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SanDisk SDCZ7-4096-A11 4GB Ultra Cruzer Titanium USB Flash Drive (Silver) (SDCZ7-4096-A10RB)
List Price: $89.99

Our Price: $14.99

You Save: $75.00 (83%)


Product Description

Cruzer Micro now includes U3 smart technology. U3 technology gives you the ability to carry your files and your software on a secure USB Drive. It is built with Liquidmetal casing that is crush-resistant to over 2,000 pounds. You can have your wallpaper, preferences, favorites, profiles, and more. Everything you need for a familiar computing experience on any PC is included such as Skype exclusively. Make voice and video calls from PC to PC anywhere in the world. Cruzer Micro allows you to easily carry and transfer key documents, pictures, music and video clips from one computer to another. The new retractable USB port eliminates the need for caps and protects your USB connector. Hi-Speed USB 2.0 certified (backwards compatible with all USB 1.1 ports) Certified Windows 2000 and XP Loaded with the following U3 programs - CruzerSync synchronization software, SignupShield password manager, SKYPE & AVAST antivirus software Dimensions - Length 2.25 x Width 0.31 x Height 0.08-inch

  • U3 smart enabled
  • Retractable USB connector eliminates the need for caps
  • Extremely rugged and smart USB flash drive
  • Liquidmetal casing is crush-resistant to over 2,000 lbs
  • Easily carry and transfer key documents, pictures, music and video clips

Customer Reviews:

  • Great drive at low price
    Sandisk has the best drives. No end cap to lose, and it has a key ring to attach to your keys.
    Titanium case is rugged. Very handy to use and reliable....more info
  • Faulty product
    Unfortunately, I ordered this product and it crashed and took my data with it. Thinking it was a fluke, I exchanged it for anther one and it did it again. Buyer be careful....more info
  • what can I say?
    What can I say...

    Sandisk + titanium + 4gigs = perfection!

    Durability is what makes this flash special. ...more info
  • Great line
    This thing feels indestructable- it is a little dense but its not going to weigh your pocket down....more info
  • Tough as nails.
    After spilling hot coffee on my Cruzer i cleaned it off put it into my pants pocket. The coffee came out in the wash and the dryer made me aware that the flash drive was no longer in my pocket... lol. Still works!...more info
  • Very nice flash disk!
    This is a really nice product! It is small but has a lot of storage space. Its fantastic! Excellent transaction!!...more info
  • eek Technology
    eek Technology

    I made the purchase and received the item but not as listed becase in the product description it states there is a landyard that comes with iot and mine did not. I questioned them on this and their response was to contact SanDisk directly and request on. SanDisk in the supplier to eek Technology and they need to be held accountable for their product being properly packaged as listed. They will not do this so I am sending the item back for a full credit. Fellow students have purchased SanDisk Flash Drives from Radio Shack and they come with the landyard. eek Technology drags their feet for issuing a RA# to return this product and I will never purchase from they ever again....more info
  • USB Stick from Digital Media Source
    Where do I start!

    I thought everything was cool. I received the FD 4 days later and the FD is coming from NY. When I got it and opened the package it was the wrong product. I received the original Black SanDisk 4gb FD instead. So emailed them and when you do, you have to wait for the next day to get a reply. Again there in New York and I'm in California. They are about 3 hours ahead of California. So my question is why does it take them a day in a half to reply when you email them around 9 in the morning?
    Anyways long story short, I found this company not to be reliable.
    ...more info
  • Solid Product
    When I buy a product, I don't expect it to walk on water (try that sometime, and see what happens). I expect it to do what it was designed to do, without protest. The Titanium Cruzers are well-engineered and reliable. I own three of these puppies (two 4 GB & one 1 GB), and use them every day....more info
  • Takes a licking...
    Just a short review...

    I just returned from the laundromat, where I left my 512MB Cruzer Titanium in a pair of pants. They went through the wash and I became aware of this when the Cruzer fell out of the pants in the dryer, making a hellacious racket in the process.

    I pretty much figured that 2 years worth of menus and plate photos went down the drain; I'm a chef. When I got home, just on a whim, I hooked up the Cruzer, and it promptly lit up and it's icon flashed up on my desktop. The data was there, and unharmed.

    Needless to say, I'm pretty damn impressed with my Cruzer. I'm in the process of buying a 4 gig Cruzer Titanium. I think the Cruzer did more damage to the dryer......more info
  • Great little Flash Drive
    This is my second USB flash drive, the first being a 1GB I've outgrown, but will still use for unencrypted security.

    What can I say, it does what it says on the box. Fast transfers. The U3 software installs without problem on a number of different computers running everything from Vista and XP to Windows2k. I can't say that for Lexar's JumpDrive software on my 3 year old USB flash drive.

