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  • Good star turn by Sandra Bullock
    I didn't want to see "28 Days" in which Sandra Bullock plays a writer with a pill and booze problem sentenced to rehab. Much of the film - in which Bullock is the only really recognizable face - seems to be what I expected, but I enjoyed it despite myself. Surviving what could have been a fatal DWI accident, Gwen is sentenced to Rehab in some upstate facility that seems pretty nice to anybody not in immediate need of chemical stimulation. Cigarettes are about the closest items of sin permitted, and even they're subject to war-time rations.

    The directors keep the focus on Gwen, Sandra's charachter, but they compensate by restraining the urge to reduce her fellow patients into one-note charachters good only for comic relief. Some of the best charachters seem both funny and sad at the same time. Gwen's need for perpetual stimulation stem, not suprisingly, from her mother, a manic alcoholic in her own day. Flashback scenes in which a younger Gwen and Mom sled down snowy hills would seem hysterical, that is until the moment we see the oncoming cars.

    Gwen's and her friends' addictions come in all different categories - though most seem to share shameless addictions to simple things like "Santa Cruz", a vile soap opera, fatalism and a brooding unwillingness to admit their problems. The challenge of the story is getting past the obvious addictions to the ones that really make these charachters weaker people but stronger charachters. For Gwen, the addiction is to anything that keeps the world from slowing down enough to reveal its bleakness. When Gwen's mother took a break from the party, she could be found napping on the kitchen floor, dreaming of a liver that worked. Robbed of her pills and her beer, Gwen handles the slowdown of withdrawl badly. Breaking her leg, Gwen wakes in the Clinic's infirmary, looking at her own reflection as if it were a stranger's - she looks ugly! If they could hand out Oscar's for the best split second of self-realization, Bullock would win for that moment alone....more info

  • Forgetable Film
    My actual rating for this film would be 2.5 stars.

    The film was based on a woman who was sentenced to an Addictions Center by the Court. The most talented actor in the film, Steve Buscemi had a comparitively small roll. You tend to want to compare it to Michael Keaton's 'Clean and Sober', but in reality there is no comparison which is disappointing. All in all a very forgetable film. The Theatrical trailers had little to offer as far as insight. Just Actors and Directors patting each other on the back.

    If you want to see a film that explores this type of content with a little more realism and understanding of a complex subject, purchase Clean & Sober....more info

  • Girl, Interrupted/One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest - better.
    On buying this DVD in the shops today, at a bargain price, I thought it would be pretty good, and did the whole sad eyes thing to my mum, to get her to buy it for me. On getting it home - the DVD wouldn't work. But it eventually did. Anyway! The DVD wasn't as good as I expected it to be. The only special feature I enjoyed was the Moment By Moment featurette, although it repeated quite a lot of the film. The film itself. It doesn't sound like a rehash of Girl Interrupted, but I think it was. Girl Interrupted is a modern day One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, and 28 Days is a rehab version of Girl Interrupted. Am I making sense?! The character who played Sandra Bullock's boyfriend, got on my nerves, as did the German guy, but who was also quite good. Steve Buscemi (sp?) should have got a bigger starring role in this. The bit I hated, was when I started crying when Andrea (Azura Skye) killed herself. This is a good film for Sandra Bullock fans (ie. me), but not very funny at all....more info
  • 28 Days DVD
    I have never received the product. I ordered it March 3, was informed it had been shipped, guaranteed delivery within 15 working days, and my credit card was charged. I have sent emails to both Amazon.com and DVD Legacy, but have not received any information regarding my movies. I ordered 6 copies of the movie "28 Days' for use in a college course I am teaching....more info
  • Sandra As An Alcoholic Vicodin Addict? You Gotta Be Kidding!
    Watching this movie calls for an "Immense Suspension Of Disbelief " on the part of the viewer from the outset. Gwen , played by Sandra Bullock and her boyfriend Jasper wake up smiling and happy after last night's drinking binge. This DOES NOT HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE!!!After a serious drinking binge most people wake up dehydrated with the sweats and the shakes. All that happens here is that Jasper and Gwen are late for her sister's weding. Then Gwen crashes a limousene and is promptly despatched to 28 days in Rehab.The only beliveable lines in this movie is where Gwen gets tired about hearing about taking life "One Day At A Time" and informs the Head Counsellor that she is sick of his "Romper Room Bullstuff" and then calls him a "12 Stepping Geek" which one gets the impression that she may be right for once.I give this movue 5 stars for the excellent performance of Viggo Mortensen who plays a professional baseballer with a bad drug problem....more info
  • Recovery Lite
    Addiction is a devastating ailment that destroys lives, relationships, and families. And it's not pretty to look at; for a compelling, yet emotionally draining, look at alcoholism you can really wrap your arms around, check out When A Man Loves A Woman.

