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Seagate FreeAgent Go 160 GB USB External Hard Drive ST901603FGA1E1-RK
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Product Description

Ideal for letting you carry your desktop environment and your files anytime, anywhere, FreeAgent Go allows you to take your web browser, favorites, passwords, IM client and contacts, email client, cookies, settings and files with you. Save all your private information on FreeAgent, not on the computer you're using!

If you find yourself working from multiple computers but needing constant access to your own software, e-mail and digital files, the Seagate Free Agent Go Portable Hard Drive is for you. More than a simple portable back-up and storage solution, the Seagate Free Agent Go lets you take your favorite software, Web browser, IM client and contacts, email, cookies, and personalization settings wherever you go--safely and securely. Not only does this portable hard drive synchronize your data with just about any computer you want to work from, more importantly it features the latest encryption software to protect your content, leaving no trace of your last session on the borrowed computer. With the Seagate Free Agent Go, you have the best of all worlds--a convenient portable back-up solution and a virtual desktop in a pocket-size package.

Powerful storage device with a sleek new design.

Compact size makes it great for on-the-go travel.

Take your favorite music, photos, or programs with you anywhere you go.
It¡¯s all about having your desktop environment and latest files with you - when and where you need them. Designed for mobility, the sleek compact design easily fits into your shirt pocket, briefcase or backpack. We provide the USB cable that¡¯s not only the interface connection, but the power source ¨C no additional power cords are needed. And the unique espresso brown finish with molten amber illumination is just icing on the cake.

High-Speed Synchronization and Security
Whether you have vital company data or personal files and programs that you need to access, the Seagate Free Agent Go protects your most valuable information via drive-level encryption that provides a more robust solution than most software encryption on the market today. Delivering high-end protection against unauthorized use with encryption for sensitive files, this device keeps your data safe while you're on the go.

And not to worry, your Free Agent Go portable hard drive saves all of your private information on itself, not on the computer you¡¯re using. That means there¡¯s no trace of your last session to tempt the next person on a borrowed computer. It also provides strong file encryption to protect your content, and lets you sync your files from several PCs.

With the Seagate Free Agent Go, virtually any computer can temporarily become yours. The software/drive combination allows you to move files or other content quickly via USB 2.0, allowing transfer rate of up to 480 MB/sec for USB. The drive's high-performance spindle speed of 5400 RPM gives you the high-speed performance you need to back your data up quickly and safely. The sleek and slim design of this hard drive--only 0.7 x 3.9 x 4.8-inches (H x D x W)--and a weight of less than four pounds means that you can carry practically your entire desktop with you as you make your rounds from computer to computer.

The Free Agent Go software and drive is formatted to work out of the box with Windows operating systems--including Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000--but the drive can easily be made Mac-ready in a few minutes with Mac OS X's Disk Utility. The unit features a sophisticated touch point power on/off switch. Plug in the USB 2.0 cable to a PC and your personal desktop environment launches automatically. To help eliminate even the slightest bit of worry, we¡¯ve included technical support and a five-year limited warranty.

What's in the Box
Free Agent Go portable drive, Free Agent software (preloaded) and electronic documentation, USB 2.0 cable, and a quick start guide.

  • Vast capacity with a footprint no bigger than a stapler
  • Transfer files quickly with USB 2.0
  • Backup CDs, DVDs or store files and programs for on-the-go
  • 160 glorious gigabytes of storage

Customer Reviews:

  • Decent, for its kind
    Overall, I'd say decent. Note that actual storage capacity is 149 gigs. No need for pre-installed software or the use of both USB cords. Just format the hard drive to clear the pre-installed components and use it like a simple flash drive. No extra software. After formatting, only the larger of two cords is needed for the USB port, to connect the hard drive to the computer. I find it much easier to transfer stuff back and forth from PHD (portable hard drive) to computer without Ceedo. For this price, this lightweight and durable (I own two and they both get banged around quite a bit) PHD is a pretty deal. Because of the size, media (music, movies) doesn't fit so this one's probably more appropriate for light backup storage and such. ...more info
  • Seagate FA 160
    The seagate backup and travel storage drive works perfectly for backing a laptop. It serves well as a personal data source for while using guest computers on the road....more info
  • Mac portable users, approach with caution
    Yup, it happened to me.

    My backup Maxtor firewire drive failed during a seemingly innocuous system re-install. 3 days and 2 friends' endless time later, I gave up. An additional week more of scrambling to assemble email attachments, previous CD backups, and file re-creation thankfully left me with most of what was lost.

    Thanks to that disaster, I'm now understandably very anal retentive about external backup drives for my Mac portables. Hours of research, purchase/returns at local electronics store...and I now know way too much
    about these devices.

