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Prenatal Cradle Mini Cradle
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Product Description

Great gift item. Effective support for your abdomen. Eases back pain during pregnancy. Adjustable hook and eye closures won't snag expensive lingerie, unlike "sticky type" closures. Supports umbilical hernia. Can be positioned higher or lower for maximum support, or placed for the support of an umbilical hernia.

Customer Reviews:

  • Good Medium Support, but not for the bouncy belly
    I purchased this product for support while walking on the treadmill. It works great now (Second Trimester), but I don't know if it will hold up to my bouncy belly in the 3rd. All in all, it was money well spent....more info
  • Helps, but....
    I bought this item because I was having some muscle strain or tightness in my lower belly during exercise. It helps for minor exercise (ie., a short walk), but when I walk too much or exercise too hard it only helped for a little while. It's worth the money, but maybe I need something with extra support....more info
  • A big help ...
    I started wearing the Mini Cradle two weeks ago and have noticed a significant improvement in stomach and back pain. It's the smartest $15 I've ever spent!

    The only reason I give it four stars (rather than five) is because I think the sizing recommendations are off. I'm currently 35 weeks pregnant, weigh 135 pounds at 5'6", and am wearing the size small belt. It fits, but I'm wearing it on the largest setting and still have indentations on my stomach when I take it off. I can't imagine that it would comfortably fit someone at the high end of the recommended weight range (136 - 180 lbs). I definitely recommend the product, but would suggest sizing up if you're not at the low end of a weight range....more info
  • Great for pregnant runners
    This was a lifesaver! I am a runner, and round ligament pain was making me very uncomfortable during my third trimester, even while walking. I ordered the Petite size and use it tightly below the belly. I needed to use it on the smallest setting to get results - which meant that I couldn't close the belt unless I hooked the closures BEFORE putting in on - I slid it on from the bottom over my legs/hips. It was then stretchy enough to fit but tight enough to work. I am now running through my third trimester with NO PAIN! I'm so glad I ordered this, and the price was right too. ...more info
  • This works
    I was having lots of lower back and ligament pain as my bump grew from 30 weeks onwards. I bought this at 34 weeks and now I don't go anywhere without it. Not very comfortable when sitting down, but I didn't buy it for that. I used be in lots of pain after walking for maybe half a mile, it reduced considerably with the belt. Highly recommend it. You might want to buy one size up as mentioned in other reviews. The chart recommended small for me but I bought the medium and its perfect....more info
  • very helpful
    It helps a lot to support your tummy but when you are in the final months it is not so good because you feel a lot of pressure in your lower tummy ...more info
  • Prenatal Cradle
    My wife love this item, without this it was hard for her to walk or stand for long time....more info