    Which is why I'm still torn over 28 DAYS. This film addresses addiction, yet often in a comedic, lighthearted way. And I like that. . .to some degree. Yet I often wonder if this approach somehow sterilizes the ominous undertones and consequences of addiction--and the difficulties of recovery. But enough of my own personal dilemma. . .

    Sandra Bullock plays (and plays well) a boozing, pill-popping party girl who goes on a binge that lands her in rehab; her journey--from being a rebel in denial to a fragile young woman coping with her fragility--is moving and compelling. Dominic West is exceptional as Bullock's equally out-of-control boyfriend; Elizabeth Perkins also holds up her own as Bullock's older, often judgmental sister. Of the fellow recovering addicts, Viggo Mortensen's character was never fully vetted, while Alan Tudyk as a rather flamboyant (and that's putting it mildly) light-in-the-loafers German is hysterical. Overall a great cast that tackles a dark subject in both dark and light tones; here's hoping the lightheartedness of 28 DAYS doesn't sugarcoat a very serious matter.
    --D. Mikels, Author, The Reckoning...more info
  • absolutely amazing!!!
    I'm from the UK and every review i read for this film gave really bad review but i was pleasantly surprised. Sandra Bullock pulls of this part brillantly and this film touched me in a big way. With the comedy of Gerhardt it made me laugh but also made me cry at the end. i totally recommend this movie u wont be disappointed...more info
  • Standard Bullock Film
    If you like Sandra Bullock, you will like this movie, plain and simple. 28 DAYS is about a woman named Gwen (Sandra Bullock) who enters rehab after she gets before and during her sisters wedding, destroying a cake, and crashing a limo into someone's house. She enters rehab and there is a lot of conflict when she doesn't mingle well with the other patients, and refuses to participate in their chants or chores. Eventually she comes around, befriending others in her group. Through flashbacks we see where Gwen's problems may have come from. There is plenty of comedic moments in the movie, making it funny, but the movie also has a dramatic edge. It's a fun Bullock film fans of the actress will love....more info
  • Enjoyable but Predictable
    I liked this movie, I did. Sandra Bullock is radient and fun as a drunk, rotten and grumpy in rehab, and loving and sweet as she starts to "figure it all out." The movie touches on the seriousness of alcoholism, but allows the comedic aspects to shine through. I would have liked to have seen Gwen's (Bullock) transition fleshed out more-- we get flashbacks instead of actual discovery-- and some of the characters are *too* stereotypical. And while the plotlines are wrapped up predictably, I wouldn't have wanted anything to ruin the good feeling I had that everything would be okay for this woman that I had come to like....more info
  • Funny and sensitive - Sandra shines again.
    Sandra Bullock is known for her roles as a cute and light-hearted but often troubled woman, always having to overcome an obstacle. "28 Days" is another of these films with a role that seems made just for her, and she plays it very well. This is the story of a woman ("Gwen") driven to alcoholism and then drug addiction because of her unstable childhood with a mother who died early from the same addictions, a father who was never there, and a perfect and overacheiving sister she could never live up to. To avoid going to jail, "Gwen", as Sandra's character in the movie is called, has to spend 28 days at a rehabilitation clinic. I only gave this movie four stars because certain aspects of it became annoying to me: the overdramatic depiction of the cheesy rehabiliation clinic and the residents there, the plot's fascination with a fictional soap opera, Santa Cruz, and an underdeveloped and quite irrelevant subplot of a mini-relationship forming between Gwen and a famous baseball player at the clinic. However, the rest of the movie was great. The plot, which one would expect to be hackneyed because of all the movies and books dealing with the subjects of alcoholism, drug addiction, and recovery, is pretty fast-paced and fresh. Sandra acts the part very well, and the struggle of recovery is portrayed fairly well also. I found myself rooting for the characters to beat the odds and finally kick their addictions, and of course for Sandra to turn out all right as well. The subject of this film is a dreary one, but there are humourous parts injected at just the right times to keep it from becoming too heavy and depressing. If you like Sandra Bullock, you will adore her in "28 Days"!...more info
  • close, but no martini...
    All in all, this movie had some interesting insights into the world of acoholism, which I think were candid, honest and well-thought-through. It had all the markings of a great movie - solid cast, interesting premise... but it really didn't live up to its promise as a "great" movie.

