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Sony SLV-D380P DVD/VCR Tunerless Progressive Scan DVD/VHS Combo Player
List Price: $99.99

Our Price: $94.72

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Product Description

Simplify your home-theater by combining a VCR and DVD player into one convenient component. The SLV-D380P lets you enjoy your VHS tapes and DVD library using the same player, and features easy-to-use menus for programming. The front A/V inputs come in handy when you want to quickly view newly recorded videos from your camcorder. CD with MP3 and JPEG file playback through DVD player 4-head Hi-Hi stereo sound capability from VHS VCR Flash rewind - Rewind a T-120 tape in around 120 seconds 19-micron heads for optimized EP (slow speed) recording VCR Auto head cleaner Fast/slow playback with sound TV virtual-surround connection Coaxial digital output DVD+R/RW and DVD-R/RW read formats / Reads Dual Layer discs Inputs and Outputs - RCA Audio Input(s) --- 2 (1 Front, 1Rear); RCA Audio Output(s) --- 1 (Rear); Composite Video Input(s) --- 2 (1 Front, 1Rear); Component Video (Y/Pb/Pr) Output(s) --- 1 (Rear); Coaxial Audio Digital Output(s) --- 1 (Rear) Screen Saver Mode

  • Progressive Output (480p) for DVD Player
  • Multi Brand TV Remote Control
  • CD, MP3, and JPEG Playback
  • 4-Head Hi-Fi Stereo
  • Flash Rewind: Rewind a T-120 tape in around 120 seconds

Customer Reviews:

  • No Problems Here
    I bought the DVD/VSH Combo a few weeks ago and so far, so good. I find it easy to understand, very simply remote. It does exactly what I needed it for and the price was unbeatably when compared to similar models on other sites. It doesn't have a tuner but that wasn't a feature I was actively seeking so that doesn't factor in my decision on whether this is a good product or not. Again, no problems here!...more info
  • Does not record TV w/o cable box!
    Just bought this unit and was warned that it was "tunerless." This was not a problem, but I have basic cable without a cable box and therefore can't record programs. Sony has gone downhill with this product. The Toshiba unit I am replacing was tunerless, but still allowed for pass through of the cable for recording. I will most likely return this product....more info
  • Nice unit
    I don't record just rent dvd's and tapes so this simple unit fits my needs. Setup took 5 minutes. Picture quality is very good. For $80.00 delivered to my door you can't beat the deal. Thank you Amazon....more info
  • Perfect for my needs, nice styling, happy with it.
    enjoying my new DVD player. Did much research on competing brands, happy that I chose the Sony. good price, prompt delivery, clear, simple instructions. Thanks JPP...more info
  • I am pleased
    That folks will review a product at 1 star because there's no tuner when the product listing says, "TUNERLESS"... anyway
    I got this for my kids' room. Needed an inexpensive DVD/VCR combo. I set it up last night, and watched a dvd with them, and found that it's quality is above what I expected for the price. The only complaint I have is the image quality when inactive (the sony screen when a dvd isn't playing). It flickers, but not noticeable when it is in play mode. It also could be the TV, as it is old and tired, so I can't say for sure that the unit is to blame.
    The rewind feature is great (Flash rewind a whole VHS is 120 seconds) and overall, I am happy. This may not be what you want if you are building a dynamo home theater system, but if you just want to play some movies and get a decent quality out of it, I would recommend this one. The remote is easy, and can be programed to work with most televisions as an alternative to two remotes (not a Samsung, though, so be forewarned if you have a samsung television)....more info
  • Excellent Product
    I have two Sony SLV-D380P DVD/VCRS already and I am in the process of getting another one from Amazon for my home office. They work great. I record TV programs with the timer recording but you have to make sure you change the TV manually to the channel you want to record. It doesn't have an automatic feature to do this operation. I don't have any problems playing prerecorded DVD discs or VHS tapes. I don't need a tuner because I have satellite. I am very happy with this product....more info
  • Christmas Present
    The Sony D380P is fine for young kids to watch all their favorit VHS and DVD movies. It is a Christmas present for grandkids and I can tell more about it after it is opened. It does say it is NOT A RECORDER. ...more info
  • No Tuner, no Coaxial in, glitchy remote, non standard inputs
    I bought this POS at a local retail store. The box does not indicate that the unit has no built in tuner. I should have shopped Amazon, because at least here they tell you there's no tuner. I have no idea who this product is built for. Even folks with external tuning devices can't get the standard VCR functions from this sort of device. Every VCR made since the 80's has worked the same basic way. Not this Sony.

