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The Story
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The Brandi Carlile story so far is fairly short: fresh-faced singer-song writer from rural Ravensdale, Washington, quietly releases a 2005 debut that has critics and fans reaching for their thesauruses searching for appropriate adjectives to describe her voice. Patsy Cline, Jeff Buckley, kd lang, Beth Orton, Linda Ronstadt, and Aimee Mann get name-checked as Carlile and her guitar-and-bass-playing Hanseroth twins-led band criss-cross the country for two years, first as openers, then as headliners. Cue the overproduced, disappointing follow-up album? Not so fast. On The Story, Carlile teams up with veteran roots producer T Bone Burnett, who brings in vintage equipment and strips down her sound. Instead of using overdubs, the new songs--most of which were already road-tested--are recorded live, giving the ballads and midtempo rockers a tough, uncompromising edge and a fuller, more aggressive attack. Echoes of country and folk color the bucolic "Have You Ever" and the unadorned acoustic "Cannonball," but it's the sweeping drama of the more epic-sounding "Until I Die," "Late Morning Lullaby," and the U2-styled "My Song" that leave the greatest lasting impressions. Carlile and Burnett make a perfect team: he allows her malleable voice room to soar in the mix while she brings sharp original songs that exude confidence, pride, and emotion. It's a combustive combination and one that results in a sophomore release every bit as good, and in many respects better, than her first. Stay tuned as the story continues. --Hal Horowitz

Brandi Pics

Brandi Carlile has a rare voice, consistently spilling over with honesty, purity, and passion. Her dynamic and tonal range is truly exceptional and on par with the likes of k.d. lang, Bonnie Raitt, and Patsy Cline--at times soft, swooping, and clear as a bell ("Turpentine," "Josephine," "Cannonball"), and then ferocious to the point of breaking ("The Story," "My Song"). A voice like Carlile's when paired with the right material is a winning combination, and The Story's country-meets-Radiohead ballads and rockers do not disappoint. While the songs on are not as consistently stellar as those on her self-titled debut album, they are more often than not solid, and show off her talents and confidence as both an artist and performer, which have fully bloomed since her debut. This, coupled with T Bone Burnett's light, live production style, creates an album that is ultimately more rewarding than her first. The high points on The Story have raised the bar considerably for Carlile, and they are frequent. Her choice to record the album in a live setting inside the studio lends it a raw intimacy and authenticity noticeably absent from most studio recordings, and leaves us with not only an album, but a work of art. Carlile is a career artist still defining her sound, but her maturity as a vocalist cannot be questioned--this is an immensely talented singer laying herself bare before us, and one of the strongest releases of 2007. --Alan Wiley

Enhanced UK pressing of the American singer/songwriter's 2007 album features unique artwork and four bonus tracks: live versions of 'Downpour' and 'Josephine' plus enhanced videos of 'Turpentine' and 'The Story'. On The Story, Brandi Carlile opens up her heart, soul, and psyche in a series of memorable songs that invite you into her world. The intensity and authenticity of her music brought her to the attention of the Grammy Award-winning producer T Bone Burnett (Counting Crows, Roy Orbison) who came on-board to produce The Story.

Enhanced UK pressing of the American singer/songwriter's 2007 album features unique artwork and four bonus tracks: live versions of 'Downpour' and 'Josephine' plus enhanced videos of 'Turpentine' and 'The Story'. On The Story, Brandi Carlile opens up her heart, soul, and psyche in a series of memorable songs that invite you into her world. The intensity and authenticity of her music brought her to the attention of the Grammy Award-winning producer T Bone Burnett (Counting Crows, Roy Orbison) who came on-board to produce The Story. 17 tracks. RCA. 2008.

Customer Reviews:

  • New Meaningful Music From one of the Best New Artists Around
    I'm an older musician and it's just my opinion that the music industry has been flat for along time. Brandi Carlile and a few others are actually making music with feeling and sophistication that I've missed for a long time. I for one have everything she has out and am looking forward to this young artist to continue making great recordings over the years to come....more info
  • The Story is told!
    What can I say? The Story is an amazing cd. When a voice like Janis Joplin meets Natalie Merchant is sung with the sound like James Taylor and the Indigo Girls combined, you have nothing but a winner. She's real, she's raw, she's Brandi. From songs like The Story, whose lyrics rip across your heart with love and friendship, to songs that make you miss your old friends even more, like Turpentine, this cd is amazing. The girl's got something, 'nuff said....more info
  • The Story better than you might think
    This album, The Story, by Brandi Carlile is much better than one might think after a few listenings. It is actually quite remarkable. The title song is the obvious zinger, but the album is full of very good songs, some as good as "The Story," others just a touch under. What brings "The Story" to the fore is the incredible vocal range Brandi utilizes inside of 3:30 minutes. It is an extraordinary song, sang by an extraordinary singer. Although she didn't write "The Story," she wrote most of the other tunes on the album, and they are finely crafted songs. I will be following her career, at least until she disappoints, and I recommend this album to anyone who enjoys a woman who can truly sing. The only drawback to The Story is it has more songs unlike "The Story," than like it. I really enjoy a woman who can belt out lyrics and then softly return to earth. Brandi Carlile does that very well, just not as often as I'd like. Nonetheless, this is easily a five star album.

