam -but after reading the poor reviews decided to get this version of the toy instead. The picutre quality is NOT 100%..but it's a TOY. we have a regular (non high def tv) with average lighting in the room and the pic quality is the same as watching a home movie. Is it super crisp? no. but ITS A CHILD'S TOY... My kids are 4 and 2 and they loved seeing themselves up on the screen.
    The only thing that could be better with this product is that the songs -although listed as classic songs like "if you're happy and you know it"..are stepped up versions so my kids didn't recognise the tunes at first. They quickly caught on though and still enjoyed it from the first day...
    All in all. i am very happy with this purchase and would recommend it to anyone NOT looking for a high def dvd recorder quality picture. (remember, it's a toy for a small child, not cutting edge technology)
    ...more info
  • Works great with iPod
    We love this device.
    Here are some points I didn't see in the other reviews.

    Aux input allows you to play an iPod through it. This is wayyyyy better than using the cartridges that come with it. By playing the iPod through the aux. jack, you can sing over the kid songs you already own.
    The camera tilts down when it is off to keep the dust off the lense.

    The base work only on batteries. I am glad the mics are cord free, but the base has to sit
    by the TV anyway, way not save us some $ and allow it to be plugged in....more info
  • Great fun for would be entertainers
    I normally don't purchase any toy unless it is rated 4+ stars on amazon. However, after reading the reviews on this toy and really analyzing what others said the pros and cons were, I decided to take my chance on this one even though it only had about a 3.25 star review at time of purchase. Let me say that I am so glad that we took the chance! My 3.25 year old LOVES watching herself on "TV" any time we go anywhere that has a security camera. She also loves to sing, dance, and play her toy guitars. So I thought that this would be perfect and we took the chance on it. My daughter didn't exactly "get" what it was when she saw the box, even though I explained to her that it will play music and she can be on TV. But the minute we had the thing plugged in and she saw herself on our 42" LCD she was hooked. I have never seen her play for so long with anything. The cartridges are disappointing from an adult perspective. And we are an almost TV free household where she only watches maybe a total of a couple hours a week of TV, if even that, and only certain PBS shows. So the cartridges with theme songs from TV shows and/or "princess" songs do us no good. The unit comes with a cartridge with 4 songs and I purchased another cartridge with 8 songs only to realize that 3 of those 8 songs are on the cartridge that came with the unit. Whoops! And there aren't many song cartridges to choose from to begin with. They are also expensive for what they actually are (just 8 songs on the additional one we purchased). And we certainly would not purchase the ones with pop songs on it either. Oh well for that. But even with just the 12 songs combined on 2 cartridges of which 3 songs are repeated, my daughter plays with this for very long stretches of time. The unit can also be used with just a CD player. So the issue with the song cartridges is not the end of the world. Just a minor inconvenience. We have not had the toy long enough for me to rate durability. Bottom line is that I am very glad that we took a chance and purchased this toy. Well worth the money....more info
  • Fisher Price Star Station (two microphones)
    The product looks great from the box and some of the reviews, but I am going to return the product! First of all, the sound quality of the Star Station is adjust the volume you use your own TV set controls because their are none on the system. Then it gives a funny humming noise if you turn either the songs or the microphones up too loud. The first and second microphone work intermittently- and their is no volume adjustment on either. The picture quality (attempted different lighting as the book suggests) tried from various TV's is not that great- for the $$ I was very dissapointed....more info
  • Good concept, but toy itself could be better! Overpriced too!
    The sing along in front of a camera while watching yourself on TV concept is good here. The camera works quite well, but you have to have a lamp or two on, or be in a room with ample sunlight. The audio quality and volume is mediocre, mic range is not too good, and the songs should be sung in a more traditional sense, not the cheesy jazz rock style that is not even done well. There should also be more than 4 songs provided. For the fifty bucks or so we paid locally, I expected more. YMMV....more info
  • star station review
    My kids love to see and hear themselves on the TV. They especially like the Dora the Explorer music. The only problem we have had is with the picture quality. We have a large screen TV and the picture is fuzzy. I don't know if the picture would be clearer on a smaller screen. Also, I hope they come out with a few more music cassettes....more info
  • Star Station review

    This product is a fun toy for little ones who like to sing and pretend they are on television. My grand-daughter plays with hers on a regular basis. Fisher-Price Star Station Entertainment System...more info
  • FUN TOY for the musically inclined!
    My daughter first experienced this toy at her caregivers home and now she has her own that "santa" brought for Christmas. Its so much fun for her since she loves to sing and dance and seeing herself on screen is an added bonus. It was a bit pricey but you would spend that much on yourself to have a game you enjoy so why not for your kiddo? Its durable (*from what I can tell) and the extra cartridges arent too expensive. You can even get some via amazon used at a big discount. Overall, fun and exciting. We all love to play with it! We make video's and record ourselves. A BLAST!...more info
  • Does the trick
    We did not have any of the problems listed in other reviews with this product. It works well, the kids LOVE it and if you follow the set up instructions, you will get a decent video and audio quality (for a toy). We do have the newer model, so that may be the difference. ...more info
  • Great
    I bought this used on e-bay . I gave it to my daughter for her birthday and she is only outgoing to a point so I was not sure how she would do.She loved it didn't want to put it down I actually even got in on the fun, she quickly got in to the affects and had no problems hearing the songs or herself its not the best quality but its not adult karokke it for kids I love it .The only downfall is that alot of the songs are kids bop(pop songs) and not traditional ones (old mcdonald and bingo)....more info