Fisher-Price Digital Arts & Crafts Studio
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Product Description

Packed with fun-filled activities and tools, the Fisher-Price Digital Arts & Crafts Studio turns your home PC into a kid-friendly, creative station. Designed for boys and girls four to nine years old, this play studio is an easy-to-use and safe digital activity program for you child.

A Whole New Level of Fun
Taking arts and crafts to new level, this digital studio provides endless fun and possibilities. With 85 built-in projects, including connect-the-dot games, coloring pages, jumping frogs, flying airplanes, greeting cards, and party hats, Crafts Studio will keep your child entertained in creative play for hours. The program also includes a stylus that can be used as a pencil tool, a crayon, a stamper, and more.

Transforms your home computer into a digital arts & crafts studio for kids.

USB cable connection and one-time CD-ROM installation makes set-up a cinch.
Because kids love making their own decisions, the Digital Arts & Crafts Studio offers 256 colors, 75 scene starters, and 300 stampers, giving your child the tools to design, create, print, and assemble his or her own art projects. You can easily import your own digital pictures as well, allowing your child to create personalized backgrounds, stampers, and coloring pages with them. And when their projects are complete, children can save and print them out to share with friends and to make paper crafts.

Easy to Use
Plugging easily into your USB port, the Digital Arts & Crafts Studio takes the place of a keyboard and mouse, and is ready to use again and again after a quick, one-time CD software installation. The durable and child-safe plastic tablet and stylus allow kids to work and play comfortably on their own, while password-protected controls block access to desktop and hard drive files -- so you don't have to worry about your kids getting into your personal files. You can even limit the number of papers printed per session.

The Fisher-Price Digital Arts & Crafts Studio requires Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, or Vista; a 750 MHz processor; a USB 1.1 port; and 256 MB of RAM. An internet connection for software updates and a color printer are recommended. Additional software with more arts and crafts projects, fun themes, and familiar characters can be purchased separately.

What's in the Box
Digital Arts & Crafts Studio base, CD-ROM software and USB cable.

The Digital Arts & Crafts Studio makes it easy and safe for kids to create arts and crafts with their home PC and printer. Plug into the USB port and turn it on. Parental controls allow the child to work comfortably at the tablet using the stylus and creativity tools. Password protection helps control access and limits the amount of prints per session. Includes 3 CDs. Children can save their art and print it. 19.6"L x 8.5"W x 3.8"H.
  • Digital arts and crafts studio plugs into PC computers for hours of fun
  • 85 built-in activities, 256 colors, 75 scene starters, and 300 stampers for creating art projects
  • Child- and computer-safe; password-protected controls block access to desktop and hard drive files
  • Includes CD-ROM software and USB cable
  • Recommended for ages 4 to 9 years old

Customer Reviews:

  • Nothing but trouble
    This concept is so cute but we've been through two of these already and frankly I'm done. The first one that my daughter received worked for about two weeks. The second one worked for a day. Fisher Price's customer service is non existant. I'm really disappointed in this toy and the customer service. It's hard to explain to a child why you are sending her toy away again. Don't waste your money....more info
  • Good toy for little kids
    Nice toy, but software you have to buy it separate, and there is only four titles....more info
  • Not educational, but very fun
    My son was 3 when we got him this. He loves it and has played on it a lot(everyday for several months). Its easy for him to use. We have bought all extra CDs, but the original software has a lot to offer. He is 4 now and doesn't play with it as much; however, he has not used some of the more advanced applications such as crafts, card making, etc. He mainly did the coloring pages,stamping and some dot to dot with help. So I think now that he is older, he could do more of the applications on it with some help from me since they are more involved (multi-step and uses scissors, etc). I really love this product because it kept him so engaged and has a lot of different activities on it and activities that vary in difficulty. My daughter is 2 and likes to try to use it, although she's too young for it. The parental controls are wonderful, such as setting a limit on printing. I found a few of the disks pretty cheap online, too. I have had no problems with this product and have recommended it to friends....more info
  • Great Idea poor programing....
    My daughter is 4 and we bought this for her for christmas. Our old computer wasn't updated enough to accept the software so it sat for 3 months untill we recently purchased a new HP computer. The software installed fine and not to long. She has been playing it non stop for the last week and i have had to stock up on paper and ink for the printer, but she LOVES IT.. I have, however, had to restart the program mulitple times. usually at least once every time she plays it. It hasn't caused any major problems with my internet connection as others are stating but it is a bit of a hassle to turn it off and turn it back on. [...]. All in all if you like making your kids happy and aren't the type of person to get frustrated over a little hassle then its not bad. Anything for my kids ya know. I am giving a rating of 1 star because the product doesn't work like it should and looking at the other comments im not the only one....more info
  • Fun but very limited toy
    My grandchildren enjoyed playing with this toy but the setup to the computer was awkward and very un-user friendly to go back to computer use. Very limited software available. This toy did not last a year before it broke and had to be replaced. AS IT IS NOW would not recommend this toy to others....more info
  • Horrible product that doesn't work
    Fisher-Price Digital Arts & Crafts Studio

