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Studio: Sony Pictures Home Ent Release Date: 05/08/2007 Run time: 94 minutes Rating: Pg

Based on a memoir by former undercover cop Joe Pistone (whose daring and unprecedented infiltration of the New York Mob scene earned him a place in the federal witness protection program), Donnie Brasco is like a de-romanticized, de-mythologized version of The Godfather. It offers an uncommonly detailed, privileged glimpse inside the world of organized crime from the perspective of the little guys at the bottom of Mafia hierarchy rather than from the kingpins at the top. Donnie Brasco is not only one of the great modern-day gangster movies to put in the company of The Godfather films and GoodFellas, but it is also one of the great undercover police movies--arguably surpassing Serpico and Prince of the City in richness of character, detail, and moral complexity. Donnie (Johnny Depp, a splendid actor) is practically adopted by Lefty Ruggiero (Al Pacino), a gregarious, low-level "made" man who grows to love his young prot¨¦g¨¦ like a son. (Pacino really sinks into this guy's skin and polyester slacks, and creates his freshest, most fully realized character since his 1970s heyday.) As Donnie acclimates himself to Lefty's world, he distances himself from his wife (a terrific Anne Heche) and family for their own protection. Almost imperceptibly his sense of identity slips away from him. Questioning his own confused loyalties, unable to trust anybody else because he himself is an imposter, Donnie loses his way in a murky and treacherous no-man's land. The film is directed by Mike Newell, who also headed up Four Weddings and a Funeral and the gritty, true crime melodrama Dance with a Stranger. --Jim Emerson

Customer Reviews:

  • perfect
    This item came ontime and was in perfect condition. Just the way it should be...more info
  • Read The Book
    After reading the book, I was hyped to see the movie. I was let down by the movie, so many details left out. See the movie, then read the book....more info
  • What, no Oscar?
    What? No Oscar? That was my reaction the first time I watched DONNIE BRASCO, a gritty true story about FBI agent Joe Pistone, who infiltrated the New York mafia, at the risk of his life and his family. Johnny Depp gives a top performance in the title role as Pistone assumes the identity of Donny Brasco, a jewel broker who spends two years workingn his way into the confidence of Lefty Ruggiero (Al Pacino.)

    The best overall strength of this fine film is it's honesty in de-glamorizing mob life and showing the wise guys as struggling to earn, not having a fun-fun-fun crime spree. Brutal murders and the equally brutal economy of late 70's NYC seem to compliment each other.

    BRASCO also has a touching soundtrack and interesting cinematography, which often mimics surveillance camera work.

    But the best element of this fine film is Al Pacino's role. He turns Lefty, a mob soldier who has killed over two dozen men, into a rather sad and totally sympathetic character. You'll quite possibly cry at the end.

    If you have any interest at all in the mobster flick genre, you must get this opus. The DVD has some fine extra-- subtitles, deleted scenes, interviews, original trailers, etc. Do order it!...more info
  • No Fugazzi, that's so sure. This is the real thing
    This movie ranks with Godfather I and II and Goodfellas for the best Mafia flicks of all time. Fuhgeddaboudit, this movie is no fugazzi.
    Buy this on Blu-ray and enjoy it more than ever.
    I find myself buying my favorite DVD movies again in blu-ray format. The picture and sound are worth the upgrade; much like the advancement from VHS to DVD.
    ...more info
    This movie is exceptional. Nothing, absolutely nothing and no one falters in this film except for the acadamy for not recognizing it. Mike Newell did a marvelous job and the actors are superb. I've always admired Pacino as an actor and his choices but here in this film he is a true artist. This performance proves that Pacino's talents are truly a gift and are limitless. And Johnny Depp what a terrific surprise. I knew he was talented with the roles he's played but he's finally a grown up here and showing such grown up abilites. I loved watching him and Pacino together. Their chemistry is amazing. Like I said this movie is a masterpiece. Its real, its deep and its special. This movie should have given Pacino his second oscar and Johnny Depp his first. Cause its a winner!...more info
  • Great Catalog Title
    Donnie Brasco looks fantastic in HD. I'm super impressed by the popping color in this Catalog Transfer. Wonderful looking......more info
  • wrong one
    I did not realize there is such a difference in DVD's. I ordered the worng one and had to send it back. ...more info
  • Good movie (if you haven't read the book)
    I'm going to be upfront here. A lot of the reviews on this page paint the movie in a positive light, and deservedly so. If you haven't read the book, then this movie is quite good. There's a decent plot, and the producers have stuck to the original story to some extent. Al Pacino & Johnny Depp both shine in their respective roles.