    The Seagate FreeAgent Go 160GB was one of such devices. It followed attempts at Smartdisk and Western Digital portable USB 2.0, both of which would not mount on any of my portables. Both likewise required a mysterious, and very overpriced external AC adapter for such instances. In sum, the 'intelligent,' dynamic power cycling of the portables didn't pump out enough juice for a lone USB connection sharing data and power over the line.

    The FreeAgent Go 160GB seeks to remedy this by requiring two simultaneous USB connections. Unlike its predecessors, Seagate's offering was immediately recognized. Problems is, it became an unwanted houseguest. It never ejected. Even with logouts, restarts, related, the device simply would not disable. A shame, because the thing really is a design masterpiece plus transfers data lightning fast.

    To elaborate: Failed ejects mean failed boot and hard drive sectors over time. Simply put, you're messing with power and data literally crossing wires over the same connections. Not recommended for data you can't afford to lose.

    In all fairness to Seagate, a similar Hitachi model suffered from the same malady. Three portable USB 2.0 drives and manufacturers later, I've concluded them not a good fit for Mac portable owners.

    Problem is, the external hard drive market -- including those powered by AC adapters -- is limited at best. Seagate owns Maxtor. Western Digital and Lacie are notorious for out-of-the-blue hardware failures. Options are limited at best. I ended up (begrudgingly) with a Smartdisk option simply because it wasn't any of the above 4 manufacturers.

    For Mac portable owners, 'MacWorld' recommends and reviews various external drives manufactured by smaller companies...but created specifically for Macs. An additional and cost effective option lies in portable drives with enclosures. Still, ensure these enclosures carry intelligent power management to handle laptop environments.

    ...more info
  • Two USB ports requires?!?!?!
    It requires 2 USB ports to work!! Most of external hard drives requires only one USB port, due to its conception: to be PRACTICAL! This is by far practical. They should reduce to one USB port, not two.
    Plus, its system (Ceedo) is much too unstable. It crashes a lot!...more info
  • Nice drive, avoid the addons
    I needed a "big pendrive", and this disk works just like that. It's small enough to be truly portable but holds enough data to allow me to backup my notebook once in a while, and keep some photos, videos and alike at hand.

    I would suggest to keep out of the software addons. I use SyncToy to backup my data, even when the drives comes with software I found too complicated and invasive to use. I drive is a drive, dont add a bag of crap to it.
    ...more info
  • 160 Gig?
    First of all I thought I was paying for 160G portable hard drive. Actually, its 148G due to the fact that a bunch of junk was put in like Ceedo. An older version of the Seagate portable hard drive doesn't have any of that stuff and I haven't had any problems with it or putting programs on it and using them. So I can't figure out why we need Ceedo? I just bought this today and plan to store all my pictures on it. My other portable HDD has all my graphics programs so that I may take them everywhere I go. Even with the crap, I must say that seagate is one of the best I have had. It is truly plug and play. Others I have bought had to be formated and partitioned first even tho were stated to be plug and play. I like Seagate HDD and will stay with them....more info
  • Great Drive, Bad Software
    The drive is excellent. It's quiet; it has a soothing, pulsing, amber glow; it's fast; it stores data. Unfortunately that's hardly amazing. Any external HDD these days should do that by default. (Well, maybe not the soothing, pulsing, amber glow.)
    The problem is that the software that comes with the lovely little drive just stinks. On my XP laptop I am prompted to tell the computer what to do with the drive every time it wakes up, which is annoying. Incorrect folders on the drive often magically appear in root. (For example some folders which live inside My Music will suddenly appear in the root of the drive, empty of contents and just bothering me.) And there is also the problem that others have mentioned: The thing annoyingly replaces files I've deleted from my hard drive. And when I force it to synchronize, I, too, am faced with the endless "Do you want to replace te file on the hard drive with the file on the FreeAgent?" or vice versa dance of doom.
    The sad thing is that automatic archiving software should be fairly simple to develop. Seagate should have tested theirs more before deploying it. And even though I frequently return to the Seagate site, no updates have been released to the FreeAgent Tools.
    And don't even talk to me about Ceedo, the proprietary archiving software that Seagate *wants* me to install ......more info
  • Seagate Go 160 GB
    Works well as additional storage. Have not used the Ceedo feature so can't comment on that. Formatted capacity is 149GB; only about 118 MB are taken up by the Ceedo application so very little impact if you leave it on the drive. Can be removed if you don't want to use it. Drive is formatted in NTFS but can be reformatted FAT32 for use with Linux or Mac systems. The following case holds the drive and the cable: Small External HD Case Black. It is a snug fit but very secure and no wasted space. Reliability concerns over the WD Passport line led me in this direction and it seems like a good choice so far. Includes special cable to draw power from two laptop USB ports. I found that if I used only one I received power surge warnings from the USB port. Worked best when I plugged both laptop ends of the cable into the computer before plugging the other end into the hard drive....more info
    IT IS JUST GREET>...more info
  • Very Good!
    Amazing product!
    Very fast and little. The unique disadvantage is that need two usb slots for perfect work....more info
  • My ostensibly slim friend
    This little external is fantastic. There are no batteries required, unlike some of the larger models from seagate. The size of the thing is very convenient for taking it to and from college; it's about the size of a wallet. The program used for managing your files on the external is very simplistic and non arduous compared to some of the other external drive software that makes you load the friken program for 5 hours before you can transfer anything - this program is just drag and drop or cut and paste. Lastly, the storage capacity on this external is very sensible, you really don't need any more space than roughly 150 MB of storage unless your an animator or something like that. ...more info
  • great, small, fast, large capacity, take with you drive
    I uninstalled the software that came with the drive, re-formatted it to make sure whatever crap Seagate put on there was truly gone, and now just use it with SyncToy to backup my huge iTunes library to. It works great, I love the power via USB that it has. Great buy, great price. No issues....more info
  • Does too much automatically
    If you avoid installing Ceedo and only use this disk's software to do data backups, which is what I bought this USB 2.5 disk for, there is a big problem.

