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Baby Be Mine Maternity Belly Band in 4 Sizes
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Baby Be Mine Maternity is now a celebrated winner of an "iParenting Media Award" 2007. Now introducing 4 new sizes! The Baby Be Mine Maternity belly band is a favorite maternity accessory. Soft and easy to wear, it solves so many pregnancy wardrobe issues. You can wear your pre pregnancy clothes longer and can get back into pre pregnancy clothes sooner. Conceal those unsightly elastic waistbands and expandable panels on maternity pants and skirts. Double your wardrobe and save $$$$$. You do not have to worry about the inbetween stage when nothing fits - your regular clothes are too small and your maternity clothes are too big. Keep your tummy under wraps as it becomes beautifully round - cover any gaps between your tops and bottoms. Add length to tops. Cover undone buttons on pants and skirts. Make your maternity clothing more comfortable instantly - just fold your waistband under your belly and cover with the belly band. Wear the Baby Be Mine maternity belly band during breastfeeding to cover your tummy to feel less exposed.

  • Baby Be Mine is notably an iParenting Media Award Winner 2007!
  • Wear your favorite pre pregnancy cloths longer.
  • Conceal unsightly ugly elastic waistbands and cover gaps between tops and bottoms.
  • Wear throughout your entire 9 months and beyond.
  • Available now in 4 different sizes!!

Customer Reviews:

  • Wish there were more sizes available!
    I really like this product, but they didn't have the product in my size, so I got the size bigger and it is way to big. The material is very nice and soft and it does work. I would recommend it to my friends!...more info
  • I wear it almost every day!
    I have been wearing the Bella Band almost every day since I bought it. I bought white, and it seems to go with everything I wear, so I would recommend buying white, or maybe black. I am 26 weeks so far, and bought a small size and it doesn't feel too tight yet. I can't tell how stretchy it will be at 36 weeks, but hopefully it will still work then. I would recommend purchasing a Bella Band to any pregnant woman who feels like her shirts and pants don't overlap as securely as she'd like....more info
  • Pregnancy Must Have
    This product makes life during and after pregnancy so much easier. Once your pants no longer fit (it will happen sooner than you think), you're able to leave them unbuttoned and put this over it and no one is the wiser, it just looks like an undershirt. Also great postpartum when your pants still don't fit. ...more info
  • buy some long tanks or cami's and save your money.
    I thought it would have more strength. It seems a bit weak and not near strong enough to help hold up jeans. It is also very long and I have to fold it over which then causes some lines. It is OK but glad I only bought one. You could just as easily get a few long maternity tanks or cami's at the Gap and actually have a summer shirt to wear if needed for less money. ...more info
  • Belly Band
    Is a great material and is pretty easy to get on and off. The only thing I was confused on was what size of 1-4 translating into what size pant I am and how it would fit. Mine gets a bit stretched out and I'm a size 10 pants and got a size 2 which I thought would be good. I'm sure I'm going to get bigger and that will be helpful (i'm only 5 months along now)....more info
  • My Favorite Pregnancy Purchase!
    I saw these in Pregnancy Magazine and thought I'd give them a try not expecting to use it as much as I do! I purchased a white band (love it!)and a black and white printed band - I have to say I loved the way the printed band gave a flash of color and style to my jeans and t's. These bands are so soft and comfortable - I have worn all my pre preggie tops, no longer concerned they are too short. The bands are a little longer which is great as it does not roll when I sit down, like another brand I tried. All in all - great value and product!!!!...more info
  • not a bad product, but not going to hold your pants up!
    If you have any skill with a sewing machine, it might be just as easy to cut a fitted tee just under the armpits and hem the top. This isn't stretchy or strong enough to actually hold up your pants, but it does layer nicely and look like you are wearing a cami or something under your shirt. I wear mine a lot, but won't be buying anymore as I can buy shirts at goodwill and make my own....more info
  • Useless
    I purchased it in the small size and didn't do anything at all.
    Now I understand that it is not the size but the cheap and absolutely non-holding material it is made of that does not hold anything (neither pants nor belly).
    I hoped it to be made from the elastic soft material that pregnancy pants have for a belly part. No way - it is just a tube that serves no purpose, especially the one it was supposed to serve.
    What a waste!...more info
  • Great item!
    This is the second band I"ve ordered and I love them! The only reason this item received 4 stars is because they run a little large. I'm sure it will be great when I"m 9 months along but for 7-8 months, it's still a little big. Order one size smaller....more info
  • Perfect Pregnancy Present
    I have a belly band but a different brand. I saw this one on Amazon and bought it for my pregnant friends birthday. She loves it!!! And it's better than my solid spandex one. This one looks and feels like an undershirt where mine looks odd when my shirts lifted breastfeeding. Yes, this is the perfect solution while breastfeeding too!...more info
  • Love these!!!
    I bought two of these at a Baby Expo and wish I had bought more, so I was happy to find it online. The sizes run a little small I think, but overall I love this product! ...more info
  • Not just for expecting moms!
    Hi y'all! When my wife became pregnant, she was worried that she would have to constantly expand her wardrobe as our wonderful growing child expanded her belly (yeah, I know babies grow in uteruses, but "belly" just sounds so much cozier). These Baby Be Mine Maternity Belly Bands allowed her to wear her normal pants and skirts with the waists undone all the way up to her sixth month.

