Western Digital WDG2NC10000N My Book World Edition II 1 TB Ethernet External Hard Drive
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Product Description

Add this unique remote-access storage system to your wired or wireless network and you'll have a surprisingly simple and secure way to access and share data and photos at home, in the office, and anywhere in the world - even when your local computer is off.PRODUCT FEATURES:WD Anywhere Access - This storage system and all the files on it are always accessible when you need them, even when your local computer is turned off;Easy to set up, easy to use - You're up and running in a few simple steps. Wizard software steps you through RAID configuration and network setup is a breeze with our unique, powerful remote access software;Data OnHand - From any PC, use Windows Explorer to securely browse through folders on My Book World Edition. Open, edit and save files as though they are right there with you;Extra data protection with RAID 1 - For extra data protection, dedicate half the capacity for mirroring, and automatically and instantaneously back up data every time you save it;Extraordinary capacity - With up to 1.5 TB of storage in an elegant, small footprint design, you have plenty of space to store an entire digital photo library, your HD movie collection and hours and hours of DV video;User serviceable - Easy access allows you to open the case and replace a drive. No need to send the entire system in for service;Gigabit Ethernet Connection - High-performance 1000/100/10 compatible Ethernet connection;EMC Retrospect Express backup software - Easy-to-use software for scheduled or on-demand file backup;UPnP enabled - Makes network configuration easy and convenient;Capacity gauge - See at a glance how much space is available on your storage system;Quiet and cool - An efficient convection cooling system and a thermostatically controlled fan keep this unit reliably cool and remarkably quiet.

  • Simple and secure way to access and share data at home, in the office, and anywhere in the world
  • Data on the hard drive is accessible even when your local computer is off
  • Extra data protection with RAID 1
  • High-performance 1000/100/10 compatible Ethernet connection
  • Easy to set up, easy to use

Customer Reviews:

  • Terrible support and reliability
    Western Digital's records on warranty are incorrect, it can take 2-3 DAYS for them to verify your receipt to advance ship the drive.

    The drive failed on me without giving me ANY notification. The only reason I found out a drive failed was the time and date became incorrect and I had to manually change that.

    I used to like this drive, but after the support (from people that don't speak very good english) I recieved, I'm going to return this drive and try to find something more reliable....more info
  • Absolutely the Worst!
    I'm so fed up with this piece of garbage that it's not worth my time to review. However, I felt I should warn others. It is sooooo slow. I lose files almost everytime I move them to the external drive using the MioNet software that you are forced to use in order to share files. Retrieving files over the Internet is even slower than slooooooow. The drive has a hard time staying connected in the MioNet software (and thus, I'm sure this is why files become lost -- let me reemphasize: lost forever! -- don't ever move a file to the drive; copy them, and then do a compare to be sure they are there. Better yet, take my advice and DO NOT BUY THIS DRIVE!).

    The drive is a great idea. Shame on a company like Western Digital to release such a poor unreliable device, that will surely destroy a lot of people's lives with the precious files they will lose....more info
  • Problems-a-Plenty
    If you are still considering the My Book World, you should stop right now.

    The drive has many limitations that prohibit you from using it the way you would expect a network drive to work. For instance, you are limited in the number of files in a directory; long file names aren't possible; and the included software isn't fully functional unless you pay for an upgrade, etc.

    Additionally the drive firmware has many flaws. For instance, you will likely get many "delayed write failed" error messages; you will also notice that even if you delete a folder from the drive, its web interface will still report that the folder still exists.

    The product specification lists a gigabit ethernet connection. It may actually be gigabit, but the firmware running on the drive is going so slow that you'll swear you are connected through a 300 baud modem. It takes a loooooong time to get data to and from this drive. Its painfully slow.

    Alas, as you might expect, support is poor and overworked. I'm sure the representatives are frustrated because its just not possible to help users fix their problems over the phone if the device just doesn't work as it was intended. And furthermore, you only have 30 days of support. After that you'll have to pay $14.95 per incident -- of course you'll be throwing that money out the window too since the drive is simply a failure.

