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SimpleTech by Hitachi SimpleDrive 500 GB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive SP-U35/500 (designed by Pininfarina)
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Product Description

The sleek lines and ultra-low profile styling of this SimpleDrive were designed by Pinifarina, the very same design firm that gives Ferrari sports cars their stylish lines.Don't let its beauty fool you. SimpleDrive is a high-performance external hard drive ideal for storing and backing up your music, video, photos and more.

Thanks to the sleek, low-profile styling by famed Italian car designer Pininfarina, the SimpleDrive Desktop USB 2.0 External Hard Drive isn't just another external hard drive. The recipient of the same magic design touch and attention to fine details that helped turn Ferrari and Maserati into icons of the automotive world, the SimpleDrive Desktop will help turn your work space into a virtual art display while offering you up to 500 GB of backup storage for your computer files.

The SimpleTech? SimpleDriveTM offers:
  • Slick Ferrari-inspired design by Pininfarina.
  • High-speed USB 2.0 interface for data transfer at up to 480 Mbps.
  • Fabrik Ultimate BackupTM for 2 GB of free secure online storage.
  • 1-year warranty.

The SimpleDrive was designed Pininfarina of Ferrari fame. View larger.
Ferrari-Inspired Low-Profile Design for your Desk
Get used to the staring when your colleagues visit your desk. This compact and elegant onyx black drive is as much a piece of fine art as a piece of robust hardware. But don't let the looks fool you. Beneath its cool and sleek exterior is a robust, high-capacity, single-drive solution that gives you the ability to store and backup tons of music, videos, photos and documents in a small footprint.

Featuring plug and play simplicity, and Mac and PC compatibility, the SimpleDrive Desktop features a hi-speed USB 2.0 interface for fast transfer of data at up to a 480 Mb/sec data transfer rate. Whether you want to increase the capacity of your desktop, or back up your valuable files quickly and securely, the SimpleDrive Desktop will perform for you with style. A built-in Kensington security lock lets you lock down your drive while you're away, and a built-in capacity meter keeps you abreast of your storage situation at all times.

Powerful Local and Online Backup Options
The SimpleDrive Desktop includes two backup options that will keep your mind at ease about your important data. With the included OneClick backup software, you have the option of either backing up and protecting all your files and folders, or selected ones, with a single click, or automatically. Either way, you'll have the peace of mind knowing your digital world is safe and protected.

But for the ultimate in protection, the SimpleDrive Desktop also offers the Fabrik Ultimate Backup solution that uploads your files to a secure, online server that will protect your data from real-world mishaps and offer near-real time protection without bogging down your computer. Fabrik's Ultimate Backup allows you to store up to 2 GB for free on one of its 448-bit encrypted servers, and for just a few dollars a month, you get unlimited capacity to securely store all of your important files and media collections offsite. Acting just like the drive's local backup software, you simply set Fabrik Ultimate Backup once, and it automatically and regularly backs up your content behind the scenes.

The capacity meter shows you how much space is left at a quick glance. View larger.

All backups, to the external drive or online service, are unobtrusive. Once your initial content has uploaded, the software performs incremental backups, so only the smallest amount of data that has been changed or modified in your files will be updated. (Although the SimpleDrive Desktop is both Mac and PC compatible, at this time the Fabrik Ultimate Backup solution is only available for Windows-based computers.)

To keep your content private and confidential, all files are encrypted with 128-bit SSL encryption while in transit, with an option for a private encryption key. Fabrik's offsite 448-bit Blowfish encrypted servers are housed by a Fortune 500 company, ensuring file protection, security and peace of mind. So no matter what happens to your drive--a curious toddler, a spilled drink or natural disaster--your irreplaceable photos, music, videos and files will be safe and secure both offsite and online.

The SimpleDrive Desktop measures a scant 1.50 x 8.25 x 5.0 (WxLxD), is backed by a 1-year warranty, and comes with free, unlimited technical support.

