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Halo 2
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Product Description

The entertainment phenomenon that conquered the digital universe is once again out to save the planet as the award-winning, best-selling Halo 2 is coming to the Windows Vista platform. Optimized for the advanced gaming features in Windows Vista, Halo 2 promises to revolutionize the first-person shooter experience for Windows gamers, as it did for consoles. With its classic story, enhanced visual presentation, multiplayer excitement and all-new Map Editor, Halo 2 for Windows Vista offers more game customization and new content than ever before.

Windows Vista gamers will be able to experience the epic story of Halo 2 as Master Chief delves further into the mystery of the Covenant in the aftermath of Halo's destruction. What he discovers will soon threaten the fate not only of Earth, but of the Universe itself.


  • Epic Narrative: The saga continues with Halo 2, the international award-winning sequel to the highly successful and critically acclaimed Halo: Combat Evolved. In this sequel, the battle comes to Earth, and Master Chief, a genetically enhanced super soldier, is the only thing standing between the relentless alien Covenant and the destruction of all humankind.
  • Exciting Single-Player Gameplay: Experience first hand the epic struggle between Master Chief and the Covenant armada. Brandish dual-wield weapons Covenant arms and pilot human and non-human vehicles and aircraft to battle intelligent AI alien enemies.
  • Unmatched Online Gaming: Halo 2 for Windows Vista will tap into the power of Live Anywhere, a service similar to Xbox Live, to deliver online matchmaking for PC gamers. The service will enable Windows Vista gamers all over the globe to connect via their PCs and play on an innovative and competitive online forum.
  • New Multiplayer Map Editor: The game will also feature the all-new new Map Editor, guaranteeing additional new, fan-generated content in the future. The Halo 2 community can now tap their endless creative potential to develop an unlimited number of user-created multiplayer levels.
  • Complete Community Freedom: Halo 2 for Windows Vista offers gamers the freedom to host their own dedicated servers for maximum multiplayer action.
  • Superior Presentation and Cinematic Excellence: Bring the vast, imaginative world of Halo 2 to life on the Windows Vista platform through higher-resolution textures and improved lighting effects. Experience the unmatched cinematic quality of Halo 2 through the power of Windows Vista.
  • Unprecedented Pedigree: The Halo franchise is one of the best selling and monumental entertainment experiences in history with more than 14.5 million units sold worldwide, more than 18 Game-of-the-Year awards, 750 million hours and 500 million matches logged over Xbox Live. Halo 2 was also one of the most successful entertainment launches of all time - including books, films, graphic novels, games and music. Halo 2 for Windows Vista brings this incredible experience to Windows Vista gamers everywhere.

Customer Reviews:

  • Blah 50 bucks?
    Errr. Seriously this game should've came free with a purchase of Vista....more info
  • Halo 2
    This is a good first person shooter game. It has different ways to complete each level. I enjoyed playing this game for many hours. Great graphics....more info
  • Vista only, but no DX10!
    Against better judgment, I bought Halo 2 for Vista and a few days later I am still disappointment, despite the fact that screen shots already gave it away that this is not DX10. In fact, even for DX9 it's a relatively poor effort. Environments look bland and textures are very low resolution. As much as this may be the "best" for a massive online multiplayer, but it's disappointing nevertheless.

    Enemy AI is plain dumb and you often have to literally run into them to get noticed. Overall it's very scripted: Pick the "right" path and it feels responsive; take an alternative route and you're virtually invisible. The story is relatively lame, though I didn't expect much, but my memory of Halo may be fading since I am starting to believe Halo 2 is even less interesting. To extend the pain, cut scenes are numerous and often long enough to make you wonder if you're already watching the final. Multiplayer gets all the hype, but I am old-fashioned and prefer to have at least the illusion of a purpose. The user interface is terrible (straight conversion from XBox?), and not very comfortable to use (nor intutive) with mouse and keyboard.

    The hype around the Halo merchandise will carry this title enough to make sales figures decent, but I sure wish I could have my money back. Halo may be great for multiplayers that crave instant and intense action without the burden of actual plot, but the singleplayer experience is hardly average and --considering the requirements-- certainly underwhelming.

    So here I am with Vista, Opteron 185 cpu and HD2900XT graphics card, but feel cheated since I don't care about the "Live" service and was hoping to get something out of my "investment". I mean, I have the stage set for DX10, and here is a game that requires Vista and it doesn't even use it.

