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Xbox 360 Live 4000 Points
List Price: $49.99

Our Price: $46.00

You Save: $3.99 (8%)


Product Description

The Xbox Live 4,000 Points Card keeps your gaming experience updated and unique. Access content exclusive to Xbox by exchanging 4,000 points in the Xbox Live Marketplace. Try out new games with free demos and trailers and expand your games with free and premium content. Check out regularly updated and evolving online events like Game with Fame, Mystery Gamer, Xbox Live Calendar and more.

  • Product #: 56P00002
  • Manufacturer: Microsoft (X-Box)
  • Manufacturer Item #: 56P-00002
  • UPC: 882224092104

Customer Reviews:

  • Essential for anybody using Xbox Live
    Microsoft "points" are essential to anybody using Xbox Live. Points are needed to download Xbox Live Arcade titles, Xbox Originals titles, add-on map packs, movies, videos, and music. Gamers connected to Xbox Live will eventually want to purchase additional content, so points will be required.

    The 1600 Points card makes it easy to add points to any Xbox Live Gamertag account. Simply enter the 25-digit code on the console or on the website, and the points are added to the user's account, ready for immediate use. No credit cards or other information is required.

    Points cards make excellent gifts for Xbox 360 gamers. They also make it easy for parents to budget points allocation and spending over a period of time. Points will also expand the functionality of the console, by allowing the gamer access to more content.

    Unlike the plastic cards of the past, the newer cards are completely cardboard, with a tear-away strip that exposes the 25-digit number. Once used, instead of tossing away the plastic card, the cardboard card can now be recycled. Unfortunately, the plastic packaging seems excessive, which is my only major citicism of this item....more info
  • 1600 Live points
    Nothing much to say, it would be better if you receive the code via email instead of have to wait for the delivery and also waste paper for just a code....more info
  • Cheaper than buying points online!
    Amazon is cheaper than buying MS Points on Xbox LIVE. Wait till there is a 10% off sale and buy this big points card. It will save money in the long run. Enjoy buying songs for Rock Band and Guitar Hero with these points!!...more info
  • It is points MAN
    This was much cheaper than it was from XBOX LIve. Almost a point for a penny. Now I can get a cool XBLA Game....more info
  • Does the job
    Using these prepaid cards couldn't be any easier. You just tear out the slip in the back, enter the code into your xbox, and you are set to go. 4000 Points will get you quite a lot on xbox live. I myself spent most of it on DLC for Ace Combat 6, as well as Duke Nukem 3D. I'm very satisfied....more info
  • Good Value
    Purchased 1600 ms pts for a few add ons. Cheaper than the local store. Good value....more info
  • Always buy these for as low as you can go.
    The points are the points. We need them even if sometimes we would rather just be given a price in dollars to more easily say, "Thanks" or "No thanks," to....more info
  • ON SALE!!!
    On sale for $40, free amazon shipping, an absolute must buy. I never see these points for sale. Buy them while you still have the chance....more info
  • The Wonder of Xbox Live
    XBox Live is wonderful! I'm going to get more of these bad boys and get a 4000 points card or two.

    Any way, XBox Live Arcade had a ton of great games I wanna download and a lot of content I want to try on my disc games!...more info
  • Shipping was very quick
    This was a gift so I don't have much to say about the actual item but I've heard that its much better to order these live cards from stores other than Microsoft b/c people seem to have issues when they buy from MS.