What's in the Box
3.5 SimpleDrive Desktop External Hard Drive with One-Click Backup Software, USB 2.0 Cable, AC Adapter, Resource CD, and Quick Install Guide.

The SimpleDrive comes in different storage capacities for every need.

  • Stylish, external 500 GB Hard Drive with USB 2.0 connection
  • Stylish design by Ferrari designer Pininfarina
  • Built-in slot for Kensington security lock
  • Backed by 1-year warranty and unlimited technical support
  • Measures 5.0 x 1.50 x 8.25 inches (WxHxD)

Customer Reviews:

  • Simpletech 500 GB is great
    It doesn't do tricks or get me a cold soda, but it does have a neat flashing light as it stores new data. Lets face it, storing data is what's important and this 500 GB hard drive does just that. With USB 2.0 connectivity, what could be easier! To be totally honest, I bought this one as a back-up to my first one(Identical unit) because I had to send the first one for repair of a burnt out power board inside the drive. Customer service was outstanding in that when I spoke to a representative I told him I did not want to ship the actual hard drive from inside the case, so he told me to remove it and only send the case (with the burnt board inside) and the wall transformer. After testing, he replaced the bad board and shipped it back to me free of charge.
    So those are my experiences with these units....more info
  • all 3 of mine have major problems, one with complete failure
    I bought one, then two more after the first one worked OK for a few days -- a mistake The drives (all 3) continually have directory corruption issues in XP, and require dskchk, even immediately after fixing in the same session!

    ... Now after several months one has failed completely. Simpletech's website has a contact form that claims they'll get back within 24 hours... three weeks later I've yet to hear a word. Try calling the numbers on their website? All you'll get is a 'beep beep beeeeeeep! all circuits are busy' message, all the time.

    In short, they cannot and will not be contacted, caveat emptor once again.

    Another company that believes the best policy is to sell unreliable junk and then hide behind their website and busy phones to avoid responsibility. So much for quality or ethics at simpletech.

    BTW... The blue lights on top are obnoxious, too, and the shape has no benefit but takes more space than necessary. ... this is a disgrace to what Pininfarina used to design!...more info
  • Best external hard drive I have owned - at a great price
    After reading plenty of positive reviews on Amazon I purchased this drive for extra media storage and backup purposes. I previously owned a Seagate 250gb external hard drive. I did not have any major problems with it, but it was large, ugly, loud, slow at times, and could not be detected on Ubuntu Linux. I purchased the Simpletech Simpledrive and I have been using it for about 4 months now without a single problem. It was easily detected on every operating system I used it with (Windows XP, Mac OSX 10.4, Ubuntu Linux). It is quick, quiet, small, sleek, and lights up on the top when in use. What else can you ask for? Simpletech provides the best bang for the buck on external hard drives....more info
  • Be careful what you buy
    Ref: SimpleTech 500 GB external hard drive.

    I'm not a very happy camper. I bought the hardware with the CD install disk. Started to install using that disk and received a message that the disk had a Trojan Horse virus on it and my machine would not open it.

    Then I emailed Simpletech. Got a link to install software from their internet site, which I did. After installing, tried to hit the back up button and was informed that I had to create a backup folder first. This I did and then did a file dump. It took over 2 hours for the file backup and compare, for about a 1.1 Gig backup. I don't know if that is long or short, but that is the time it took.

    Next, I tried to access my Palm Pilot calendar software, only to find out that all my calendar data had disappeared. Emailed Simpletech again to find out why and they stated that their product did not back up or deal with any scheduling software, so their product had nothing to do with the mysterious disappearance. (Note, in fairness, I had not been able to back up my PC scheduler to my handheld device since March of 2008 because of a software glitch with the palm software.)

    So then, I called PalmPilot software support. They corrected the glitch that would not allow hotsyncing of the handheld and the PC, but were unable to find the missing calendar files. I was on the phone with them for 3 hours. And they charged me a fee for the technical support.