    Where I distinguish my review is on the basis of me having read the book. I do agree that my qualms with the movie are probably a common issue, where viewers are disappointed with the extent to which the movie does not represent the book. However, one has to remind oneself that this is a true story, and I felt a few things were lacking in the movie (warning plot spoilers may be ahead).

    - When I first saw the movie (without reading the book i.e, I saw the movie twice), it gave me the impression that it wasn't that difficult after all for Donnie to break into the mould and forge a friendship with Lefty. In fact, a similar view has been expressed by another reviewer. The reality is totally different. It took months and months if not a year, for Donny to be trusted by different street guys, and finally gaining enough respect and a reputation in order to break the ice with Lefty.

    - Most painful, Joe Pistone was never conflicted in his role as Donnie Brasco. I wish Hollywood didn't add this element in for drama purposes. For those who've seen the movie, it's evident that towards the end, Joe expresses mixed feelings towards his role as an FBI agent and almost seems reluctant to leave the Mafia and return to his normal life.

    - In real life, Joseph D. Pistone didn't change his values, attitudes and focus throughout his six year 'tenure' with the mafia. He was proud of what he achieved, and proud of being an FBI agent. True, he felt some remorse for decieving Lefty, but Pistone expressed the view that he was doing his job, just as Lefty and Sonny were doing theirs.

    - Last but not least, I felt the movie was a bit too rushed in certain aspects. An example would be the first comment made about the misleading impression that Donnie broke into the Mafia quite quickly. On deeper introspection, it seems there could have been greater character development with regards to Lefty and Sonny.

    Still, this is a well-directed and interesting movie, if quite misleading in quite a few aspects. I must say, those who are not familiar with mafia jargon and street talk will find it quite hard to follow! To sum up; A lot more could have been acheived with such a great book. Therefore, it's a solid movie, but not up there with the classics. ...more info
    Well, the acting is great but the acting in the film is not what I intend to write on.

    With Donnie Brasco we have one more film attempting to paint mobsters as moral and honorable. The primary mobster in this film is named Lefty who is played by Al Pacino. Lefty is a man who by his admission has murdered 26 men. Despite this fact Pacino and director Mike Newell go to great length attempting to demonstrate Lefty's honorable character.

    In the Special Edition DVD of this film Newell provides a commentary. One of the things he speaks about is how the film is a tragedy because it show Donnie Brasco's moral center being corrupted by associating with the mosters he is assigned to bring down. I believe, however, that the true tragedy is the lengths that films such as this one and many others go to attempt to portray members of organized crime who have no problems with taking human life as decent and even normal individuals. Could that not be a tragedy worth a film of its own?

    To further support the fact which I am attempting to exress Newell admits or even brags on the commentary that while filming Donnie Brasco they had a mobster on staff. Although I find this shocking I do not find it as shocking as the fact that Newell has appears to have no ethical problem with this.
    ...more info
  • FU'GET IT!
    Donnie Brasco (Extended Cut) [Blu-ray]
    Made by Hollywood bubbleheads...for Hollywood airheads...
    actors were sleepwalking while mumbling their sorry lines...
    please, I'll pay just not to watch it....more info
  • Penetrating mobster movie!
    An unfiltered FBI agent gets penetrate the dangerous web of a criminal organization. Based on real facts in 1978, he is godfathered by Al, a looser into the hoodlum pyramid. Against the odds, Al risks himself and Donnie ascends at impressive rhythm when he acquires an original feature before Sonny Black. Meanwhile his marriage sinks due the brutal emotional tension, he swims between two waters and the nerves progressively transform his kind character becoming him another member of the bunch.
    Interesting proposal, I think this was the film who revealed Johnny Depp as a solid actor, far beyond his previous works, this was a difficult performance with many inflexions and dramatic changes, but his countenance and talent made the rest. Pacino and Madsen are terrific too in this bloody thriller of betray and greed.
    Good point for Mike Newell behind the camera.
    ...more info
  • Good Mob Story
    D. Brasco is a good story and is alot less violent than most mob movies. It isn't as good as the Godfather or Goodfellas. This movie shows the sacrifice of a F.B.I. agent who loses years of his life with his family to bring down the mob....more info
  • A look at the inner-workings of la cosa nostra

