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Aluratek 10.5-Inch Digital Photo Frame w/256MB Internal Memory (Wood)
List Price: $199.99

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Product Description

Pictures, like memories mustn't linger in the corners of your mind. Digital-Camera photos really take on a new meaning when you create slideshows with this Aluratek 10.5" diagonal LCD Digital Picture Frame. It reads photos (and MP3 music) directly off popular memory-card formats or directly from a USB port connection. Photos change as stored within the large 256MB memory. Choose more photos from near the frame or across the room with the convenient remote control. This just isn't the normal picture frame you grew up with. It's optimized for digital photos.
What can you do with your pre-digital photos? Scan them into your PC and transform them into JPEG files. Store them on memory cards and play them on this picture frame.
With a delightful wooden beveled border, the Aluratek ADMPF110 will complement decor in your living room, study, den, and bedroom. Mount it on the wall or place it on a desk or table (stand included).
So don't hide your pictures in albums hidden on musty closet shelves. Value your cherished memories as part of your present with this easy-to-use, high-res, and digital picture frame. It's a wonderful gift for yourself and for your loved ones for this and every season. Remember your cherished memories. Supports most memory card formats such as - CF / MS / SD / MMC / XD - Insert any of the following memory cards - Compact Flash Type I, II, Ultra, and Extreme; Secure Digital ; MMC; RS-MMC; MemoryStick; xD Supports various picture / video / audio formats such as - JPEG, MPEG, AVI, and MP3 Easily transfer your favorite pictures, music, or movies to the onboard built-in memory with hi-speed USB 2.0 Can be displayed either on a table top with the included stand or mounted on a wall Setup slideshows with background music Ease of operation / control with the included remote control 110-220V AC operation 250 - 1 Contrast Ratio 250 nits Brightness Unit Dimensions - 13 in. x 10

  • 10.5-inch TFT true color LCD screen
  • 1,024 x 768 pixel resolution with 4:3 aspect ratio
  • 256 MB onboard memory; compatible with CompactFlash, SD, MMC, Memory Stick, and xD memory cards
  • Supports JPEG, MJPEG, AVI, WMA and MP3; built-in calendar and timer to turn on/off frame
  • What's in the box: Photo frame, remote control, USB cable, power adapter, instruction manual, warranty/registration card

Customer Reviews:

  • Very nice gift - Was a big hit!
    Frame quality is beautiful, very rich looking. Picture quality is very impressive. I gave this to my Mother-in-Law for Christmas. I loaded it with pictures first. It was a great hit! We have not explored all of the possible features yet. I am extremely satisfied with this purchase!...more info
  • Disappointed
    I was quite disappointed with these frames. I bought three of them for family members for Christmas. I loaded them up with pictures and sent them off. I am a photographer and so I am quite familiar with photo quality. That was my main complaint with these frames. The photo quality was extremely poor and I know that the pictures that I was loading were crystal clear. I wasn't expecting perfection, but I thought it would be better than it was. The colors also were off also...too muted.

    If I would have had time to return them, I would have. I was, however, under the gun to get these out in time for Christams. I would suggest checking out the frame that you are interested in at a local retailer to see the picture quality. If you are happy with it, then go ahead and order it on-line if it's a better deal. I would not buy something like this again without seeing it in person first....more info
  • Excellent product, great Amazon price and service.
    This was a Christmas gift and Amazon wasted no time in getting it safely and soundly to me in excellent time with the high mail load despite my using super saver rates. Upon being received, it took only a few days to get pictures up with beautiful color and resolution. Naturally, it's bigger at 11" than most others being sold; yet, not so big that it's hard to find a place for it in the house. It was also important to me that we would not be restricted by memory and that it had an a/c cord. In short, it came with every accessory I wanted and that was needed to run it the day the box was opened. Today, it's pictures flow and are a wonderful edition to our family. As always, I searched many, many frames and different vendors on the net before ordering this from Amazon as best value and past dependability....more info
  • Much as we might like it, it hasn't held up
    Our frame is about 18 months old now. We did like it when we got it, but over time things haven't held up. After it had gone out of warranty, it started flickering really bad and the support people immediately knew what the problem was: we had to buy a new power converter for it (about[..] from Aluratek). Then a few months later, when I turn it on, I hear it click on, but it stays dark so I've opened another ticket to see if a bulb can be replaced or if it's trash now.

