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Super Collapse 3
List Price: $19.99

Our Price: $12.94

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Product Description

Super Collapse 3 is addicting arcade game fun. The third installment of this highly addictive series holds more action and surprise than ever before. Adventure awaits as you explore 10 fun and unique lands in our all-new Quest mode. Earn coins along the way to purchase strategic items in the Shop, or take a breather and try your luck at one of 10 mini-games in the Casino. Once you start clicking you won't be able to stop!

  • 7 Total Collapse modes
  • 10 unique mini-games
  • 140 Brand new puzzles

Customer Reviews:

  • Could play this for hours...
    This is my 11 year old daughter's first game with her new DS. She loves it! It keeps her interested every time she plays it. I even tried it and had fun. It's easy yet challanging. And very addicting!...more info
  • A great game for the new gamers to start with
    I have to say that at the ripe old age of 45 I'm now getting back into Nintendo. This was a fun game to start with.
    This was a fun, sometimes challenging game to play. I made it through most of the rounds with little frustration. The final game took me over a week to beat. So all together it took me a little over a month to finish the game.
    It's hard to put down once you start, a very addictive game in deed. I'm going to wait until summer to introduce my son to this game. That way it won't interfer with getting his school work done!
    ...more info
  • Just like the online version, but taken a step further...!
    Super Collapse 3, for the most part, is just like the original online time-eater, but a little bit more, and a little bit better. They've taken the original premise a couple steps further by adding a couple of different types of game-play, but they also leave this gem unaltered for 'quick-play mode'. The DS's touch-screen controls are a much more efficient user interface (expect to increase your level-advancement by 50% by NOT using a mouse) even though the playfield is notably smaller than a 'standard' PC monitor. Ignore whatever trepidations you might have & give it a try; the only thing you have to lose is free-time... :D
    --Warning: HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!--...more info
  • Supercollapse
    My daughter is 6 and loves this game. She has played it so much. Great game and makes them think for once. Great seller as well....more info
  • Great Fun!
    I was pleased to receive this product. There were issues with delivery however. My son and I both enjoy playing the game. It is fun and violence free. Very Addictive....more info
  • Simple Entertainment
    If you are thinking of getting Meteos - consider getting this instead. I find it relaxing and easy to do....more info
  • I love this game! But it has flickering problems...
    I love this game. Is is my favorite of all I've played. I got it just before Christmas and became completely addicted to it. I loved playing the quest version, but now I usually do the quick play puzzles. The puzzles are my favorite part. Even my 4 year son loves this game and can play the first few levels.

    Now to the bad part, every time I play this game now the screen flickers after a few minutes. At first I ignored it and played through it but the flickering because so severe that I could not focus or touch the right blocks. It made me kinda nauseous too. I thought it my be my DS itself but all other games are fine. I hope that taking some time off from the game will be all that it needs. I miss my game!...more info
  • Direction booklet no help
    This game came with an English language game card but the instruction booklet was written in French. Can't find an address to contact for an English language booklet. If the instructions on the card were clearer, I might really enjoy this game as I am old and new to gaming. I can't seem to understand what to do so I only do Quick Play. I have reached level 13 and can't figure it out....more info
  • Personal Favorite!
    Love it! This game has not seen the light of day since I put it in the DS when it first got here several weeks ago! In fact, I've had to buy new screen protectors because I was wearing out the old ones!...more info
  • very addictive
    This is as I have played on the computer for many a year. It arrived in quick order. And been enjoying it. ...more info
  • msgamer
    Lots of fun. A portable version of a game that keeps the challenges coming in serveral versions. If you like the traditional puzzle games this is great one!...more info
  • it coudl be better
    it's good for time killing is not going to make you smarter or anything but i will keep you busy for a bit. but you have to make sure you ds is well calibrated because if it's it will seen like the game is at fault but is actually the ds, but since i have two of them it was ok. ...more info