    This film portrays a realistic look at the inner-workings of the Mafia, where respect is earned and rats are burned. I would argue that it is good that it lacks the romanticism of the Godfather, b/c that film was a fairy tale.

    I was refreshed by the multidimensional role of lefty (played by Pacino). You see the hard-nosed street-toughened gangster and then you see a more vulnerable side to his character.
    ...more info
  • It doesn't get much better than this.
    A great storyline with great actors. It never gets old, do not miss this movie....more info
  • One of the best movies of all time
    "Donnie Brasco" is definitely one of my top 10 movies. It's not so much because it's a movie about the Mafia, but because the humanizing performance both Pacino and Depp give in this memorable film.

    Of course, the story is simply great -- and made for the movies -- because it's based on a true story. Some of the events seem a little farfetched; e.g., when Lefty queries Donnie about the boat and then just walks away from it. But somehow, the film never loses its magnetism, as it keeps the audience guessing and worrying about the agent's fate, and Lefty's fate.

    Pacino's performance here is one of his best. There's a bit of over-acting in some scenes, but overall, he makes Lefty a likeable mobster that we even come to pity and root for. Pacino just seems to much more believable as Lefty than godfather in "Godfather 3." Depp's performance as the undercover agent is also strong, but lacks some depth.

    BTW, whether you liked this film or not, you should definitely read the book, "Donnie Brasco," written by the FBI agent. The film is actually very different from the book. I won't give anything away, since both the film and book are totally worthwhile....more info
  • Hard to believe most of it is true , what a story
    I think what makes this movie so powerful is the sense that the viewer is discovering things at the same time as the main character , Donnie . The sense of danger throughout and the relative lack of Hollywood cliches help to keep the whole experience more true to life .

    The viewer sees and feels what is at stake for Donnie mentally , personally and professionally . The point is made but not laboured .

    There are few more effective mobster movies than this one .
    For me , it is up there with the first 2 Godfather films and Goodfellas .