    Another tip: I bulk resize my images to fit the frame and get thousands of them on there, but I learned that somewhere around 3,200 pictures or so is all it can take (with a larger memory card, of course). Any more than that and it locks up. The support rep thought I was crazy putting so many on and couldn't grasp that we take about 1,500 pictures a year or that I might want to put 6 or 8 thousand on there. Why not?...more info
  • Burned out in 3 months
    I purchased this in March 2008 and by June 2008 the digital image became permanently dimmed with a slight blinking. I contacted Aluratek by email and they never responded. No wonder it comes with a 3 month warranty, don't expect it to last any longer than this. I am highly disappointed and will never purchase an Aluratek product again....more info
  • Excellent frame/Crisp Clear Picture/
    I had purchased another Aluratek photo frame before, so, I was pretty confident when I needed to purchase another one for a gift.

    This time I upgraded to a bigger screen size (12"). I was very impressed. Very clear picture and it played all of my videos.

    Just reading some other reviews, I was able to get the frame to play several different video formats, without converting them.

    Even though this didn't come with internal memory, the frame read my SD Card and was able to do everything it claims to do.

    I also find the frame very easy to use. It has a different interface from the other frame I purchased from Aluratek. But it is still very easy to use and very user friendly.

    Love it....more info
  • aluratek 7 inch pic frame
    i have had the item in use for a few days now, to navigate the menu and save pictures onto the onboard memory was difficult. the remote is chinsey and at one point it would not work, so i bought a new battery, it worked for a second then would not respond again, so i bought another battery and it did the same thing. then i put back in the old battery and it worked, my conclusion is that the remote does not make contact with the battery all the time. its an ok starter unit but if you are not on a budget spend a little more and get a better quality unit....more info
  • Great quality
    I'm extremely picky about my electronics and felt a little uneasy about ordering a non brand name product without testing it out first. I was pleasantly surprised by this frame. I bought it for a wedding present and wanted it to play slideshows with music as well as videos. The quality of the pictures were great! My camera is a 7.1 megapixel camera so i was a little worried i'd have to edit each photo for the frame.. but I didn't! I didn't have to do a thing. I dragged and dropped my photos and songs onto a SD card, put it in, turned it on and there's the slideshow. The sound was great. Unlike other frames I've tested, playing music doesn't affect the quality of the pictures at all. Its like playing the slideshow off of a computer. The video also works as well.. I had an avi video taken with my camera and the frame plays it with no problems.

    As a side note, for those of you who care, there is also a calendar and you can also just play music.

    PS. I also tested out the cable that connects frame to laptop since some previous reviewers mentioned something about spam or spyware... nothing of that sort happened to me. Clean and easy transfers. BTW, I gave the present away yesterday and it moved the bride to tears!... I didn't even realize but the quality of the frame itself is made very well... no cheap materials here!...more info
  • Good Resolution, Basic Features, Some Limitations
    This frame has a very good screen resolution (800x480) for its price range. Also has very simple controls and operations. If you are looking for a feature-rich frame with sophisticated on screen menu, this frame is not for you, but if you are looking for high resolution frame with basic features at a reasonable price, this frame fits the bill.

    While the majority of digital cameras shoot with the aspect ratio of 4:3, this frame as well as almost all other frames are wide-screen, with the aspect ratio of 5:3. I don't understand why there should be some conflicting standards for two items that go hand in hand, it reminds me of the packaging buns and hot dogs. In any case, this frame shows the pictures in landscape only. If you want your landscape pictures to be shown in full with no white space around them, you have to manually crop them to give them a 5:3 aspect ratio before you put them on the memory card. Otherwise, you have to use the frame's Mode button to use either of its three display modes (Full, Auto-fit, Pan-scan). The Full mode will stretch the picture to fit the width of the screen, thus to some degree distorts the image. Auto-fit shows the whole picture, therefore showing a 4:3 picture on a 5:3 screen will leave white space (actually black space) on both sides. Pan-scan, which is the default mode, matches the width of the image with the width of the frame, thus to show a 4:3 picture, the fame crops from the top and bottom of the image to bring it to 5:3 aspect ratio, so the crop is done automatically, but not at your discretion.

    It has auto slide-show with nice random transitions to show pictures at three preset speeds. The default is fast (6 seconds on each picture). By pressing the Time button on the back of the frame, you can switch to medium (15 seconds), or slow (30 seconds). For the slide-show, if you want the pictures to be shown in a specific order, there is no control for that. To achieve that, you have to copy the pictures to the memory card one by one in the order you want them to be shown, because the frame shows the pictures based on the copy date/time stamp.