    In summary, save yourself the $500 dollars and the many hours of troubleshooting.

    ...more info
  • Absolutely worthless
    Bought this based on the WSJ review and could not be more disappointed. Worked on the first try, attempted to copy video files over and none of my computers will recognize it. This product simply doesn't work as advertised. Back in the box to Amazon and my last WD product....more info
  • Depends on use
    I came across the My Book World while planning to assemble a small file/backup server, using a couple of 500GB drives in a beige box, setup with RAID mirroring. When I saw this product, I decided to give it a try and save myself some time and space. I've had the drive for about a week, and am very satisfied.

    While it fits my needs very well, I'm giving it 3 stars because I do not think it lives up to its marketing. Unless you're planning to store music/videos/photos on a file server anyway, I doubt this drive would prove a very good choice. The speed of accessing the drive is at least limited by the speed of your network. The included software seems useless (you can mount the drives like any windows/SMB share). I, like other reviewers, had a problem with an overactive and very loud fan. I resolved this by taking the cover off the drive, which is probably not wise, but it fits in well with my other computer equipment. In short, if you just want an external drive to store media, I don't think this drive would be worth the effort, even with the remote access capabilities.

    On the other hand, if you're considering using this drive as a cheap file server, check out the Wikipedia article. It lists several sites with more information on the My Book, including one with instructions for getting root ssh access to the box (the drive includes a system partition with linux installed). After tweaking the configuration and installing some other software, I've ended up with a nice, cheap file server that takes up little space.

    And, yes, the Quick Install guide is not worth much. I recommend going to the full user guide on the included CD....more info
  • If you must buy this make sure it is easily returned...
    This unit does not support long path names. After each daily automated backup I saw a hyperlinked error message however nothing happened when clicked on. So after 7 days I tried a restore to a different computer and discovered that less than one-third of the files were being backed up.

    I called WD tech support whose only solution was to use shorter pathnames. This was not acceptable and not even an option due to the software I use in particular AutoCAD.

    I asked WD tech support why the Retrospect software did not report the error, there was no answer. I asked if there was an error log I could look at to see what the errors were, after checking with others on the support team I was told there was none.

    No doubt my experience is colored by the lackluster performance of the particular person who 'helped' me ... who asked me to run chkdsk and comprehensive disk diagnostics all of which I believe had nothing to do the problem.
    Putting all that aside I think the concept of a mirrored hard disk backup that can be remotely accessed via the Internet is nothing short of brilliant. I had no trouble with the Mionet remote access software, it was fairly intuitive and easy to follow. But the Retrospect software that 'came with' is very limited, for example you can only schedule one automated back up. Even Handy Backup which I've used for years allows multiple schedules. As the WD tech support person said this software 'was not very good' and was simplified from older software to make it more user friendly. He added that the older software was still available and that they had nothing else to offer.

    Otherwise it installed easily and we did not find the noise objectionable on the unit we had. Certainy it is a lot quieter than any of our Dell Workstation drives.

    Fortunately I had bought this unit from Dell which made returning it a breeze, I am now looking to possibly a Buffalo or Maxtor unit with Cobian Backup (freeware) or similar after reading PC Magazines articles by Bill Machrone.