    The film is well made and will not disappoint . The DVD also has an informative documentary as well as other features ....more info
  • Depp stirkes again
    This movie is based on a true story, and so gives us morally conflicted characters-too morally conflicted, if I can be picky (and I can). I like realism in a movie, but not at the expense of a good story, and while the descent of FBI agent into the world of mobsters is compelling, the end of the movie doesn't wrap up in the nice package I would have liked. I do recall being really interested in the particulars of how Depp infiltrates the mob, and I think that revealing those details is what the film has to offer. Depp and Pacino both give solid performances....more info
  • WOW!
    What else can I say that hasn't already been said? I only just got into Johnny Depp late last year and I've been trying to see the many different roles that he's played over the years. Depp turns in one OUTSTANDING performance as FBI agent Joseph D. Pistone a.k.a Donnie Brasco. He gets accepted into a mob family and soon becomes "like them". This was my first film I've seen of Al Pacino's. Pacino was fantastic as Lefty Ruggiero. Both lead actors turned in the most amazing performances, I was so happy! I loved this movie so much! It was actually the first mob film I've seen. I also liked Michael Madsen's performance as Sonny Black, he was great! This is a must buy for any Pacino or Depp fan!...more info
  • great depiction of the mid-levels of organized crime
    Under organized crime, the weak suffered while the corrupt prospered - but in "Donnie Brasco" we see another group entirely: the middle-group of middling gangsters utterly demoralized by the crushing pressures of the other two. Joe Pistone (Depp) infiltrates local mafia under the name Donnie Brasco. His lead to organized crime is an aging and fading enforcer named Ben "Lefty" Ruggiero played by Pacino. Ruggiero is an odd choice for Pistone, because the feeble killer is himself one step away from being "whacked" by his boss, Sonny Black (Madsen). Black's crew is decidedly small-time, but ambitious, and Pistone/Brasco thinks it's the perfect vehicle with which to launch his infiltration of organized crime. Thus, the story links Brasco's assimilation into the mafia with Black's ambitions to rise in the ranks of gangsters. Entering Black's circle with help from Lefty, Pistone/Brasco allows he older gangster to become his mentor, even as Lefty is obviously on his way out. In fact, Pistone so gamely hunts the Mafia that he becomes less concerned with his own safety than the successes of Black's crew. "Brasco" the movie is actually a stand-out movie - complimenting "Goodfellas" in its depiction of middle-level criminals who hold themselves as lords of their own domain but are otherwise ants below the real bosses. Pacino is great as a man who's sure he's facing the end, but is still willing to hold the umbrella for higher bosses. But Madsen is also great as Black - also conscious of his low position, but clearly looking for meatier game. Lastly, Depp proves there's still little that he can't handle, as the understated Brasco - his high-point scene: explaining "fughedaboudit" in all its many permutations to fellow agents....more info
  • The Mob Exposed
    An FBI undercover agent (Depp) infiltrates the mob by befriending a low-level mobster (Pacino) and finds himself being slowly drawn in to their sleazy world. A tough and unglamorous look at the workings of the mob in 1970's New York with Johnny Depp and Al Pacino excellent in the lead roles. A memorable movie enhanced by a great blue-ray transfer. ...more info
  • Deep masterpiece on crime fighting.
    None of us knows what it's really like to go undercover. We think we do but we don't. Sure, we've watched the movies, read the books and all but what it's doing to your soul, your family life, everything, that it destroys all you have and feel, that is what this movie is about.
    When Lefty (Al Pacino as a low level mobster) takes in Donnie (Johnny Depp as an undercover FBI agent) he tells him "Wiseguys are always right. Even when they're wrong they're right," he is wrong. Dead wrong. He just doesn't know it yet.
    Lefty treats Donnie as a son and Donnie gets emotionally involved. In his own way Lefty has a big heart, his hopes and dreams. But the dirt gets in the way and they don't materialize.
    Bit by bit both Lefty's and Donnie's lives derail. Donnie starts losing his wife and kids and Lefty his rank in the (crime)family.
    Can they do anything to save what's left? Do they want to and if so, what is more important, life as it was, friendship or the uncertain future? Does risking everything justify the costs?
    Based on a true story this marvelous film shows the dirt as it is. Forget about the romance of other mobster movies and enter loyalty and misery. Both Al Pacino and Johnny Depp give larger than life performances. The supporting cast is terrific as is the directing. The 70s style indoor lighting helps turn it into a timeless masterpiece.
    The Blu-ray disc is sharp as can be. This one should be in your collection....more info
  • Great movie
    This is one of the best gangster movies ever made. Great acting, great filmmaking.

    The extended version is great, as the additional scenes flesh out the story and just make the movie all that better, with more scenes!

