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The Hunter
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  • Great McQueen, so-so movie
    Steve McQueen was desperately ill with lung cancer at the time that "The Hunter" was released, but he looks like his old self throughout this rather mediocre action film. McQueen, however, is excellent in his final role, and his performance makes this otherwise so-so film worth seeing....more info
  • Underrated Action Dramatic Film with a Tinge of Melanchoy
    This is an interesting and highly entertaining film of an actual modern day bounty hunter "Pappy" Thorson played by Steve McQueen in one of his best roles. McQueen gives an excellent performance of the aging bounty hunter that has outlived his usefulness and is out of place in the modern concrete world. One poignant scene has McQueen and Ben Johnson exchanging dialogue between two old lawmen. This was Steve McQueen's last film and you can detect a sense of better days long gone by. Yet he went out in the vein as the cool man of action that he was best associated. This was probably Buzz Kulik's finest directorial achievement as well. Kulik never seemed to live up to his potential, but this is his best effort. Kulik was able to get great performances from the actors and develop a camaraderie that can be felt on the screen. The cast also included Eli Wallach, Kathryn Harrold and LeVar Burton. Composer Michel Legrand who scored "The Thomas Crown Affair" was brought in to score this last film for McQueen. This film was a critical failure. I beg to differ. Knowing a little about the type of man Steve McQueen was this film demonstrates his great ability as an actor and a real human being. He knew the end was near and he wanted to go out the same door he came in....more info
  • Entertaining in places
    The pursuit scenes in this PI-genre flick were creative and riveting. The filler between them seemed mundane. The characters were believable, for the most part - tho LeVar Buton seemed to be reading his lines, and why Katheryn Harrold was attracted to McQueen's character escaped me. The ending was a little sappy (boy gets girl and newborn, as people cheer). We're left to wonder if his character would strive for more meaning in life as a new (unmarried)Dad. Im not looking for a sequel... ...more info
  • Fitting movie to end a career
    McQueen is fantastic as Papa Thorson - a bounty hunter devoted to his family, friends and work. This is Steve McQueen's last film before he died, and rates as one of his best in my opinion, along with The Sand Pebbles, Papillon and The Great Escape. The Chicago chase scene is awesome, and McQueen's acting as the unlikely hunter is very believable. They don't make action flicks like this anymore, with the lead as a real person, not just a macho gun toting hero. Recommended....more info
  • Last American Action Hero.......
    Steve McQueen's The Hunter did not receive great criticism, but who cares!!!
    It was McQueen's last film. It was all about him. It was all about him doing what he does best(acting real, tough, and yet vulnerable)
    McQueen is one of the last old school action movie star who possessed such a qualities. Look at those modern action movie stars today, they have no character what so ever, and they are just superficial iron pumping bodybuilders who is not even athletic in actions.
    McQueen was perfectly cast as real life bounty hunter, Ralph, papa, Thorson. It was the perfectly portrayed as what real tough guy used to be like. It is sad for America that they just don't make them like McQueen anymore,
    I can only imagine/dream about how he would be developed as an actor if he didn't pass, and yet making The Hunter would be greatest thing for his last standing......
    This move also features Old cowboys like Ben Johnson, Eli Wallach (co-star of The Magnificent Seven), beautiful Kathryn Harrold, and TV Roots, LeVar Burton. I really don't think McQueen could not ask anyone better than them.
    ...more info
  • Steve's last film
    This was the best movie to bring Steve McQueen's incredible film career to a close. Steve is Ralph "Papa" Thorson, longtime bounty hunter. He'll do whatever it takes to bring the bad guys in. Released in 1980, it wasn't a box-office hit, but it's still a great movie. The best part is the long chase scene, filmed in Chicago. The rest of the cast is good too. LeVar Burton and Kathryn Harrold really stand out as Tommy Price and Dotty, Papa's pregnant girlfriend. The funniest part is seeing Steve's character being such of a lousy driver, when knowing he raced cars in real life. One of my favorite movies....more info
  • Not the best ending for McQueen's career.
    Steve McQueen plays Papa Thorson a man who lives in the past with the motto "New things are no Good." Papa's a bounty hunter who relies on a law from the late1800's that allows anyone to capture those who jump bail (by almost any means necessary).

    Most of the movie shows Papa tracking down and capturing criminals. There are some wacky chase scenes -- one involving a Trans Am and a Harvester in a corn field - but most the action is mundane especially compared to McQueen's other films.

