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Nathan Speed 2 Waistpack with Two 10-Ounce Nutrition Flasks
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Product Description

Molded holsters with silicone grips on the inside carry two 10 oz. nutrition flasks, so you can easily stay hydrated while you"re on the move. Limited-stretch elasticized waist belt with soft perimeter binding and Airmesh back offers a bounce-free fit while keeping you cool and dry. Small pocket for stashing your extra gear. Waist Sizing: S(26"- 32"), M(32"- 36"), L(36"- 42").

  • Molded holsters for quick Flask access
  • Two 10 oz. Nutrition Flasks
  • Larger stash pocket for small essentials
  • Silicone grips inside holsters prevent Flasks from popping out
  • Three sizes: SM 26-32", MED 32-36" & LG 36-42"

Customer Reviews:

  • Too small!
    I'm sitting here at work wearing my belt over my jeans in an attempt to stretch it out before I run with it. Get a size bigger!!!!!...more info
  • Finally a belt that works
    I love this belt. First, I love that it has a velcro strap so you can adjust it to your liking. Second, it doesn't bounce around at all when I run, which is what I hated with other products I purchased in the past. The bottles hold a total of 20 ounces, so it's perfect for 1-2 hour runs, if you've drunk enough water prior to your run. It also works if there's fountains on your route. If you're relying on the 20 ounces for your only source of liquids, then you shouldn't get the 2-bottle belt if you're running more than 2 hours or if you're running in hot temperatures. Last, as other reviewers mentioned, I recommend the medium. I have a 30-inch waist, and there's no way the small could have fit, although the small says it's for runners up to 32-inch waist. The medium fit, and I still have plenty of room to gain or lose weight :)...more info
  • Good deal for short runs or supported long runs
    Our team had one of our primary water stops stolen during a 12 mile training run, so we all showed up the next week with our own water packs, just in case. Turns out it has worked very well for good hydration on all my runs: with only two bottles it isn't very heavy, it's perfect for my shorter runs, and as long as I have a water stop or two to fill back up along the route, it has worked very well on my 12-18 mile runs.
    I can fit 2-3 Jelly Belly Sports Beans packets, 1 Powerbar, and my ID plus debit card in the pouch.

    An additional benefit is that the way the belt sits on me, it's a little tight, and for some reason that has decreased my upper body stitches and tightness after the long runs. Perhaps it's good for posture, too? :-)...more info
  • Surprisingly comfortable
    I have always been weary of water belts because I thought they would move around and bother me while running. However, I decided to try this one because I'm doing 20+ mile runs on a route with few drinking fountains. I'm really pleased with the belt. It doesn't shift at all during my run, and it's easy to reach the bottle and take a drink without spilling. I don't carry any food with me, but the pocket would be big enough for clif shots or something comparable. I think that they run a little small though- I wear size small or medium women's running shorts, and the medium size belt is just big enough....more info
  • Good Product
    I'm training for half marathon in Ft. Lauderdale. I join with Memorial Hospital is a big group so you can imagine a lot of my gym friend have different water bottle. I like this one because it holds the water bottle still and easy to take out & put it back even when I'm running. My other friends their water bottle is bouncing too much. Overall I love it; I'm planning to purchase another one with 4 water holder. Beside I got my favorite color pink. ...more info
  • Great belt, buy a size up!
    I bought these belts for my husband and I to train for a half marathon. I originally got mediums(hoping to fit our 31 and 36 inch waists). They were WAY too small! I wish I had seen that other reviewers had a similar problem. Amazon took them back for a full refund. We got the larges and absolutely love them. I can fit my cell phone, gym locker keys and a gel pack in the pocket. The belt stays in place and the water is easy to access....more info
  • Great belt pack
    Very nice product with adequate features for medium distances. I also purchased a Nathan 20oz hand held to go along with the two 10oz water bottles to allow for longer runs. After several runs I found I like having both of my hands free so I ordered an extra clip on water bottle and large zipper pouch to store gels. An average runer could easily go 1-2 hours out on the trails with this pack - if used in conjunction with other Nathan products or have access to drop bags this would be the perfect belt for a race

    I have not had any trouble with the bottles falling out ot the belt "sloshing" around as I run. I like having the weight of the water on the back instead of the sides (the bottles do not get in that way of any arm motion)

    The rear pouch is large enough to store a cell phone - two gel packs - emergency matches, car key, shoelaces and tissue...more info
  • perfect for refreshment on the run
    i really love the look and feel of this waistpack. it has an adjustable velcro closure as well as elastic all around for a secure, comfortable fit. i ordered a large, thinking i would wear it around my hips, but i ended up wearing it at my waist, which was more comfortable. my waist is probably 34" and i fit the large on the small end. a medium would have probably been ok for someone my size.
    the flasks are easy to access and the pouch is big enough for a cell phone, energy gel, and a key. there is also a key clip inside the pouch for security. i normally run about three miles at a time, but i was able to run longer distances having water and energy gel on hand.
    i would highly recommend this product for anyone wanting refreshment and style on the run....more info
  • Nathan Speed 2 waist pack
    This waist pack is comfortable and well balanced. However, make sure you screw the bottle tops on perfectly or they will leak. The bottles come out of the pouches with ease when I am running . Yet, they stay in securely when I don't need them. ...more info
  • Medium size barely fit my 31" waist
    This waist pack did its job well. I ordered a medium, and it barely fit my 31" waist. ...more info
  • Great water belt - no movement!
    I've taken this pack on a few runs now... It's awesome.

    The small size of the bottles keeps sloshing to a minimum -- even when each is only half-full. You can hear it a bit, but there's no extra "motion".

    The belt is nice and snug - so it'll take a couple runs to get used to it, but it is comfortable.

    Highly recommended....more info
  • No complaints
    Pretty happy with this fuel pack! When I first got it I thought it seemed too small, but it stretches comfortably (I am 5'9, weigh 155lbs & size Large works). It feels like it's barely there when running. Was perfect for my 1/2 marathon training. I could fit my cell phone and a cliff bar or gels in the pouch. ...more info
  • Good product - doesn't shift
    As a woman, I have been finding it difficult to adjust many of the typical hydration waist packs to where i want them to sit - just above my hips - without them riding up or bouncing. The velcro closure on this one makes adjustment and wearing this one very easy. As with other reviewers, I ordered a medium even though their sizing chart makes it appear that I should have ordered the small. The medium fits perfectly.
    ...more info
  • Great Belt...order size larger
    I love this belt for my long runs. I had to return the small for a medium. I should have listened to the other reviews. Amazon made it really easy to exchange sizes. I would recommend this belt to anyone....more info
  • great product but runs very small
    I should have listened to all the other reviewers and ordered a size up because I had to return my small for a medium. I am 5 ft 3 in 115 lbs and the small did not fit. Now that I have the right size I really like the velcro because it keeps the belt from moving. The bottles slip in and out very easily and it is very comfortable....more info
  • very small circumference
    I am a large woman with about a 40 inch waist. The largest was very snug. I had to purchase an extension to get a few more inches. Order larger than you need! I bought an extension from (search on 'nathan hydration belt extender'). Otherwise, this is a great belt!!! Pocket is big enuff for my ipod touch and a couple of keys/money. wonderful product! I live in Houston and it's HOT 80% of the time...I wish I would have gotten one with more than 2 bottles, but it's adequate....more info
  • Nathan Speed 2 Waist Pack
    Excellent product! Doesn't move around when running. The two 10 oz. flasks are well designed and give me enough fluids for half-marathon runs. I read the reviews, got the next size, glad I did. It fits well....more info