Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium
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Product Description

Soothe and captivate baby with classical lullabies, ocean sounds and realistic swimming motion, right in the comfort of the crib. A little crab friend plays peek-a-boo behind the coral, while gentle blue lights fade on and off overhead. Three settings include up to 18 minutes of music and serene aquatic sounds. Parents can activate the aquarium with the remote control so baby isn't disturbed. Measures 9.5"H x 4.25"W x 9.75"L. Requires 3 "C" batteries, included.

  • The Ocean Wonder Aquarium is a crib attaching infant soother that captivates baby with the mesmerizing effects of water. Lovely classical music plays one of 5 songs (or one of 3 sound effects) all the while bubbles rise upwards to the "surface".?
  • Mama Fish has a realistic?motion as she appears to be swimming through the water, followed closely behind by her baby. Their little crab friend plays peek-a-boo behind the coral as the seaweed sways gently in the waves.
  • Up to 18 minutes of continuous musical play.? 4 classical styled songs, 2 sound effects.? 3 modes of use:1 = Sounds, Lights and Water/Swimming Motion.? 2 = Sounds & Lights.? 3 = Sounds only

Customer Reviews:

  • Wish it could stay on longer!!
    The product is very soothing for my 7 weeks old baby girl, but it only lasts about 20-25 minutes on. So every time it goes off my baby starts crying so I have to get out of bed to restart it again. The remote only works during 1 hour so I still have to get up to turn on the aquarium. Wish it could stay on all night!! Other than that, it really works on helping your baby to fall asleep!! ...more info
  • Soothing for all
    My 9 mo old daughter received for Christmas. This is a great crib toy. Very soothing, offering different songs, lengthy play time, numerous modes of play and volume levels. The motion, music and sounds are very soothing, even to myself. The lights and motion are too stimulating for my daughter at night, however, she has to have it completely dark to go to sleep, so we use the music only mode at night. This is made well as the motor is quiet, unlike some motion toys. Would highly recommend this to all. Only downfall is that the battery does not last very long, especially if motion lights and music setting is used. ...more info
  • Was hoping for a miracle.
    When I read the other reviews for this product I had visions of my 8 month old falling fast asleep to it's soothing qualities. In reality, however, he still doesn't sleep and in fact screams louder than ever. It's a great musical item with lots of options, except a dimmer on the light. It's so bright I have to turn it off when I lay him down so he doesn't get blinded by the lighting. I also don't like the fact that the on/off switch is right there for his little hand to hit, causing it to turn on and off at random times. I guess I was hoping for a miracle only to get slapped with reality....more info
  • mesmerising toy
    this is one of the best baby products i've got - i have to travel with it which is it's only downfall as it's quite large! i am still finding new music and sound effects (lapping waves, bubbling brook)so i never get bored of it! Oh and baby LOVES it too - it sends her into a trance. Battteries last if you don't always put it on bubbling mode. light can go on or off with the music. i'm fussy and want value for money always - when my 7 month old grows out of it, my husband and i are having it! So it definitely is value for money. it's so pretty and not tacky like lots of kids toys!...more info
  • Tired parents rejoice
    My child was not a good sleeper and she was mesmerized by this, she would stare at the fish and bubbles and it definitely helped her fall asleep. I liked how it had a variety of songs that were relaxing and since we can hear it through the baby moniter probably helped me to fall to sleep too ;) The only problem we had was that the batteries would get used up quickly if you had it in the mode with the fish and bubbles moving. Wish the straps to hook it to the crib were a bit longer since our sleigh crib had thick wood.
    ...more info
  • Best thing I've ever bought for the kiddo!
    This is an awesome product! My 4 month old son refused to go to sleep by himself until we put the aquarium in his crib. He'll just watch the fish and bubbles and drift off to sleep now. I love all of the different music choices...the ocean sounds work best for my baby. The remote is great for turning it off and not disturbing him, or turning it back on when he wakes up. Overall, a FANTASTIC product....more info
  • Great Toy!!!!
    I am mother of a 4 month old and have been using this for two months this toy is great it sooths him when he is fussy and entertains him in his crib to allow me to complete tasks close by. Love the options - volume levels, options with music lights and motion. Worth every penny to get on average another 30 minutes of sleep on weekends. Our tv remote also controls unit. Goes through batteries fast other wise would of given it 5 stars...more info
  • Son's Favorite Night time toy
    I bought this product when my son was 3 months old to try and get him to sleep alone. While he didn't take to it at first within a few months he enjoyed it a lot. Then he figured how to turn it on/off himself (first using his feet and then his hands) and now its a bonified hit. It is also very durable because my son, now 9 months, frequently kicks it very hard, hits the button, lifts it and drops it with his feet, and uses it to pull up and change the music himself. So, for the low price I paid (I paid half of what it is listed here now)it stands up to a very strong 9 month old and keeps working.
    I would highly recommend this product. Oh, and don't be silly like my husband and I and read the directions because we had no idea there were many more songs until my son changed it himself. LOL...more info
  • Good product!
    I got the Ocean Wonders Aquarium along with the Rainforest Aquarium for my twin grandsons in Fl. I heard that they love it!...more info
  • Even helps Me relax to fall asleep!
    My daughter and I both love this! It's true that the batteries don't last very long, but there's a lot going on. It plays for a really long time. There are many songs and relaxing sounds to choose from. I only wish the bottom was flat so I could put it on MY nightstand to help ME sleep. It's so relaxing, especially when you set it to the ocean sounds. It illuminates the room in a very comfortable blue too. My daughter is pretty rough with it and it's holding up really well....more info
  • Simple and soothing - exactly what a crib toy should be!
    I have two different crib soothers that I rotate between the cribs of my now 10-mo-old twins (to them, they're getting a new crib toy every month or so!). They love this one, and so do I. The design is simple compared to a lot of the elaborate crib toys out there, and I love that the music at the softest level is appropriately soft.