    Further more, the remote and menu screens do not work properly. I won't go into a lengthy description, but suffice it to say, it's messed up. The only thing that works right on this thing is the DVD player, but I say even that with hesitation. On DVD menus, the Enter button does not work. Only play and stop work.

    If you want inexpensive gear that actually works, buy Samsung or Toshiba.
    Sony has been top dog so long that they've forgotten how to please customers....more info
  • Disappointment
    I have not been able to get this item to work with my TV monitor. I have found no meaningful support at Sony....more info
  • Affordable
    It was gift for my granddaughter for Christmas. She was extemely happy and was I at the price. It was affordable at a time when so much is not. Thank you...more info
  • In the nick of time
    Have been looking for a replacement but couldn't find just a player until I was referred to Amazon. Great delivery and just in the nick of time as our previous one completely conked out two days after delivery. We'll see if it holds up 5 days a week, 12 to 14 hours a day of playing a mix of Dvds' and tapes.

    Good service and a good price...more info
  • Just plain ez
    Was looking for the best DVD/VCR at under $100. OK, so it's not a "Blu Ray" but it was easy to set up and the quality of the machine is great. If you have any old VCRs but want the quality of a very DVD player, this Sony is for you. I used Amazon standard shipping which seemed a little slow, so if you're looking for a quicker option, it might be worth paying a little more for expedited shipping. ...more info
  • The remote-control function doesn't work.
    Though the DVD/VCR is brand new, the remote control can't work.
    The seller has no knowledge and ideas on this, though she tried to help me.

    The Sony Co. says they can fix it, and I need to mail the machine to them. However, I have no confidence on these guys.

    So now, I have to manually control the DVD/VCR when I want to watch something.
    ...more info
  • Sony SLV-D380P review
    Good product with nice features. My only problem is the DVD\VCR audio connectors in the back are loose so the sound goes in and out. I waited too long to try and exchange it. If that problem was fixed then I would have no complaints....more info
  • Great value/versatile
    The only problem is the remote. All the buttons "feel" the same, round, small! I watch TV in the dark while I'm dozing off to la-la land. I am sure with a bit more familiarity, I'll be fine, but it's tough going at the start. The unit itself is just fantastic....more info
  • Sony DVD and VCR
    Works well except the "ENTER" botton on remote doesn't work. I haven't yet tried to record anything. Good price...more info
  • Sony DVD/VCR Great Value
    This DVD/VCR combo has the Sony reputation and is a good value for what it is. If you don't need the tuner then this is a great way to go. Very pleased with product and seller." ...more info
  • Adoptability to older entertainment center
    This item is not adoptable to older entertainment centers. It only gets input from a cable company's box and could not be hooked up directly to an antena....more info
  • Sony SLV-D380P DVD/VCR Review
    I have always preferred Sony products because of past history and have had very few complaints over the 40 years of buying their products. They are typically competively priced for a varied list of other quality products. I purchased this product to play older media for my grandkids that still prefer some older media on older formats. The price was great for a combo system. The product delivered without additional delivery charges and on time as stated by Amazon. ...more info
  • Sony combo DVD/VHS SLV-D380P
    great unite works great. I have had no problems and have been enjoying watching my movies , amazon had this product when I needed it they seem to know weather there suppliers have it or not, got my order when they said I would. ...more info
  • You Get What You Pay For
    I intended to replace both my DVD and VHS player with one unit. I purchased the Sony D380P for that purpose. Unfortunately, I did not do adequate research to realize that this unit does not have a tuner. I cannot record TV programs without the assistance of my old VHS player. I program my old VHS unit to record TV shows. It defeats the purpose of my original intent. ...more info
  • A great VCR player, if you don't expect more than it has.
    I have a continuing need for VCRs because I have a large condo and many areas in which to view tapes. I don't use the DVD function because my DVD recorders use RAM discs, but so what? For $79, the DVD drive can sit there empty. This Sony plays 19 micron tapes recorded on my Sharps, JVCs and other Sonys exceptionally well. As I have made a point of buying only 19 micron VCRs, I can't attest to other types of recordings.