    The frame can only show pictures in JPEG format, but for many that shouldn't be a problem, as this is the most popular format. However, you need to know something that I learned the hard way. I had many JPEG pictures that this frame could not show. These are normal JPEG images that can be shown by all browsers and graphic program in the computer, yet the frame could not show them. I played with their resolution and other properties, to no avail. Finally, it turns out that if an image has been saved by a photo editing software (I use PhotoImpact), although it is saved in JPEG, the frame cannot show it. The frame can only show the images that come directly from a digital camera, or saved by Microsoft Paint program. So when I called the images the frame could not show into Windows Paint program and saved them with Paint, they could be shown in the frame. I contacted Aluratek's technical support, but they responded that they do not have any solution for this problem yet.

    Another thing that I learned by experience is the that Off button (holding the Play/Pause button for 3 seconds) turns off the screen, but does not reset the circuits. In few cases the frame showed a distorted image. I turned the frame off using this button, to no avail. When I unplugged the frame and plugged it back in, everything turned out OK.

    Another behavior about this frame which I do not like is that when you turn it off (unplug it) it looses all its setups and when you turn it back on, everything goes back to the default. For example, if you change the transition speed to medium (15 seconds) or slow (30 seconds), when you turn it off and on, it is back to fast (6 seconds).

    Overall, in my view if you can live with a few small flaws, it is a good frame with very good resolution at a reasonable price.
    ...more info
  • Nice frame, but I had some "issues"
    I purchased this frame as a gift. Fortunately, I wanted to load it with some pictures and music before I gave it to the person. I say "fortunately", because. . . at first. . . the remote did not work. I really didn't have time to return it, and I thought that perhaps it was a simple issue that the battery was dead. I purchased a new battery, but it didn't work either. Finally, I thought that perhaps it was an issue of the battery simply not being snug enough to the metal tabs to connect for power. I was right. When you remove the battery, it is held into place by very flexible (and cheap) plastic. I simply bent the plastic up a little. . . then replaced the battery. . . and . . . TA-DA. . . it worked.

    For the price, I thought the picture quality was good. Though the sound quality was ok that it. . . . just "ok".

    Though there are buttons on the back of the frame, you're limited on what you can do with these buttons. You can do much more with the remote.

    I was never able to find out how you could start from the beginning, if you were in the middle of a slideshow, without simply turning it off and then back on. I could also not find a way to manually go through the pictures faster if you're in the middle of a slideshow. I could also not find a way to go back to the last picture, if you're in the middle of a slideshow. If I had more time to play with it, perhaps there is a way, but simply pressing the forward or back button does not work, and one would think that would be the easiest/smartest way.

    Again, overall, for the price, I was ok with it, but if I had more time, I would have returned it, simply for the fact the remote didn't work like it should have, and I'm afraid that it would be a constant problem.
    ...more info
  • Major Caution!
    The only reason this got 2 stars from me was that it looks really nice and is very easy to use. I liked the product a lot. It had one huge downside though. The internal memory came loaded with malware. My sister-in-law connected this frame to her laptop and within minutes her computer went Poof! Dead. After doing some research online about this, it turns out a fair number of digital frames comes loaded with malware, spyware, etc. It would be very helpful if there was a way you could turn the frame on the first time and immediately wipe the memory. I plugged this into a Mac and had no problems, but the Windows laptop got infected and went to the BSOD within minutes.
    This is a great looking frame, very easy to use, and at a very reasonable price for all that. Just be careful with it and make sure your anti-spyware software is up to date.
    And shame on Amazon for selling products that are infected like this.
    ...more info
  • Great picture frame
    I replaced my Pandigital (see reasons for moving from Pandigital below) frame with this Aluratek 15" frame and WOW what a difference. This frame is MUCH easier to use and responds immediately from commands from the remote. It also can view the photos in a multi photo option. It will view just one photo at time if you wish but in multi- mode it shows 2, 3 or 4 at time. On this size of frame the photos are still large and they look beautiful. It randomly changes from the different number of photos shown. I would highly recommend this frame to whomever wants the larger size and actually want some great features not even offered on the Pandigital.

    First I have to say the main reason for returning the Pandigital frame is because of the annoying blue arrow that always show in slide show mode (isn't this the mode used most often) When I contacted the manufacture I was told that is just the way it is. I am afraid of a serious burn-in problem if used to long. The navigation/setup of this frame is horrible. I am very tech savy and yet this was not intuitive at all. It would also take several seconds to respond to any action performed from the remote which would make you wonder if it got the signal or not. You have to use the remote if you hang on the wall because they put the controls on the back of the frame (not the sides) so you HAVE to take it off the wall to touch the buttons. You also have to take the frame down and remove back cover if you want to put another SD card in. In order to use the Wi-Fi feature you have to buy THEIR dongle. The last reason is the lack of support from the company. ...more info
  • Pass on this one
    Most of the reviews I read for this Digital Photo Frame were good or better but I found it to be very difficult/impossible to set up and use. The instructions are a joke and the menu and function buttons are incredibly frustrating. I bought it as a gift but I'm going to return it... worse than useless!...more info
  • Aluratek 15-inch Hi-Res Digital Picture Frame
    Although I am pleased with the quality of the product, I do not appreciate products that do not clarify limitations in their manual or in their advertising.