    Essentially, the movie fizzles at the end. It takes, the safe, predictable road. I don't think a recovering alcoholic really gets to wrap up conflicts with pretty little ribbns like that. And c'mon: An alcoholic who doesn't care about anybody and doesn't think she has a problem goes into rehab? You already know what's going to happen! And to use Steve Buscemi (I'm a huge fan!) in such an uninteresting way (re: a rather boring guidance counselor) is a travesty. Mr. Buscemi must have been returning a favor by doing this one.

    In short, it's probably worth watching if you're a Sandra Bullock fan, but don't expect to be blown away....more info

  • Sweet Meredith
    Watch Meredith Deane as young Lily in the flashbacks with Katie Scharf who plays young Gwen. They're both adorable and cute and such good actresses. This was Meredith's first role. Then she did "Once and Again." I think she was also in Law & Order. Meredith is sassy in this role and plays the character well. As does Miss Katie Scharf who is talented and looks a lot like the main actress playing the character....more info
    I don't know if anyone who hasn't been through rehab should be reviewing this movie. Anyone who has been through it knows that there is as much laughter as there is pain. And for those of you who object to the "stereotypical" characters, I can tell you that there is every kind of person imaginable in rehab. There were many painful and dramatic scenes here that balanced out the "zany" ones. I've been there, and although my facility wasn't quite as nice as this one, this movie was very real to me....more info
  • Scared Straight
    You won't want to go into rehab after you see this movie. The girl next door is a boozer and she breaks her sister's heart. She learns that her friends are her fatal flaw and her character is all that can save her. I've never been to rehab but I know the power of faith and the value of relationships with quality people. Weak people tend to become the kind of people they hang around with. This movie trys to say that change can only come from within if it is supported externally. It's too bad they don't get into the value of character....more info
  • Much better than I thought it would be. A big surprise!
    28 Days

    Score: 72/100

    Boy, it has been some time since Sandra Bullock has made a good movie. Speed 2: Cruise Control and Forces With Nature were both serious flops with critics around the globe, and she hasn't been very well respected for a long time. But, this will be the film that puts her on track. 28 Days is a well-made and thought-provoking film that is much better than it looks, and it deserves a wide audience.

    Gwen Cummings (Sandra Bullock) is a New York writer who just can't say no to drink or drugs. After crashing her sister's wedding car and ruining her wedding cake, Gwen is ordered into a rehabilitation centre, where she spends the next 28 days. At first she doesn't have much respect for the centre and tries to escape, but as her toxic levels come down, she gradually realises that maybe she can turn her life around.

    The plot may sound lousy, but it isn't. It deals with human emotions properly and in a moving way, and 28 Days is able to put a smile on your lips and make tears come out of your eyes. Bullock is a stunner in this film, she is perfectly cast as Gwen, while Steve Buscemi is as brilliant as he always is, no doubt about that. Azura Skye, who co-stars as a friend of Gwen's, lights up the screen in an ignored performance which deserves praise. Susannah Grant, scriptwriter, seems to have a thing for making good actresses come back to their great standards. In the same year of release as 28 Days, Grant wrote Erin Brockovich, a brilliant legal drama that made Julia Robert's get the career-best nod. Now she can fix Sandra Bullock, and this could very well be Bullock's best film.

