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Panasonic BL-C131A Network Camera Wireless 802.11
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Product Description

What happens when you're not around? Life is precious and valuable. View the things you value when away from home or when you're at another room in your home. View your property, your pets, even your children. You can even listen in! You can add extra eyes (through your computer) by adding the Panasonic BL-C131A Wireless Network Camera. It works with 802.11g wireless technology and it lets you monitor its "view" (what its lens sees) from virtually anywhere. Just log on a specially designated Internet site using a PC and instantly access camera images. You can even control the BL-C131a using your web browser to move the camera's pointing direction and modify its digital zoom to bring objects of interest into close view. Place this plug-and-play camera in your home, office, vacation home, or almost anywhere else you'd like to keep an eye on things, with no PC required at the location. Check your property, check your children, check your babysitter - from any location using your PC or an Internet equipped cell-phone or PDA. And the camera can be easily hidden from view. 1 Lux Color Night View Mode Simple plug&play mode Built-in Microphone - listen as well as view Privacy Mode- Privacy mode can be controlled remotely using your administrator password Camera can be set to automatically record video at certain times and certain speeds With optional, external sensors attached to the camera, it's possible for the camera to email5 or record when triggered by motion, sound, light, timer, or even a push button Compression Format JPEG (3 levels), MPEG4 Picture Sizes - 640 x 480, 320 x 240 (default), 192 x 144 Frame Rate (speed) - Max. 30 FPS (640 x 480, 320 x 240, 192 x 144) Integrated F2.8 fixed-focus lens - set for 20 to infinity Panasonic 1 Year Warranty Connecting the camera to the Internet requires Internet access and may require that you obtain additional hardware such as a cable or DSL modem,

  • Place anywhere you'd like to keep an eye on things, with no PC required at the location
  • View and control from a standard web browser, video display, or compatible cell phone or PDA
  • Point the camera where you want with eight shooting position presets
  • Built-in heat sensor allows record and/or notify by email when someone enters the room
  • Connect wirelessly with standard 802.11b/g devices, SSID filtering and 40/64/128-bit WEP encryption

Customer Reviews:

  • Review of model
    We need to check well, what model is good for your work, since BL-C130 is similar to BL-131A. Finally I choose BL-C130, and I am very hapy for the easy way has amazon to interchange or return items that you really want and need....more info
  • Persistence and Patience are Key
    Now that the installation is done, it works great. Clean pictures, nice panning and tilt range, everything works like its suppose to. HOWEVER: this is the most non-intuitive software I've ever installed. Getting it to communicate wirelessly and accessing it through a remote computer was absolute torture. After 2 days, I finally gave up and whisked off a sarcastic email to Panasonic's support site. And I have to say, they were great. They actually called me and walked me through all the steps to get it all set up. The technician was friendly and knew exactly what to do, and it probably took less than 10 minutes. Now I'm as happy as the proverbial clam. I can think of only 2 small complaints: one, it doesn't see well in the dark even when there's a full moon, and two, my internet connection is a little less stable but it only takes a minute to reset it. ...more info
  • Some supported needed, but works as advertised
    Needed some help from Panasonic tech support to get the wireless mode working. Picture quality only average, but overall a good product....more info
  • Great tech support
    I bought this item on impulse because amazon had it on a great gold box deal. Setup was pretty easy, but I did hit a snag. As other reviews have mentioned they have excellent customer support. No offense to foreigners, but it was nice to talk to someone with an accent I can understand, and who does not sound like they are reading from a script. They got me running within minutes (needed to open a port on my router) and I have to say the camera works great. It's nice to be able to check on the house and the dog when we are away.

    The camera works okay on my blackberry but it is only a picture. My wife's iphone will actually be able to see the video and do all of the pan/tilt controls.

    ...more info
  • Excellent camera
    Having read some of the previous reviews I was expecting a difficult setup process involving multiple calls to Panasonic customer service but I was delighted to find out that it worked straight out of the box onto my wireless network. I think the reason why it was so easy for me is that my Dlink router supports uPnP which automatically configures many of the required settings including port forwarding.

    Video works perfectly on both my PC and MAC and i'd thoroughly recommend this Network Camera....more info
  • As advertised
    I couldn't get it to work on the internet, but will try again... Because I could tell for sure the problem was me, and not the product. I can see no reason not to recommend this camera. It seems to be exactly as advertised....more info
  • Normally great camera but watch who you buy from.
    I've had 3 of these and they all work great. Unfortunately the last one came in with a defective CCD sensor. Since the lead-time on Amazon's supply for this camera is 1-2 months (as of August 2008), I went with an alternate Amazon Marketplace vendor. When their supplied camera came in defective they refused an exchange and simply specified that I send it back to Panasonic who's now taken a week with no response on returning it. Because this vendor's stated policy (Hint: A small 6-legged insect that lives in "hills" was that they don't take these things back, Amazon's A-Z guarantee doesn't cover it.