    I would totally be okay with giving Halo 2 only one star, but in recognition of the multiplayer component (that some people seem to love), I gave it two stars. Generous, I know. ;-)
    ...more info
  • A huge let down
    My wife originally ordered two copies of Halo 2 from Amazon for me and my son for fathers day. However, while at Walmart I decided to get a copy of the game instead of that power washer I've been wanting. :) I got home and we (my son and I) started to install the game. First there is not option for custom install. You can only play the game while installing. I don't really care for this as I like to install my games to one folder, not all over my hard drive. So okay, we waited a little, while it was doing it's thing. I tried signing up for live using my account and had a hard time getting it to log me in... or even finding the place to log into live. The buttons on screen for navigating the menus are the A,B,X,Y buttons you'll find on the XBox controller. Not very good if you ask me. I like PC games and steer away from consoles. This game definately has a console feel to it. So we move on.... Videos are good, graphics are pretty good... game play.. well it feels like a console. The aiming system has too much compensation built in. Here's the short story, I was let down as this game feels like a console game and the menus are hard to navigate. Bungie and M$ didn't do much in the way of making this a fun game for the PC. Rather just made the console game play on the PC. I will be returning my two copies already in shipping to Amazon for a refund and I'll stick to playing the original Halo....more info
  • Vista only!
    If you dont have Windows Vista do not buy! it is vista only, i got screwed...
    ...more info
  • Fun Game
    -New Live interface
    -Works great with Xbox 360 Controller
    -And most importantly its fun

    -Vista Only
    ...more info
  • Halo 2 Vista - Concept great, execution lousy
    I love the game, I just wish I could play more with it. As of June 1st week, the implementation of laptop Nvidia graphics drivers, Halo 2 issues, and Vista problems have combined to form an unplayable game. Unless and until there are some fixes from any and all involved parties this game is a waste of time. In the 20 min utes or so before crashing or slowing down, the game looks gorgeous. The textures, for the most part, have been updated to match the best that computer monitors have to offer, and the ability to zoom in and actually see details clearly is wonderful. Here is to hoping a 50$ investment does not go in vain.

    Oh the Live service is useless in its current incarnation. First of all the service is iffy at best, constantly losing connection, and complaining about the difference between local and Live save versions, as well as offering for money capabilities PC games have had for years for free. I intend to save my money and play on dedicated server games only....more info
  • It was good on the Xbox, but its too late to stand on its own on the PC.
    Halo 2 was good in its day. The graphics were good back then, and multiplayer was great. The story was ok, except for the clifhanger ending. Sadly it appeared this title would not be ported to the PC. Finally 3 years later it comes out on the PC. Great for people who didn't have an Xbox or prefer PC controls, right? Wrong! Three years is too long. Aside from the obvious outdated graphics (who could expect a 3 year old game to hold up against modern blockbusters?), Microsoft not only made it require Vista FOR NO REASON but they also force you to use Games for Windows Live.

    There is no reason this game needs Vista, since its not even a Directx10 game. In fact DX9 games run better on XP, its been proven over and over. Microsoft wanted to use this game to try to boost Vista sales, thats it. Until a stable patch is released (doesn't look like its going to happen, probably due to lack of interest) you won't be able to play it on XP.

    Now about the games for Windows Live. Initially that was the biggest rip-off in PC gaming history. PC multiplayer has always been free (not including MMOs) and now they wanted you to pay to use it. Aside from being a rip-off, this made multiplayer a ghost town. Now they wisened up and made it free, but people have already given up on it.