    It has it's problems, some major ones, but 28 Days remains a worthy watch for all ages....more info

  • Just like every Bullock film, you'll enjoy it
    Most of the time, when I go see a Sandra Bullock movie, I say to myself, "I can't believe I'm going to see this." But, the fact is, she's an awesome actress. She makes any movie she's in worth seeing. Examples-- I visit my mother for the holidays a few years ago and she wants to see Miss Congeniality and it turns out I liked it a lot. Go to a friend's house and she wants to watch Hope Floats on TV and I end up glued to the screen. Put any other actress in movies like these and I probably don't like them. 28 Days is no different. I never thought Bullock would be believable as an addict but she portrayed the desperation and regrets of an addict and the struggle an addict faces for hope beautifully. Plus, the supporting characters in the movie were great. Just like every Bullock movie, there's a scene that seems a bit over-stated or goes beyond believability (who would put up with the way Bullock was acting at the wedding?) but I guess they have to do that to quickly advance the plot of the movie. This isn't an academy award winning type of movie but it's entertaining and you get a glimpse into addiction. I thought it was a very special movie but I'm sure most people who see this would end up feeling entertained....more info
  • Sandra Bullock Rocks
    Having experience with people who have done the 28 days in rehab thing, I can say that this is pretty realistic. Sandra does a great job. One of her best. The rest of the cast are good representatives of the cross section of people that suffer from addiction. Funny and sad, not everyone makes it. That's real. You feel for these people by the end of the movie. This was an eye opener for me in many ways....more info
  • Sandra Bullock fills the part well
    I don't really like Sandra Bullock, personally. However, I thought that she was absolutely perfect for the role that she played. Someone reccomended that I watch this film to study the way rehab worked because I was writing a paper on the 12 steps for school. Well, the movie was pretty accurate with the way rehab is in real life and the acting was ok. However, there was something about the movie that just bored me. Maybe it's because I was watching it for research instead of for fun...who knows? I might reccomend this to someone learning about rehab or alchoholism, but not to someone who wants to see an entertaining film....more info
  • Heartfelt feelings are expressed
    At first, I didn't want to see this video, but I watched it with a friend. Sandra Bullock portrays an alcoholic unwilling to quit her erratic behavior. She learns who she hurts, and how, and ends up learning how to help herself with her addiction. I thought this movie showed a lot of the real life aspects of being an addict of alcohol. It's not exactly a family movie, but if you're into movies that make you think a little, you might enjoy this one....more info
  • Great acting, decent delivery
    The movie starts out with an interesting setup. Gwen Cummings (Sandra Bullock) is a young woman with an obvious alcohol problem. After a night of drinking, she wakes up late to her sister's wedding. She spends the entire time going to the wedding drinking and ultimate ruins her sisters wedding by falling in the cake and then wrecking the limo going to get another one. For her actions, she is given a choice of rehab or jail. She chooses rehab.

    Interesting film with some great acting. However, the plot twists are a bit contrived. At first, she is just doing time, but, in a moment of insanity realizes that she needs help and begs to stay.

    From then on, her turnaround, from doing time to cooperative inmate, is almost on the verge of miraculous. And, this is where certain parts of the plot stop working and break the illusion created by an otherwise excellent film. This is not all that bad, but a bit more work on the script, and this could have been an award winner.

    If you have ever read Syd Field's book Screenplay, you can see the plot devices coming out. From lifting a horse's hoof to possible rehab romance, this movie is formula all the way.