    Bottom line, if you buy this camera, you'll want to buy it from someone who will exchange it if you receive it defective. Otherwise, you'll have a brand new camera that has to go back to the manufacturer and be replaced with a refurb....more info
  • Excellent Turn-Key Network Cam
    This is an excellent product with a very intuitive software interface for manageing the camera. I found it to be very simple to set up with my wireless router. The whole process from opening the package to viewing the camera image on the internet took less than an hour. If you have never logged into and configured your router you are probably going to struggle more setting it up, however the instructions are very easy to follow so take your time and read each step carefully and you won't have any problem. I found it easier to view the camera over the internet directly to the camera's IP address rather than using the web address they provide for you. I can access the camera homepage on my Blackberry but the links for viewing or configuring aren't able to be activated, so I'm still trying to figure that part out.

    Be aware this camera requires power, so you need to plan for that wherever you are going to install it.

    This product exceeded my expectations and I recommend it for anyone for consumer use....more info
  • Doesn't work if there is a firewall on the computer
    Overall, this camera is a good buy. We had tried a Linksys camera before and everything everyone says about Linksys is true. Bad idea. This panasonic camera was easy to set up, about 2 hours with a call to technical support. Techinical support is excellent by the way. The only downside to this camera is a little bit of false advertising: it says you can access it from anywhere in the world. There are many computers I have not been able to access it from due to some type of firewall. It seems like it only works on personal computers, not public computers like at the public library or at work....more info
  • Wireless network Camera
    Great device. Easy to set-up and use. I would definitely recommend it to others....more info
  • Outstanding Product, Poor Documentation, Uneven Support
    This is a remarkable device and well worth the money. It has a wide range of scan and tilt, good picture quality, especially within 100 feet of its objects, and outstanding sound pick-up. The documentation, as commented elsewhere, doesn't adequately cover port forwarding (necesssary if you want to view your picture from over the internet), so you will undoubtedly end up in long sessions with their telephone tech support people (who are not uniformly knowledgeable, so you'll probably end up calling back a few times till you get one who really understands the subject). In the end, however, it's worth the effort. The result is superb....more info
  • BL-C131A
    The camera meets the expectations drawn from the published literature. The documentation, however, is less than satisfactory. I am particularly displeased with the detail relating to the use over the internet. My camera ceased operation over the internet a week after I left home. Nothing in the literature explains the fault or offers a method of correction. Kudos for Amazon's posting of the Panasonic installation video....more info
  • Wow
    I'm very pleased with this camera. I did a lot of research for the best camera to serve as a baby monitor and decided to go with this one per reviews. The quality is the best in the price range, the setup was an absolute breeze, and the features are many. Not quite good enough to see the baby breathing or anything, but good for other viewing. I may still need to get an audio monitor that can be carried around the house. Even the more complex aspects of setup are well documented and easy to understand. I'm able to get streaming video on XP, OSX, and an iphone without any issues. I was even able to give extended family access (via the cool, free web server) in a matter of minutes....more info
  • Good functions; stops working quickly
    There are many excellent functions with this camera. I bought 2 of them and one stopped working after about a year and the second about 6 months later. They would randomly loose connection with the wireless router and go to a blinking red light. In the troubleshooting manual, it says a blinking red light can only be fixed by the authorized servicer. It is not worth the money for it to work only for about a year....more info
  • Great if you have reliable internet
    Works great at location with good internet access, did not work at home with subpar Hughes Net internet service....more info
  • Awesome WebCam
    I own 6 webcams from two different manufacturers (Toshiba, D-Link). This Panasonic blows them all away. Setup was a breeze, Image quality is great (although it doesn't do as well as my Toshiba in low light) and the performance of it's "streaming" video mode is 2-3x better (frame rate) than my other cams. I thought the motion-detect/store would be a "throw-away" feature, but it's turned out to be very effective. I'm planning on gradually replacing my other cams with more of the Panasonics! Very highly recommended!...more info
  • Nice Webcam for Mac
    Nice product, but the documentation could be a little better for a Mac. Once I found that the default IP address was I was able to get into the unit and configure all the options I wanted. So you can basically toss the diskette they send since is PC only. In general the documentation is useless but who reads that stuff mostly anyway. Got it configured to do wireless communications with my Apple Airport nicely. Haven't set up a DDNS yet, but that will be next. The triggers are a little odd, not sure I understand them but I'm sure I'll figure them out. The main thing is it works with Safari over the Internet. I'm a happy camper....more info
  • Reliability King
    Have a couple of these and one of them has been on for more than 6 month without the need of reboot or what so ever. The second one has been on for a month and appears to behave the same. The down side is that it is more difficult and expensive to get it now than 6 months ago....more info
  • Best Affordable Surveillance Camera System
    I have two of these at home and I love them. The picture is not the greatest, but it is good enough. You can still read a car's license plate or recognize a person's face from the images. What I like about them is how easy they are to monitor and control remotely, how they email images when they detect motion, and how affordable they are. The cameras are very reliable. I have had one for almost a year and it has never stopped working or lost connection or anything like that.