    ...more info
  • Stay away from this piece of junk
    I've had this for a few months now. The installation was reasonably easy, and I have the same complaints about mionet that everyone else has. However, the device simply goes offline intermittently for no reason. When this happens the front on/off switch also stops responding so the only way to reset it is to unplug and the plug it back in. Now it is useless to me as a backup or storage device. My only actions of recourse now are to return the unit or find another SATA NAS enclosure and use the drives that came in it. If I had to buy this device again I never would have. ...more info
  • Don't Buy This Model !
    While I'm still a fan of Western Digital products, this one was discontinued for a reason. If you start trying to copy files from another drive, it eventually quits and has to be reset. I was not happy that it took a day with tech support in India before I got to a tech support guy in California who informed me that I needed the newer model. Amazon was great though to take back my product and refund my money....more info
  • Contrary to Popular Opinion.....
    The drive is great. Access speed are limited to your ethernet speed so access speed can be an issue for speed demons out there. However, contrary to popular belief, you do not need to install any software. Microsoft's built-in network manager can find the drive easily on the same network. If you want the drive for use outside your private network then you WILL need the software. Otherwise, there are a lot of sour grapes out there that do not know how to find a network drive. Word to the wise, the first time we put the drive on the network we had to turn the power off and turn it back on since it didn't get assigned an IP address on the router. So this method may be the trick you need to SEE it on the network. Enjoy a great home solution to networking....more info
  • Highly unreliable drive
    This drive is simply unreliable, a bad thing for a backup drive, and would rate zero stars if such a rating was available. Within the past year, I have had to replace the drive three times (I've just requested my fourth.) The first two did not work at all and had to be returned immediately. The third was reliable for about eleven months, then simply stopped working. Technical support was useless, their ideas limited to making sure the unit was plugged into the wall and trying a replacement power cord. What's even more annoying, Western Digital's replacement policy requires that you pay for the replacement drive before you return the defective one. Finally, the defective drive is replaced by a "refurbished" one, the warranty on which only extends to the same date as that of your original drive. One interesting sidebar is that four of the five support people I've spoken with have made it fairly obvious that they know this product is a piece of junk, unworthy of anything beyond the most rudimentary troubleshooting. In summary, once the warranty expires on this unit, presuming I get a replacement that lasts that long, I will never buy another product from Western Digital. ...more info
  • Very Big Disappointment
    I had this drive for about a week before returning it. There was literally nothing about it that was easy or simple...everything seemed like pulling teeth.

    To begin with, the drive MUST be connect via ethernet cable to your router. It will not be recognized by Windows if the ethernet connection is not there and the "Mionet" software is not run. Mionet establishes the network connection for this drive. Unfortunately, I found that when the network connection was active (I was signed in to Mionet), my system did not recognize any other device (memory stick or hard drive) plugged into another USB port. On the other hand, if the drive was not "networked", the other devices worked but I could not access this one.

    Using both the included backup software as well as Nero7 Backitup software, I was not able to get one backup to run to end of job successfully. Out of 5 or 6 tries, the backups would abend every time.

    Those file that did manage to get backed up were accessible sooo slowly. When I began my backup with Nero, I got a time estimate of 25+ hours for 50+ Gigabytes of data. That's crazy slow. What's more, there is a substantial list of files that can NOT be "shared" using only a web browser without the Mionet software on the particular PC. This includes MP3 and various video files. So for all that, and taking the slowww speed into account, there are many file types you can not access at all (the folders they are in do not display them).

    The last straw for me, before returning the unit, was trying to login to Mionet to establish the network connection, and finding myself unable to do so, with an error message stating that there was "something" wrong with my network connections. Great! No network connection, no hard drive. You can not access your files unless the network connection works, and in this case mine wouldn't, so any files I did manage to get onto this incredibly slow drive were not accessible to me at all. That's when I packed it up and returned it.

    To recap: VERY slow write/read times; requires network connection or Windows does not recognize the hard drive; backups very unreliable (not one ran to end-of-job for me); extensive list of files types that can not be shared (most of the ones you would WANT to share).