    But, it works. Somehow, through all of the veneer created, a touching story shines through. If you decide to see this one, don't expect another Sandra Bullock comedy. While there are some funny moments, the tragedy of the characters' problems overshadows most of the humor....more info

  • A movie that will provoke a good discussion on addictive behaviors
    I work with adults, families, and adolescents who have addiction issues. I am always on the lookout for both new and older films who are about addiction that I can show to my clients. "28 Days" is one of those films. It chronicles the life of a alcoholic party girl Gwen (played by SAndra Bullock) and an involuntary trip to rehab that she does not take seriously at first. After she is encouraged to get drunk in rehab by her boyfriend, and nearly gets kicked out of rehab and put into jail, she begins to take what her counselor and her other friends in rehab are telling her about her problems drinking seriously. A death of a friend in rehab really wakes her up, and upon discharge she is intent to make changes in her life and stay sober.
    This video is excellent to show to a rehab group who are "on the fence" as to whether or not they have a problem with their drinking and or using drugs (despite the fact to everyone else in their life they obviously are addicted to alcohol and/or drugs). A counselor can process this movie by asking questions such as "How are you like Gwen (the lead character) in "28 DAys?" Who is the enabler in the movie? Why did the clients at the rehab center wear signs? etc. I have found this movie to be very beneficial in producing a discussion of what is problematic, drug addicted behavior compared to social drinking.

    ...more info
  • Pretty Good
    This was a rental, and it was a pleasant surprise, as this film seemed to have not done too well at the box office. Sandra Bullock proves why she's one of Hollywood's top actresses -- she can act and people like her! She always seems to saturate her performances with sincerity, inviting audiences to relate to her characters, and it's no exception with Gwen. She's convincing and humourous as the alcoholic-in-denial, and we watch her come to terms with her addiction as the film progresses. Azura Skye also turns in a strong and sympathising performance as the drug addict who befriends Gwen. Viggo Mortensen, who was wonderful in A Perfect Murder, turns in a good performance; unfortunately, his character, Eddie, is underdeveloped, and one wonders why he's in the film to begin with. But despite that, the film is pleasant. It's not earth-shattering or a must-see (the ending is rather predictable), but it's a lot better than what else is on Blockbuster's shelves....more info
  • Finally...
    A script so good that even Sandra Bullock's annoying presence can't mess it up. There are still some typical "Sandra" moments, but for the most part in this movie, you forget you are watching her, and it's a great film. This is a comedy.

    I have this DVD and watched it with commentary. I must say the director came off like a complete ass, but maybe she had a bad day. There are other cute features, like instructions on how to make a gum-wrapper chain like Sandra makes in the movie.

    Basic storyline:
    Gwen is a party girl who gets busted for a DUI. She is sentenced to rehab. At first she thinks rehab is whack and cheesy. She doesnt participate with the others, and has her party-boy boyfriend sneak her drugs. But then she starts to think she really may have a problem. Will Gwen straighten up, or continue with her partying ways? Will she accept the proposal of her drunk-druggie boyfriend?

    This movie is above all a comedy. The addicts will make you laugh, Gwen's reaction to them will make you laugh. Steve Buschemi plays a rehab counselor, and while he isn't funny in this role, he is interesting.

    There are a few sub-plots. Gwen's rehab roomie is a teenage heroin addict. Also, a major-league pitcher (sex addict, druggie) comes to rehab and bonds with Gwen. These arent too detracting from Gwen and in fact it would be boring if the whole movie was just about her.

    I don't think this movie did so well, and that's why you can get the DVD for cheap. If you have ever had a drug or alcohol problem, this movie will seem a lot funnier to you, than to someone who has never been into any of that.

    I guess the bottom line is that people should not just brush this off as a "Sandra Bullock movie". I have seen a lot of her movies and this is definitely the best. It isn't brainless comedy. It isn't genius either, but it is definitely enjoyable and I think worth a purchase.

    ...more info
  • great
    I watched this movie and Clean and Sober the same evening. What a difference. This movie was excellent and realistic.

    The characters portrayed in this film were interesting. We learned a lot in a short amount of time. We SAW the characters getting healthier, learning to live, learning to live without drugs and alcohol. . . .they grew right in front of us (unlike in Clean and Sober).

    Sandra Bullock played Gwen perfectly. Elizabeth Perkins, in a smaller role, played her sister just as perfectly. The viewer gets to see both of them heal. . . although Elizabeth Perkins' character isn't alcoholic, her life is also a struggle, and their closure is believable and warm.