    Bottom line, if you are going to back up your files on a Simpletech device, you should back them up somewhere else first, like a network backup source if you have access to one, so if the software messes with your other programs, you are protected....more info
  • Simple Tech 1TB external drive
    I had purchased the 1TB external drive and it did not work. The replacement drive did not work on my work desktop but it seems to be working on my home computer...more info
  • Quick Death Guaranteed
    The first died after 2.5 months. Runs EXTREMELY hot, which may contribute to the short lifespan of these drives. The replacement drive lasted only 2 months, so I'm no longer interested in Simpletech products....more info
  • great
    This is for people who say they have lost data..

    I thought I lost my data once on my SimpleTech HD, but then I found a solution and got ALL of my files back & I have been using mine for 2 yrs now.
    Try this: click on start on Run... ( a small window/box should open)...Type: command.... a dos window will open, you will see: c:\DOCUME~1\OWNER>..
    Type: chkdsk (location of hd):/f (note: after chkdsk you will type the drive letter where your HD is located.. for example: chkdsk k:/f...K being the location of the HD). Be sure to type it like this: chkdsk k:/f .... then enter ...Then type exit to close window when done. This worked for me. I found this solution on the geek squad site. Good luck!...more info
  • Be Prepared To Intercept This Embedded Trojan Horse: TR/Agent.59904.B
    This was a Boxing Week discounted item. It was the cheapest 1.0 TB external hard drive in the store (I wonder why?). Since I own the 250GB SimpleTech SimpleDrive external HDD and didn't have any problems with it (even after it was accidentally dropped 4 feet onto a concrete floor), I presumed the 1.0TB would be just as smooth if not better.

    Immediately upon connection and activation of the unit, my notebook's Start Avira Antivir Personal Version 8 software discovered a trojan horse (TR/Agent.59904.B) which was embedded in the unit. Not a good start. So, that trojan horse had to be deleted.

    I prefer using the faster StorageSync software which came with the 250GB SimpleTech to backup files.

    Aside from the Trojan Horse surprise, the unit works as designed.

    ...more info
  • Ok while it lasted
    Have used it as an offsite backup drive that I keep at my office, bringing home once a week to backup to. Worked fine for that little use until it died recently. It was only 14 months old, guess you do get what you pay for. ...more info
  • Unstable for 3 months, then died
    I bought a 500GB version of this drive. I installed it on a Windows 2000 server, and it worked immediately. Then I would get these strange little errors, when accessing files across the network, about files being corrupt. But the files would open just fine and gave no indication of corruption. Then one day I restarted my computer and the OS started a disk scan. After the OS loaded, there was drive letter, but it errored out any time I tried to access it. I was mortified. I tried cracking the case open and checking the wiring (thus voiding my warranty) to try and get my data, but to no avail. SimpleTech tech support was pretty much useless. They said that I'd need a 3rd party to recover my data. I found this really cheap and WONDERFUL software called Zero Assumption Software that helped me retrieve my data. I was so, so relieved. It took about 30 hours to scan the drive and recover the files, but it did it successfully. I won't be buying this brand again, and I'd encourage you to do the same....more info
  • Bad luck?
    I bought 2 of these because the cost would be cheaper than buying 1 TB drive, 1 stopped working after 1 day and the other one is having problems (unable to be used.) not satisfied at all :( ...more info
  • Great
    Thanks for this product, no problems and a great deal.

    Thank you...more info
  • external hard drive
    This product arrived very quickly. It has worked beautifully since the moment I installed it. Great Product....more info
  • Don't trust your data to this drive
    Like others, I read most of the reviews here and took the negative reviews with a grain of salt. Big mistake. I have owned this drive for four months now and it worked perfectly for 3 months and 3 weeks. Now my PC won't recognize the drive. This has happened 3 times in the last few weeks - each time I reformatted the drive and backed up my PC again. It would work OK for a couple of days and then it failed. NOTHING !!! This drive is UNRELIABLE. Only purchase this drive if you don't mind losing the data you store on it - rather pointless. I completed an RMA on the Simpletech web site but based on other reviews here I will be surprised if they respond. I have absolutely NO CONFIDENCE in this drive....more info
  • Simpletech
    I have purchased many of these for a video business and they perform very well for the price. They can be used for PC or Mac. Very easy to format. I use them to do wedding videos in iMovie.

