Kodak EasyShare Z712 IS 7.1MP Digital Camera with 12x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom
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Product Description

The Z712IS is part of the Kodak Easyshare System so sharing your pictures is amazingly simple. The all glass 12x Schneider-Kreuznach Variogon Optical Zoom Lens (36-432 mm) zooms in fast to deliver extraordinary creative performance. Capture natural details, accurate flesh tones, and breathtaking color with the Kodak Color Science Chip. A new high speed digital processor chip, advanced algorithms, and hardware acceleration features let the Z712IS make simultaneous, split-second decisions to produce rich, vibrant, true-to-life colors in almost any lighting situation. Scene content is analyzed for luminance, focal distance, subject matter orientation, and color to determine the correct exposure and capture the natural details, accurate flesh tones and rich colors you see in your composition. High-Resolution electronic viewfinder (EVF) 12x optical, 4.2x Advanced Digital Zoom - 36-432 mm (35 mm equiv.) f/2.8-4.8 Schneider-Kreuznach Variogon Lens Shutter speed - 1/2-1/1000 seconds in 1/3-step increments Scene modes - Portrait, night portrait, landscape, night landscape, flower, sunset, backlight, candle light, manner/museum, text, beach, snow, fireworks, children & panorama stitch System Requirements - Windows XP or higher, Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher, Macintosh OS X 10.3 or higher, Safari 1.1 or higher, 600 MHz processor or greater, 128 MB RAM, 200 MB free space, CD-ROM drive, Available USB port, Color monitor, 800?600 display resolution, 16-bit minimum Dimensions - Width 4.1 ? Height 2.9 ? Depth 2.7 inch (103.6 ? 74.2 ? 69.7 mm) Weight - 10.6 ounces (300 grams)

  • 7.1-megapixel CCD for prints up to poster-size
  • All-glass Schneider-Kreuger Varigon lens; 2.5-inch LCD
  • 12x optical zoom; optical image stabilization; power: rechargeable lithium batteries
  • Record VGA video (640 480) at 30 fps with sound
  • 32 MB internal memory; capture images to SD/MMC cards (card not included)

Customer Reviews:

  • Eats batteries!
    Pictures can be great -- but this camera EATS BATTERIES. I've taken several thousand photos with it over the past year, and it consumes batteries! You must factor battery usage into the overall cost of ownership for this camera. Don't ever leave home without a spare set. (I've also tried rechargable AA energizers -- but get less than 20 photos per charged set.)...more info
  • Wonderful Camera
    We love this camera so much that when my wife accidentally left it out in the rain and ruined it, we bought the exact same camera again!

    Takes wonderful pictures in all variety of situations. We just used it to take pictures of a neighborhood roller skating party at the local roller skating ring. Even in the low light situations and with the movements of skating while taking pictures they all turned out great.

    We really like the panoramic feature which allows you to take 3 pictures in a row (going right or going left) and it will automatically stitch them together. After you take the first picture it actually shows you in the view finder and on the screen the edge of your last picture so you can line up the next one. The end result is perfect!

