GE SmartHome IntelliCorder Motion Activated Digital Door Peephole #45227
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Product Description

  • Installs through a common 9/16-inch peephole or any surface less than two inches thick
  • Features color security monitor screen to easily recognize guests or intruders
  • Motion activated (PIR) audio/video capture device
  • Records high-resolution video with sound of guests/intruders at your door
  • Records in MPEG4 format at three available resolutions
  • Uses inexpensive SDTM/MMC memory cards for image storage
  • Features DVR functions such as record, play, rewind, fast-forward, zoom, pan, scan and pause
  • Features:
    • Allows you to answer your door safely before opening
    • On-screen image reveals your visitor
    • Motion activated audio video capture device
    • Easy installation through existing 9/16" door peephole
    • Uses inexpensive SD / MMC memory cards
    Customer Reviews:
    • Caught 'em
      I bought my IntelliCorder because I had been experiencing some hangups and increased traffic outside my apartment door. Because my apartment complex is built like a hotel with enclosed walls and a lot of lighting in the hallway plus I can't drill any holes or didn't want to deal with any wires, I thought I would be a good candidate for this device. I installed the Intellicorder through my apartment's peephole and set it to Record where it would turn on and record activity (with sound) outside my door any time someone walked in front of it. In my case, I caught an intruder picking the lock to my apartment, entering my apartment and then locking it back up upon leaving (I am ordering a Wireless Alarm as we speak). The Intellicorder's time stamp device was good b/c it was able to tell me and the Police how long the intruder was inside and to know how long it took the intruder to pick the lock. The best parts of all was the clear picture of the intruder's face, the device was undetected by the intruder and I was able to email the police copies of the recordings (and they were pretty impressed with the device!) The only bad thing I can say about the device is that the Intellicorder produces the the recordings in an .AVI format and most Windows based computers can't read/view these types of files so you have to download the free .AVI reader from the website that GE recommends in their instructions (from and tell other people (like the Police) how to download the reader. I wish they could enhance the next version of the Intellicorder device to choose the video format you want like .mpeg. I will post my copies of the recordings once the police moves a bit further in my case against the intruder but this device was well worth the money....more info
    • intellicorder
      About a month ago someone tried to break in my house. This item may not be perfect but it would have taken a picture of who ever was trying to get in. Say what you will, it does exactly what it is suppose to do-take a recorded picture (not perfect but you can use the disc if you need better details), and sound of anyone at your front door-I can live with that. It is very simple to install (takes about five minutes, works on a rechargable battery, and is easy to use after you read the setup papers and play with it a couple of times. ...more info
    • ok
      This product installs within 5 minutes... It has a little delay in capturing the quick ups guy but normal speed moving objects it captures fine video and battery life is good so far..nite time video is ok with porch lights on...It is really only good for reliable daytime video recording......more info