    Gino...more info
  • DO NOT USE THIS DRIVE if you value your data!
    I got this drive to backup a laptop that had gone kaput... I put all my info on this thing, then restored the laptop. I intended to back up my important stuff from this drive to another soon.. But never got the chance. WITHIN ONE WEEK of purchasing and using this drive, I started getting a clicking noise and the drive was not recognized by the computer.

    I called SimpleTech and was told that the clicking noise indicated a hard drive failure; they could replace/repair the drive, but my data was gone unless I wanted to pay someone hundreds of dollars to recover it.

    This thing is completely unreliable and the customer service agent was absolutely unempathic, unhelpful, and rude.

    BUY SOMETHING ELSE!! I'm going for a Seagate this time....more info
  • It workes very well for a few months and then died!!
    I used the drive to backup all of my important files and family photos and videos. The drive worked very well for a few months and then all of a sudden decided to stop working.

    I only powered it on when I needed to do backups and restores so it is not like it could have overheated. I am not sure what happened.

    ...more info
  • Very Satisfied with Simpletech
    This is a very good and fast USB 2.0 hard drive. I would recommend this drive to a friend....more info
  • Exellent Product
    The Good: Sleek design, nice one touch backup, fast response time and reliable .
    The bad: Bulky

    If you need a reliable back up device, then the SimpleTech SimpleDrive is for you. Out of the box I was a little disappointed about the size, but once I plugged it in and started using it, I became more and more in love with this drive. The drive was easy to set-up and in less than a minute I was up and running. The price was very reasonable as well.

    Bottom line, if you need a good back up system or another drive, then get the SimpleTech SimpleDrive....more info
  • Too Big
    This product is bigger than it appeared to be. No good case to have it wrapped in. Do not buy this product if you want a small external hard drive....more info
  • If you're a gambler, then this product is for you I suppose.
    Given the fact that there is nearly a 50/50 split between 5-Star and 1-Star reviews of this product, I suppose the chances of any one individual being happy with this device could be modeled by the flip of a coin. Unfortunately, I chose heads and the coin turned up tails.

    I have owned a 160GB SimpleTech SimpleDrive external HDD for three years now and have transported it to two continents, worked with it outside, in vehicles and everywhere in between and it has never once caused me any trouble.

    Feeling the need for storage space, I assumed that the 500GBs offered by this product would be a welcomed addition. After unpacking the hard drive, I was very satisfied with the simple "plug and play" installation that these drives are renowned for. I was able to rename the drive, drag a couple of music files to it and was GAME OVER.
    The PC I was using sounded the ever-familiar chime when an external device is unplugged -- only I did not unplug a thing. Ever since I have been undable to get that particular PC or any of my other two computers to recognize the drive. I have used a variety of USB cables plugged into a variety of USB ports.

    A call to customer support reaffirmed my notion that I should never do business with SimpleTech again. After a 24 minute wait time, a customer service representative (and I use that title quite loosely)was about as informative and helpful as the night custodian would have been. In fact, I would have much rather spoken to the latter -- I certainly would have learned more.

    Sadly, when one purchases an item from, one is not offorded the luxury of returning said item for a refund necessarily. So it seems that I have to go muddle through a virtual mountain of red tape to return said item back to this company for a replacement that, quite frankly, I feel will give me nothing but more trouble according to many of the reviews I am starting to see regarding this device.

    Yes the price was right, but unfortunately the item was not.

    If you really want this device ask yourself...."Do I feel lucky?"