    Gwen has tough choices to make, and the ending is upbeat and positive, but absolutely credible. We see her preparing for these choices throughout the movie....more info
  • Moving, deep, excellent
    Sandra Bullock, with a few exceptions, has a tendency to star in movies that don't quite make it. And this is one of them.

    BUT, I was immediately and strangely moved by the story. Maybe I was just in the right mood at the time. I cannot remotely identify with the situation - alcohol and drug addict confined in rehab - and cannot vouch for the reality of what takes place. But it seemed real, even that I might think and act like her in that situation. Her feelings felt like feelings I have had.

    To her character, Gwen, the counselors and her fellow addicts in in-patient rehab are weird. I thought so, too. She complains about "romper room philosophy" attempting to address very real, adult struggles. I detested it as well. She thinks her family doesn't understand. They don't. She resents being treated like a child by the employees. I would, too. But if this is an example, addicts need to be treated like adults with childish behaviors. I wondered if such an artificial setting could help an addict overcome a problem that might very well still exist in the "real world."

    By the end of the movie, Gwen is on a path that can lead to sobriety, almost, it seems, in spite of these weird people and inane platitudes. I'm not even sure what the turning point for her was, and perhaps there was no single turning point. It isn't usually that easy. She has learned to care about the people and care for their struggles, and thus care for her own. She begins to see beyond the simplistic chants into truths about her lovability, capability, and strength. She has turned her back on her destructive past and embraced a sober future that seems possible and desirable.

    No excuses for addiction are proffered in this film, even though the presumed origin of the character's addiction is presented. It is demonstrated that a person in the same situation did not resort to drugs and alcohol to drift through life. The movie's premise is very simple: one person's handling of her self-destruction and renewal.

    Kudos and thanks for a great movie....more info

  • i love sandra bullock movies
    ok im a 17 year old guy who loves chick flicks so what. this was a awesome movie. at the beggining you see sandras charector getting drunk at her sisters wedding. she ruins the wedding cake. goes to get a new one and crashes into someones porch alas she is sent to rehab. steve busciemi is in it too as the main counsellor. this was fun. my favorite charector was the german guy in the rehab....more info
  • Look at my package!
    I myself am not a huge fan of Sandra Bullock, but I do respect her a lot more after viewing this film. Like most guys, I was made to watch this for the sake of a woman. I thanked her right after the credits.
    Bullock is forced, by court order, to under go detox after a series of bad drunk moments. She tackles a very sensitive subject head on in this film and really shows a side of her talent that is incredible. Of course, she has a superb cast behind her including Steve Buscemi and an always great Viggo Mortensen.
    Trust me this is not a "chick flick". It is a funny and touching story that I never would have thought by the title. Pick it up, you can thank me later....more info
  • Besides the fluff, very real
    I say the fluff of the film is the portrayal of the rehab clinic - there is no rehab clinic like that anywhere that I know of at all. However, the portrayal of the situation and the people, especially the humor AND the seriousness IS realistic. Sandra is a true recovering addict, with the downfalls and the wit....more info
  • Comic, with quite a few moments of drama...
    The basic story of the movie is as cheesy as they make them: Gwen (Sandra Bullock) loves going out with her boyfriend, having fun, drinking heavily and using other substances. After ruining her sister's wedding, during which she crashes a car into a house, Gwen is sentenced to 28 days in jail - or in rehab. Now try to remember all the cheesy stuff Hollywood had ever taught us about rehab - and that would probably describe the rest of the film.

    So why the 5 starts? Because even with all this gooey cheese, the movie does have a few shining moments. One of the issues that isn't obvious in the first watching is how sheltered the addicts are in the clinic, and how tough it is for them to sometimes deal with the outside world as ex - addicts. There's a scene where a mother has to face her 2 kids in 'family sessions', and she is torn between being their mother who wants to encourage them to speak, and having to deal with her feelings about what they say. Gwen also has a tough decision when she gets back home - whether to rejoin her boyfriend and her old crowd. On another occasion, Eddie, a big baseball star, is glad to have a few minutes' reminder of his previous fame and glory by giving a couple of kids who recognized him an autograph, but is uncomfortable when they ask him where his car is (having arrived in a bus with 'Rehab Center' written all over it). Their dad tries to resolve the situation by shoo - ing them into the car, but causes Eddie even further embarresment...

