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Alien Resurrection
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  • The comic book version of Alien!
    This film is better than Alien3, just the improved cgi effects accomplish that. The practical alien effects are outstanding and very creepy.

    The hybrid creature birthed during the finale, is no doubt one of the reasons many reviewers do not even consider this to be a part of the Alien series. I agree the strange looking creature is annoying, but the fun moments during the rest of the film make up for that.

    There are a few cheesy lines and bad acting moments here, but overall, Alien Resurrection is an exciting, original, and fun movie....more info
  • Sadly Underrated
    I don't understand why this movie gets the bad rap that it sometimes does. I thought that this film had a very good storyline. I do, however, agree that they should have left that alien/human hybrid out of this film, but that being added doesn't make this movie bad.

    The story of Ripley being half alien is a very interesting thing. She can use their own techniques against them, and does. The Xenomorphs themselves looked fantastic, they look even better than they do in Alien vs. Predator; they are very detailed in this movie.

    I don't have much to say, but I do have to say that I did like this movie. It had the horror element and a few other ingredients I felt that were missing from Alien 3. I like this flick; it's a ok in my book.
    ...more info
  • Alien termination
    Alien and Aliens were sci-fi classics that can still be enjoyed till this day. Alien 3 was very flawed but it still had its moments. Alien Resurrection is a joke and shouldnt even be mentioned as a part of the Alien trilogy.

    Plot: Mad scientists clone Ripley to get the alien that was inside of her from the previous episode on the maximum security prison. Later on Ripley stumbles upon a sick experiment to breed aliens with humans.

    Opinion: At least Alien 3 had a chance to be great. This movie was dead once the plot unfolded within the first ten minutes. Sigourney Weaver telegraphs her performance in, and the rest of the cast does the same. Wynonna Ryder unconvincingly plays an android that was sent on the ship to protect the gung-ho crew aboard and supposedly destroy Ripley. The special efforts are the only thing this movie has going for it. Whereas Alien and Aliens had more of a story plus great special effects and chills going for it. Alien Resurrection plays like one of those campy B-movies of the 80s. Mindless action sequences, asinine plots and plotholes, corny one-liners and leaps in logic. Why would anyone clone someone to get an alien? The last 20 minutes with the alien/human spawn with an attachment to Ripley comes off a pathetic attempt to tug at the heartstrings with all the subtleties of a sledgehammer. Its safe to say that Alien 3 was the last of the series. ...more info
  • "Kill me ... kill me ..."
    "Alien: Resurrection," released five years after the failure of David Fincher's "Alien3," sounds delightful. It's written by the utterly brilliant Joss Whedon, creator of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" among others, and directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, the man behind "Amelie." Mixing Whedon's trademark creativity with Jeunet's vibrant style seems like the perfect remedy for those who disliked "Alien3." Unfortunately, it's not. Written shortly before he created "Buffy," Whedon's script reads like a comic book, sorely lacking the structure of the series' previous entries. It's in Jeunet's directing where the film really plummets, though. The actors seem to have had little guidance (Jeunet didn't speak a word of English at the time the film was made), the performances are over-the-top to the point of being cartoonish, and Jeunet's style is all about in-your-face grotesque imagery.

    Here's the story: 200 years after "Alien3," a group of military scientists have successfully cloned Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) and extracted the baby alien queen from within her. Also, they've experimented by combining her human blood with alien blood. The result is a far more out-there, carefree, bizarre Ripley, devoid of the humanity that made the character so appealing in the other films. That's not to say that this new Ripley isn't appealing. On the contrary, she's quite fun, thanks to an enthusiastic and oddball performance by Weaver. The supporting cast includes Winona Ryder, who shines as a determined young space pirate with a secret, Ron Perlman, future "C.S.I." star Gary Dourdan, Dan Hedaya, and Brad Dourif, who is creepy as usual.

    Comparing these films, Ridley Scott's "Alien" and Fincher's "Alien3" are the suspense-based, claustrophobic, "nowhere to run" entries in the series, while James Cameron's "Aliens" and this movie are the action-packed, shoot 'em up entries. Jeunet knows how to direct a sci-fi film, and it would appear he knows how to direct an action film as well (his style is actually similar to scribe Joss Whedon's in "Serenity"). Unfortunately, he has no idea how to direct an "Alien" film. It's this disregard for the previous films that makes "Alien: Resurrection" seem like your everyday sci-fi thriller.