    ...more info
  • A Great Hard Dive
    This Hard Drive Has Exceeded my expectations It is fast and easy to use just had to plug it in and its ready to use. I am able to store and run video and games on it and they run fine. I definitely recommend this product....more info
  • I lost it All
    It stopped working after 4 months. first, it wouldn't let me modify anything inside it, not erase, not copy, not save anything inside the drive. Then, it would not let me access it at all!!!! a warning window kept popping up telling me "need to format in order to use drive" GREAT.
    lost LOTS of pictures and documents. thank you simpletech! your returning policy is AWFUL, AND, like many others said, this external drive gets super hot! do yourself a favor and spend a little more but get something better. grrr!!...more info
  • DOA--what more can I say?
    $265 for something that's dead out of the box? Decidedly not cool. Admittedly, it only took three emails to SimpleTech's tech support to get an RMA. Now I can look forward to the adventure of getting it replaced in some reasonable time frame.

    Given the other 18 (so far) one star reviews, I should have spent my money on another manufacturer's offering....more info
  • Won't Backup Programs
    After running the backup of my C-drive all afternoon and overnight, computer memory was 100% occupied with no other programs open. I couldn't see the backup software window, so I began closing down processes till at 97% of capacity I could see part of the window - enough to know that 47 Gb of approx. 150 Gb had been backed up.

    I rebooted the computer -- over and over and over. It wouldn't boot to Windows till I disconnected the 1 Tb SimpleTech.

    Getting a support tech on the phone took only about 20 minutes. He asked for the model number. I told him SimpleTech 1Tb. Nothing on the device says "Model." Evidently "BOM No." is the same thing, a simple 13-digit number. Are you getting the picture? Not simple!

    The drive was pretty much Plug and Play, and I could easily copy folders to it. But the backup - and hijacking my computer - were problems for a $200 drive.

    I walked the technician through the steps I took in the ArcSoft Backup Software. Backup/Advanced/C-drive. "Oh that's your problem," he said. "You can't back up the entire C drive. It will hang up your computer." What? Where does it say that? "I acknowledge it doesn't say that in the software or on the packaging or leaflet, but it will not do it."

    So I asked if I could backup my documents and the programs separately. "No, it will not backup your programs."

    So I started with only the "default data" setting. In only 10 minutes...Yay! No, it hadn't backed up the data. It had found all the files it wanted to backup. They didn't appear to be in folders but I agreed to let it try. After another 30 minutes, the progress report was still on 0%. I told it to cancel. Another 10 minutes and it still says "Cancelling, please wait."

    I like the design and the price. But it doesn't seem functional.

    Furthermore, when are these manufacturers going to stay with one design so you can have a stack of identical external drives like they promise when you buy the first one? (My first was a Seagate One-Touch.)

    If I decide it's better than I think, I'll modify my score. If I send it back, I'll do the same thing. For now, a mediocre score. The software does offer an image backup but SimpleTech supports only "part of" the software they package with the drive. Grrrr....more info
  • Beware - Horrible Customer Service and Poor Quality
    I purchased this product last year. I loved it at first, but soon started getting errors and notices the drive was corrupt. I put in a service request with SimpleTech, but have NEVER been contacted by them. I have tons of files and photographs on this drive that I am unsure I'll ever get off. I purchased this drive because I had used SimpleTech memory for years with great results. However, I will never purchase anything they make again.
    ...more info
  • Don't buy if you want your data safe
    I bought this in good conscience after reading some positive reviews, at the time. I wish I had waited. Go read the reviews now, nine months after the fact. I've been to several sites and many people are having the same problem. The drive crashes and all your data is toast. It will make a chirping/growling noise, and your computer will not recognize it. So, after trying to make sure my data was safe after a harddrive crashed in my brand new laptop, I was stupid enough not to retrieve ALL saved data from the external, and now all that was not saved is gone forever. I give up. Is there no product that is problem free???

    So if you value the data you put on this SimpletonDrive, make sure you also back up somewhere else, because one day you'll turn it on and it will all be gone.......more info