    The movie would have benefited greatly with better effects (explosions, etc), some one liners and stronger characterization. The ending is somewhat sentimental and cheesy. The film is based on a true story - which probably could have used some embellishment. McQueen gives a pretty good performance and it's fun to see Levar Burton in one of his earlier roles. Recommended for hard-core McQueen fans only....more info

  • McQueen's last movie still a good one
    The Hunter is a very exciting movie based on the exploits of real life bounty hunter Ralph "Papa" Thorson. The movie follows his efforts to bring the bad guys in at all costs. One of the best scenes in the movie involves Thorson chasing his man through the streets of Chicago, the subway, and then up one of the towering parking garages that border the Chicago River. Needless to say, the chase ends with a bang. As well, there is a subplot involving a man named Mason, a speed freak bent on getting revenge on Thorson, the man who brought him in. Also, Thorson's girlfriend is pregnant causing him that much more problems. The story is very enjoyable. Even though it deals with a possibly dark subject, bounty hunting, the movie has a comedic edge in several scenes as McQueen repeatedly chases different criminals down. Although this may not be the best movie McQueen made it is still well worth a watch.

    Steve McQueen is at his best in this movie even though it is obvious he is struggling with lung cancer. You can tell he had fun with the role though as a man who refuses to let things go. As well, his character is a horrible driver constantly hitting parked cars, driving up on sidewalks, and even destroying a Trans Am. Considering the fact that McQueen was such a good driver makes this all that much more funny. The film also stars Eli Wallach, Kathryn Harold as his girlfriend Dotty, Lavar Burton as Tommy Prince, a teenager Papa takes in, and a small but enjoyable role for Ben Johnson as Sheriff Strong. The DVD contains the widescreen presentation of the movie as well as a theatrical trailer, both of which look very good. Fans of McQueen will love this movie! For an exciting movie with a good story, exciting action, and a great performance by Steve McQueen check out this movie!...more info

  • Steve Mcqueen,we miss you!!!!!!!!!!
    Early '80's he was up there with Clint Eastwood,Charles Bronson,Burt Reynolds,this is his last film. The story plot I rate '2 stars',but Steve will always be the James Dean that never was,the British news papers said he'll always be a role model and incon for 'cool'. Live on Steve,live on!...more info
  • PU
    Most reviewers blasted this film when it came out and for once the critics were right. It's so terrible it has a kind of fascination to it as you watch this assortment of fine actors trying to bring some life to a script of pure claptrap. Perhaps McQueen's judgment was clouded by the onset of his mortal illness when he ok'd it. He couldn't have been feeling very well and his discomfort is palpable. Allegedly and laughably based on the life of bounty-hunter Ralph Thorson, it's an idiotic mix of domestic whinery and crook-catching that should have been played for straight comedy. Then we'd have had a happier finale from this great actor....more info
  • Limp final offering from the great McQueen
    It must have looked like a winner on paper - the foremost action hero of his age - true life story of bounty hunter, car chases, human story, terrific cast with a real chance for acting... It's not a disaster, but it's a limp effort at either a character piece, a bio, or an action movie even though it has elements of all three.
    The movie covers a period in the life of the real life bounty hunter (supposedly the last...) of `Papa' Thorsen. His exploits catching various guys on the run, is contrasted with his life at home where he not only has a soft spot for lost causes, but has a beautiful wife pregnant with his child. Some semblance of drama to drive the movie along is given by one of McQueen's ex catches getting out of jail and threatening to kill him (yawn). McQueen tries hard to go against type and add various character touches, so we get a man who drives badly and cant park properly (an in-joke on McQueen's legendary driving skills, but taken way too far), he loves old things - vintage wind up toys, pocket watches - but with no reason other than to provide `character'. He does not like the birth classes his wife goes to - but lo and behold turns out to be a trooper in the end... It does not entirely work - instead, we are left with a recognizable (though clearly aging) McQueen with various layers of mannerisms and affections.
    Supporting cast should save the day - Kathryn Harrold as the long suffering girlfriend is one of the best things in the picture. Every now and again there is a grand entrance of a character - Ben Johnson's sheriff for example - but he then 5 minutes later vanishes without fanfare. Only Eli Wallach hovers around for the greater part of the picture, and a youthful Levar Burton, post-Roots, pre-Star Trek The Next Generation has presence, but no reason to be there.
    There are a couple of interesting set pieces - the car chase in the multi storey car park, the shootout on the train - but without a plot or story to hang on, they fall flat.
    Steve McQueen is almost always worth a watch, but here the vehicle for once just isn't enough for the great man. A shame his last film was so lacklustre.
    ...more info