    As this is the most recent of the solo "Alien" films (excluding Paul W.S. Anderson's foolish "AVP: Alien vs. Predator"), it has some more bombastic visual effects than its predecessors. However, they aren't always better - in fact, these are the weakest effects of the series. Granted, there are some highlights, such as the utterly horrifying, foul alien hybrid (and his stomach-churning demise), or any scene featuring the alien queen. But there's frequent use of CGI, and part of what made the titular beasts so frightening in the earlier movies was the realism that came with using a guy in a suit. That realism is lost through this film's CGI effects, and with it dies much of the terror contained in the previous films.

    So who's to blame for this movie's many problems? Many a finger points to Joss Whedon. Whedon has defended himself by saying that though not much from his original screenplay was changed, the finished film follows it very loosely: actors speak the lines wrong, scenes are filmed wrong, everything looks wrong. Even a glance through Whedon's script proves that, in the hands of the right director, it could've been a decent film. Regardless, it's too much like an action comic and not enough like an "Alien" movie.

    However, most of the blame should go to the director. In the introduction to his "special edition" cut of the film presented in the "Alien Quadrilogy" boxset, Jean-Pierre Jeunet says that he is extremely proud of the movie in any form. Sadly, there's nothing to be proud of here; truthfully, this film is a disgrace. How odd that the director who brought us "Amelie," one of the best and most refreshing films ever made, should be responsible for such a turgid movie as this. And turgid it is: "Alien: Resurrection" is unquestionably the worst of the "Alien" movies. It's a cartoon version of the "Alien" saga, filled with drifting actors and a shoestring plot. It's gross, frequently confusing, and just plain weird (take, for example, a scene in which Ripley apparently has sex with an alien).

    At its end, "Alien: Resurrection" is a perfect example of what happens when foolish studios keep series going after they've run their course. "Alien3" would have been a fitting close for what may be the greatest science fiction series of all time, but instead we're left with this stupid, dull mess of a film. It's ironic that through "Alien: Resurrection," the title a reference to what execs planned to do the saga after its near-death through "Alien3," the powers that be unwittingly killed off the series. Ten years after the film's release, there's been no "Alien 5," and with the overwhelmingly-negative response to Paul W.S. Anderson's "Alien vs. Predator," it seems likely that the "Alien" saga, at least on its own, has reached its end. ...more info
  • Its negative reputation is richly deserved
    To put the following in perspective, I consider the first movie (Alien) to be one of the best science fiction movies ever made. The sequel (Aliens) was a well-crafted action-adventure film that is excellent for what it is, and Alien 3 was a failed "art film" that left a bad taste in my mouth for aesthetic AND cinematic reasons.

    Until recently, I'd avoided seeing Alien Resurrection (hereafter "A-Res") because of the overwhelmingly negative feedback from "professional" reviews and friends alike. However, a newer friend of mine who worships all things Joss Whedon (the guy wrote the screenplay) insisted that A-Res was a "misunderstood masterpiece" that needed to be viewed as a campy, self-parodying dark comedy. She also warned me that this intent was largely undermined by a director who chose to ignore Whedon's vision and play the movie fairly straight-faced and serious, the result being that much (though not all) of the allegedly-intended effect was lost. Despite that, my friend said, with some creative thinking you could still see what Whedon was going for, and it was worth the effort.

    With that in mind, she loaned me a copy, and I attempted to suspend prejudice and watch it with as close to an open mind as possible.

    Alas, that didn't work, and even early on it seemed as if the movie was daring me to find any redemptive qualities in it. Mission: failure.

    This film is a mess on so many levels. The direction/cinematography was at best lackluster, and the performances unmemorable. Notably, Sigourney Weaver is blatantly collecting a paycheck by just being there, and Brad Dourif (who usually turns in solid "crazy" performances) seemed to phone this one in as well. The film trades the tense horror of the first film and the action of the second for a gore factor that was as unnecessary as it was unconvincing. As to the last, the special effects were one of the weakest aspects in this, especially the "new" elements to the alien species' mythology. My friend insists that the effects were intentionally "so bad they're good" but honestly, I don't see that, and don't buy her defense.

