SVAT WSE201 Wireless Outdoor Color Nightvision Security Camera System
List Price: $151.99

Our Price: $84.99

You Save: $67.00 (44%)


Product Description

Want to see and hear everything outside your home or business at all times without the presence of wires? Then the WSE201 system is for you. The small but powerful bullethole camera is wireless and features automatic night vision (CDS sensor). As soon as it gets dark the infrared LEDs will activate and provide you with a clear view of everything, even in complete darkness! Plus, this camera has a built-in microphone, so you won't miss a thing.The camera sends video wirelessly to the receiver, which can be connected to a TV, VCR, or DVR for viewing and recording purposes. Two additional cameras can be connected to this system, and you can set the receiver to cycle through each one. This system is ideal for monitoring your children playing outside, or for preventing theft and vandalism outside your home or business. The camera is constructed with aluminum casing for ultra durability.

  • Easy plug and play installation
  • 8 infrared LEDs lets you see in the dark
  • Built-in microphone for audio
  • Durable aluminum casing (camera)
  • System supports up to 3 separate cameras

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Product for the Day Time, with a good price
    I needed something easy to install and wireless so I purchased the WSE201 and connected it to my 4 channel dvr in minutes. The product works fairly well during the day time for the price you pay for. The night vision works well only when the subject is close to the camera.

    Also keep in mind if you want to connect multiple cameras to a DVR and want to record simultaneously you will need to have a receiver per camera. And if you don't want to spend that money you can have the receiver scan the cameras one at a time, making recording possible, but not simultaneously. ...more info
  • Color Nightvision Security Camera
    SVAT WSE201 Wireless Outdoor Color Nightvision Security Camera System Wonderful system, look forward to adding 2 additional cameras. Originally purchased so my father could watch the hummingbirds. Clarity is wonderful. Recommend using power source as using a 9 volt battery only lasts for about an hour. Definitely worth the money....more info
  • Great System - True to the description.
    I needed an easy to use plug and play security camera system to monitor the outside of my home. I had it up and running minutes after I opened the box. The only thing to damper my excitement was that it did not come with the 9Volt battery needed to utlilize the wireless capability of the camrea. Check the SVAT website for a copy of the user instructions to see how easy it really is to use this system.

    The overall image quality is excellent when there is good light, but at night or in low light it is hard to make out details. But for a beginner level system that is super easy to set up and use, this can't be beat. ...more info
  • Cheap = Low Quality
    These cameras work but are very low quality. The picture is fuzzy but you are able to see for the most part during the daytime. The nightvision does not work well at all, and none of the problems I have had are due to interference since I have my nanny cam receiver in the same location and get a chrystal clear picture with it. ...more info
  • Economical choice
    Not a bad performer, thus far, for the cost. Granted. resolution and color levels are fair, but adequate. This isn't casino eye in the sky clarity, but it provides a solution for what I needed. Low light visibilty is again fair. The device is easy to set up and install. I had it up and running out of the box. Would be nice to have an S-video connection, but for the price, one can't have everything....more info
  • Affordable security
    I have a solid steel front door, so couldn't see who was at the door. This camera delivers a good image both day and night, and doesn't break the bank. You can also attach additional cameras to cover other areas of the yard. I highly recommend for basic security needs....more info
  • It's a good option
    The camera works ok perhaps it's true about the interference so if requiere high definition you must keep looking, otherwise it's a good option this gadget....more info
  • Good, But could be better
    This camera works fairly well. I wish it had a little better image. You can see cars real clear, but not the licence plate. I guess you get what you pay for if you try to go cheaper. The camera seems to be really durable and is nice and small. And it is extremly easy to hook up. It does't seem to interfere with our cordless phone, I was worried that it would. The longest distance that I could get it to work was probably about 100 feet. The Night vision isn't something to get all excited about. It does pick up reflective objects really well though. It's a good camera and all, but I wish I spent a little more money to be able to read the licence plate on a car. ...more info
  • nice
    works as specified, will drain a 9v battery in a matter of hours though, but thats expected because the camera consumes a lot of power; also the camera becomes quite hot after continuous operation, but does not seem to pose a problem....more info