    My daughter received this as a gift from her grandmother for Christmas, and what a disappointment! I'm very computer savvy, but after spending 3 hours trying to get it to work, I finally gave up. The thing locked up all the time, each section (dot to dot, coloring, etc.) had squiggly lines through everything and did not clear up, even after I made sure all the graphics settings matched the product specs. I too had no luck reaching a live person at Fisher Price customer service, and their web page support is nothing more than a copy of the 2-page product manual and a phone number. I can't believe they haven't responded to their customers with at least some mention that they intend to provide a software patch. I will never purchase a Fisher Price product again....more info
  • So far, so good!
    I crossed my fingers when I bought this for my niece and nephew for Christmas after reading all of the mixed reviews. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed, but so far, so good. My niece is 5 and my nephew is 3 and they played with this thing on the computer for 3 hours today. Right now, they still need my help, but that's great with me. They are growing up so fast, I'll take all the one on one time I can get! I think they will be able to use it a little bit more independently after using it a few times though. I tried it before they did, and the pad does take a little getting used to. My niece and nephew are used to touch screens, but the screen usually has the picture, too. I still laugh when they try to select something on the computer and TV by touching the screen because they are the only things that don't have touch screens in the house. Lol. We are all very crafty and hands on here, and we love coloring on paper and making all sorts of projects, but I was looking at a program to introduce my niece to digital art. The program that comes with PCs is not nearly good enough but the Digital Arts and Crafts Studio is exactly what I was looking for. I also bought them a couple of the extra CD's to expand the program when they get bored, though I don't think that will be for awhile (I kind of what to open them and try them myself!) There was one review that said you can't exit a picture without printing it but that is totally not the case. All you have to do is push the exploding erase button to start over. You can also limit the number of prints through a parent protected password. I think she needs to re-read her manual. So, we haven't had any problems with it so far, though out of our 3 computers, only one had all of the requirements. It is a 2 year old computer, though, so I don't think it'd be a problem with any newer models. ...more info
  • the best!
    I bought this for my 6 year old for Christmas and he loves it!! He's played with this more than most of his toys. Also, the software was easy to install and I've had no problems with it....more info
  • Great idea...lots to do...some computer interference though!
    This is a great many arts and crafts projects - all without the mess and risk of paint / pens leaking onto household items!

    This was simply to install, and is relatively simply to use - to be honest instructions could be a bit more clear - for example, there is a password page that pops up on first use which rather conveniently allows parents to set limits on pages printed and use (handy as this thing will quickly wipe out your color ink!!)...but instructions on setting this password and using the pen on the keyboard were not as clear as they could be!!

    There are multiple activities....from simply drawing, coloring in pre designed pictures, creating a book, party crafts such as hats and invitations...the list goes on! You can also download your own images / pictures which kids can use as a background or stamper, which is a cute idea! This is enough to keep kids entertained for a while!

    It is for ages 4-9...a 4 year old can use this...but it is a little tricky; as previous reviewers have stated - one needs to use a lot of hand co-ordination to do some of the activies which younger children may not have mastered to the extent this requires - that said it is a good tool to practice with!