    The only trouble with this one is the big, huge button on the front that allows baby to start or stop the music. Both of my boys toss and turn a lot, and several times they've turned it on in their sleep. Not a problem if I have it turned off, or set on music only, but if the light comes on it wakes them up.

    This same button, however, proves to me how durable the toy is. Both of my boys have learned to position themselves so that they can "peddle" the button with both of their feet... and they kick HARD. It's held up great so far!...more info
  • Water evaporates as it ages. Be sure to get a fresh one.
    We had the older version of the Oceans Wonder Aquarium for my grandson who is now 2 1/2 and still loves it. Ordered newer version for my granddaugher. Only problem with this toy is water evaporates over time.
    When Amazon shipped the "new" one for granddaugher, the water level had evaporated half way down the screen. I called Fisher Price to inquire whether it was normal or damaged. Fisher Price said that it had probably been sitting around for several years....not a freshly manufactured one. She said they get most complaints from those ordered from Amazon. FP said this model first came on the market in 2007 but was manufactured before that. FP is replacing with a fresh one. Just have to send back the straps on the old one.
    I would buy this acquarium again, but not online...I would want to see it in person to make sure the water level was full. Disappointed by Amazon but Fisher Price is great at making it right.

    ...more info
  • A Must Have
    We had the previous version for our older son (and he still loves it at almost two years old!) and we bought the new version when our new little son arrived. I love the fish, the new songs. We liked the volume control on the old one, it was a dial this one has three volume settings. This one has a remote which I thought would be a great feature but ours has never worked. Both of my boys love music and love to watch the lights. I do agree with others that the batteries are a pain to change but it is for safety reasons. I love this item and would buy it for any other children we MAY have. ...more info
  • Long-time soother buyer says this is the best one yet!
    This is the 3rd version of the ocean wonders aquarium we've bought over the years, and this is the best one yet. From the visuals to the (especially) the excellent volume control and remote control, our new 3 month old already loves this. Would highly recommend for encouraging any baby's attiontion and comfort in their crib. (We also liked the birdie one from '04, if they are even still selling that one). Great buy!...more info
  • great toy
    We got this as a gift for our 13 month old adopted son. I thought he would be too old for it and almost returned it. Boy, am I glad I didn't! He absolutely loves it. It calms him down when he is put to bed and isn't quite ready for sleep. The only drawback is that the batteries wear out so seems that everytime he happens to wake up in the middle of the night, he reaches up and turns it back on. I need to buy stock in Energizer the way we are going through batteries!!...more info
  • My son loves it!
    He loves it so much that the batteries arent lasting long enough in there..

    my only issue is the remote requires line of site, so if something is blocking the sensor, u cant turn it on remotely.

    It's a very calming toy too, sometimes we put my 11month old down and he starts to fuss, one push of the button and he's mesmerized... not having to hear him wail is totally worth the price of this thing.

    I hope he doesnt tire of it - its been 2-3 months and he still loves it....more info
  • fun aquarium for babies
    My baby loves watching the aquarium. She often babbles to the swimming fish and coos with joy. It keeps her occupied for long stretches of time and hopefully will help her love the ocean!...more info
  • Battery acid leaks from toy
    This crib toy was great until the battery acid began to leak and trickled the rails of the crib and of course my daughter got it on her hands and mouth. Fortunately she didn't get any burns on her skin or mouth but this stuff has lead in it and all sorts terrible things. I was VERY upset. We have had the toy for a little over a year. I'm just surprised I haven't seen any recalls....more info
  • Best toy ever!
    This is the first toy my daughter really enjoyed, beginning at about 3 weeks. She is now three and a half months and it is still her favorite toy. When she was younger she would watch the tank and smile and coo at the fish; now she screams and "dances" to it. She has begun to kick the aquarium in delight and it shows every indication of holding up to this abuse. I can't wait for her to figure out that she can turn it on and off herself. It is perfect for buying a few minutes' worth to get ready in the morning without guilt because she loves it so much....more info
  • Our son loves it!
    Our son (3 1/2 Months Old) wakes up and talks in the morning. Once we turn on this soother, he'll talk and play for a good 10+ minutes. It's fun for him and gives us time to wake up, too!...more info
  • Baby loves it
    This is a great "toy" The baby loves it. It does use a lot of batteries though....more info
  • Whoa.. It's a fish and bubbles...
    I bought this item for my not quite one month old for Easter. I use it mostly at night after putting her back to bed after her overnite feedings. It works well in getting her attention until she drifts back to dreamland. I like the remote because I can sneak back to her room and turn it off without waking her since she is a light sleeper. ...more info
  • Somewhat entertaining
    This soother is okay, but probably not worth the price tag. The first one that we received made a pretty obnoxious squeaking noise when activated. The squeak was so loud, that when my son would activate the aquarium in the middle of the night, the noise would wake up my husband and I via our baby monitor. The second one does not squeak, but there is an audible "motor" noise, though it is not such a nuisance.