    Nothing crazy about the extras - just a few solid featurettes....more info
  • Loved it!
    Although I haven't read the book from which this movie is based on, I loved "Donnie Brasco." Also, this movie was a blind buy. I've heard good things about it, so I decided to buy it. I was sceptical as to what this movie would be like, because I always had this vision that Johnny Depp was a "pretty boy" romantic actor. However I did like him in "Secret Window," the only other movie I've ever seen him in. Neeless to say, I was impressed with his performance in this movie. I wasn't expecting him to come close to standing with my favorite actor, Pacino. In this movie, however, Depp showed that he can stand toe-to-toe with the best in the business. Of course, Pacino was excellent in this movie also. I also enjoyed Michael Madsen (better known for his role as Mr. Blonde in "Reservoir Dogs") although, the entire movie I wass waiting for something as memorable as the infamous "ear scene" from "Reservoir Dogs" from him. All in all, I have to say that "Donnie Brasco" is a great, underrated movie, and is now amongst my favorites. ...more info
  • Read the book, the movie does a great job
    You know it really shows what a Class-A type of guy Pacino is (don't get me started on how much he is a bad ass, I love the guy!) he humbles himself from going from the top mobster ever (Michael Corleone) to a mere soldier (Lefty Ruggerio). Awesome acting, captivating story, Depp does an remarkable job as Pistone, I highly recommend the film. ...more info
  • A good enough gangster movie...
    This movie was better than i expexted it to be. Really delving into the mob and mafia families, showing the lives of fear and the danger of living as a wiseguy. For example vouching for someone who dosn't deliver gets you killed. So imagine the danger that an undercover FBI agent is in. There you have Donnie Brasco. A great movie, really tense, and showing a side of wiseguys not usually shown in the movies in the Pacino character 'Lefty' who is poor and basically a donkey worker. With great acting from Al and Depp, the only thing that lets this movie down from 5 stars is the scatty story which is based on actual events. A bit here and there though i thought. All in all a great movie. Enjoy!...more info
  • A great film that got me thinking...Can it be that easy to infiltrate the Mafia
    Just kidding, that aside, i watched this simply because of the fact that it is based on a true story. It's not more of 'a' true story but the most infamous story in American history. I noticed that 'true stories' that are diverted into films always become some of the most epic films ever seen, and sometimes it can be embarassing i.e Ed Wood and Pollock. Donnie Brasco, maybe one of the most famed and celebrated films of the late 90s was also the most brilliantly acted from the entire cast. From extras to supporting roles such as the fantastic Michael Madsen and his rendition of Sonny Black.

    The story is fast paced, often changing the relationship between characters and bringing out the actors out of their shells to purly shine. This is not a big review because there's not much to say but that this is truly fine work and one of the most unforgettable and controversial stories in the United States. ...more info
    DONNIE BRASCO is a highly accurate and in depth look at the complexities involved in undercover police work. Based on the true story of Joe Pistone, BRASCO gives us an excellent cast, headed by Al Pacino and Johnny Depp, in showing us the underworld of the Mafia through the eyes of the guys on the lower end of the stick. Depp in his undercover role as a wiseguy to Pacino, endangers his married life (Anne Heche in a strong performance), and finds himself becoming attached to Pacino, in spite of what he knows is going to happen in the future. Michael Madsen gives one of his best performances as Johnny Black, a mover who wants to take Depp away from Pacino. The film's complexities question Depp's role, especially when he tries to get Pacino to get out of the picture. Pacino is brilliant and manages to make a guy who has killed over 25 people sympathetic, and Depp is amazing in this unusual role, giving Brasco the audience's compassion in his role of the betrayer. A fine gangster film well directed by Mike Newell....more info
  • Fantastic
    Has too be the best blu-ray movie i have EVER seen and i buy a lot. Its the extended version and it seemed like the movie went on for hours... As for the PQ and the Audio 100% and better. Thank you for a great blu-ray for my collection....more info
  • One of the Best on Blu-Ray
    I remember catching Donnie Brasco in the theater and thinking it was stupendous back in 1997. The entire cast is as solid as Goodfellas ... or any other movie for that matter. Initially I held off from buying the Blu-Ray because I wasn't sure if the film stock of '97 would have all of the detail that high-def reveals, but this transfer is excellent. The few scenes that seem kind of soft are outweighed by the 99% of beautiful footage. I especially enjoyed the extra scenes added back into the film. I remember the theatrical release seemed to skim over Donnie's home life because there was so much story to tell about him infiltrating the mob. Now I see they actually had tons of footage of his marriage with Anne Heche's character. Normally extended versions have stuff that you think could have remained on the cutting room floor. In this case, every bit of it belonged back in the film. I regret that I didn't get to see all of that footage on the big screen, but now a high def at home is like having the big screen at your house. Like every other reviewer has mentioned Depp, Pacino, Madsen, Bruno Kirby and Anne Heche make the best cast possible. It's a must for any Blu-Ray library....more info
  • Pales
    Viewing this movie shortly after seeing "Goodfellas" and two years worth of "The Sopranos" may have been an error on my part. "Donnie Brasco" just isn't as good. I can't put it in simpler terms. All of the Sopranos characters are three dimensional, and one develops a certain empathy for them, if not admiration of their values. They laugh, live, drink, live. The same for Goodfellas. There is nothing even two dinensional in Brasco. Not one of the characters ever breaks from the fake tough guy scowl.