    My only complaint is that this seems to have quite an odd effect on our computer...while in use it disables the computer keyboard and mouse...after use, some side effects remain - certain keys did not function on our keyboard after the first time use and we found the only way to remedy this was to reboot the computer or run a cleaner program which is a tad worrying!

    Other than that - this is a great toy - even adults will have fun with it - and will provide hours of use and play!...more info
  • Disappointing from the very beginning....
    We were very excited to see something like this for my 4 year old to play with. The excitement ended as soon as I tried to install the software. It took about 15 minutes on a 2.8GHz dual processor machine running XP Pro SP2; this has been a very stable machine for the past several years. The software should have taken a couple of seconds to load when you consider the features relative to a full featured drawing program such as Photoshop. After loading, this machine can no longer access the internet. The software freezes every few minutes. The controls may be easy for a young child to learn, but THE CONTROLS ARE NOT USEFUL KEYBOARDING AND MOUSING SKILLS FOR OTHER PROGRAMS that my young one already knows when using websites such as Also, it is unpredictable which settings are sticky (i.e., stay around after adjusting something else). For example, when using the connect-the-dots activity, if you change pen colors, the line drawing style always goes back to the curvy-line style; not very helpful when you are trying to connect-the-dots with straight lines.

    Long story short, the software is buggy, the product teaches your kid very little computing skills that can transfer to another application and you are risking having a major headache in getting your computer to connect to the internet after software installation. ...more info
  • Best Christmas Present of the Year
    Wow, some people are really harsh on this toy. My 4yo and 7yo absolutely LOVE it. It did take them a try or two to get the controls down, but it is not THAT hard! Ease up people!! They have played it constantly since opening it - even mom and dad have liked it!

    Only one issue - I could not get it to run on my MS Vista computer, but it works great on XP. Of course, I can not get anything to run on Vista but that is another story......more info
  • Hesitant because of reviews but I think bugs are fixed
    Okay, so I bought this product back in October before I read any reviews. Then I got online to read the reviews and they were AWFUL. So, I promptly returned the item without ever opening it. Fast forward 2 months I saw the product again with something that caught my eye on the box. Up in the upper right hand corner it said, "Expanded Softward Edition". It was different than the one I saw 2 months ago. So, I was hoping they updated their software to make it smoother running.

    I got it home and installed it on our computer. Installed just fine. I began to play with it and to my surprise, everything works beautifully. No bugs, no shut downs, no freezes. It's a WONDRFUL toy and my 4.5 year old is going to LOVE LOVE LOVE it. He's aleady tried to play with my ArtRage program and my Photoshop program. This has a voice that tells the kids what they're doing and it's very simplet to understand.

    Mine came with 2 games...Dinosaurs and Barbie Fairies plus the original stuff. LOTS of stuff to keep the kiddos occupied for a long time.

    I just had to write a review because if you're anything like me, you look at reviews first before buying a product. This product got BAD reviews but I do think the bugs are fixed now. Plus, it automatically updates when you turn the program off. So, you're always up to date. YEA!

    WELL worth the money. Can't wait for Christmas for my son to open it! ...more info
  • neet!
    Really cool toy. I gave it to my grandaugter for christmas and we had a blast....more info
  • Not bad for the price but could be better
    I got this for my 4 year old daughter and she loves it.

    Here are some things that I noticed and I think have already been covered in other reviews.

    The install was iffy. It locked up my computer (XP home with 1 gig ram and 2.4ghz intel) with the .NET checker. I had to force my computer to restart.

    It took about an hour to install and I am an IT guy! My daughter kept asking me when she could play with it... Over and over and over again.

    The pen tool requires too much force to make the tool active. For an adult it's not an issue, but my daughter has to grip it like a bat than hold it like a pen.

    The undo button only has one undo.

    Drawing a straigt line is impossible

    None of the brushes display the selected color.

    The spray tool and paint brush tools are lame. They don't do much of anything. I would expect a soft spray and neat brush stroke but nope, they are spit and light streaks.

