LeapFrog WordLaunch Learn-to-Read-It System
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Product Description

Simply plug the Word Launch base into your television to begin this carnival-themed adventure. Children build 600+ three or four-letter words by placing combinations of the 32 included letter tiles into the Word Launch base and watch each letter and word spring to life on the television. Thirteen hands-on learning games help children progress through three learning levels. Children begin with sounding out letters and learning to build simple three letter CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words. Children then build four-letter words with beginning and ending consonant blends. In the advanced learning mode, children learn about long and short vowels and how vowel sounds change when a silent "e" is added to a word. Fun and games and rewards encourage children to learn as they build the ultimate roller coaster. Join the fun and launch your child on the path to reading! Introduces: phonics skills, word building, consonant blends, and short/long vowels. Requires 4 "AA" batteries (not included). Measures 7" x 10" x 2.5".

What a fun way to read! The LeapFrog WordLaunch system combines tactile play with animated onscreen learning activities in an exciting, carnival-theme game. Recommended for ages four through eight, children build words with the included tiles then watch them come to life on screen.

Plugs into any Television Set
This innovative system plugs right into your television set for easy and convenient viewing. It includes the WordLaunch machine, 32 letter tiles, tile storage tray, and TV connector cable. The WordLaunch measures 7-by-10-by-2-1/2 inches and 4 AA batteries are provided. Thirteen hands-on learning games help kids master language as they progress from sounding out letters to reading three and four-letter words. The WordLaunch is also a self-esteem booster and a great preparation tool for pre-school or kindergarten. It teaches phonics, word building, consonant blends, short vowels, and long vowels.

Kids love learning to read with this delightful sound-it, build-it, read-it system. And the delightful carnival game keeps them busy with many animated, on-screen learning activities. Plus, when the child is finished playing, this system tucks away nicely and has a storage tray for all the letters.

What's in the Box
WordLaunch machine, 32 letter tiles, tile storage tray, and TV connector cable.

This innovative system plugs right into your television set for easy and convenient viewing.

  • WordLaunch system combines tactile play with onscreen learning activities
  • Teaches phonics, word building, consonant blends, short vowels, and long vowels
  • Carnival-theme game makes learning exciting for ages 4 through 8
  • Features thirteen hands-on learning games
  • Includes WordLaunch machine, 32 letter tiles, tile storage tray, and TV connector cable

Customer Reviews:

  • leap frong word launch
    My daughter is nonverbal with cognitive and fine motor problems. this toy is great for her to learn her letters, to spell, for attention, and easy to help her working with fine motor skills. It holds her attention with the colors, music, matching, and the ease of the game. I'm so happy that I purchased this for her. Parents, etc., should be aware of the advantages this toy has for special needs children right along with our non-special needs children. ...more info
  • 3 year old loves it
    My son received this toy for Christmas. The graphics are not the best. However, he has so much fun with it. He has quickly figured out how to navigate around the game. I like the fact that the game progresses through levels as he learns. The games hold his attention, and challenges him at the same time. I think the purchase of this product depends on the individual child. Some children will like it, and some won't. My son certainly has benefited from this product....more info
  • Wonderful for learning tool
    I bought this item for my two year old grandson who was already learning his letters. He will play on this toy for hours if aloud to! And is learning while playing a video type game! It is a great Pre K learning tool....more info
  • Only beneficial for lower case letter recognition (NOT for letter sounds)
    This product is advertised to be beneficial for learning sounds and reading. It is not for one reason. It is beneficial for lower case letter recognition only. It tells you what letter to go and get, that helps you learn and enforce lower case letters, which is good if that is where you are at. The instructions are spoke out slowly and that is clear.

    BUT the reason it is NOT the least bit helpful for learning sounds is because the toy has a circus theme and the circus music in the background is equal volume to the voice telling you the sounds. If you lower or raise the volume it does not matter because the two sounds play at once and they are just about equal. You can barely HEAR the instructions clearly which gives you the sounds of the letter. This is because you can't hear it over the circus music in the background.

    Another complaint is that they give you a grid or palette in which to place the letters and select them from, but it is cardboard.. I am sure it will get destroyed .. they should have made that from plastic.

    Another ANNOYING THING is that these letters are NOT the same size as fridge phonics and also not the same size as the word builder shaped like a jet airplane. So now I have 3 leapfrog letters and none of them work any game but their own. It would be nice because kids loose letters, that would have been nice. But now all 3 games are useless without a full letter set and having bought their other game did not help you out. ...more info
  • A great toy
    My kids (4 and 6) have had this for over a year now, and still enjoy playing it. As with any LeapFrog product I have tried, I think it is very educational.