    The acting isn't the problem. The movie has a fine cast. The flaw is in the writing. For example, the character played by Al Pacino is a petty, small time cog in the mob, from start to finish, with one notable moment. Brasco doesn't really change much from an FBI agent, trying to pass as a criminal.

    In short, I just wasn't convinced in the sense that I am convinced by Tony Soprano et al. or by the trio of comrades in arms in Goodfellas. Perhaps I would have had a higher regard for the subject film if there were not much, much better films about the mob. Forgettaboutit....more info
  • Not a bad Mob movie
    Goodfellas was the first Mafia movie that actually got it right. Donnie Brasco is the second. Personally I think they wasted film and time showing his personal problems with his wife and children, but I can see where showing his mental anguish at being away from his family, and in creating relationships with mobsters might have weighed heavily on him. This is a good movie....more info
  • A Gangster Film To Not Fuggedabout
    With all of the gangster films that have come out over the years my first reaction to "Donnie Brasco" was "Oh, no! Not another one!" Mike Newell's film is an original addition to a genre that has been mined many times but as proven here still has some life to it. Johnny Depp portrays Joe Pistone, an F.B.I. operative who goes undercover to infiltrate the mob using the alias Donnie Brasco. He is taken under the wing by Lefty Ruggiero(Al Pacino), a mob lifer who has spent his career on the fringes of the organization without being made. Through this association Pistone gains access to other aspects of the mob. The film deftly portrays the pressures that Pistone faces from his activities undercover and the strain that it is putting on his home life. Also, you can a sense that Pistone is starting to enjoy his life as Donnie Brasco. Depp adds another great character to his evergrowing gallery of great performances without overplaying it. Pacino, who has assayed this genre many times, gives a low-keyed effective performance. One can feel a sense of empathy for his character for all the disappointments in his life. Michael Madsen also delivers a chilling performance as mobster Sonny Black....more info
  • Authentic and Excellent.
    This is one of the most underrated movies ever made. I think that Goodfellas and The Godfather trilogy (really, only Parts I and II) set the bar so high for mob movies that Donnie Brasco never received the full adulation it deserved. With Al Pacino, he's been brilliant so often that it's a challenge to explain why he's unique in this role. All I can say is that he IS Lefty even had Lefty never existed before. The unkempt hair, the goofy glasses, the mixture of desperation and violence are exactly what we would expect from a long-time, disaffected mafia enforcer. There's no Hollywood glamour; only grit, grime, and charm. That he so captures our sympathy cannot be taken for granted as I'm not sure another actor could influence us the way Pacino does. As for Depp, he won me over a decade ago with Ed Wood, and his portrayal of Brasco is sensational. If you gave a role like this to DiCaprio, it would be a disaster, yet Depp is infinitely competent. Lastly, Madsen as Sonny Black was a real treat. I went online and took a gander at some of the pictures of the real Sonny, and, of course, there are few physical similarites, but he's a stand out as well. I saw Donnie Brasco yesterday for the second time and found that I could not turn it off. If you asked me how long it was, I'd honestly would not know. Not a great movie? Furgettaboutit. ...more info
  • Overall great movie
    Didn't expect Al Pacino and Johnny Depp to be in the SAME FILM. But that's not what makes this a great film. This is brilliant because of the story, the tension, the characters, and the setting that they're all in. Johnny Depp is one-of-a-kind as the FBI agent Joseph Pstione, who disguises himself as Donnie Brasco. His job is to give the Bureau information on a mob organization, which includes the aging hitman Left Ruggiero. The situation gets out of hand as Pistone/Brasco starts to adapt a bit too well in the mafia environment. This leads to a confrontation with his job and his own family.