    One of the biggest weaknesses in the whole thing was Whedon's screenplay. The film begins with a central premise: in the future, scientists can clone Ripley back into existence (which I have no technical problem with) and that somehow this clone will have an alien queen inside her (which I have a huge problem with). That just strikes me as lazy script-writing, especially if anyone is familiar with William Gibson's proposed (and wisely rejected) screenplay for Alien 3 which has a suspiciously similar element at its center. Even putting aside a fatally flawed premise, the overall story was so lame it would need a wheelchair to get around, and conspicuously missing were any type of dialogue "zingers" that would indicate this was somehow the "dark comedy" my friend suggested.

    If A-Res *is* a "dark comedy" it can only be by sheer accident, much in the way people consider Battlefield Earth or Manos: The Hands Of Fate to be "comedies." Personally, I have a soft spot for such "so bad it's good" offerings, but this one was "so bad it's embarrassing." Others might be more forgiving and might get some chuckles out of the sheer awfulness of it all, which in all honesty is the only way I can see this being enjoyed. You have been warned....more info
  • This one was good.
    Many times, when an idea is revisited in a Sequel film, the whole series is ruined by a bad movie. This was the 4th movie in the ALIEN series, and could be arguably the best one. By letting the resurrected Ripley play the semi-bad guy in this one, it gives the movie a hell of a plot twist. Great performances by a first rate cast, and the thrill of a good horror flick makes this one and must see and one for the DVD collection....more info
  • Good,but not great.
    I liked this film better than part3. The ripley character is given a bit of depth by her being part alien. I thought the cast was pretty well picked also. The movie could have used a bit more action and the end is pretty weak to me. The whole alien,human hybrid should have been done with ripley. Them adding an alien who is part human is misplaced and gets in the way of more action. good film,but not as good as aliens....more info
  • Alien Resurrection - Review
    I generally liked this movie, but the story reminds me more of keystone cops type of comedy rather than the movie I had hoped it would be. Slapstick this movie should not have been....more info
  • Alien Return
    Sigourney Weaver does it again in the final movie. No disappointment here, she kicks A**!!! In this final movie, there are people who survive with her, nice to see. It is a Movie that would be worthwhile adding to your action movie collection. ...more info
  • Less serious and more hokey this time around
    I'm glad not everyone listens to the Amazon reviewers like Marshall Fine's recap of how the best Alien films are the even numbered ones. Anyone who thinks this is the best shouldn't be writing a review. I on the other hand enjoy the odd numbered films because it focused less on action and more on characters. Don't get me wrong, I love Aliens as much as any other fan and the mother/daughter relationship between Ripley and Newt was beautiful. But let's face it, Aliens directed by James Cameron was more about the action and the aliens, but it still had a great story unlike AR. And after the troubled production of Alien 3, it's obvious that they were trying to make Aliens 2 with Resurrection. With Alien and Alien 3, they focused on one sole alien but even more on the characters in the film, and how they interacted with each other and the dilemma they were facing. Alien 3 went even further with its religious theme and an awesome soundtrack. As I wrote in my Alien 3 review, the Ripley character was much more layered and interesting because there had been so much disappointment and turmoil in her life at that point. Plus finding out the truth that an Alien had been impregnated in her forced her to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to save mankind, her own life. Alien Resurrection is watchable for mindless entertainment but don't expect anything that packs an emotional punch or that will leave a lasting impression. It gets more silly here and the characters are nothing great like in the previous films. It's 200 years later and Ripley is a caricature of her former self, now half human, half alien after being cloned from some of her DNA mixed with alien DNA. She even makes love with an Alien Queen and produces a new form of alien. Winona Ryder who has always irritated me with her acting does not enhance the film any as an android. Some high-tech scientists are now trying to control the Aliens and their behavioral patterns, and are using human prisoners as hosts to breed more Aliens. The aliens escape of course and wreak havoc on the spaceship as a group of smugglers try to fight their way out with Ripley leading the way. It's hard to take anything in this film seriously and it leaves something to be desired like a better script for one. Only the most devout Alien fan will want this in their collection. It's worth seeing for Sigourney Weaver but nothing else really matters. Stick with the first 3 as a trilogy....more info
  • Eww
    All right, 1 star is probably slightly harsh, but 2 seems a little generous, so whatever. To be blunt, 'Alien Resurrection' has a multitude of problems. First of all, where are the damn aliens? This movie has nowhere near enough alien action. It is an 'Alien' movie, right? Next, the new, semi-evil whacked out half-alien clone Ripley- not cool. Ripley wasn't exactly lovable before, but she was a good enough action hero. Also, all the other characters except for Ron Perlman- also not cool. They get real bad, from the irritating dork captain of the ship to the inexplicable Winona Ryder android. And the human-alien at the end? Holy frickin hell! My friend who saw it before told me all about how ridiculous it was, so that when it actually showed up I was slightly underwhelmed. It is, nevertheless, terrible, and I can't imagine how shocked and disturbed I would've been upon seeing had I not know anything before hand. However, the way it gets wasted is absolutely classic.