    My only complaint is the batter life. Sure seems to eat through regular batteries. But the batter pack that it comes with sure lasted a long time. Might just need to buy more of those. ...more info
  • Horrible Audio
    This camera makes the worst video sound recordings I have ever heard. Scratchy and distorted. Worse than recordings by $5.00 recorders on $0.25 cassette tapes. I am returning mine today....more info
  • Great Camera
    This is a great camera it takes really nice pictures for the price you pay compared to other cameras with the same optical zoom and MP this is a great bargain. Highly recommended but carry along spare batteries. I have found that the Lithium batteries have actually a longer duration time....more info
  • Probably the most useful digital camera under 500$
    I Purchased this camera 18 monts ago for work. I photographed critical elements of a hazardous waste clean-up which aided in the release of a facility 30 photos have been published with no need of touch up I have only blown two of 4'867 photos holding a little long on the button-the camera resets quickly enough for anothe shot, that alone sets it apart. Low light level is excellent the zoom is good enough even dummied down to e-mail levels to read fine print on lables. if I could have one thing better it would be batteries (not the cameras fault) the more pics you store the shorter the battery life! ...more info
  • Nice Camera
    I was reluctant to replace my Canon Rebel G with a digital camera that was not an electronic version of the SLR. But I bought the Kodak 712 IS when a good sale came up, and I have never turned back. The 12X optical zoom has a greater range for both close up and distance shots than my 35-80 lens did on the Canon, the pictures are exceptionally clear, the display is large. I can't say enough about it. It has all the same settings that the Canon did, and so far, the pictures are just as good. Just make sure that you if you take a lot of pictures in low light conditions that you have a back up battery as there is no low battery indicator....more info
  • Easy to use camera
    My husband and I like this camera. There are lots of options for him to play with but it is simple enough for me to just grab and snap pictures without messing with settings. I didn't install the software because I had a Kodak previously and the software is a nuisance. I really like how quickly the camera adjusts to the subject and snaps the picture....more info
  • If you want blurry pictures this camera is for you
    I bought this camera the first month it was out and I hate it. The picture quality is very bad. Just about all the pictures come out blurry even with a tripod. I contacted kodak to posibly return the item and was told they would not take it back. This product does not perform as promised the 5mp kodak easy share I bought 4 years ago takes better pictures, and it cost $175.00 less....more info
  • Kodak Easyshare Z712 Camera
    I've had this camera since 2007 and am extremely satisfied with the pictures it takes and ease of operation. I have read so many complaints about it eating batteries, I had to comment on this problem. If you buy an equivalent Kodak Li-lon charger and battery at a site like BestBatt.com, you will be able to take many photos. I've never counted how many as I bought two batteries and swap them before they run down which is recommended for this type of battery. The charger runs $18.50 and the Li-lon batteries $7.88, plus shipping. When I went on vacation for 2 weeks, I took pictures the entire time without having to recharge the battery....more info
  • Great transaction!
    Very pleased with cameera and shipping and everything. Only issue i have is it keeps resetting Date/Time after i've set it and saved it. When i turn it back on it asks to reset date/time. Otherwise, great deal! Same exact camera in stores now for $100 more than what i got it for! Awesome deal!...more info
  • Inconsistent Performance!
    Performance is inconsistent. Pictures taken several seconds (shutter lag is also an issue) apart look drastically different. Auto-focus is hit and miss and sometimes won't lock when zoom is fully extended.

    After 6 months of use, I would give this camera a C- rating. ...more info
  • Not that great
    I purchased this camera as an upgrade from my kodak c330 4 mp. I was disappointed because my old kodak took better pictures than this model. The zoom is great and the video mode is amazing, but I just wasn't pleased with the image quality of the pictures. I returned the camera and bought a Canon....more info
    Hello. Please be advised that the low price advertised here of $119.99 from Heartland America is a mistake, I bought this camera from them and it turned to be an error and the camera is not available from this seller, Heartland America....more info
  • hot "little" camera
    I just got it in the mail today so far i love it. The camera didn't come with a charger for the battery but amazon always has my back so I'll get it from here. The camera is small i like that plus the 12x zoom is off the wall. We will see how it works out i have the ext service plan and a case with a 2gb card. I hope to have fun this summer...more info
  • Incredible camera- Excellent quality with this price
    I have just bought this camera. It's incredible. The pictures very clear and good quality. Light weight and smaller than other SLR like cameras. I like every things of this camera except the LCD screen. In evening, the image viewed through LCD has un-wanted "noise", but when the picture was taken then the "noise" was gone. Anyway, this camera is worth to buy.
    ...more info
    I love this Camera. Has all the features i need and takes great photos. The 12x optical zoom is great for getting in close on distance subjects.
    Easy to opertate has many settings. Gives me clear photos with it's image stabilazation feature. Has a fast shutter and good size LCD. 7.1 MP is all most need rather than spending extra money for larger MP. Larger MP are only necessary for Poster size prints anyway....more info
  • easy share Z712 digital camera
    seller was quick, honest, fair. camera is a described and works fine. seller got it here fast and responded to my emails quickly. i would have no hesitation buying from this seller again. i love the camera and service was excellent....more info
  • great camera for the money
  • Kodak Z712 IS is a Good Camera!
    I'm pleasantly surprised with my new Kodak Z712 IS. It exceeds all of my expectations for a camera in the under $200 price range. By that I mean, it's easy to use, the pictures are consistently crisp and sharp and there is a great deal of assistance for the average user that is built in to the Camera's help screens.

    The video works well and is only limited by the size of the customer-added SD card. The panorama feature is a great addition as are the numerous other modes available.

    I also have an older Kodak DC 240 that is still working well after five years and the Z712 IS has the same feeling of solid reliabiity.

    The only negative issuues are the lack of a bundled SD card and rechargeable battery and charger. These must be bought extra for an additional $60 or so. That's more of a marketing problem than anything negative about the camera, however.

