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  • Alien or Mental Patient--you decide
    We had a recommendation to see "K-Pax" from a friend, but the reviews were so mixed. Seems either you love this film or it just leaves you cold. We fell into the "loves it" group and really admired K-Pax.

    First, it has Kevin Spacey, who is a marvelous actor. This is a chance to see him carry a whole film, though one can't discount Jeff Bridges for his admirable job in the supporting role. When the film opens, Spacey shows up in a train station, sans luggage, and no good way of explaining how he got there. Naturally, he is hauled off by the police for being "wrong." His explanation of his origins (he's "Prot", from the planet K-Pax in the constellation Lyra) earn him a one-way ticket to the mental hospital. His doctor, played by Bridges, is fascinated, not because he believes Prot's story, but because he cannot immediately and definitely diagnose his mental illness. As a dillusional patient, Prot doesn't fit the normal profile.

    As the film unfolds, we are toyed with--is Prot the real thing, an alien from outer space (after all, he eats bananas, skin and all) or is he deeply ill? The delicious part of the film is the constant re-adjustment we do to figure out what's going on. The humor, exquisitely played by Spacey's masterful deadpan, is delightful but never takes away from the drama and seriousness of other moments.

    The end of the film could have been played a number of ways (the DVD gives you an alternate ending) but I like the one they chose to finish the film. The production is tight, the script is exquisitely written--not a scene or word out of place and the filming is discrete but masterful. Add in some great performances by the leads and supporting actors and you have one fine little film.

    The sound on the DVD is unremarkable. The extras include a few scenes that were wisely cut from the film --always a treat to see good editing at work. The piano score is pleasant, but it repeats one motif endlessly while you set up the DVD and drove me nuts. Uh....maybe I shouldn't say "nuts."...more info

  • Alternate alternate ending for K-Pax - deleted scenes - Prot is GONE
    I'm pretty sure that when I saw this in theaters, I saw the "deleted scenes" version where Prot DISAPPEARS at the end - FOR GOOD - body and all! There was NO shot of Prot under the bed and there was no "wheelchair ending" in the movie I saw in theaters. If you watch the deleted scenes, note the surveillance VCR scence and the scene where they are searching the basement of the hospital. That's what I saw in theaters! (This ending is NOT to be confused with the "alternate ending" feature on this DVD.) Did anyone else see the version I describe? Why would they do that? Please click on the "comment" button below. ...more info
  • Intelligent film for Intelligent people
    While closely related to the book, there are differences. Spacey's performence although somewhat going over the top and leaving us questioning his sarcastic tone K-Pax still delivers a perfect triangle of Mystery, Acceptance and Love.

    The film is long and requires full attention constantly. Most viewers who rate this film bad usually have a short attention span and no imagination. The ending is a mystery leaving it open for you the viewer to decide.


    If you want to decide the identity of Prot yourself do not read!

    Prot, the curious and mysterious man claiming to be an Alien from a planet called K-Pax in the constilation Lyra is in fact what he says he is. An Extra Terrstrial able to travel across space and occupy the bodies of individuals elseware. Robert Porter the actual man who had been visited by Prot sees and commits an atroicious act that leaves him scarred for life, before jumping into the river he cried out to Prot for guidance. Unable to save Robert in time Prot travels from K-Pax to Earth to implant his conscience into Robert only Robert is no longer there. Having full control of Robert Porter Prot purposely leads himself to being committed to help "one" person as to make up for his trip to Earth in hopes of saving Robert.

    Susequently when Prot leaves Robert Porter is left un responsive as this was the damage sustained by his crazed plunge the fateful night of his families murder.

    -Cade...more info
  • He calls himself Prot.
    This has the essence of the book with the addition of time. The story is not unique and the subplots are not unique. However the execution is superb. Just the right people were picked for each character. The pacing was such that you had time to laugh, cry, and be shocked in the best proportions.

    Basically Prot turns up out of nowhere; yet many things can be explained. Then again many things can not be explained. As the people that deal with him vacillate as to his nature, others accept him and are better off for the experience.

    This leaves you with the question: "Is he a man, alien... or savior?