    Still, it all comes down to the lack of aliens and action. The aliens are still very cool no doubt about it, and they look good here, but they just don't do anything. In fact, nobody does anything in this movie, and, to the best of my recollection, nothing ever actually occurrs either. They just sat around, and eventually were wet for a while, and then there was a silly alien and than it's over. Again, the only high point is Ron Perlman, who always amuses me. Definitely the worst of the series. AvP was silly, of course, but whaddya expect. Not great, but at least mediocre and way more entertaining than this. And I think 'Alien 3' to be slightly underrated. It's pretty screwed up, but it's got some neat stuff and I actually like some of the characters. (Though it did commit the utterly unpardonable sin of killing off Newt and Hicks between sequels. Ugh, I'll never get over that.) But whatever, this review is about 'Alien Resurrection', and 'Alien Resurrection' is very bad. The End.

    Grade: D...more info
  • Uneeded and unwatchable.
    I am willing it belive that the only reason that Sigourney Weaver agreed to star in this is because they offered her much more money than she was given in the previous three. This was not needed at all. If they were going to continue the Alien series, they could have at least have done it right. This is not done right at all. I agree with the majority of fans that the series trully ended with Aliens. Unless you are a diehard fan, move on and look at something else....more info
  • My favorite
    The best of the series, with #1 a close second. Lovely production design, loriginal casting, great performances. My only gripe, if you could call it that, is that this one is so sad. *sniff* The ending always makes me a tad teary....more info
  • Proper Return To form
    After the dymsmall Alien 3 release, I had my resverations about Alien: Resurrection. To my surpise though the film was a lot of a fun and the directors cut is better than the oringail film. The script by Joss Wheldon is one of the best in the series and both Sigourney and Wionna give great performances....more info
  • Looking for a replacement
    Im looking for a dvd to replace my Alien resurrection disc from the quadrology wich came defective and i need to know if anyone can help by telling me if this Two disc collectors edition set has the same two versions of the film as the quadrology has!....PLEASE HELP!!!!...more info
  • The best of the series
    It seems like the first 2 were the most popular -- no doubt. The third was a dog. And this on is ... different. This is the one that reveals more of itself when seen again.


    For me, anyway, I got more interested in it and saw different stuff each time I've seen it. I mean, after being chased arouind the galaxy for several centeries Ripley has never been a victim. In fact she manages to take the character to some kind of anti-victim-hood when she teeters between helping to save her team and eating them.

    Anyway, I think this episode comes out as the best of the lot....more info
    Action packed forth installment is actually very good! We get to see more aliens than ever in this fun and fast paced finale(so far??). While the first and third 'Alien' movies were deliberately slow, building tension along the way. This film feels more like 'Aliens' (part 2) with lots of action and fast paced fun! I didn't remember liking this film as much the first time I saw it, but it seems to have grown on me.

    While we could all argue that this franchise could have stopped after the first film.....or maybe part 2. I feel that the last two enries did have something to say and there was a lot of thought care in these projects. These are not paint by numbers sequels. Much better than almost any other series that gets into these kind of numbers! How many part 3 or 4 films can you name that are any good at all? If you love the first film, maybe you should give the sequels another chance and a little lee-way. I found the three sequels all fairly intelligent and entertaining.

    ...more info
  • Good scare
    Okay, again I don't own this movie, but I have seen it.
    It was scary, but not as good as the first one.
    Lots of blood, and gory scenes...more info
  • Here we go again...
    You didn't think Ms. Weaver could revive her classic character for another fat paycheck, but she found a way.

    I have to admit, the premise behind this film (cloning Ripley to get the Alien baby she died with in "Alien 3") was pretty creative. Though, I'm not sure how creating a Ripley clone also regenerated the alien, but who cares.

    The action in this film is much better than "Alien 3," and there are humorous little quips here and there for die-hard fans of the series to appreciate.

    "Alien: Resurrection" is full of over-the-top gross-out gimmicks, and just when you think they're done, they raise (or lower) the bar once more. Somebody really wanted to make people vomit.