    Overall, this movie is reccomended to people who like Sandra Bullok and the light comedies she usually performs in....more info

  • Intelligent and Moving Look at Insecurity and Addictions
    28 Days is a fabulous movie that stirs many emotions associated with addiction, immaturity, and insecurity. Sandra Bullock plays a character that demonstrates how many perceived strong and "vibrant" people in our lives, are too often driven by hidden insecurities and emotional pain. The movie centers around a beautiful and charismatic woman about 30 years old, that has surrounded her life with equally colorful and insecure people that routinely gather and celebrate in public places, all attempting to demonstrate that they are part of the "in-crowd". Although these people can be perceived to be having the time of their lives, it turns out they really have no life at all - and do a great job of indirectly hurting themselves and their family. Addiction to alcohol and drugs is a common outcome, and I am guessing that we all may know people like this.

    The movie makes you laugh and cry, and really makes you think about those people in your lives that may mask an internal pain, with external friendliness or happiness - maybe even ourselves. I can't imagine a better actress than Sandra Bullock to play this role, and have to say I really enjoyed the intelligence of this movie.


    ...more info
  • the bell jar meets girl interrupted
    '28 days' has a good mix of humour, song, seriousness and fun which makes it an easier movie to watch than 'girl, interrupted.'

    like the classic 'the bell jar' and, more recently, 'girl interrupted', '28 days' explores the creative & sensitive mind of women who refuse to live life by any normal rules.

    as a writer, i am always interested in watching movies about writers, but sandra bullock's creative outlet in this movie is more verbal and physical than written. i would have liked to have seen her character creating something out of the madness that is alcoholism. instead, she's almost a bystander in her treatment program and we watch as she fights herself in a battle against alcohol addiction.

    the supporting characters are what makes this movie great, including Loudon Wainwright III as the "guitar man." his songs add a deeper, serious touch to this film and are, as always, fabulous. if you're interested in hearing more from Loudon, check out 'career moves' asin:... be sure to see him in concert the next time he visits your city -- you'll laugh and you'll cry. he's the greatest.

    sandra bullock is luminous in this picture and i quite enjoyed watching it. the flashback scenes to her childhood give more insight into her character than anything else in the film. i will definitely recommend this one to friends....more info

  • An Unappreciated Movie
    Most people haven't seen this movie, which is a shame, since it's one of Sandra Bullock's best movies, and also features Viggo Mortensen (of Lord of the Rings), who is almost unrecognizable, but definitely hot, as baseball player Eddie. The other actors are wonderful too, even the minor characters shine. This movie has some great moments of humor, but also delivers some great life lessons. It's also interesting to see Sandra Bullock do drama, which she pulls off wonderfully. I would highly recommend this film to everybody....more info
  • One of Sandra Bullocks shining moments
    We love Sandra Bullock movies in this house. This one is no exception. Sure there are a couple of cheesy moments, but for the most part, this one is probably her best, performance wise. It's not easy to play a believable addict without resorting to over-used Hollywood cliches, and she plays it well without overdoing it. A few nice examples are the sugar-addiction that most addicts experience when giving up the drug of choice. The gum-wrapper chain was also very close to the truth. That nervous "sober" energy needs to be used up somehow! I was married to an alcoholic and everything she went through looked very familiar to what my ex-husband experienced. Anyways, even if you are not familiar with addiction, this is still a very entertaining movie, as are all her other movies. I would recommend this movie, ......more info
  • Gwen Is Not a Lesbian
    Funny, yet still has its moments of sobriety, no pun intended. A pretty honest look at rehab, but in the form of a comedy, it is both interesting and entertaining. Definately worth renting at the least. Fans of Sandra Bullock will like this movie....more info
  • Very Good...
    Well my girlfriend twisted my arm for ever to watch this movie. I finally gave in and I was VERY mich suprised. It was a really nice decent movie, I recommend it. You just might earn some brownie points with your girlfriend....more info