    It's nice to have some toys that they are actually learning something from....more info
  • Fun for 3-4 year olds
    My son just turned 3 and loves this game. My son is advanced for his age and this is just what he needs to make learning words fun. I would ignore the comments about the graphics. We use the game on our 32 inch TV and the graphics are fine for a 3 year old. What do parents expect for $22?

    I recommend this game for children under 5....more info
  • Leap Frog Dropped the Ball
    This toy was on sale for $20 and i jumped at the chance, only to be very disappointed. We have enjoyed Leap Frog products in the past and trusted the company name, no more!

    Our 4 year old has enjoyed the toy but the graphics are very poor quality and "chunky" in nature, takes me back to my Atari days. The games are rather simple and boring. As a reward players receive tokens to use to build a theme park roller coaster, once again the graphics are just terrible and the roller coaster can only be built so big before you have to start again.

    i just can't believe that Leap Frog allowed such a toy to be marketed? The board must have been sleeping the day this was rammed through. It's not a toy that will build their name in learning. It's annoying to adults, frustrating to children and a waste of money.

    One weak positive, our daughter does enjoy plugging it in and turning it on by herself. ...more info
  • Boring!!!!!!
    It's a cheap version of the word whammer. My four year old son loves the word whammer, but is bored with this product. He uses the word whammer for about an hour daily. I can't get him to sit for 30 seconds with this product....more info
  • Great
    This is a great tool for kids to learn off of. I to expected more from leapfrog, with the sound. But kids can learn off it and that is what it is for....more info
  • Terrible Graphics
    I can't believe more people haven't commented on the awful graphics. They are fine on up to a 19" tv, but anything over that, they are just blown up and extremely grainy. It's so terrible on our 50" plasma that it can't even be played. Don't buy if you have only tv's larger than 25" or so....more info
  • lots of fun
    I have purchased this game for my home daycare. The kids love it and don't even realize they are learning! They are just having fun slamming the whammy!It is also easier because they can learn at their own level and it advances based upon the words they have learned/ recognized so far.

    There are 2 things that I don't like about it: 1 is there is sometimes a noise that comes from the tv during certain gameplay, and there is no place to put the letter tray (rather large) for the kids to be able to play and easily reach all the tiles....more info
  • Just a little messy!
    This is a great game for those of you who have kids learning to read. It does have letter blocks, so it tends to be a little messy. However it has helped my 6 yr old with reading a lot!!!...more info
  • So much potential
    We are leapfrog fans, owning items from infant to tween. We found this on super sale and gave it to our 5 year old for Christmas. He has a leap-pad and leapster and no complaints there. This disappointed all around.
    It doesn't use the fridge phonic letters, wouldn't you think it should? But the main issue is it's so slow. My son loved the idea of playing a game on the TV, but in less than 2 word assemblies he was done. It takes too long with various screen music and instructions, when he was excited to just get on with it and build words. It also doesn't come with enough letters to build any but the most basic word sets. There are so many great 4 letter words that need more than 1 of each letter!
    He actually put it back in the box and said he didn't want it. From the straight forward actions of a child. Back it went.
    Great concept- just too much filler....more info
  • An Old Educational Way To Learn
    This product should be a boom when appeared, now they are better ones by the same make. Anyway, the equipment is higly educative and it keeps the toddlers for a long time in front of the monitor-TV. It is simple but enjoyable....more info
  • One of the Best!!!
    This is an AWESOME learning tool & my boys & I love it. The graphics & personalities of the letters are the best! They are very cute & memorable. (Examples: letter "m" holds a muffin & when it appears on the screen it goes, "mmm, mm!" Then it eats the muffin. Letter "a" looks around smiling and then makes startled/jump back look & screams, "ah!" Then it smiles again. My boys laugh at that. -very cute expressions & personalities for the letters & we really like the graphics.) Also, the gentleman/narrator's voice is easy on the ears & I think the sounds are enunciated well. I like how on the silent e show, when it's teaching kids silent e words, it will show a picture of the word. That way your child will not only learn how to spell those silent e words, but will also understand what they are! Example, "pine" ~after you build the word & it says it, it will show a pine tree. It also shows action words like "ride" (mouse riding on a dog) & "hide" (a dog hiding behind his dish.) And adjectives like "same" (rabbit & mouse wearing same shirts,)etc.
    Great invention this toy is! It's an imaginative, helpful, & engaging learning tool! It's definitely a Leapfrog learning aid toy that we come to depend on! It is very entertaining, we use/play/learn with it at least once a day most days. Also, would like to add how sensitive Leapfrog was about screening words. Certain offensive words are not allowed... even on the screen. The machine will nicely tell the child to remove the letters. The machine will not only neither say the word nor individually pronounce the letters but will not even show the letters on the screen... very smart! :) Thank you, Leapfrog!!! P.S. My boys were laughing & playing with the Word Launch as I typed this review. And we've had it for about a month now. It's used alot!
    *Kids can learn with the machine by choosing "games" & following instructions (good practice at following instructions & it's made to sound & be fun while doing it) or "explore" where they can make their own. When they make their own words, it will say the word if its on the word list or say "that's a nice word, etc." If it is not a word it will sound out the letters individually then make a cute animal sound or other sound that lets the children know it's not a word (just a sound but nice try!) It says things like, "that's a nice sound," or "that sounds good to me!" It encourages kids to explore with letters & sounds. My boys laugh when the machine makes one of the silly noises that lets them know it's not a word. Under the "games" part they can also play other types of fun learning games like: driving a bumper car forward & timing it to miss the other cars, or hitting the whammer button when they hear the music stop to get a coin, or when they see the target word on a whirly cup or bumper car, they hit the whammer button to get a coin, etc. (Lots of activities!) Target words are a great reiteration of the three words they just learned that round. (There are four different areas: magic silent e show, bumper ride, whirly cup, & roller coaster ride.) With the coins that they earn/win in the first three areas, they can buy parts to add to their roller coaster ride. Fun educational toy!...more info
  • Great Educational Game
    This was given to my 2 year old for her Christmas present. We figured she could use it with her older brothers since it is for 4 +.
    She just loves it. She has learned a lot in just one day.
    She is quickly picking up what the letters are. While watching I can see how it will help with phonological awareness. I wish I had it for my first two boys before entering school. They would have done a lot better on the testing for nonsensical words!
    I'm glad they don't say it is not a word. There are plenty of Dr. Seuss books that don't have "words".
    My kids all like it. It was well worth the money for a gift to my 2 year old. Better than other learning toys I've bought for her age range. I see it reinforcing letter sounds for my 1st grader. I can see that it would help kids score higher on the DIBELS.
    ...more info
  • Defective
    This product is defective, there are no "p"'s in it, only "d"'s. Unfortunately you cannot turn them upside down and switch them around. Will write back when replaced....more info
  • Great educational toy!
    My 4 1/2 year-old son received this for Christmas last night. It's all he wants to play with; it was the first thing he asked for when he woke up this morning! My 3 year-old daughter enjoys it as well. As a primary special ed. teacher and mom, I completely agree that this system should somehow indicate when your child has not spelled a "real" word during the explore mode. (That's the only reason I gave it 4 stars for educaitonal value.) My only other critisism is of the audio quality; It would be nice if it were a little louder and there was a little more inflection in the voice.

