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SanDisk SDCZ6-4096-A11 4GB Cruzer Micro USB Flash Drive (Black)
List Price: $35.99

Our Price: $9.18

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Product Description

Cruzer Micro is an incredibly small USB Flash Drive that connects to a computer's USB port. You can easily store their key documents, pictures, music and video clips on a Cruzer Micro and transfer them to another computer with a USB port. Cruzer Micro is small, portable, and smart. Small, compact size fits on any keychain. New retractable USB port eliminates the need for caps and protects your port. Cruzer Micro provides the latest in UFD technology, a U3 Smart capable flash drive. Cruzer Micro is a computer in your pocket. Loaded with the following U3 programs - CruzerSync synchronization tool, SignupShield password manager, SKYPE voice over IP software, AVAST virus scan Dimensions - Depth 7.94mm x Width 20.6mm x Length 57.15mm

  • Security one Click Password Protected Access Control
  • Includes the following U3 compatible PC programs: CruzerSync, SKYPE, McAfee antivirus (30 day trial).
  • Enhanced for Windows ReadyBoost
  • No PC installation required to run the applications
  • 4GB Drive Is Ideal for Video

Customer Reviews:

  • Wish I'd known...
    See the translucent part on the top of this flash drive? The white part in the picture? Okay, that part flashes bright orange when plugged into your laptop. By bright I mean "glaring in your eyes bright" and by flashing I mean "like a disco club". So under Features where it says "Amber LED", take that seriously.

    Seriously, SanDisk, what were you thinking?

    I picked this little guy up because he was inexpensive and I needed something to accelerate Vista. Having first taped over the strobing light to keep it from giving me a migraine, and thus rendering the retractable feature non-functional, I eventually gave up and threw this drive away altoghether.

    If you want a little travel flash drive for quick in-and-out memory use I suppose I could recommend this one: it's fast, reliable, small, easy, and light. However, as a ReadyBoost solution, as it's marketed, absolutely not. ...more info
  • Not sure about U3 software that comes with it.
    I bought this drive thinking it's a regular flash drive. I was surprised to see that there is software called U3 on it. I haven't used U3 yet. Other than that it's a solid drive....more info
  • Very good product
    I have been using SanDisk flash drives for at least 5 years and I couldn't be more pleased with them. Three months ago I bought this 4GB one, I use it on a regular basis and it does a great job....more info
  • Erratic
    I had problems with this item since receiving it. The computer sometimes simply does not recognize it, and even worse, on ocassions this happened while working on some files, causing the loss of data and hours of work. I disabled the U3 feature, and that might something to do with the problem....more info
  • Longevity? Look elsewhere.
    I've had my Cruzer since the 2GB was $50 retail (1-2 years ago) and it's almost functionless. I used it pretty heavily, but it's no excuse for such a simple product to become defective. The slide action of the usb drive is too loose after such extensive use so that now it won't "lock" when it gets to its extended position and the resistance of pushing it into a USB port is greater than the worn down piece of plastic holding it into its extended position, meaning inserting it (its ONLY function) is difficult. In a few months time, it could be rendered impossible to use.

    Let alone the software that's packaged on the drive is a huge pain. There are removal tools available on Sandisk's site, but the software itself is gimmicky at best. Sure, it's cool to have a virus scanner and Skype bootable from a flash drive, but I didn't buy a flash drive to boot things from it (although most programs will boot from one); I bought it to store files.

    The push up style of USB drives is flawed. After prolonged use, the drive stops locking in its extended position, making inserting it into USB ports fairly challenging. Capped thumb have their obvious drawbacks, which leaves swivel style like 4GB Swivel Pro Flash Drive USB 2.0 with Neckstrap as one of the few long-lasting options....more info
  • want to downgrade to 1-2 stars
    1 month later, update:
    I would downgrade my the rating shown if I could figure out how to do it. Even without U3, this is still a poky drive. I save and retrieve Excel and Powerpoint files continuously from this drive, and there's a many-second delay. This delay occurs both within the applications (open/save, within xls and ppt) as well as Windows Explorer. Trying to access documents on the drive several times an hour or more often is frustrating.

    I'm on Windows XP, using the Cruzer Micro 4GB.

    I'm de-commissioning this thing, will replace it for now with a spare Cruzer Titanium, and will probably go to a professional grade item (something in class of a Sandisk Ducati), with 10x the read-write speeds. I do not recommend this item for real-time business use.

    First review:
    I uninstalled U3 and I think it's working now.

    Wasted some time til i read the reviews and discovered the obvious notion that i should just un-install U3. I'm on windows Xp. My problems:
    -I could not insert from or save to the drive from Outlook.
    -I could not open excel files in multiple instances of excel from the drive (perhaps this is a general windows issue, I didn't test).
    -It has a red light that sags off and on (fades in and out, not blinks)and gives the impression that something is wrong with it. A steady blue light would be better.
    -I had problems ejecting it reliably. I would eject via U3 and later get the message it hadn't been ejected properly.