    I have them both inside, facing the outside through a glass window, one facing the front yard and the other one facing the back yard. I use a mini "spider" tripot to hang them on the window. I have the sound turned off on both. I have the motion detection turn on. They send me emails with images when they detect motion. I have an email account created exclusively for this. They do not have night vision, but that is not a problem for me since I also have motion lights in the front and back of the house. The images and video are recorded on the memory inside the camera, and it can be overwritten when the camera runs out of memory space, but I have the images emailed to me so I still get those images that get overwritten in the camera.

    Each camera comes with a web based software that allows you to monitor and control the camera. Panasonic offers a free service that allows me to monitor multiple cameras at the same time remotely, using Internet Explorer. The first thing I do when I get to work is log on to this service so that I can monitor my home front and back from work. Each camera is password protected. So nobody can access your cameras even if they know the URL, unless they also know the user id and password.

    You can download firmware updates from the Panasonic website.

    The only problem I see with this camera is that the software uses Activex Controls. So the software works only with Internet Explorer and I don't think it will work with other web browsers such as FireFox. This is not a problem for me since I don't mind using IE, but I can see where this might bother other people. Other than this, I highly recommend this camera....more info
  • Doesn't work
    You shouldn't have to call tech support at all, in this day and age. Stuff should work as advertised automatically. So. After 2 hours on the phone with Panasonic tech support, the guy couldn't even make it work on my home network.

    The Panasonic tech support website is beyond useless. The FAQ section is written in bloken Engrish and doesn't address the issue. I tried to download a troubleshooting guide and it said the document I requested is not available electronically. To purchase a copy, please call 1-800....

    So despite all that, I finally got it working wirelessly inside my home LAN. Registered with and everything. And it worked great from my house. It even worked on my iPhone over wifi. But it didn't work at all from my dad's house, my father-in-law's house, my brother-in-law's work or Coffee Plantation wifi. So I waited a day and now it doesn't work from my house either. There's a massive lag between a command and the camera response that ranges from several seconds to several minutes.

    ...more info
  • Great camera but a bit expensive
    I have a network with several computers and a couple of servers. Setting up the camera is a bit more complex than connecting straight to a dsl or cable modem. There is the modem, the router/firewall, wireless router and then computers, servers and the camera. Configuration for the camera is actually done at the router even though communication is through the wireless. I have had it for a month now, it works great and I can view it through the Internet.

    I have my camera pointing out a window to the front of our house. The image isn't bad close in. You can definitely tell what is in view. But things get fuzzy with distance. At 30 feet or more you will have a tough time telling who it is. But up to a couple hundred feet you can still tell if it is human. Beyond that it is pretty much useless except for a house or car - you won't be able to make identification for anything smaller.

    I was hoping to be able to see what weather was coming but the sky is always white. Overall the image tends to be a bit bright even with adjustments. On a day of slight drizzle you couldn't tell at all. When it snowed you could tell something was happening. You can see the snow on the ground in front of the house.

    At night our porch is well lit and that is all you can see, about 30 feet of it. So if someone was messing around beyond that there won't be much evidence. It does pick up headlights as cars drive by - I didn't realize just how busy our street was!

    The camera can store video or images, images can be transfered (ftp) to a computer. There are five trigger options. However, you can only get ten seconds of video which is not much. So I have all five set to take images (about 3 per second) at different times of the day and ftp them to a computer.

    Motion detection works very well, maybe too well - I get 10 to 20 thousand images a day. I need to play around with the sensitivity. Sensor detection however did not work well for me at all. Maybe because it is near the window and it gets confused.

    I recently left town for a week with my netbook. I found a wireless connection and could check my house via the camera - it was awesome! The sound quality is also incredible. I called the house and could hear the phone, located in a different room, as if it were right next to the camera (otherwise there wasn't much going on - thank God!).

    Panasonic has great support. The fact that they even have someone you can call free is a miracle these days. And the support person and I could understand each other!

    This is a great little camera. it works as advertised and they have great support. However, I think they are a bit over priced. I got a great deal through a Gold Box offer. I want to get a couple more but I can't justify paying almost $300 for one. But then again all cameras of this type seem over priced to me. I believe price is part of the factor so for that I give it 3 stars.

    ...more info
  • An almost perfect wireless web cam
    I got the Panasonic BL-C131A to be able to set up a streaming video feed from home that would allow me to watch and show the progress on a construction project. The wired network setup was a breeze. I was able to control the camera over the web in 5 minutes or less. The wireless setup was a different story. I tried about everything I could think of (in addition to what was in the documentation). After a few hours, I did get it working, but I am still not sure what made it happen. Perhaps the camera was snooping on my internet connection and saw I was searching Amazon to figure out how to return it. It was about at that time that the status light turned green and the wireless connection was operational.

    Now that it is configured, the camera works quite well on a 802.11b/g network, connected through a Linksys wireless router and Comcast high-speed internet connection. If you log in as a privileged user of the camera, you get full-motion video. A guest user has to settle for a lower rate, but for both the picture quality is high. You can allow the guest user to have as much or as little control over the camera as you want, including pan/tilt, white balance, position presets, access to the audio, etc.

    If you have a vacation home, a nanny, a pet, or something else you want to watch while you're away, this is a compact wireless unit to do it with. Now, if it only had audio output or a output relay that could control something, you could have real fun with the people you were watching....more info