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Norton Ghost 12.0 [OLD VERSION]
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Product Description

Your PC drive now contains more than text files. There are contacts, financial documents, pictures, and (valuable) music and video downloads. They aren't as safe as you think. A glitch may accidentally occur to corrupt and even delete your files. That's where Norton Ghost comes in. It helps you backup your precious data automatically. Prompt it or let it work in the background like a ghost - quietly protecting your files, transferring them to backup drives, and even optimizing the performance of your PC's drives. There may be a ghost of a chance that you'll ever need Ghost 12 but it's far better to have Ghost fighting on your side. After all, your PC contains key aspects of your life. Protect them with Ghost 12. Automatically detects storage devices, analyzes your system, and offers best practice backup advice during installation Automatically monitors and optimizes backup disk space Triggers backups on key events, like new program installations or user logins Creates new backups on demand with One Button Back Up Now Encrypts backups to help keep them secure Task-based interface simplifies management and monitoring Displays all scheduled backups - plus the degree of backup protection for each drive on your computer - in one convenient view One-step setup wizard makes installation and configuration quick and easy Begins backing up to Maxtor external drives by simply pressing the Maxtor OneTouch button Microsoft Windows XP and Vista friendly

  • Backs up everything on your computer - digital music, photos, financial documents, applications, settings, operating system, etc. - in one easy step
  • Recovers your system and data even when you can't restart your operating system
  • Makes incremental backups to maximize space and save time
  • Makes backups on the fly, without restarting your system
  • Automatically creates an initial backup schedule based on your computer's configuration

Customer Reviews:

  • What a disappointment
    I've used Peter Norton programs since the days of CPM and found them to be simple, easy to use and well engineered. However, this Ghost 12.0 program leaves a lot to be desired before it becomes User friendly. I assume some outside software engineering company in China designed this program for them.

    1.) The program is very slow to load.
    2.) Instructions are very hard to follow and you don't get a manual. The only manual that I could find on-line to print out, was for version 10.
    3.) The program is a stand-along and does not intergrate into the System Works Program like their AntiVirus does.
    4.) There is no sync feature.
    5.) You can't rename your backup profiles without re-entering them.
    6.) Their program rating form is joke. Give them a sad smiling face (low-rating) and your not allowed to forward the survey...
    7.) I backup to 2 external drives and I'm alway getting error messages. One error message said that Norton didn't know what to do inorder to correct the program.

    In my opinion, I would never recommend that someone buy this expensive program. After 12 revisions, they still don't know what to do with it so it's User friendly. Go buy something else....more info
  • Completely Worthless and Worst than Useless
    In these days of being able to drop and drag files onto external hard drives and flash drives, it is very easy to back-up data files. One does not need a special program for this, although the nag feature in Norton Ghost may actually get you to do it. However, backing up programs and applications for Windows is impossible by simple copying; too many copyright restrictions, etc. I had several expensive and older programs that I wanted to keep safe. The solution: make a disc image or a ghost! (Get it?)

    This program cannot make a copy of an active hard drive. Even though the box explicitly states that it can make disc images, it simply cannot be done. It appears -- best as I can glean by the light of the error messages -- that the disc must be "dismounted" before it can be copied. Norton tech service had no work around. (BE WARNED: Phone service is pay only and charged by the minute even on new programs!!! and all online help simply dumps you into live chat sessions with operators that never answer.) Attempting to force the issue can destroy drives. The first step in the back-up process is to destroy the allocation files on the new disc. I now have $80 external hard drives that can't be recognized by any computer and are effectively inoperative. Just more money down the drain.

    There is a delicious irony in this situation in that several error messages were observed while trying to use Norton Ghost to back up my computer stating that my computer's hard drive was about to fail and that I really should back it up soon! It was the only part of the program that worked correctly. The computer did fail, and I now have a iMAc which can be fully backed-up by drag and drop because the OS isn't copyrighted.

    The bottom line is that this program is a costly and complete waste of money. It is unlikely that newer versions will fix the problems, because of the focus of "backing up your data" on a regular schedule -- which isn't the reason why I brought the program. I wanted to back up my HARD DISC!...more info
  • Norton Ghost - don't buy, look elsewhere
    Many of the instrustions are poorly written. On making the (most have recovery disk) the computer crashes to the blue screen of death. very poor support. Actually no support - the details I will not go into. Look elsewhere for a better program....more info
  • norton ghost 12
    Complicated to set up. Not especially user friendly, and no explicit directions. Not nearly as simple as version 9. After initial installation it seemed to work, but then after a day or so, it interfered with a number of other applications and seems to have totally corrupted the registry. Fortunately I had a workable restore point. Took me hours to uninstall it. Unfortunately I have had this problem with virtually all Norton products to the point that I won't touch any of them in the future. The programs seem to want to take over my computer and really mess things up. I now use Acronis 10 which is easy to set up, has excellent directions and is user friendly.

    Note that I gave the product 3 stars -- that was in error. I should have given it 1 star....more info
  • Backup OK, Restore Not OK
    I spent many many hours trying to copy my laptop hard drive to a new larger hard drive. Backup worked fine, but getting the images to restore onto the new hard drive didn't work. I tried many different ways (only restoring the boot drive, using the disk copy feature instead of restoring from an image), but nothing worked. Over the course of days I did many backup and restore attempts, and disk copy attempts. In some cases the new drive was able to boot into Windows but partitions were corrupted. In other cases partitions seemed OK, but networking and other features in Windows didn't work. What a mess!

    I finally gave up on Norton Ghost, downloaded and installed the free trial version of Acronis True Image Home 10.0 ([...]) and it worked perfectly the first time. I even did complicated operations like resizing the partitions on the target drive and it completed flawlessly. Acronis has many more options than Ghost and it allows you to do more complicated restore/copy than Ghost, which has limited functionality, and even that doesn't work.

    I returned Norton Ghost and purchased a copy of Acronis True Image....more info
  • Resources Hog, if it Works at All
    I bought Norton Ghost 12.0 to back-up my Vista OS PC about 6 months ago. Once I figured out the cumbersome interface and strange ways to configure the back-ups -and I consider I have above average knowledge of software and PCs-, an update Norton delivered about December time made Ghost to stop working, having me to uninstall it using a Norton removal tool, which by the way also removed the Norton AV program, forcing me to reinstall everything again.

    After that, it worked fairly well but the amount of space it takes for HD imaging and back-up of files is ridiculous. My 500 GB HD has only about 150 GB of data and software installed. I'm using Ghost to back-up to a 300 GB external WD HD. Well, the space it takes for every restore point on the imaging time is such that I can never pass the 3rd restore point before my external HD is full. Creating and image of a 150GB hard drive takes way over 300GB after three restore points. What about nice compression? What kind of software is this? Then , the back-up `clean-up' is a joke. Deleting old restore points will free minimal space on the external HD, forcing me to go and manually delete all the files associated with that back-up. Besides, there is no way to delete old back-ups of files, only restore points which as said works poorly. That without mentioning the issue of not supporting FAT32 HD formatting, which gave me a lot of headaches until I was forced to convert the HD to NTFS

    Overall, this is a bad product. I had plenty of issues in a 6 month use period and I was never able to use it the proper way, it was always a patch-work. But because at the end it did some backing-up of my files, I give it two stars. Now to wait for the Acronis True Image I ordered and cross my fingers I can remove Ghost from my system without issues
    ...more info
  • Easy interface for MS Vista
    I was surprised how easy it interfaced with Vista and how easy it was able to recover individual files. ...more info