    I wish that Fisher Price would make a soother that will attach to more crib types. The straps on the back of this one seem intended to only fit around rather thin crib rails.

    Finally, I don't like that the remote can only be used within one hour of the aquarium being turned on. It seems to defeat the purpose of being able to REMOTELY turn on the device unless you've done so already with the button on the aquarium itself. For instance, if your baby initially goes to sleep without the use of the soother, then wakes up later, you would have to enter the room to turn on the aquarium. Only after this could you use the remote. Just food for thought....more info
  • not magic
    This product is not the magic answer to your babies sleep problems. While my baby (5 mo) does like to look at it while it is on I think it is actually too stimulating for him to fall asleep to unless he is dead tired. I like to turn it on for him while I am preparing to nurse and put him down. A couple of times in the middle of the night when he woke up he turned it on and was fully awakened. I always try to turn it completely off to prevent this. It is also quite bulky inside the crib and many times my baby has bumped his head on it. ...more info
  • New found Joy
    My little one was recently in the hospital and they brought over a few items to keep him entertained while he was there and this was one of the items. I fell in love with it as much as my little one did. Being in the hospital it was hard to get him to sleep even with me staying in the room with him. After they brought this was not hard to get him to sleep. I just turned it on and he was so involved in the lights and music that after awhile he just fell asleep. As soon as he was checked out of the hospital, I went looking for this item. I couldn't find this exact one so that is why I came on Amazon because I knew they would have it....more info
  • Calming Seas
    I bought this for my newborn grandson and he loves it. My other grandson had one as well and he loved it too. It is very calming. It even has a remote which my son thinks is the greatest. I don't think my son would admit this but I think he naps to it too!!...more info
  • Sounds stupid, but worth it
    I have to say, it's ridiculous considering the price. But, you can't think like this.

    1) It's very calming for your child to fall asleep to - my 2 month old loves it.

    2) The remote makes it easy to shut off without disturbing a sleeping baby.

    3) Calming distraction after you give your child a bath.

    4) It's not just for babies. My 17 month old nephew turns it on himself to go sleep, and turns it on again when he wakes up. Side bar - one of his grandmothers is a speech therapist and loves buying this for gifts.

    Anyway, it's great if you can get behind the $40 + for what seems to be a waste. It's not, and I'll gladly recommend it because it will last you at least 2 years.

    ...more info
  • Baby really enjoys this crib attachment
    My son really enjoys this crib attachment. When I put him down in the crib to handle some chores, the lights/movement/music will keep his attention. When I've placed him at an angle in the crib, he'll move himself until he can see the aquarium better. And when I've put him on his tummy braced with a small pillow under his chest to prop him up, he'll try to move closer to the aquarium. The straps that attach the item ot the crib are of good length so I'm able to use it on the side of my convertible crib. I'm so pleased about that since the Ocean Wonders light projection mobile doesn't fit on my crib. I like the soothing tunes and the sound of the bubbles. I'm glad that he likes this too and that it helps him to be content to be in his crib....more info
  • A parents best friend
    One of my 6 month old twins wound up in the hospital for a few days and the pediatric dept brought this aquarium to put on his crib. It immediately helped to put him to sleep. We have since purchased two so each has one and we couldn't be more pleased. The provide nice light during the night when they wake up, without putting on a big light. It helps them go back to sleep,and they even turn it on by themselves. This is one of the top items we have bought for our twins so far....more info
  • Good crib toy
    This is a beautiful aquarium. The parts inside (the fish and weeds) do start to get a little loud after a few days of use. Once my son learned how to turn it on and off the battery dies even faster. This thing eats batteries like I eat dinner! In my opinion the on/off button is too sensitive. When my son tries to steady himself to stand and view the aquarium he accidently touches the button and off it goes. He use to cry so I would turn it back on, then he would accidently turn it off again...over and over, now he only cries sometimes depending on his mood. The on/off button should be in a different location so that it isn't so easy for the baby to accidently turn it off. Sometimes he remembers how to turn it back on and sometimes he just walks away after staring at the thing a couple minutes not understanding what happened. My son is 11mos old and he's had this toy for 4months now. I've replaced the batteries 4 times already and it would have been more if I were replacing them everytime they died. It takes 4C batteries! It wouldn't be so bad if it just took just 1C battery, but 4C batteries every couple of weeks is CRAZY! The cost adds up real quick! Other than that it is a beautiful toy, the music is calming, the lights aren't too bright, the fish and crab are cute and the bubbles are enough to watch without being too many. It is a nice toy apart from the 2 issues of on/off button and eating batteries crazy fast....more info