    This isn't a great movie, but if you just love that slimy little guy with the extra teeth (like I do) you will probably enjoy it to some degree....more info
  • Alien: Resurrection (1997)
    Director: Jean-Pierre Jeunet
    Cast: Sigourney Weaver, Winona Ryder, Dominique Pinon, Ron Perlman, Gary Dourdan, Michael Wincott, Kim Flowers, Dan Hedaya, J.E. Freeman, Brad Dourif.
    Running Time: 109 minutes
    Rated R for strong sci-fi violence and gore, some grotesque images, and for language.

    "Alien: Resurrection" continues the story of Ellen Ripley after her sacrifice at the end of the third movie. While this fourth film functions in some respect as something of an addendum, it does do what the otherwise excellent third "Alien" flick did not: expands upon the aliens biology and psychology and gives us some interesting new insights into the creature. It has been nearly 200 years since Ripley (again played by Sigourney Weaver) sacrificed herself on the prison planet Fiorina 161. In this space-set adventure she's resurrected by a group of scientists (among them Brad Dourif) and the military, headed up by General Perez (Dan Hedaya). The idea behind her resurrection is to use alien D.N.A in her blood to create an Alien Queen and a new Army of alien soldiers. Naturally, this plan backfires and the aliens are loosed just as a team of pirates (among them Ron Perlman and Winona Ryder) attacks and boards the ship.

    On completion of this movie, director Jean-Pierre Jeunet rightly paid homage to "Alien" director Ridley Scott and the alien designer H.R Giger, saying that they were the original artists and those that follow are just artisans. That is a very true sentiment, as alot of the story and character elements in this one are borrowed or are least familiar from previous instalments. There the tough grunts (the pirates in this picture equivalent to the Marines from "Aliens"), ambiguous characters with hidden agendas or motives, and the onrunning theme of the humans out to exploit the deadly aliens for their own purposes. Unlike the previous three movies, this film is set near Earth, providing the basis for the film's finale. Performances are good enough for this kind of fare but Ripley, predictably, has the most interesting and best-developed role. The combination of both human and alien D.N.A in her blood has gifted her with some unusual abilities, bleeding acid blood and being able to scale walls with ease. This in turn renders makes Ripley's relationship to the aliens far more intimate than previously envisaged and comes up with a few unexpected surprises.

    Elsewhere, Brad Dourif makes a creepy impression as one of the scientists, communicating very well his characters obsessed fascination and awe of the aliens. However, Dan Hedaya should have perhaps been used more as General Perez, Perlman and Michael Wincott are unmemorable, and Winona Ryder fails to exploit fully the dramatic opportunities in her role. Visually, the film is impressive. Like David Fincher and Ridley Scott before him, Jeunet has an eye for the gloomy and portentous and it shows here. The set designs, with their colours of rust, red and brown are beautifully reminiscent of the prison from the third film whilst creating a feel unique to the picture. The special effects here are a welcome mix of traditional and CGi, although neither is overused to detrimental effect. There are some interesting and memorable moments to behold here. The first is the scene where a scientist eyes up an alien in the laboratory and the camera pans back to reveal the Alien Queen in all her glory. It is a frightening moment and suggestive of the horror of the experiments. There is also an inventive action scene where the aliens are fought underwater. The finale is strangely moving, as is the last scene (a slow-moving coda) on Earth. "Alien: Resurrection" is not too bad an effort and does expand on the themes of the first two films in ways that the third film did not....more info
  • This should be titled, "Hey, it's better than Alien 3!"
    A fun romp in space with Ripley and 13 of her closest friends. There's not so much suspense in this one, and it's less taxing to watch than Alien or Aliens. That being said, the payoff isn't as great either. A decent choice for fans of the series, but totally average otherwise....more info
  • Look Past the Critics
    I'm not typically a horror fan, and I enjoy the Alien series mostly for the science fiction, so the somewhat gory nature of some parts of this film (A:R) did nothing for me.

    The film had quite a lot of good action, some morbid humor, and quite a lot of gore. Spoilers below.

    I'll summarize the film in one paragraph (spoilers): Ripley gets cloned into being again 200 years after she died by a military that wants the aliens inside her. Ripley has inhuman strength and acidic blood because of some alien DNA that remained inside her. The aliens get loose and many people die. The alien queen gives birth to a human-xenomorph hybrid, which kills the queen because it believes Ripley to be its mother. Ripley kills the baby hybrid on the way to earth, where she and the android Call discuss what will happen next sitting side by side surveying a desolate earth.

