Network Camera Server
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MODEL- BB-HCS301A VENDOR- PANASONIC CONSUMER FEATURES- Network Camera Server Camera Server converts analog camera to IP Camera with Audio support & SD memory card slot. Includes Server, AC Adaptor and Cord, Setup CD-ROM. Add a mic or speaker(sold separately), and as you watch on a monitor you can tell an employee how to change a store layout or discuss a problem on the production line. This kind of real-time conversation is ideal for clear, smooth communication and top work efficiency even when you are away. The camera server has an SD card slot which allows you to record images directly from the camera to an SD Memory Card (sold separately) in the server without going through the network. Or to monitor comings and goings, you can use the cameras motion detection function to record an image every time something moves. You can check a site only when something moves, such as when a person enters or leaves the area under surveillance. When the camera detects movement, it shoots a still image, holds the image temporarily in internal memory, and sends you a copy by email or FTP transfer. You can set the camera to snap a shot whenever a door opens or closes, for example, or at pre-set times. This system is more convenient than tape systems because you don't have to fast-forward or rewind to find a particular image. Keep watch over several stores or factories at the same time. You can check images from three sets of four cameras each, and converse with people at one of the sites. The system can display static images from up to 12 cameras on a screen. Now you can keep your eye on a number of sites without having to travel to each and replaying the surveillance tape. With 10x digital zoom, you can enlarge images for easier confirmation or to get a closer look at suspicious activity, no matter how far away you are. -- SPECIFICAT

  • 2-Way Audio Communication
  • SD Memory Card Recording
  • Motion Detection Function and Image Transfer Mode
  • Multi-Camera Capacity
  • 10x Digital Zoom