    Now if you can get past those two huge issues, the game isn't even a good port. Its buggy, requires online activation, and is generally a poor port overall. If you want to play Halo 2 get it in the Xbox. It works on the 360 too, so there is no reason to waste your money on a poor port....more info
  • Halo 2 (Computer)
    Overal this is a very interesting and fun game. Buying this game for the computer however there are two things that is needed. The first is a xbox controller and the next is windows vista. The xbox controller is the most likely controller that will work properly with Halo 2....more info
  • Fantastic! Fun!
    I've had Halo for the PC for awhile and it's been a blast. I recently purchased a laptop with a seperate video board along with Vista so I decided to purchase Halo 2. All I can say is "Wow". This game is so fun to play. The voice acting is great, the music is beautiful and the video shorts between levels is fun to watch. The graphics are a big step up from Halo 1. My computer does have trouble on a few parts and slows down but you can change the default video settings. Too bad Vista was a bust when it first came out as I think this is why this game gets a bad rating from some folks. But now Vista is stable and the game works well. Microsoft was trying to promote Vista and Live at the time this game came out so they encourage you to go online and play, but I ignore this and play solo. I doubt they will make Halo 3 for the PC as this game did not sell well. Too bad as I'm sure it would be fun to play. Game play has improved over the first one and the levels where you play "the enemy" or "The Arbiter" was a fun feature and clever design by the Halo folks.
    There is a lot more positive things I could write about this game but let me sum it up here. This is my favorite PC game so far and it gets a lot of repeat play due it's "fun" factor. I may have to purchase an XBox 360 just to play Halo 3....more info
  • a lot of fun!!!
    such a great game since the beginning until the end!!, a worthy game to be a great gift for the kids and young adults!! and I ask when Microsoft would create the Halo 3 for Windows PC????...more info
  • Halo 2 Vista
    I am very happy with Halo2 Vista. Graphics are hardcore for PC and the mods on the internet have really boosted my experience with these kind of games. I would recommend to anyone who likes the Halo games....more info
  • Game demands too much!
    VISTA! OK that's not so bad but a WEI of 5? Thats just horrible. In order to have a WEI of 5 is crazy. Without that score, the game just doesn't want to play smoothly. Make sure you have a good graphics card and CPU to play this game. The games graphics aren't even that good. Why it demands so much makes me wonder......more info
  • HALO 2 for Vista...A Real Review by Someone Who Has Actually Played the Vista Version!
    By my title, you may wonder what I mean by that? Well I'll tell you. I've been reading other people's reviews on Amazon about this game and I have no idea what they're talking about! It makes me wonder if they know what they're talking about? The game they describe is different from the one I played! (Makes me wonder if some of these reviewers have only played the Xbox version & decided to write a review under the PC version) For one, the graphics are way better than the first one, of course you'd expect that. Then someone complained that the AI sucked?! I can hardly take a few steps without a bunch of enemies jumping out of no where and killing me! Sometimes I gotta play certain parts at least 10 times before I can finally beat it and proceed!

    I've been waiting for Halo 2 to come out for PC for a long time. I'm not a console gamer, I'm a PC gamer. The last console I've ever owned was the Super Nintendo!
    *(A little side note here. I don't really get the point of buying the gaming consoles. They do put some pretty sweet games out on them, but what with having to upgrade to the next gen. console every few years and the consoles get more & more like computers all the time, it's cheaper and easier to just upgrade your PC. Besides, the PC has the best graphics anyway! I know they say that the Playstation 3 & Xbox 360 has better graphics than any computer system currently out, but better tech keeps coming out all the time and will soon surpass them both!)*
    Anyway, I only played Halo 2 once, breifly, at a friends house on his Xbox when it first came out. I've been waiting for the PC version ever since. Finally I noticed online that they just got it in-stock at Best Buy on Friday (6/1) so I bought a copy immediately and went and picked it up. After just playing the single-player campaign thus far, here's what really stands out in Pros & Cons or one or the other.

    -Pros: Finally, you get to use the other hand for something other than gripping your weapon! You get more firepower to take down your enemies quicker. If one of the weapons runs out of ammo or overheats, you got another to continue firing to kill the bad guy and prevent yourself from getting killed!
    -Cons: Only certain weapons you can dual-weild, that's bad! While in dual-weilding, you can't throw a grenade! If you need to, you have to drop one of the weapons (switching to single weapon) then chunk your grenade. You should be able to at least holster it, not have to drop it.

    -Pros: Much better than the first and comperable to other games out there now. Improved clarity, textures, effects, etc. Characters and enviroments are more detailed. The sounds are also cleaner than the first Halo. System Req.'s aren't that bad, pretty lax actually compared to other game's requirements out there. Anybody that's a computer gamer, but still hasn't upgraded their computer for at least a year should be able to play this game with no problem.
    -Cons: Being that you have to have Vista to play it, and Vista is known for introducing DirectX 10, I was hoping this would use it, but it doesn't. Since I don't have a DirectX 10 graphics card yet anyway, no big loss. There are games with better graphics than this one that are at least a year old.