    Phenomenon DVD ~ John Travolta...more info
  • Excellent movie
    This is a must see for all Kevin Spacey fans. Spacey is outstanding as usual - building on his now impressive body of work in diverse roles. I am glad to see Bridges too shine in this warm movie. He has not been presented with too many decent movie roles recently but proves here that he can act. I have been waiting since the days of "White Squall" and "Arlington Road" to see Bridges in form and am not disapponted here. You will get the gist of the plot from other reviews but do see this movie. You will not be disappointed. Some great life lessons to be learnt in the process! Two thumbs up!...more info
  • Are you a.... K-Paxian ?
    This is one STRANGE, strange little movie...Mmm Hmm... got the vhs over at toys-r-us IN STORE at $4. to $5. new...more info
  • And to think I thought this was going to be a comedy...
    This film was not what I expected, not better or worse, just not what I expected. The film revolves around Prot (Spacey) as he's being treated at a psyciatric facility. You see Prot claims he's from the planet K-PAX and that he's travled here using light rays and is studying our planet for a report he will submit when he gets home on July 27th. The question that follows is is he from K-PAX or is he just crazy? Jeff Bridges plays the doctor trying to get to the bottom of it. The problem is that as crazy as it all seems, Prot really knows what he's talking about. He knows of solar systems just being discovered and planets not yet discovered and he speaks with such confidence that he's almost convincing. Prot also, while staying at the hospital, has helped many of the patients recover from their flaws sort-a-speak. Herein lies the problem. The tagline on the front of the DVD says "it will keep you guessing till the very end" and the problem with that is that after you turn of the movie you're still guessing. Is he from K-PAX, is he from Earth? I still have no clue. There are many clues pointing the fact that he's just crazy, screwed up by a very tramatic event, but there is another very big clue that could suggest otherwise. I had a theory shortly after the end of the movie, but I squashed that. Just, while you watch, remember that he offers to take someone back to K-PAX with him. Now watch the movie and see if you can figure out just what the hell is going on. Maybe I should read the book... Regardless, the acting on all fronts was superb, especially Spacey...It's no wonder he's won TWO oscars. Spacey is one of the only actors who can command a role like he does, and I don't know, there's just something about this man but whenever he cries in a film I'm brought to tears. The standout scene in this film is the first time he goes under hypnosis...he commands two charactors and without skipping abeat goes in and out of each of them, without crossing his performance over into the other. It's amazing. All and all, this was a decent film and I would recomend it. I just wish that the ending were alittle more determinable. I'd like to know whether or not I was right in my assumption. Was he from K-PAX? I quess you'll have to judge for yourself...and then again, maybe that was the point entirely......more info
  • OK Movie
    Nice movie, nice acting, specially Kevin Spacey, in a very spacey performance. VERY similar to a mid 80s Argentine
    film, called Man Facing Southeast....more info
  • Christian Metaphor?
    'Prot', the 'alien' is essentially a mystic who answers questions economically and somewhat mysteriously. Other reviewers of this film consistently fail to address 'Prot's' 'otherwordly' powers. (They mention them but they don't attempt to account for them.) His mathemetical solution, provided to a group of world renowed astronomers and physicists (brought in to test him) detailing the precise cosmological coordinates of his planet (K-Pax) both astonishes, and baffles them because the equations are correct.
    If the coordinates were the only example of 'Prot's' powers one could compare him to Michael Rennie in 'The Day The Earth Stood Still'; agree that he was a space visitor and leave it at that but the real mystery in this film is his apparent ability to 'Cure' his fellow mental patients. All of them are showing inexplicable signs of vast improvement which is apparently due to their association with 'Prot'. The reason for their improvement can only be described as miraculous. Why do they improve? They improve because they are the only one's who believe in him. Remember the story in the New Testament about the Apostle who walks on water towards Christ's outstretched hand only to begin to suddenly sink as he becomes freightened. How many others stories in the same book recount Christ curing people and performing other miracles because of their simple faith?
    This explanation sheds light on the dazzling cosmological display 'Prot' puts on for the scientists. Is it not likely that 'Prot' knows the universe inside-out because he, in fact, created it!
    This analysis may not be everyone's cup of tea but I believe this movie has profound religious undertones....more info
  • Great story line
    Kevin Spacey is so believeable and loveable. I can watch this movie over and over....more info
  • Added Knowledge of the Discoveries to yet to Come

    This movie showed me the mistake of assuming that what you see and hear, is all there is. How wonderful it would be if we had more doctors and therapists with the dedication and compassion of Dr. Powell (Michael Douglas). Stories like this show how vast and intricate the brain is and ...there is even more.