    Many people criticize A:R on specific points, almost all with an eye towards the first two alien films, which I think is somewhat of a disservice to this film. In its own way, it is as deserving of praise. Why? One person in the GREAT extra disc of A:R noted that the Alien films were special because they were not just sequels, but that they were the individual expressions of each of the directors. Viewed as a WHOLE SET, the series is astoundingly consistent, consistently well-done, and a legitimate tour de force.

    I can say this because, like many people, I had tended to like the first 2 movies because they were more "mainstream" in terms of how the directors portrayed the story, but I found out by rewatching the next two films that they were just as good (in a different way), and sometimes just as emotionally wrenching (e.g. the scene in A:R with that cripple hanging on for dear life to the ladder rung as he was slowly dragged lower by the combined weight of his dying friend and an Alien was extremely emotional and well done)

    Some points before I go:

    - Like many others, I believe the addition of the hybrid "baby" was a mistake, but there was some emotional tug there at the end when Ripley had to say sorry for killing it. In fact, unlike the death of Newt, who died offscreen, the death of that abomination was somewhat affecting even, since it was crying out for its mother in the end!

    - The extra DVD in this collector's edition is a must have. I was more interested in this extra DVD than I was of the extra DVDs of the first 2 alien films, not only because of the bittersweet tang that you could see in the eyes of the creators when they realized that their work was not being universally appreciated, but because there are some jewels here showing some of the scenes they shot, including the terrific underwater fight scene (where the actors had to overcome claustrophobia, possible drowning, and REALLY nasty water - the water was used continuously for weeks and people were inadvertantly peeing in it - for the weeks it took to get that scene done), and the basketball scene (where Ripley did a real-life basketball "miracle". Seeing these behind the scenes episodes make you appreciate the actual movie a heck of a lot more!

    - I believe the producers ended this movie with a future Alien 5 in mind. Just watch the end scene and you can almost envision an earth-based Alien 5, with soldiers hunting Ripley and Call and the others. I hope they do this. AvP was a REAL mess on almost all counts (with almost no artistic value), and it's sad that there will be an AvP 2 and perhaps never an Alien 5

    In the end, I encourage you to open your eyes to other ways of SEEING the Alien universe beyond the somewhat straight-forward perceptions of the first 2 Alien films. There is a dark beauty there, perhaps one more rewarding than first perceived....more info
  • Good and appalling and unnecessary
    There's a lot to like about Alien Resurrection, but the movie often reeks of the cynical, unecessary, and stupidly expensive spectacles that pass for most sequels these days and for most action-horror-sci-fi movies.

    It's now another 200 years later after the last Alien flick, and even though Ripley is dead, that won't stop Hollywood, who simply clone her and send her onto a ship that has helpfully scooped up some Aliens in order to, yes, study them because of their value.

    Value, indeed. Soon the ship is populated with some more Marine grunts, Ripley, Winona, and idiot scientists. The aliens are kept in captivity until the laws of movie physics dictate that they'll escape through ingenious use of acid blood, and before you know it, we have a blood-acid-milky fluid-bath on our hands that begs for a gigantic yawn.

    The movie looks great, though. Really great. The effects are fantastic, but as usual, we see way too much of the aliens. We see way too much of anything, and it becomes clear that everyone will die, so why care about the characters? They exist to be chopped up, have their heads split open, burnt, blown up, etc, etc, with lots of gore and head-crushing violence that employed an army of effects people, and to what end? The only survivors ensure this is a nice, PC-ending, and of course we have more sequel set-up action. Hello, Alien v Predator and the inevitable Alien 5.

    They won't be able to touch the original, nor Aliens, which still blows this one away. Also, to gripe, the technology and the logic do not make any sense...too many holes concerning the time, the aliens themselves, etc. How come 500 or so years later after Alien, the same things are happening? There have bene no improvements in technology? The same evil corporations run the universe? The movie is a brain-dead festival for film theorists and popcorn fans, but it's unnecessary, and it's a shame. Boooooring. Nice DVD though, 80,000 extras to ensure the movie was way more trouble than it was worth.

    But I gripe. It is a decent enough popcorn flick and it's dark, sinister (and very, very violent) eye candy, but it can't hold a candle to any of its predecessors. So there, good enough fare on a slow night (preferably with a six-pack).