    After our child was born, my wife had no more use for the bands, but I didn't want to see them go to waste. I have always been pretty trim, but I wondered if the Baby Be Mine Maternity Belly Bands might work for a growing beer belly as well as a growing baby belly, so I began to eat and drink excessively, allowing my belly to grow. My wife thought I was being idiotic, but I told her that she had had her turn, so she should let me have mine.

    After gaining fifteen pounds and a noticeable paunch, the waists of my pants no longer buttoned comfortably. I undid my pants, wrapped my belly in one of the Baby Be Mine Maternity Belly Bands, and threw on an old oxford shirt. After buttoning just the top few buttons of the oxford, I looked as if I were wearing a particularly snug, extra-long, patterned t-shirt underneath. I went to my local watering hole and none of the guys recognized that I was wearing an article of my wife's clothing!

    I have now become a big fan of Baby Be Mine Maternity Belly Bands, and have bought additional bands to add to my wife's collection. Well, I suppose I should say "my" collection since I'm the one wearing them. If my wife becomes pregnant again, I will, of course, share the bands with her. Who would have thought that my wife's pregnancy and my frugality would result in the sharing of clothing between me and my beloved? I joke to her that my "child" is due any day now, and then rub my belly lovingly. My wife gives me a strange look, sighs, and then just shakes her head. I know she's just jealous, so I tell her, "Hey, all you have to do is become pregnant again if you want to wear these Baby Be Mine Maternity Belly Bands." "I don't know if your fathering another child is such a good idea," she replies. I ask her what she means, but she just shakes her head and says, "Never mind."...more info
  • Love the Belly Band. A must have!
    I purchased 3 different Bella (or belly) bands at the beginning of my pregnancy with my 3rd child. I wish I had had them with my other two pregnancies. They were fabulous. The baby be mine belly band was longer than the actual "bella" band that everyone was raving about. I was a little concerned with the size and afraid that I wouldn't get the right size, but I went with the smaller of the two choices that could have fit me. I was very happy with the fit. Overall, I was able to wear most of my non-maternity pants with the band and they stayed up. I did have to adjust the band and pull the pant back up a bit once in a while, but I was very pleased. Now that my son is born, I use the band under my shirts when nursing. It has been great not to worry about exposing my stomach when I lift up my shirt. I just tuck the band into the strap of my bra and it is long enough to cover my entire abdomen and hold in those last few baby pounds.

    I highly recommend this product. ...more info
  • I never received my bella band???
    I ordered a bella band from you about a month ago and have never received it. Can you please contact me to let me know what is going on? ...more info
  • Sister loved it!
    I got these for my sister and she loved them. Its tacky when your shirts aren't long enough and you have this big ole belly showing! Black color is more used!...more info
  • Excellent for the newly pregnant!
    This belly band has come in extremely handy, particularly when you are in between the maternity clothing and your pre-pregnancy clothes. Would highly recommend this product for those who are newly pregnant!...more info