    Best of all, the total price was less than the estimate to repair the non-working flash on my Nikon 990 which is now DOA.

    I recomment the Kodak Z712 IS to anyone who likes quiet, touble-free photography at a reasonable price. ...more info
  • great value with great power
    This camera is a great combination of price versus features. The features I was most interested in -- image stabilization, optical zoom, and megapixels -- were better than any other camera I reviewed for the same price range. Digital zoom of twelve was more than twice the zoom I could get from any other camera in the same price range. The megapixels are high enough to print a poster, which you won't need very often. The best thing about the megapixel setting was that it is flexible to 3, 5, or 7; meaning that you can get more pictures on your memory card. I set mine at 5 megapixels because I usually print 3X5 pictures and use my pictures as screen savers. Image stabilization really comes in handy when you take pictures quickly, or when you are in museum mode. Also the battery is strong enough so that there is no delay between the time you press the buttom to take the picture and the camera responding....more info
  • Super Camera, Excellent Value!
    I really can't add anything more than what some of the other reviewers have already stated about this camera other than to stress the importance of using Lithium-Ion batteries with it - makes all the difference in the world! Order the Kodak KLIC-8000 rechargeable batteries (one in the camera and one spare) and the Kodak K7600-C charger if you take a lot of pictures. If you don't want to invest in those because you only take pictures occasionally and would prefer to use disposables, make sure you at least invest in some disposable AA Lithium-Ion batteries, not Alkalines, since they last a heck of a lot longer. And forget NiMH or NiCd rechargeable batteries, if you already have some around the house - they do not work well with this camera and are not recommended by Kodak.

    The Z712IS is easy to use, takes wonderful pictures, is amazingly versatile (with all of the manual settings and scene modes) and the 12X zoom really brings you close to the action.

    If you're on the fence about getting this camera, don't be. If the 8MP version is only a few bucks more, get that one of course, but you really can't go wrong with this model. Highest recommendation!...more info
  • A high-end point and shoot
    I bought the Z712 IS because I wanted advanced features without the technical challenges and cost of a dSLR. I was not disappointed. The auto-focus is usually fast and accurate, pictures taken at full 12x zoom are sharp, and the colors are rich.

    There are approximately 20 scene modes, selectable with the menu navigation buttons. I was able to use "night landscape" mode effectively to take otherwise difficult night cityscape photos. The camera chose a 10 second (!) exposure time at ISO 64, and the photos came out beautifully.

    You can use the menu to select spot metering, to gain better control over exposure. And you can select center-zone or selectable-zone auto-focus. I didn't learn about this until I had taken a few pictures that turned out to be focused on the 'wrong' location because of the default multi-zone auto-focus.

    There are a number of manual- and semi-manual modes including full-manual, aperture priority, and shutter priority. These give you control over depth of field as well as focus (and you need to use one of these modes to get the ability to do spot-metering or center-zone focus).

    Battery life has been excellent, better than my other much simpler Kodak camera (an EasyShare 3 megapixel camera from about 4 years ago). I've been using an inexpensive rechargeable KLIC-8000 compatible. I recharge it after about 150 shots, but I think there's a lot of life left in it at that point.

    If you buy this camera, buy a good tripod if you don't already have one. You just can't take photos at 12X zoom in anything other than bright-light conditions without a tripod. Also, if you are not using a tripod, at least use the 2-second delay feature to reduce camera shake as you press the shutter release.

    I've had the camera about 4 months and I feel there's still lots to learn about it. It's been a great introduction to slightly more advanced technique, and I expect to get lots of enjoyment from this camera for quite a while.
    ...more info
  • Z712IS Just got it today
    Just received my new camera today and i am amazed at the great pictures and fantastic video it takes.
    It is every thing i expected and MORE!!...more info
  • Can't recharge batteries
    The camera is incapable of recharging its own batteries and kills AA batteries in less than a couple hours of use, so add another $100 to the cost as you will need a charger and a pair of rechargable batteries in order for the camera to fuction.

    Customer service is unknowledgable, unhelpful, and at times even deceiptful. Over the first year of use, I mailed the camera in three times for repairs. The first time they performed their usual clean-and-return treatment. The second time they kept it for two weeks and mailed it back untouched (a fact that they confirmed during later phone calls). They never conceded that the unit was faulty and never replaced the unit.

    I will not buy Kodak again....more info
  • Love Kodak Cameras
    Have purchased Kodak cameras before and loved them as well. This is a great camera for someone with small children. The image stabilizer is great and makes the pictures wonderful. Would highly recommend this camera. ...more info