    For a simple, inexpensive tool, it resulted in an inordinate amount of headache. Sandisk makes a great thumbdrive (I've used others with satisfaction), but they should skip putting software on them....more info
  • Terrible waste of money
    I dont usually write these reviews negatively but I am this one because Sandisk USB drives are worthless crap unless you bought it for the U3 Launcher software on it. My major complaint with it is it is next to impossible to get the U3 Launcher crap off it so you will never have a clean drive to use as you please. I read someone on here say its easy to take it off. Yeah, well try it on my computer and tell me how easy it is when it keeps insisting that I have more than one U3 drive on the computer and I need to uninstall one. Since this is the only one and I have disabled every other drive or port sans my hard drive I think there is a problem. It shouldnt be so hard to remove something unless the manufacturer simply doesnt want you to remove it. I think its ridiculous Sandisk that you would ruin a good USB flash drive with such crap. I wish you could give zeros on here because I would, now I have to go and buy another drive to achieve what I want, a clean USB drive. If you care, take my advice and buy something else.
    ...more info
  • Great Product!
    I think SanDisk provides the most reliable flash drive around. I had one from another company, and all my backups are gone....more info
  • Fast delivery
    delivery was fast and product was new as specified. Would order from this buyer again!...more info
  • Purchase
    Received as advertised and in a fast response time; will do busines with this seller again! JOhn...more info
  • Good and cheap
    I bought this item more than a month ago, it has no problems so far. and it's very handy, apart from being very cheap compared other items with different brands....more info
  • Causes Problems
    Once plugged in to a USB port the inexpensive Cruzer attempts to download 3 separate software programs onto your hard drive, and this has created problems. There is some sort of operating software that the Cruzer tries to download. My first attempt at using this USB drive was to transfer a file from a home computer to the office computer: home computer antivirus kept fighting it and the office computer refused to allow access. And I find it very annoying that Scandisck company has decided that I will now have Skype open up every time I start my computer and automatically begin the program for me, an example of low class invasive advertising.

    I don't want a flash drive with software: I want a flash drive that is a storage device plain and simple. My wife works at a public library and she says that customers using library computers often have problems with the Scandisk flash drives because of this attempting to download software aspect.

    And there is no cap: There is no protection from getting dirt, debris, or lint into the port.

    I threw this in the trash replacing it with a PNY 4gb USB drive that works just fine....more info
  • time bomb
    Poor endurance.

    Mine died in 1 year.

    I took care of this drive really well. Also I have one other extremely cheap kingston flash drive, which is kicked every single day, and though it looks like a toy and performs really bad, at least, it still works....more info
  • Very Dissatisfied Customer
    I am not in any possition to review this poduct at this moment, as I have not received it yet. I have been requesting information from your customer service representative regarding this order but no one has responded to my emails. Can someone please look into this shipment and give some feedback, as I am presently very dissatisfied with the level of service from youy company. Awaiting a prompt response from you. ...more info
  • Works as expected
    What is there to say? It's a USB thumb drive that holds 4GB of data. It does what exactly what it should do.

    The only reason this didn't get 5 stars is the slider mechanism. While it's great for hiding the plug part of the drive, it must be held in place when inserting it in a computer. Depending on the position of you USB port, this can be awkward.

    I have a bootable version of Windows 7 beta on mine that I used for my eeePC netbook....more info
  • never received
    I never received this product and only received a refund when I asked a week after I was supposed to receive it, where it was....more info
  • required
    The 4gb cruzer is very nice, and perfect for my immediate needs. However, if I need to buy another in the future, I will probably search for one even smaller and without a blinking light on it. But at least the blinking red light lets you know the thing is working. I also immediately upon first use removed the free software loaded onto the stick....more info
  • Good product overall.
    Good flash drive itself. The only thing that bothers me sometimes is that the light never turns off. Other than that, it works very well. ...more info
  • Great cruzer
    I purchased this Cruzer micro for school and it is great. I had purchased a 2 gigabyte flash drive at a local store and the lid broke after I opened it. What I like about this is that it does not have a lid and it has its own little icon on the desktop. I received it no time from the seller....more info
  • Review-Cruzer flash disk
    The Cruzer disk storage is very easy to use and understand. I downloaded pictures and videos onto them with no problems....more info
  • It survived the washing machine
    I have had this device for about six months now, and i basically just use it to take files to and from school. Today it survived its ultimate test in my opinion. This little thing survived the washing machine and not only does it still work but all my information is still saved on it. Based on that fact alone i recommend this device to anyone. ...more info
  • cool
    not much to say. neat concept, sliding inward and not having a cap for the dongle. other than that its pretty straightforward. it stores stuff....more info
  • Great product AND service
    Product arrived less than a week from the day I ordered it. It was still in it's original packaging as advertised and works perfectly. I would definitely do service with this seller again....more info
  • Works fine, a little slow
    Can run a little slow at times if you're trying to run programs off of it. Couldn't get the U2 software to work on it, so I just deleted it....more info
  • Info you can't get rid of!
    I have this product and the first thing it does is try to install software. Even when you tell it "no" it will keep the software on the stick and you have to delete it manually. We noticed when inserting this product into a digital photo frame that it puts horrible unwanted clip art on the frame as part of the slideshow. The clip art is NOT on the frame itself. I deleted all of the frame's stock photos in its memory. After deleting U3 and everything off the Sandisk stick, I STILL get this annoying chinese astrology clip art with words written in chinese popping up in the middle of the photo frame's built-in slideshow. I have NO CLUE where this clip art is coming from, as I deleted EVERYTHING off both the stick and the photo frame. What a crappy product!! If anyone else has this problem I'd like to know. Or if anyone's figured out how to get rid of this, even better!...more info
  • Good drive, but not Ready Boost
    This is a good drive from SanDisk. The U3 is annoying. Just format the drive and remove it. And this disk does not work with Ready Boost for Vista like what the product description says....more info
  • U3 doesn't work as expected.
    From what I read I expected it to be able to start programs automatically from the CD portion using autorun but that's not how it works. When it's plugged in it creates 2 different kinds of drives, a thumb drive and a CD-Rom drive. However, there doesn't seem to be anyway to use the CD autorun function to run a program, instead the U3 feature starts up a menu and you have to pick one from the menu. It lets you add programs to the menu but not just any program, they have to be specially written for U3. I was able to get the special version of Skype to start but other programs that don't have a U3 version won't run so all I could do was copy them to the thumb drive section and start them manually....more info