    This is what you do: Attach it to any AV input directly to your TV, and use it only as a player. There is no coaxial connection, so you have to have an unused AV input. If you have a malfunctioning VCR, don't throw it away. Piggyback this Sony into the front or rear AV inputs, and use this Sony's recording capacity and the old VCR's tuner. Eventually, I will go all DVD, but I need to wait for the prices to come down, and for my other units to die a natural death.

    It took awhile for me to figure all this out. I hope it helps others make an appropriate and helpful purchase. I am contemplating buying another one while I can, and reserve it for later in this time of expensive electronic change.
    ...more info
  • The remote-control function doesn't work.
    Though the DVD/VCR is brand new, the remote control can't work.
    The seller has no knowledge and ideas on this, though she tried to help me.

    The Sony Co. says they can fix it, and I need to mail the machine to them. However, I have no confidence on these guys.

    So now, I have to manually control the DVD/VCR when I want to watch something.
    ...more info
  • Do Not Buy
    first of all this DVD/VCR
    player does not Repeat not have any Coaxial Cable
    hook ups and then just to make everything really interesting no, S-Video either and the way to record a show is bizarre to say the least, I only recommend this DVD/VCR combo if you are in to S/M, other wise go and buy another VCR/DVD combo

    ...more info
  • Bought 2 units - Both Garbage
    Shame on Sony for putting out such an inferior product. I have always been a Sony customer. And have many good Sony electronics; TV, Radio, Vaio computer. Good company / good name.

    So when I needed a 'good' DVD/VHS player for upstairs and out at the cottage I went with Sony. Yes its tunerless, yes you can only record one thing at a time, yes its their low end product line. But man its gotta at least work!

    Both units failed to deliver DVD functionality. Open/close operation is erratic. Tracking initiation is slow`and inaccurate. Skip forward is down-right psychotic. One monent the DVD side works, the next its sputtering. Both units - both psycho. Very irritating!

    I would expect this type of merchandise from some 'Gold Line' low line brand. But from Sony? Baloney!...more info
  • Poor amozon service
    This product was sold as a special no shipping charge. When the item arrive I never took it out of the box as it was not what I wanted. I e mailed amazon for a return number and sent it back at a cost to me of 17.00. My Credit was less shipping of 13.91. When I inquired I was told by amazon that because I returned the item shipping to me was not free but charged. This was not metioned before I bought the item. POOR SERVICE AND MISLEADING INFORMATION. I will NEVER deal with Amazon again. Buyer beware...more info
  • Sony DVD/VHS
    Product lives up to positive reviews. Seller quick delivery at best available price. Especially appreciated no need to "set up". Out of box and good to go!...more info
  • just as expected
    I did a good amount of research before I chose this model. It is exactly as I expected. Anyone who can read will know that it DOES NOT have a tuner. It says so on the outside of the box as well as at least 3 places inside.I assume most people use a cable box so that shouldn't be an issue. Set up was easy. I plan to record TV so I did need to hook up an additional audio-video cable which was not supplied (also stated in specs.)After about 15 minutes, it was working. The DVD player and VHS both work fine. Based on reading reviews of other similar units, I am very confident I made the right decision. With a little searching, you can buy this unit for $90. I got mine at Walmart and it is also at Target. If you are looking for a good combination unit, I highly recommend this Sony....more info
  • Sony SLV-D380P DVD/VCR Combo
    I bought this product couple months ago to replace my son's VCR. I want to get a combo so that he can watch his dvds or vhs tapes. For what we need it's great!...more info
  • Sony dvd/vcr
    The dvd/vcr was just as it was advertised. I love it. It was reasonable in price but excellent in service. I can always depend on Amazon......more info
  • Sony SLV-D380P Great Product
    This is a real value and a real space saver if you have an old VHS tape unit that you must have because of old movies and videos that are still on VHS. I have bought three of these I have been so at the lake home and two in my main residence. You must be aware that the unit does not have a tuner....more info
  • Sony SLV-D380P DVD/VCR Combo Player
    We bought this DVD/VHS recorder as an extra to play in a spare bedroom when company visits, but I use it alot also. I love this DVD/VHS player because the price is very reasonable and it was easy to set up and begin using, just a few minutes. It's easy to use the remote controls and to use the settings from menu like setting the time & recording. Very fast player when loading the dvd's & VHS tapes. Alot faster than the more expensive theatre system we have in the living room that was over 500.00 reg. price....more info