    1) this product has a undocumented limitation of 1000 digitalpictures. If there are more than 1000 pictures in a folder on the memory card inserted in the frame, the product does not work and there is nothing that identifies the problem. I had to file a ticket with the manufacturer and it took two responses before they admitted their defect. This limitation is about 1/2 of the internal memory and about 1/8 my 2 GB memory card and is a waste.

    2) if you put more than one folder on the memory disk, it will only read one folder for pictures even if both folders have less than 1000 photos. If you put a second folder with movies or music, that is not a problem-only pictures. This was also confirmed by the manufacturers help desk. The underutilized capacity is unbelievable.

    3) the frame does not actualy do a random slide show. it also does not actually pick a specific folder in a second frame to show. Given a 1000 picture limitation and a 10 second viewing per picture, there is about a 2-3 hour recyle. without a random slideshow, the repetiion becomes boring.

    all these product limitations, did not exist in my previous, smaller digital picture frame. Despite the very good picture quality, if the advertising or product manual hightighted these product limitations, I probably would not have ordered this product or would have returned it on receipt.
    ...more info
  • Aluratek Digital Photo Frame
    I purchased this photo frame for my mom's 70th birthday. She is not super good with a computer so I was not sure if she would be able to work the photo frame. But to my surprise she had no problem adding pictures to it from her camera or computer. She loves it, and is extreamly happy with it. I do not own an electronic photo frame but if I ever decide to buy one this would be the one I would buy....more info
  • Evaluation Aluratek 7 inch digital photo frame
    The photo frame display has a good resolution and with proper settings can show an exellent display with bright colors. Very easy to load pictures on the fixed drive of the frame via the computer. Fixed memory of 256 MB is so large that you can store a lot of pictures on it. Product also reads very easily pictures stored on a SD card or on a flash drive. Loading MP3 music on it is very straight forward and system operates good with pictures and background music. Remote control availability is very handy.
    Some negative points:
    1. The manual is not alwyas clear and doesn't describe all functions. You should find out a couple of things by yourself.
    2. The system doesn't show pictures which are loaded in vertical/upright position. If you want to see these kind of pictures you have to load them in the horizontal position and while displaying them on the frame you have an option than to rotate the picture.
    3. Still could not find out how to display your own picture on the calendar function. Nothing is written about the calendar function in the manual.
    4. The system doesn't loose its calendar settings when it is turned off but looses them after the electrical cord is unplugged. Other function settings though are kept if power is lost.
    5. Noticed that the system doesn't use the full 7 inch display to show the pictures loaded. Has probably something to do with the picture quality loaded but had not spent time on this to find out more. There is a function though where you can enlarge the picture to the full size of the display but then you can only view that particular picture. It is thus not possible to view all pictures automatically in an enlarged form while operating in slide show mode.
    6. There are three options to look at pictures in a slide show mode, fast, medium and slow. The slowest option is in my opinion still a bit too fast and I would rather have slide show speed options in seconds or minutes.

    ...more info
  • Horrible do not buy.
    Well I was really excited to get a digital frame. Really looked into which one would be best for a Mac and this one looked good. The first one worked for ONE day. Amazon is the best, and replaced it right away, with another which worked for about an hour. Oh, and when I called the company's support line the first time, they told me it could be a faulty electric adapter, so if we had another one at home to try it. Well that didn't work. So I didn't even bother to call them the second time. I wish the real world would get with it and join the Mac world....more info
  • dmims
    Being a novice with digital frames, I found the directions with this product very confusing and the product was not very "user" friendly for me. ...more info
  • absolute Junk, bought 2 both failed within 4 weeks.
    What more can I say? The included SD cards were totally un-usable, the unit looked ok and is wall mountable which is why I bought it... But both LEDs failed with in days of each other, leaving me with a completely dark picture. I won't buy an Aluratek product again. Total run time was about 4 weeks before failure....more info
  • very Good
    This is good product. having some extra features which we are not going to use like MPE player. Remote is good and they have good options to use it. I like it and planning to buy a Next size....more info
  • Disappointed - I returned it
    I had a few features that were "must haves" that I was looking for, and this frame supposedly had them. But once I got it, I found that the features weren't everything they said they were. First the positives:
    -can use a variety of storage media
    -nice visual clarity
    -easy basic set up

    Now the negatives:
    -the remote is needed to do a lot of the set-up. You lose the remote, you lose most of the functionality.
    -the timer function does not work with slideshow. The timer will turn off a slideshow, but it will not turn the frame on in slideshow mode. It turns the frame back on in set-up mode. You then need to use the remote to start the slideshow. Tech support says this is the way it is designed.
    -setting up the timer is not intuitive (to say the least)....more info
  • 7" is ONLY 480x234 resolution
    I got the impression from the reviews that this frame was 800x600 resolution. I should have known it was too good to be true, but I thought it was just on clearance. They actually make it VERY hard to find the resolution online for this model.