    I order this one morning and by 10am of that day it had been shipped and had arrived within 3-4 shipping days. Ordered from Amazon and very satisfied with their speed....more info
  • Double your cost or nothing!
    For a $20 dollar item, $43 + 7 shipping is allot to pay. Look elsewhere on amazon..Xbox 360 Live 1600 Points...more info
  • Be warned, this price is above MSRP!
    This item is marked over retail price from this vendor. You might want to buy it directly from Amazon!...more info
  • Some points damaged
    I really like points, but it seems like every card I get has some of them a little damaged. About 300 give or take on this one had the edges all smoothed off instead of the nice knurl they're supposed to have. Live still accepted them but you have to have standards, you know?...more info
  • No bargain, but convenient
    I didn't get a bargain on these points when I purchased them (in other words, Amazon was selling them for the same price you could purchase them directly from Microsoft for), but with free shipping, it was an easy way to give my husband XBox points. My mom bought him Rock Band for Christmas, so I gave him points to download new songs with! I didn't want to put them directly on the XBox, and this was a good way to wrap them and give them to him as a gift. He loved them....more info
  • useful item, better than buying from xboxlive
    When buying from xbox live, the point distribution is not convenient. Buying the cards is completely different. much better. ...more info
  • Microsoft: The Worst Company in the World
    The fact that this card is sold by Amazon for a 10% discount makes it even more of a no brainer. Unlike basically every other company on the planet, Microsoft will not let you manually delete a credit card number that has been inputed into your Xbox. You have to call XBox customer support and beg them to do it. I'm serious. This company is the new AOL. Continue buying these cards for points or to buy an XBox live subscription. Do not give Microsoft your credit card under any circumstances....more info
  • Great gift!
    I needed a gift for my husband and this was perfect. He can use it to purchase movies, games, etc. through XBox marketplace....more info
  • Just points
    Where I live it is hard to pick up 360 point cards at the store. So Amazon is quick to deliver when the local exchange dose not carry what you want....more info
  • Great Points
    I was a little hesitant about getting these points as the only other review was unfavorable, however once I received these points, I have really enjoyed them. My whole family loves them; I can say we will probably get more. I would recommend these points to anyone with kids as they can be enjoyed by all. ...more info
  • Good alternative to credit card
    Great alternative to giving MS your credit card. I'm going to buy another, perhaps 40000, to get the Watchmen game. Great product from MS that us credit cardless kids can use!...more info
  • Good deal if You buy from Amazon Direct
    I have bought a few of these before at Target, for 14.99 onsale, but buying on Amazon directly from them is the best deal as long as you go for two or something else with them to get the free shipping. Depending on what state you are in there is no tax. So if that's the case it's a straight shot at 15.97 which is a nice deal. So many great games have come out on XBL lately you really are missing out on gems if you don't buy some of these AAA + arcade titles like Braid, Castle Crashers, Bionic Commando Rearmed, Geometry Wars 2. Plus a bunch more coming soon, and others if you have never bought any from the past.

    The Xbox Live Arcade is a big part of the 360 experience, if you are not taking advantage of it you are missing out on a lot of the best original games to ever come out anywhere. Plus so many great remakes and updates to old classic games. Don't miss out on XBLA, if you have never bought points before it's not a big deal, just don't do anything foolish, like scratching off your code by rubbing too hard. Also buy these from Amazon or true retailers, not from Amazon Market place. To avoid some of the not so funny horror stories I have read here. If you follow those simple rules you will be fine, and will be enjoying a new way to get great original games you can't find anywhere else. ...more info
  • very good
    fast shipping. easy to use. Just the price is 10 dollar less later for a while. But Amazon drops the post price grantee policy. Otherwise I can get back the [...] dollars. [...] notified me that. It has some other tools when shopping online. You can take a look if you are instereted....more info
  • Good alternative to credit card
    Great alternative to giving MS your credit card. I'm going to buy another, perhaps 40000, to get the Watchmen game. Great product from MS that us credit cardless kids can use!...more info
  • Keep it simple!
    Purchased points and then used it to activate the annual membership, eliminating the hassle of having to add a credit card to my Live account. No auto-renewals, no hassles with cancelations, etc. Adds the extra privacy and security while protecting me from future headaches....more info
  • Valued Product
    This card lets you download new songs for Rock Band, maps for Halo 3/Gears of War, new weapons for Chrome Hounds, new cars for Forza Motorsport 2. Also movies, Television shows, exclusive videos, etc.....more info
  • What's to review?
    It's XBL points! How do you review them? I will admit to genuine amazement as to how fast these cards get to me after ordering. My last one arrived the day after I ordered it - even with "super saver" shipping. Kudos to the Amazon shipping depertment....more info
  • Mega Man 9.... Nuff said..... (okay, Bionic Commando!)
    Great product, great price!

    Buy Mega Man 9 and Bionic Commando today!!

    Easy to use, and these games are great!...more info