SVAT WSE103 Wireless Color Mini Pinhole Covert Camera System
List Price: $119.99

Our Price: $74.99

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Product Description

The WSE103 is a miniature pinhole camera system that can be hidden for undercover indoor use. It comes with everything you need to start monitoring. This camera is tiny, but just as powerful as most full size cameras with an incredible 360 TV lines of resolution! Due to its pinhole lens it can be hidden anywhere. It is also a 2.4GHz transmitter, allowing you to wirelessly send video to your TV, VCR, DVR or computer for viewing and recording purposes. This camera can be connected to the included AC adapter, or for ultimate portability, plug it into a 9-volt battery and place the camera virtually anywhere!

Because of its small size, this system has many applications, and is ideal for parents who are nervous about leaving their children alone with a babysitter, or anyone who has security concerns in their home or business.


  • Easy plug and play installation
  • Highly discreet for endless applications
  • Camera can be AC or battery operated
  • System supports up to 3 separate cameras
  • Use auto mode to cycle between cameras
  • Easily connects to your TV, computer, VCR or DVR for recording (computers require RCA input)
  • Easy plug and play installation
  • Highly discreet for endless applications
  • System supports up to 3 separate cameras
  • Use auto mode to cycle between cameras
  • Connects VCR or DVR for recording (computers require RCA input)
Customer Reviews:
  • Heavy white stripes
    I got this one for my porch two days ago. As a first try I set up everything in my living room, with the camera on the fireplace mantel and the receiver box on my TV stand and connected to the TV. The setup was extremely easy, but right away I got intense white stripes rolling continuously across the screen. The camera was 7 ft away from the receiver box with nothing in between, and all 3 channels had the same problem. Eventually I figured out that the receiver box needed to be closer than 1 ft from the camera for the stripes to go away! This is insane! My guess is that it was caused by inteference from wireless networks around my apartment, even though I myself don't have wireless, and turning my cell phone off did not make any difference. I'm returning it today and getting a 1.2 GHz one instead. ...more info
  • Picture Quality is Good for the price
    Based on the reviews I read about this product I purchased it. It arrived much quicker then I had thought.

    I must admit I can't rave about the picture quality. It needs a lot of light to render any kind of color, and even then the picture is kind of muddy with low contrast. It is a good camera for the price, but don't expect to get TV quality images out of it. Cordless phones and your Wireless network will interfere with the picture making it jump and have black or blue bands of distortion. But it does have very good distance to it. I was able to place the Camera on a fence post about 50 yards from the receiver and still was able to get a picture. They also show this camera next to a penny in some of the ads. The lens is about the diameter of a penny, but the cube case is about the size of a quarter, still a very small camera. The other thing not mentioned in the ad was that the receiver and the camera each can be set to one of three different channels. This will allow you to have up to three cameras on the one receiver. You can manually switch between each camera or have the receiver scan through them.

    Overall I am happy with the camera, and will have lots of fun trying to use it around the house.
    ...more info
  • Amazing little tech for the price!
    It does exactly what it says which is pretty good for the price. No, it is not superb, sharp detailed video and the low light reception is not great, but it does not claim otherwise. For the price, an excellent bargain and can be used exactly as advertised. I have the video output hooked up to a mini video recorder with a 1GB SD card. I can view the playback on the PVR 3" screen or put the SD card in my computer and view the results. The entire surveillance package with this set up can fit in a small old cigar box. I bought it to find out what is knocking over my garbage cans while at work!...more info
  • good quality for a cheap price
    Item does just what review says. I do recomend it to other people if you want to catch a thief....more info
  • Unused
    Tried it once, worked O.K., but have not utilized it yet until I gather the rest of the electronics that I need....more info
  • Great Bargain
    Camera has great picture quality for wireless unit in this price range. Easy to use, easy to set up and for the price it's actually a steal. Also the vendor shipped quickly....more info
  • Excellent little camera but drains battery quickly
    Great little camera for the money. Wireless is a plus, I purchased two, one to monitor my mother who is recovering from surgery, and one to see who's at the door. Works great for both.

    Pros: Small
    Hooks up to TV(I have PIP capability and this camera is perfect for use with that.
    Decent range although I've heard you can build a patch antenna that will improve range and clarity.
    Cons: Camera drains 9 volt battery rather quickly, best used hooked up to ac battery eliminator....more info
  • Nice and practical PC camera
    Prompt attention and rapid delivery. The camera works perfectly for what they describe and has unexpected quality for so low price. I enjoyed using it, since it was out of its box. I will buy again from this seller....more info
  • Great deal !
    This camera is a great deal and they have a good quality. they are small and can be placed any where. They have already payed for them selfs by catching a theif that was breaking in to a neighbors house. Good deal for the money. ...more info
  • Great for the price
    Shipped on time, pretty clear picture for something wireless(Same as wired). Sometimes you get a lot of interference while you walk in the path of the signal, but I can't complain for the price and ease of installation. No Interference with other wireless products. Night vision and the ability to turn off microphone would have been a plus for versility. You need to play with the tuning and receiver location a little, but I would definitely purchase again. Signal goes through several layers of walls and probably 50-75 feet just fine. Thanks!...more info