    Anyway, my four year old loves it, but I think they could have gone miles better for their efforts....more info
  • My kids love it and we've had no probs with it
    We gave this to my 6 year old son for his birthday in October. Both he and my 3 year old daughter love it!!! We had absolutely no problems setting it up and they have had no problems using it.

    A previous reviewer had said that the kids could just hit the on/off button and get on your computer and this worried me a little but it isn't true. When you push the on/off button you have to enter the parent password to get it to turn off and go to the computer.

    My only complaint is the amount of ink we are going through. The kids make so many things and they want to print them all. The feature that allows you to limit the number of prints is a great help with this and I have also defaulted our printer to print in draft mode so that it doesn't use quite as much ink.

    Overall this is a great product and I would recommend it to anyone who has a kid that likes arts and crafts....more info
  • My art-inspired daughter LOVES it
    I have never reviewed a product before despite the hundreds of items I have purchased through Amazon over the years. I was looking at this item again as a possible Christmas present for my nieces (9, 7, 4) when they saw my daughter (5) playing with hers and seemed to really like it.

    I'm not sure what the people who had trouble with it were doing wrong, but I have had no problems with this item. My daughter, who loves to draw, create, and just generally "doodle" can't get enough of this. And I really like to use it with her. We've made books, cards, calendars and just all kinds of fun and goofy drawings.

    For those concerned about the kids printing too many of their projects, I would recommend they read the instructions. You have the ability to limit the print-outs per session and other parental controls that should alleviate any concerns of that nature.

    The one "complaint" I would agree with is that it would be nice if you could toggle between the computer desktop and the game, as there are times when you may need to respond to a printer error, obtain images for upload, etc that would be easier if that were possible.

    But in the grand scheme, and compared to the number of items we have used that are truly just junk, this is a fairly sophisticated little art center that I feel lives up to its advertising.

    We are very happy with this product and if you have a young one who needs additional media as an outlet for their creativity, I would recommend this highly....more info
  • Tough to set-up, didn't work for us
    My son received this last year for Christmas. He was very excited to get started. I was able to install the software that came with the toy however we were not able to use any of the fun activities. We'd pull an activity up and the screen would multiply over and over and over. The website was no help as it was under construction. We tried calling customer support for this product and the phone would just ring numerous times without anybody to pick up the phone. We tried over a week. So we thought maybe the toy was defective, sent it back. We got a new one from Amazon very quickly and the same thing happened with our replacement. So I figured it must be something with our computer that we were missing. Of course I had no technical support from FP. I tried several different things including help from 3 other computer tech guys in the family. Nobody could figure this out. Before you buy, make sure FP can give you the tech support you may need to set up. Everything listed on the box for computer compatibility we had so I'm not sure why we could not get this to work....more info
  • Great Product
    My 4 year old daughter always wants to do things on the "puter". She got this for her birthday and it is perfect. She loves to draw and create things, so this is perfect. The stylus is a little frustrating for me because it does not work the same as a mouse, but she picked riht up on it. I am amazed with her hand eye coordination - and it keeps getting better. She quickly picked up on how to change from painting to coloring to stamping. I can't believe how well she was able to master it. She loves typing things to learn her letters. I love it....more info
  • Great product!
    My daughter (4) got this as a birthday gift last year. It was easy for her to understand how to work it. As she gets older she is learning more things and is able to discover new parts of the game. I found it very easy to install, the quality of the product is great and very durable; just remember to go to the support website and get your system updates!...more info
  • Over-priced piece of electronic junk
    Basically the program you need to install is a problem. Due to the 'safe' environment it creates it can conflict with your computers firewall, virus protection software. If you have anti-spyware you will not be able to use this program.
    So I managed to install it on my laptop and my daughter liked it for a while. Then it just stays at your computer desk taking up a lot of space. So it goes away and you have to unravel everything to set it up. To be honest [..], my daughter has more fun on that or use real pencils and crayons. This is [...] of plastic junk in our house, can't wait for a yard sale....more info