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OGIO All Terrain Pack
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Product Description

Roomy enough to manage clothes, multimedia devices, and even shoes in their own side pocket, this duffle perfectly sized to fit under airline seats or in overhead bins.

  • Large U-shaped opening
  • Ventilated side shoe compartment
  • Front storage pocket with mesh dividers
  • Fleece lined audio pocket with headphone exit port
  • Plastic molded interlocking handle

Customer Reviews:

  • Classic Gym Bag
    I bought this bag as a gift for my husband who is a gym rat! He really likes the overall design. I like how well it is constructed. The company stands behind the product too! Great buy. ...more info
  • Great duffle bag
    I checked out a variety of gym/duffel bags and found this to be a larger size bag, good quality and not too expensive. ...more info
  • Perfect Gym Bag
    This bag totally exceeded my expectations. Has just the right amount of pockets in different sizes to organize my shoes, clothes, ipod, lifting gloves, wallet etc. Makes it so much easier to find what I need quickly. Took a suggestion from a previous poster to use Eagle Creek Pack it Folder (15) to carry my work clothes. The folder fits perfectly in the bag, keeps my clothes wrinkle free and eliminates the need to carry clothes on a hanger. I also use a pack it half cube to organize socks, belt and other smaller items. The hard plastic handle is cool the way it interlocks and is so much easier to open and close than velcro handles. The carry strap is comfortable and there are plastic d-loops on either side where i hang my combo lock and snap link with gym id tags. Not too big, not too small, just perfect is all i can say....more info
  • Nearly Perfect
    I have been using this Ogio bag for 3 months on a daily basis. Overall it is a fantastic gym bag with perfect compartment space:
    -One zipper pocket has room for shoes, but there's also room in the pocket for socks, a belt and underwear if I want.
    -The opposite side pocket is a the perfect size for my shower kit consisting of a body wash, shampoo, conditioner and a body sponge
    -I use the front pocket to store my iPod and heart rate monitor. The front pocket has mesh storage, perfect for keeping a wallet, keys and cell phone.
    -Center storage is good for a shirt and jeans as well as a shaving kit.

    I admit I have no use for the special MP3 pocket. I really don't need to listen to music as I walk into and out of the gym, but I won't dock points for features I don't need.

    My only complaints:
    -I've pinched my hand in the plastic handle. It's much easier to open and close than those velcro enclosures, but exercise caution when carrying so you don't get pinched between the two sides of plastic.

    -The bag is a little too wide for my locker, so I generally stand it up on end. Again, this one is me-centric, so I'm not docking stars, just FYI. If it was a little slimmer, it would be fantastic.

    Despite my 2 minor complaints, I would not hesitate to buy this Ogio bag again. Quality construction and thoughtful design make this bag a good value....more info
  • nice bag
    have two of these now. Love them. All the Ogio product is great quality stuff. This bag carries everything nicely, perfect size and a great carry on bag for airlines. Fits everywhere.

    worth it...more info
  • Gym bag
    There are so many products on the market today, it is sometimes difficult to make a good choice. I took a chance on this bag to be used as a gym bag. I wanted something sturdy, light weight with compartments for shoes, ipod, clothes. lock, towels and water bottle. I did not want a large cumbersome bag. This bag is just what I needed. It meets all the requirements I had. ...more info