    Recommended for completists, of course, but really, just buy the full box set, soon to be re-released with 10 more discs of extra material....more info
  • country boy tech
    great movie i realy like space movies and this 1 is a keeper ripley is back...more info
  • Part 2 was better, heck should've really ended with 3.
    While this movie is nice for just a popcorn flick, this series really should have just ended with 3. While I could enjoy the movie for what it was, which is why I'm giving this a 4 star rating....more info
  • Witness the Resurrection of Fear...
    When "Alien 3" was released to theaters with lackluster results, it left both the studio and fans wondering if there was any need for further installments in the franchise or had it simply run its course. After 5 years of wondering whether we had seen the last of those nasty creatures known simply as `aliens', 20th Century Fox released what they hoped would be their redemption for the failure of their previous effort with the appropriately titled "Alien: Resurrection".

    "Alien: Resurrection" picks up approximately 200 years after the events of "Alien 3" a group of scientists have found a way to clone Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) and successfully remove the Queen that had been inside of her. But this clone Ripley isn't exactly the Ripley we remember, during the cloning process her DNA became spliced with that of the alien's, leaving Ripley with the ability to sense their presence and also giving her enhanced strength and stamina. When a team of smugglers come aboard carrying human cargo to be used to breed new aliens, they quickly discover that the creatures are far more dangerous than they expected, and much smarter too (thanks to Ripley's DNA). In no time at all, the aliens have found a way to get loose aboard the space ship, and not surprisingly, they make quick work of most of the crew, save for a few who managed to survive along with the smugglers and Ripley. Now Ripley must decide whether to save herself or fall back into her old habits and destroy the aliens that have plagued her for years and years.

    After "Alien 3" brought the franchise to its knees, this fourth installment allowed the `Alien' saga to once again stand tall and become a film series that 20th Century Fox could once again be proud of. "Alien: Resurrection" brought back the horror and ominous atmosphere that Ridley Scott had used so successfully in "Alien", and packed exhilarating action sequences that reminds you of the glory days of James Cameron's "Aliens", all wrapped up together with a very strong, well-written script that tied up the series nicely and left fans with a satisfying movie experience that allowed them to forget about the less-than-stellar "Alien 3". I was happy that the creative team behind "Alien: Resurrection" decided to incorporate story elements that occurred in "Alien 3" rather than ignoring the film altogether like some franchises do with lackluster installments. Of course that may have been a decision heavily backed by the studio in an attempt to save face for their tampering with the previous movie, but that's just my assumption.

    The cast was comprised of great actors who all turned in excellent performances, Michael Wincott, Winona Ryder, and Ron Perlman were by far the biggest standouts as far as the new members to the franchise are concerned. Of course, the biggest star of the movie was Sigourney Weaver, who was having much more fun here than she did in "Alien 3", and her performance was evidence of that, as she appeared to breathe new life into her character Ripley. I believe she truly enjoyed getting to play the much darker side of the character, a side that had not been seen in any of the previous installments, and made the movie even more enjoyable, since you never knew for sure what Ripley was going to do from one moment to the next.

    The special effects were the best in the franchise, and the decision to use CGI at times to create the aliens was nice, giving them much more fluidity and freedom to their actions. But even with all the great CGI work, the practical effects employed in this movie, and throughout this entire franchise for that matter, is by far some of the best in all of Hollywood, and should be held as the standard for what all other monster movies should aspire to.

    If you were one of the many fans that was disappointed, and perhaps disillusioned with the franchise by "Alien 3", then you should definitely give "Alien: Resurrection" a look, as it will quickly redeem the series in anyone's eyes, and it serves as an excellent ending (at least so far) to a terrific science-fiction/horror franchise that spanned almost 20 years.

    "Alien: Resurrection" is rated R for violence and language....more info
  • A good movie
    Although the best movie of the Alien legacy remains, in my opinion, "Aliens", this movie is number 2. Special effects are fine, we can see the aliens longer, and the screenplay is correct (and obviously it follows the screenplay of "Alien 3") despite some slight incoherences (in a physical sense). I only found weird enough that weapons have not evolved much since "Aliens" whereas there are more than 2 centuries between "Alien 3" and "Alien - Resurrection" according to the screenplay. Anyway, this is a good entertainment movie at low price. So I recommend it for Alien lovers and others. ...more info