    Pacino, Depp, and Madsen give wonderful performances. Heche, Kirby, and Russo make a stunning supporting cast. Lots of tension and lots of drama and humor. I'd recommended it fully.

    Grade: A...more info
  • Hey, Fuggettaboutit !
    This movie is definitely one of the best. We've followed Al Pacino as "The Godfather", "Scarface" and now in "Donnie Brasco". Full circle of characters from the very top to the very bottom. This is probably one of the most realistic "mob movies" ever. This Blu-ray edition is the best ever with some extended scenes and unmatched clarity. Well worth it for your collection.
    Fuggettaboutit !...more info
  • I've seen it so many times and still love it!
    This movie is so real. I love it and can watch it over and over again. Do recommend it....more info
  • Fantastic
    The transfer quality of the catalog release is outstanding for a 10 year old movie that many people overlook, and the 5.1 PCM track combined with this crisp video makes an amazing presentation. All catalog releases should look this good, and the movie itself is nothing to sneeze at, with a performance from Pacino that makes you both feel for him and want to hit him at the same time. Depp pulls off a subtle and nuanced character that is at the complete opposite end of the spectrum from Jack Sparrow, slowly showing Pistone's life fall apart piece by piece as he is forced to juggle his marriage and job....more info
  • True, but Sad Movie.
    Sorry, but I did not like this movie. It was sad more than anything. I know Lefty was a killer and criminal, I could not help but feel sorry for him when he realized that his pal, "Donnie" was really an undercover officer. He had to play it off in front of his associates like it was nothing. The saddest part was when he realized that they were going to come get him, so he tells his wife to tell "donnie" that he liked working with him and doesn't regret it just in case he were to call. Then he goes into the next room to leave his watch, wallet, and some stuff behind for his wife before leaving their home because he could not tell her what was going down, and just had to face the inevitable. I know that he was a criminal, but it was still too sad to watch.

    ...more info
  • Successfully blends fact & fiction
    After reading Joseph Pistone's wonderful book Donnie Brasco I couldn't wait to see this movie. Although this movie is based on Pistone's book, many scenes are fiction. The main difference between the book & the movie is that it WAS NOT Lefty Ruggiero that Pistone became so close to, it was Sonny Black. That's okay, though, this movie is very entertaining & features an outstanding cast: Johnny Depp, Al Pacino, Anne Heche (who gets FAR too little screen time but is terrific nevertheless), & especially Michael Madsen, who's one of my favorite actors. The acting is great, the script is believable, & the music is fabulous. Johnny Depp gives one of his best performances & Al Pacino is awesome as usual. The special edition dvd has two brief but informative documentaries as well as deleted scenes, director's commentary, photo gallery, & trailers. For those that enjoy mafia movies this is an absolute must-have....more info
  • Movie: 4/5 Picture Quality: 3.5~4.5/5 Sound Quality: 3.5~4.25/5 Extras: 2/5
    Version: U.S.A / Region A, B, C
    MPEG-4 AVC BD-50 / High Profile 4.1
    Aspect ratio: 2.40:1
    Running time: 2:27:07
    Movie size: 39,82 GB
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    Average video bit rate: 28.99 Mbps

    LPCM Audio English 4608 kbps 5.1 / 48kHz / 16-bit / 4608kbps
    Dolby Digital Audio English 640 kbps 5.1 / 48kHz / 640kbps

    Subtitles: English / English SDH / French
    Number of chapters: 16

    #Donnie Brasco: Out from the Shadows (SD - 24 min.)
    #Original Featurette (SD - 7 min.)
    #Photo Montage (SD - 3 min.)...more info