    That being said, I absolutely love this system and would definitely recommend it. I think it's a great educaitonal toy/game. My son has ADHD and an auditory/language processing delay but is a bright little guy. Word Launch accomodates both his processing difficulties and his inability to attend to something while giving him the opportunity to exercise his cognitive ability. I love the fact that Word Launch is in fact a simple type of game versus something like the Wii system or V-Tech Smile. Sometimes less is more. (Not to mention you can't beat the price, that's for sure!) I'm sure they're both great systems, but for a highly distractable child who can't process language as quickly as the next child this system is great. My son would quickly become frustrated and discourage with another "higher-tech" system. That's exactly why we haven't purchased one of them yet and were delighted to get this system!

    The Word Launch is engaging to my son without being overwhelming and difficult to follow. The games are also brief and immediately reinforcing which is a great way to maintain his attention. He giggles and laughs while the letters bounce around and "talk" to him! The directions are easy to follow and the fact that he has to manipulate the letters to spell each word is another great way to keep him engaged and on task. The predictability and repetition also gives him the confidence a child needs to play these types of games. All in all, Word Launch is a fun and engaging game system with a great educational value....more info
  • Great for children starting to read!!
    This product is in line with the Leapfrog DVD series featuring Professor Quigley, and was entertaining for my 3 year old nephew... Certainly helped reinforce what he had learnt thru the Leapfrog DVD series... ...more info
  • Word Launch Review
    I bought this for my age 6 son for his birthday. The first one we received was defective, as the sound directions were absent. Amazon replaced it right away - fantastic customer service. The new one works well. Both my son and daughter enjoy playing with it, and I am amazed how well it has helped my 4-year old daughter learn her alphabet letters. I agree with another reviewer that it would be helpful if the toy would tell the child when he/she has not actually spelled a word. In some of the activities I know my son has believed himself to have spelled a word, when it wasn't. The graphics could perhaps be a little more imaginative in some ways, but the kids like them, the toy has provided good practice, and I do think the "silent e" presentation is very memorable to little ones. ...more info