    When I received The Story from a friend, she told me that she is "kind of like Lucinda Williams." I wouldn't go that far, but she does have talent. Lucinda Williams has thirty years experience making top level albums, and Brandi Carlile has only just begun. But the likeness is there. Where I draw the line between Lucinda and Brandi is in the lyrical content. Lucinda Williams knows no peer in the women's songwriting world. Brandi may get there, but until she does, I'll be revved up for her next release....more info
  • She rocks my socks off while telling the story of my life
    Bob Dylan's story telling wrapped up in Avril Lavigne's contemporary freshness! Yet Brandi is an original voice, all her own. Alternative music rhythm section complimented by a cello-playing band member provides the backbone to the lyric rich songstress' style. She tells the stories of our lives in a poetic rich manner. She has immediately become my current favorite artist. ...more info
  • Love this CD!
    A friend sent me a link to listen to a song on the CD and I loved it so much I purchased the CD right away. I have not stopped listening to it for a month now. It is a great CD. Thank you AMAZON:)...more info
    While watching the Olympics from China, I kept hearing one song over and over again; in the backgraoud of an auto commercial. Every time it played I found myself asking, "Who is that?" Determined to find out, I went to Amazon and tried to find "I was meant for you," which I hoped was the title of the song. Somehow, even though the song is actually "The Story," up popped Brandi Carlile. I ordered the album, and was not disappointed. It is beautifully produced and performed. All the songs are interesting and unique. I still love "The Story," but "My Song" has become my favorite. This is a great new, (to me anyway,) talent; and the album one of my absolute favorites....more info
  • Brandi Carlile, "The Story"
    If a work of art could speak, it would sound like Brandi Carlile's "The Story."

    Pristine songwriting paired with a powerful voice makes "The Story" a distinct album.

    Carlile signed with Columbia Records in 2004 and has since climbed her way to the Billboard Hot 100. She spent two weeks recording "The Story" with GRAMMY award-winning producer T-Bone Burnett at his Los Angeles home. Twin brothers Tim Hanseroth, on guitar, and Phil Hanseroth, on bass, helped co-produce Carlile's first self-titled album, which was released in July 2005. Cellist Josh Neumann joined the band one month later.

    Carlile's sound is one of deep-rooted Americana and folk, with tracks showcasing her aching, straight-from-the-pit-of-her-stomach vocals. Her propensity for storytelling is evident throughout her second CD, released in April, beginning with "Late Morning Lullaby":

    "The first sign of morning is gray and alarming/It's so disappointing the day has come so soon/While the rest of the world greets the day and feels new/I will push it away just like I always do/ I will be/Dreaming, Dreaming, Dreaming/Your real world away."

    "The Story" has a poetic quality, leaving room for interpretation in songs such as "Cannonball":

    "Someone told me a lie/Someone looked me in the eye/And said time will ease your pain/But behold, when you fall/It's that same old cannonball/Coming back for your heart again."

    In "Turpentine" lyrics such as "I started losing sleep and gaining weight/and wishing I was 10 again/So I could be your friend again,"convey heartbreak and confusion, the kind that comes with living.

    Carlile's sound may be somber and sleepy, but a few listens of this record prove that Carlile is no Debbie Downer.

    Getting lost in the album's meticulousness is easy. Fortunately however, you won't want to be found. ...more info
  • Brandi Carlisle
    I picked up this CD because I heard a song from it on a Chevrolet commercial. I found the rest of the songs to be equally wonderful. Great artist....more info
  • Beautiful voice ^^
    I knew this singer by chance and i am pleasantly surprised... Brandi have a really beautiful voice...
    I advise this CD for all people who like this kid of music...more info
  • Grammy Prediction: Album of the Year
    Some of the best music I've ever heard (and since I'm 63 and a music "nut" that includes A LOT of music of all kinds.) I'm not into reviewing in terms of discussing different tracks, how it compares to previous work or work of others, etc, but I'm simply predicting some kind of Grammy recognition for this fantastic music by Brandi and the Twins. My vote is for Album of the Year....more info
  • Loved it.
    Heard her "Story" in a commercial during the Olympics and searched a lot to find out who sang it. Just could not get that song out of my mind! The rest of the album continues with her good voice....more info
  • suzi suzi
    most reviews here are trying to place the voice - I say suzi quatro at her absolute best - "suicide", "if you can't give me love". etc....check it out....i hear they are sisters separated....more info
  • Brandi Carlile "The Story"
    I bought this after hearing just two songs, and really like 90% of the rest of them. Her music doesn't stay in one genre, and her voice isn't always gravelly - there are some soft, sweet songs and one harder-rocking one (I'm not crazy about that one). My husband wasn't familiar with her at all before I bought it, but he reaches for this CD frequently....more info
    I listened to this album for the first time about 2 weeks ago and now I can't stop listening to it, specially now that I just lost someone, Ok, nobody cares about my personal life I know, but hey, this album is helping to make up my mind, the songs are so beautiful, it's been a long time since I haven't heard something so incredible good, Brandi Carlile and her partners musicians and songwriters are very talented, if you apreciate good quality music you must agree with me, and ih you haven't listened, well do it, you won't regret it, thank you miss Carlile, your voice, your feeling, your songs are really apreciated, thank you for this beautiful album....more info
  • The Story
    I initially bought the CD, The Story, by Brandi Carlile because I was interested in only one song. I had not known of her before. I will say that I was extremely surprised at how much I enjoyed all the music on this CD. Brandi has an exquisite voice with a wide vocal range. I would recommend this CD to anyone....more info
  • The Story CD by Brandi Carlile
    I discovered Brandi Carlile while listening to an atomobile ad during the Olympics. Her music is very enjoyable and easy to listen to. I couldn't get "The Story" out of my head, so I HAD to have the CD. I enjoy the rest of the songs also. A great addition to our collection....more info
  • Brandi Carlile
    My interest in "The Story" started during the Summer Olympics with a haunting voice, for a very institutional General Motors commercial. The same voice could be heard on a few re-runs of Grey's Anatomy. The GM website was very accomodating in providing a web jump to "The Story". The music written and performed by Brandi Carlile brings an appreciation for her range and skills as a singer. A type of CD that you'll play over and over again, because so many of the tracks are wonderful....more info