    The U3 software is slick and fast. I was skeptical of having applications installed on the Cruzer, but it makes it a lot easier than having the application installable on the drive and then installing on someone else's computer. This way, you have the app on the drive and run it and your files directly from the flash drive. Of course, we're not talking about MS Office, but rather more 'portable' type applications. OpenOffice is an option however. I have used Ilium's eWallet for storing account passwords for about 5 years. Having on the Cruzer and accessible all the time is great.

    File transfers to/from the device are fast.

    The construction is solid and the sliding USB connector moves freely, but stores away safely when you've got the Cruzer in your pocket. And, there's no cap to fall off and lose!

    A few criticisms, although I can work around them:

    1) The sync tool in U3 doesn't let you just sync your Outlook .pst file. Instead it wants to pull all your email messages out and file them separately and make you view the files in a built-in email application. While not bad if you want to take your full Outlook mailbox with you to work off of, if you wanted to just sync the .pst file for archiving purposes, you can't. You'll need to manually transfer outside of the U3 Sync.

    But, the Sync tool does work very well for all other files. It also allows you to save a profile of file locations on both drives (hard drive and Cruzer) making future syncs a quick click away.

    2) There is no way to have the security time out after a number of minutes of inactivity. The Lexar JumpDrive software does do this and it has helped ensure my mobile files weren't seen by others after it timed out after 5 or 10 minutes. This is probably the biggest flaw of the Cruzer, but easily fixed in a future software update... assuming they add the feature. The hassle of re-entering your password to access the drive after 10 minutes of inactivity is a very minor inconvenience compared to having someone gain access to sensitive files.

    3) 4 GB fills up quickly once you decide you need a larger number of files to follow you around. OK, this is my problem and am anxiously awaiting a SanDisk 32GB or larger USB flash drive with U3. If you start to get into larger GB sizes, it makes the case for not carrying a laptop around any more-- as long as you have access to a computer on the other end.

    You won't go wrong with the Cruzer.
    ...more info
  • Great drive, with an experience ruined by crap software
    This SanDisk 4 GB Cruzer Titanium is a fine USB drive, and a good value;
    but that value is heavily offset by the inclusion of the junk 'U3' software that comes pre-installed on the drive and cannot be removed by normal means. Every time you install this drive it puts an application on your task bar. If you delete the pre-installed junk by dragging it to the trash, it 'magically' (and annoyingly) re-appears, and runs, when you re-install the thumb drive. Total Crap! You have to download an uninstaller from the U3 website to get this crap off the drive (I assume by reformatting). Who knows what the installer really does? Who knows what's on there that the 'uninstaller' doesn't really remove?

    Seems like a decent enough drive otherwise, but why buy from a company that insults and assaults you with junk software you don't want?
    ...more info
  • How to Use the SanDisk with Mac OS X 10.1.2+
    I don't own the 4 GB. I own the 2 GB which identical except for capacity.

    My review is for Apple OS X 10.1.2+ users who may want one. SanDisk's website and most sellers, say it is only for Windows. I emailed SanDisk's technical staff. You can use it on OS X 10.1.2+, but you can't use the U3 programs. Incidentally, many PC users neither want nor use U3 either.

    You need a PC friend to download the little program from the SanDisk website that deletes U3 on your SanDisk in his USB port. Then, use your Mac's Disk Utility to Erase Free Space, Name and Volume Format in Mac OS Extended (journaled) for full storage capacity. Well worth the effort. The SanDisk is good looking, functional and nearly bulletproof. It's MUCH easier than it sounds. Just go step by step.

    I did this and it works beautifully with my iMac G4 running OS X 10.4.11!

    If you have a new Intel Mac, you don't even need a PC friend....more info
  • Good hardware, moderate software
    Stick looks and works well. U3 software is a bit clumsy and also a pain to eject. If you don't eject properly than it gives an error next time you plug it in.

    I deleted the U3 software and this works great as a standard memory stick....more info
  • Classy
    Bought to replace an aging Verbatim flash drive, couldn't be more pleased. The retractable USB connector solves the problem of keeping track of a cap very elegantly. The U3 software is a definite bonus; I've already loaded it up with Opera & Thunderbird, so now I have my web browser & favorites list as well as the ability to quickly keep up with my e-mail wherever I go. Other software I've grabbed designed for U3 included FTP (FileZilla), Telnet (PuTTY), & Instant Messaging (Xfire) The drive is of course lightning quick for file transfers & random access. The paint job seems about average for flash drives so I expect to see signifigant wear & tear down the road, but because the logo is laser-etched it seems that will at least remain legible. :) [Keep in mind this is on my keychain and is thus constantly brushing up against other pointy metal objects]

    Bottom Line: Highly recommended....more info
  • Handy, no cap to lose!
    I have a number of flash drives, but this is my favorite. Sturdy, looks great and no cap to lose....more info
  • Solid.
    Pros: Excellent value; U3 Smart Drive Technology; the cool blue light.
    Cons: The U3 technology seems to be incompatible with Linux-based operating systems.

    Overall: If you need a solid flash drive and find this one for less than $20 like I did...then buy it. You won't regret it....more info