    ...more info
  • Thanks for all the Produce
    Kevin Spacey isn't an alien who crossed any borders, but he did cross several million time zones on his way to New York. The psychiatrist assigned to him is perplexed--first in disbelief, then not knowing what to believe. It's a sci-fi cross between "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" and "Don Juan de Marco." I like to think of K-Pax's subtitle as "Goodbye and Thanks For All The Produce."...more info
  • K-KRAP
    On the one hand, you've got the nuthouse dramas where the mental patient provides deep truths to inmates and staff alike (Don Juan DeMarco; Cuckoo's Nest). On the other hand, you've got the Taoist alien dispensing generic new-age advice (Starman). Trying to mix the two was a BIG mistake. This movie was way too long, way too slow, too self-involved and overall just dull. Kevin Spacey has done some fantastic work (Seven; American Beauty; Usual Suspects) but this is isn't it. Also, someone said the ending was ambiguous. Not true. Prot is Robert Porter....more info
  • Great Movie and Pretty Close to the Book!
    Kevin Spacey is pure genius. Jeff Bridges is rather impressive himself. Having seen this movie before I read the book, I could easily see these people in the roles in the book. I thought the adaptation of the script was rather respectful to the book. Though not perfect, and missing a main character, the movie really did get the book's mystery across rather successfully. The thing I liked about the movie, is the fact that it isn't as one sided as the book. The book is written in first person from the perspective of the Jeff Daniels character, the psychologist named "Dr. Mark Powell". A film obviously is much more difficult to work in this fashion. The movie is warmer than the book too, which is a plus.

    Anyway, enough about the book. The movie revolves around a psychologist who gets a new patient who calls himself "prot" (rhymes with goat). "prot," is either an alien from the planet K-PAX or he is a convincing delusional. With "prot's" scheduled departure date, Bridges character "Dr. Powell," is in a race against time to find out "prot's" real identity, if he has an identity at all. "prot" influences many of those who are institutionalized at the Manhattan Psychiatric Institute, as well as much of the staff, as he promises that he will take one of them home with him to K-PAX. That's all I can say without giving anything away. I have no interest in spoiling such a wonderful story.

    The movie moves very well. I love the character interaction. The cast is pure gold. Kevin Spacey is remarkable as usual. There isn't really anything bad about this movie at all. And any nitpicking that I would point out, however trivial, would be a spoiler. I will just have to ask you to trust my judgment that this movie is fun, brilliant, and rather captivating. Rent it once, and you'll buy it. I don't think you will be disappointed.

    epc...more info

  • "Early Stages of Evolution - Future Uncertain"
    PROT's above description of our Earth seems to ring quite true, as do many of the off-beat utterances of this curiously serene being.

    While the movie entertains, while it warms the heart repeatedly, K-PAX also does not fail to awaken a little sensibility in us to question the chaotic, almost frantic, oft-times silly ways of our times.

    The Christ and Buddha PROT speaks of were men, yet were not 'of this earth' in any psychological sense, any more than was Kevin Spacey's role character. That's what makes people's interactions with PROT so interesting... the 'sane' people of the world cannot process the experience of meeting a being who is guilelessly free of all ordinary human conditioning. So they react to this Unknown taking refuge in small, ingrained habits they feel safe acting within. They need to feel they 'know what to do' even when reality shows them a real stumper, regardless of efficacy and the impact on others.

    In contrast to these frantic-looking 'sane' normal people out in the world, the troubled 'sick' people at the hospital where PROT stays appear (with PROT's presence) to be nearer to the possibility of seeing themselves and reality. Perhaps this is precisely because they are unable to take 'normality' for granted. I think this perhaps conveniently idealizes mental illness for story's sake, and yet there may be a little something to it because yes, saints have been called 'crazy.' Yet a saint is something more than a man in how he truly lives.

    There is a rock in the snowball here, a serious theme hidden in a seriously entertaining film even youths can watch. Enjoy it!...more info