    -Pros: Many more weapons and vehicles to choose from! The physics of the game are also more real with the enviroment being effected by actions, like vehicles taking damage and blowing up, etc.
    -Cons: The controls stink! It takes some practice to get use to their keyboard and mouse configuration. What's that you ask? Can't I customize it? Sure, they have a section for that! Unfortunately, it's next to impossible to change the key's actions without some warning popping up saying you can't do that! Since numerous keys are assigned to do multiple actions, (Ex.: Right-Mouse click is for throwing grenade, fire right hand weapon, and vehicle brakes/acceleration) you can't change what the key does without first deleteing that key from every other action it's assigned to! I could slap the person that programmed that part! No peripheral vision, especially with dual-weild in use! With the weapons taking up half the screen, you can't see where the enemies are firing from until after they kill you! Controls are also not sensitive enough. (Mouse)

    -Pros: None, except you don't need to have the DVD in the drive to play!
    -Cons: Microsoft keeps getting more and more paranoid which makes using their software more of a pain in the @$!. The game acts like Vista in that you have to have a Product Key (expected) AND you have to Activate it online! Now that's rediculous! I recently upgraded some hardware in my system, which resulted in me having to rebuild Vista. When I went to activate it, it came back saying that my Product key has already been used! Well, DUH! Don't they figure that people will have to rebuild Vista like in my situation or if their hard drive crashes and need to activate it again online?! I had to end up calling them up and speaking to a customer tech. to activate it again! Will it be the same way for Halo 2 if you have to uninstall/reinstall it for whatever reason? Rediculous!

    Overall, it's a fun game, but has its problems. Is it worth $49.99? Not really. If your patient, I'd wait till it goes down to $39.99 or can find it somewhere that cheap. If you just can't wait, (like me) go ahead and get it! Game on!
    ...more info
  • Confusing
    So this is what PC games are comming to.I warned 2 years ago that PC gaming was becoming obsolete but even I did not dream it would get this bad.Besides the secROM you have to join live and social club to just play offline.To play this game I have to remove the disk and reinsert it because there is no game icon.Then I have to press 7 buttons to start where I left off.There are no on screen Indicators to give hints which way to go.You can easily get lost in this game because every thing looks pretty much the same.You go through a door fight a bunch of creatures then you go through the next door and basicly fight the same creatures on pretty much the same set.The old Halo was a much better game than this one.But that goes for all the new game remakes.There has not been a good GTA game sence VICE CITY,Half-Life 2 was not as good as Half-life,Farcry was great but Farcry 2 is a disgrace.The highly praised Modern warfare was a big disapointment to me.AGAIN I SAY PC GAMES ARE GOING TO BECOME OBSOLETE.The big game manufacturers are promoting there CONSOLES.Thy are even trying to perfect a mouse and keybord to use on there consoles for us DIE HARD PC GAMERS.I will probably get flack over this review just like I have in the past.But by now everyone should see which direction PC gaming is headed.DOWN and OUT!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Halo 2 is a Great Sequel
    I liked the original but Halo 2 is really good. The ability to play both species was excellent. Weapons and vehicles are great. Levels are challenging, aliens are fun to engage. Graphics are superb if you have a high end vid card with lots of PC RAM. No crashes or glitches. Excellent game for the price....more info
  • Terrible performance, horrible install experience, worst game experience ever
    Well, I'd just gotten a Vista machine finally - been looking forward to being able to play this on it in my office (instead of the xbox). The experience has been horrible. Instead of making a great port, Microsoft used this to try and sell Vista and jam their ill thought out Windows Live service (where they want more of your money) down your throat - and you feel it throughout.

    Put the DVD in and installed the game, I don't care about Live, I just want to play local, but the damn thing forces me to link with Live to play at all and create an account. Then it forces me to download two patches on Live for Live (two different reboots - yeah reboots for a frickin game that's already installed - and the patches aren't for the game per se, they're for the live service) for god knows what, again from Live that I want no part of, but I have to login to just to get to play local.

    What happens when MS decides to deep six Windows Live gaming - will my Halo game just not play anymore (since it won't connect to Live to login for local play)? Remember MS Play for Sure?

    Finally after an hour of connecting to Live, which I'm not interested in, but I have to be logged into just to play local I can start the game - extremely pissed off at this point. Now, I've got a Core 2 (3Ghz), 2GB and an ATI 3870 512MB - I should be able to do whatever I want with this old game...but the performance is terrible, stuttering frame rates at 1280x1024 - you'd think I was running Far Cry, not a game with a code base from 5 years ago on a P4 (it should be flying unless they recoded it this way). Really a horrible experience. Just as with Vista, MS has forgotten who their customer is, jamming things down their customers throats to suit their own ends (have to have Vista and have to be in Live). Do yourself a favor and get a used version (~$15 or so) - it is not worth spending full price, at all.

    Its too bad they could have made a great port if they had their priorities straight (i.e. remembered who their customer was)....more info