Wireless Pan/Tilt IP Camera
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Product Description

The Pan/Tilt IP Camera is a full-featured surveillance system that provides high quality video over a wireless network connection. Built-in CPU and Web Server allow the camera to function as a standalone device, allowing users to access the camera anywhere in the world by using a Web browser. Users can also move the camera remotely in almost any direction, scanning sensitive locations for unauthorized intrusion. The IP Camera comes with a CMOS sensor to deliver clear and crisp images, and its powerful IPView software gives users enhanced security options to archive streaming video straight to a computer s hard drive. IP View software can also monitor multiple cameras on a single screen, enable motion detection to trigger automatic recording, and send email alert notification.

Customer Reviews:
  • Could have been great
    Short story: Would be great IF it worked and was reliable.

    Had a little difficulty in the beginning because the picture would not show, and the camera controls worked sparatically, even directly connected. Then, suddenly one day just before returning it, I had a picture and could control the camera from my home PC. Again, a few days later, I had problems controlling the movements from the internet, some times it would work, most times not, even directly conneted. Then Exactly 1 month after purchase, I could not recieve the video from any computer or connection.

    Also, the manual was pretty good. But, it would be much better if they explained more on how to set up the camera's more complicated internet settings (FTP and SMTP). Most people do not have a clue.

    When it worked, and for the price. The picture quality was very decent, fairing better in low-light situations than most web cams I have used. Kinda washed out in bright light, or reflected light situations. Also, movement control worked pretty decently....more info