    Part of the idea of a digital picture frame is to look sharp, new, fresh, and high tech. 480x234 resolution DOES NOT look high tech, it just looks outdated. I am going to return mine and look for something better. I guess that is one of the downfalls of shopping online: you don't get to see it before you buy it. I read the reviews, but the reviews for the 7" were mixed with reviews for other Aluratek frames that were other sizes... and that was not clear either. ...more info
  • Perfect Frame
    I bought this frame and I love it, perfect thing to put my memories. Excellent thing to hang on the wall put or on top of your desk. I can set it up to slideshows, sleep and wake time. I shopped around to find the best frame and I saw this Aluratek frame, Perfect 10!!!!....more info
  • Problems and limits
    While the look of this frame is nice and the concept is good, it has some crippling limits. When I called tech support and said I had put about 1400 pictures in a sub-folder but they weren't showing, the gentleman said "oh, no, that is too many." Then he also said "it will only read one directory". When I asked if that meant it only reads the top level, the gentleman said "yes." I am not confident he understood the question though, see below.

    1. While Tech Support says the frame does not read subdirectories, I believe that it may. Why would this a problem? See 2.
    2. CF and SD (and others?) cards only allow about 120-130 items at the top level directory so you are effectively limited to 119-130 pictures at the top level.
    3. I have gotten it to read an SD card with 550 files in a subdirectory, but it wouldn't work with 1409 files.

    It wouldn't be so bad if the description (even the MANUAL!) disclosed these limits, however it doesn't.

    Without the limits, I'd give this a much higher review for its look and workmanship, but the it is easy to have hundreds and thousands of files and easy to fit them on a 4GB or 8GB or 16GB card, so why not support it?

    This could be an excellent product with just a little more work. ...more info
  • The true meaning of customer service...LOL
    Boy was I excited to find an affordable DPF. I was even more excited by it's features.....until I discovered the one feature it was missing....customer service.

    I gave the gift to my elderly mother for christmas, loaded with her wedding pics I had scanned in and the pics from their 50th anniversary party. Brought my mother to tears...they began as tears of joy, then slowly turned into tears from eye stress as the slideshow began picking up speed 1/2 through.

    I contacted their customer support explaining how I had tried to reset the slideshow speed and didn't have any luck fixing the speed. Their first response, 1 full week after the 24 hr. guaranteed response time, was to ask me to try resetting the slideshow speed. My first reaction was to respond and ask if they had bothered to read my initial e-mail. Two weeks after, I again e-mailed to see what the hold up was in their response. Again no response. The following week, I e-mailed again to ask if they could help me fix the frame sometime before my elderly mother passed away. Their response was, and I quote...."If you're in that big of a hurry, just return it to whom you purchased it from for replacement". Oh, by the way, Mom isn't "that" old, I was being facetious.

    When I contacted Amazon regarding a replacement, they were their normal cheerful and efficient self. I received the replacement within days. Hopefully this frame will function better than the first one.

    However, be warned, I won't put up with this vendor again. If I have problems again, I will most likely do something different. Any company with this type of customer service doesn't deserve my business. As a matter of fact, they don't deserve anyones business. Wonder if their boss knows how they treat the customers? Or maybe that was the boss? ...more info
  • Complete Piece of Garbage
    Though Aluratek is an unknown Chinese company I bought this frame because I wanted one with a large format and an attractive frame. Should have known better. Warranty is ONLY 90 days and 2 days after the warranty expired the frame stopped working - went completely dead. You will read other reviews where others had the EXACT SAME THING HAPPEN. $180 up in smoke! When I read the fine print I saw they said you can only have this turned on 8 HOURS A DAY! That is ridiculous and this is the only frame I have seen on the market with such a stipulation. I will bet that those giving this a good review are back in a few weeks raising h*ll because their frame stopped working and they are screwed too. Do yourself a HUGE favor and buy a BRAND NAME frame. Wish I could have given this a Zero but Amazon starts at 1 star. Avoid Aluratek like the plague. I know I will from now on....more info