    My advice...don't buy this. ...more info
  • Very poor option. zero stars if I could
    I had this unit a year and have never been satisfied. My goal was to have a common backup location for everyone on my LAN to share The unit always was very slow when reading or writing. More importantly recently I had one of the two hard drives fail . Should have been no problem since I was using RAID to mirror drives. WD did send out a replacement within a few days however after a lot of go arounds with WD tech support it turns out the second drive was also corrupted . I lost a tremendous amount of information I thought was totally secure. Very unreliabile. I would give this unit a zero (0) if I could . Do not rely on for data protection. Also this unit does not stream media files...more info
  • Buyer Beware!
    I strongly dislike this product. I have used WD drives before without issue, so I didn't think twice before buying this one. I was enticed by the thought of accessing my data through a browser from anywhere in the world. DO NOT BE FOOLED. My drive continuously gets dropped or changes letter assignment, which makes backing up a nightmare. I tried using the WD Backup software but as I stupidly threw out the quick install guide, I am unable to get a product key. I refuse to put more money into this piece of junk. WHY would the company put a registration key on a quick install guide? How about a sticker on the disc? Ridiculous. I used it for the 30 day trial and have been struggling with it ever since. I wouldn't recomment this drive on my worst enemy. Save your money!...more info
  • A bit of a disappointment
    I was very keen to purchase this unit, (I didn't get it from amazon), I already had a few other NAS solutions, and have several My Book drives (which I really like), both USB and Fireware versions work well, so I thought this would be a nobrainer. To use it, you must install a 3rd party software application, which requires you to sign up for a "basic" account, and of course they try to upsell you for more features and functions.

    It works OK with Windows, but in order use it with a MAC you can use the standard smb file sharing, so you don't need the software supplied, as well as using the admin features via your web browser.

    Compared to my Infrant NAS + this unit is 3rd rate, its slow, cumbersome and featureless. I would recommend that anyone thinking about getting this unit, consider looking at other options, including the mybook option(s). (for faster network connectivity make sure you use a Gigiabit Router/Switch).

    If I was going to do this again, I would consider a new Wireless Access Point with the ability to connect a USB drive and share it across the network, something like the Apple N Wireless Access point and MYBook USB drive....more info
  • excellent backup
    I am not sure I understand the advantage of the WDAnywhere software, but once you wade through the instructions you realize you can install this without ever installing the WD software. Straightforward setup allows you to use this as a RAID 1 disc array, removing some concerns for backing up data. Easy to setup (if you have some level of networking knowledge) and (so far) reliable. Backup software is basic to say the least - but it works.......more info
  • Good, Inexpensive Network Storage
    I don't know what's wrong with these reviewers, but I just bought one of these for $368 and it's a great deal. Inexpensive and easy to setup. Not as noisy as some of these 'reviewers' would want you to believe. Not that slow, either. Sure, I spent $1200 on a 1.2 TB Infrant and it came with everything, including Raid 5 and and Print/FTP server capability, but this box is less than a 1/3 of that.

    Good, cheap, easy to setup. Just don't use the Mionet Access Anywhere software. use the admin interface, add it to your domain/workgroup, create some shares, and mount them as network drives from your PCs/laptops. Use the provided backup software or Windows backup or one of your own choosing. I'm going to use it as backup and to share music files.

    ...more info
  • Piece of junk
    I bought this thing on a whim at Costco. What a mistake that was.

    It is *loud*.
    It is slow.
    Deceptively advertised as gigabit while onboard controller is 100Mb.
    The MioNet bundled software is garbage.

    In short, you can do a lot better than this with only a little research. Do yourself a favor!...more info
  • Not for corporate use
    Purchased one of these for use as a backup device. It has NO way of using USB to connect to it. The USB port is only for expanding the space by adding another drive. The network link requires you to have an internet connection so you can register and create an account. Without the account, you cannot run the software that will allow you to actually connect to the box. Our firewall/internet security package would not allow an automated connection to the web site. I also do not want to have to make a web conncetion when all I want to do is backup a file to a local box. I understand this may be more oriented to the home users who wants to connect to this thing from afar, but it also should come with software, running locally, that allows me to manage this thing without signing up for some account someplace. I understand you need to pay $50 for a year long account. So, this thing is really meant to generate a revenue stream, not to backup your data. I took it back to BB, where it was $320. Amazon has a better price, but if you look at the comments, it turns out not to be a good deal. The build in drm is also a non-starter. None of this is clear from the outside of the box, excecpt the USB problem....more info
  • Slow, now dead
    I set the drive up to run as RAID 1 (mirroring) so if one drive dies, I still have another with my data safe. It was slow transferring data to the drive; a good task to run overnight. It's also noisy, so park where it won't be too annoying. It's been a little more than a year now, warranty expired, and I could no longer access the drive! If I power it down and up, I can see the management page or access a share for about 30 seconds before it essentially shuts itself down. What does WD tech support say? You lost a drive so now you have to replace the unit! What good is RAID 1 if you can't even access the one good drive?! And what about my data?! Not recommended....more info
  • Rip-Off
    Suggest you pass this by. It looks like a good product, but there are some flaws. I'm not saying that WD drives are bad, but this product is. If you are thinking about a network attached drive which can be used to back up all of the PCs on your home network, and your laptop while you are away, this is not the answer.

    It sets up easy with the first PC, but you can't get connected to the rest.

    Also, WD sells this network application which costs $80 per year per computer. The basic claim is that you can access this drive via the internet, but they fail to tell you that you need to purchase this application (MIONET). There appears to be a link that will let you access the drive without the application, but the link is broken, and the folks at WD can't tell you how to fix it.

    Would like to compliment the WD support staff. Wait times are short, and the personnel are knowledgeable. However, someone invented a re-set procedure which would make a Chiropractor very happy.

    To effect a re-set, you will need a paper clip. You must disconnect the CAT5 cord from both the router and the Disk Drive. Then disconnect the power cord at the outlet, not the back of the enclosure. The insert the paperclip in the re-set hole. Hold this in place for 90 seconds. After 90 seconds, while holding the clip in place, plug in the power cord at the outlet. Continue holding the paper clip in place for another 90 seconds. Release and wait for two circles to become fully illuminated, then re-connect the CAT 5 cable first to the Drive, and then to the router.

    I'd like to find the author of that procedure....more info
  • Howls like a banshee
    It is incredibly loud, and howls . I don't know how you can have it in any room other than in a bathroom with the exhaust on. I am planning to return this unit immediately . ...more info
  • Excellent
    After playing with this Hard Drive, i configured WITHOUT MIONET. If idid that YOU CAN DO IT TOO.......more info
  • Failure on the first day
    This item will not hook direct to your USB, it has to go through your router. This means its real slow, I was able to copy 2.5 gigabyts and then the drive said I didnt have permission to use it. Tech support (two calls to them - the upper and lower levels) told me the drive was faulty and to go get a new one). I really wanted this to work, it sounded great even if it was slow.

    Well the store had them on the bottom shelf, they were 100 dollars more than anything else. So far I havent had luck with anything 1tb in size. The my book home failed the first day, and a seagate free agent. I don't think I am doing anything too insane here.... back up mp3's and a simple back up. I cant hardly say it was user error, because lets face it, plug and play hard drives really aint that complicated.

    Happy computing!

    J...more info
  • I wish I could give it 0 stars
    Do not buy this drive. It is SLOW, SLOW, SLOW. I get frustrated every time that I use it. I keep hoping that WD will issue firmware updates that will make this drive usable, but I'm giving up hope.

    My next step is to pull out the two drives and put them in a server of my own building.

    WD...you lost a customer....more info
  • Great price for a RAID capable network accessible storage device
    I originally purchased the single drive version of this unit, but decided after that I was not satisfied with the data protection on just one drive.

    Upon receiving the unit it is initially configured to span both drives creating a 1 Terrabyte partition for data storage. It took about 3 hours for the unit to fully complete the re-configuration process to enable RAID 1 mirroring which cuts usable space from 1 TB to approx. 500 GB due to all data being stored on both drives.

    Once the unit was setup it was easily accessed and transfer was easily accomplished from the existing unit.

    There does seem to be a longer delay when accessing the share that is automatically setup by the client software on your local computer. If you directly map a drive access is as fast as your local network will allow.

    Remote access uses the "Mionet" software and will allow remote access to files on the drive and any powered local PC's if you are accessing remotely. This is enhanced if you have the client software installed on the remote PC by allowing the drive to appear as if it's local (it's still as slow as the network connection you are on).

    You will need to pay extra for the enhanced Mionet services including the remote desktop access feature, wait for them to send you a deal notification before purchasing at full price if you like this feature.

    Knowing the limitations, overall, I am very satisfied with this unit....more info