    The problem is that the software prevents you from permanently deleting most file types from your system. Once the Seagate software sees a file and copies it to the external disk it will keep restoring it to your computer each time you refresh your backup.

    For example if you rearrange your documents into named folders you will soon discover you have the files both as originally organized and as new folders with their own copies.

    Seagate discards no photos it has backed up. You can weed all you like but the backup disk still contains the weeds. To preserve the benefit of your weeding you may want to immediately rename the folder. Then Seagate will have your photos stored twice under the two folder names. The old folder with the weeds will reappear on your next backup. If you don't rename the folder, then the weeds will reappear just where you deleted them.

    Seagate's help file say it will cover how to "Select your own folders and configure your own sync rules." That hints at having once considered letting you set up rules like "only copy files to the Seagate on `Synchronize' but do not copy files back to the computer."

    However all Seagate actually delivered is an "ask me" function. Being asked, file by file about every file you want to back up and then about every file you ever deleted in the past is no fun. The "yes to all" and "no to all" buttons don't help because first you are asked about every individual file to be copied to the Seagate, then you are asked about every file you ever deleted. "Yes to all" doesn't stop until both phases have completed.

    Besides Seagate sometimes ignores your "ask me" and just restores all the deleted files.

    The only simple way I have found to get past this problem is to go onto the backup drive and delete the no-longer desired files or the whole folder which contains undesired files.

    I found it very difficult to safely use the software that is the distinguishing feature of this USB 2.5 disk, at least not for the simple backup purpose I wanted.

    The disks themselves are fine. I have both a 120 and a 160 as I didn't immediately notice the backwash of old data.
    ...more info
  • Excellent Fast and Ultra Portable External Travel Drive
    First of all I love Seagate and in recent years have only bought Seagate. They're indestructible and I've simply had no problems whatsoever with their drives over the past 10 years.

    I've always wondered why they stopped making the predecessor of these mini FreeAgent drives - they were small, black and silver, incredibly durable and just looked really cool on my desk ( I have three). And, you could stack them!! I mean in my opinion, they had really nailed the portable drive case/presentation. It had ultimate protection, cooling, design and it oozed the ipod "cool" factor. Oh well, what do I know, I only bought three.

    But, I guess they were working on these new FreeAgent ones. Well, I finally bought one of these and have to admit these are really sweet. Half the size of the black and silver ones that I loved and probably half the weight.

    I'm really shocked at how small and light these things are. And, they seem extremely rugged as well.

    I haven't checked the stats but they seem at least twice as fast as my older black and silver drives portable external drives. And, thankfully they use the same cable so now I have lots of backup cables.

    I highly recommend these - you'll be pleasantly surprised if you haven't seen these live. You can always pop into Staples if you want to check them out in person before you buy.

    About the size of a deck of cards.

    Pick up cheap CD cases when you see them on sale for $2 at Target etc - they make great storage cases for mini hard drives and cables - lots of padding built in with all the pages for CDs - works like a charm....more info
  • Great On a Mac Book Pro
    Once you reformat this drive (Mac OS Extended (don't Journal it)) it works wonderfully on a Mac Book Pro, needing only one of the two USB connections. I am a professional video editor and last week in a pinch I was able to edit a Final Cut Pro HDV project off this drive, and it preformed great. It also doesn't hurt that Seagate makes very reliable hard drives....more info
  • needs TWO USB slots...
    i bought this to replace an 80gb portable firewire drive. wanted more capacity and the same convenient portability. there's nothing convenient about its need for 2 USB slots and the data moves slower than the firewire drive it is replacing. nice little glitch on the small type of the packaging... if you're reading the requirements for Mac OS X you miss the bullet point in the Win XP section calling out the need for 2 free ports. Amazon's description of the product is similarily misleading as completely negelcts the mention of needing TWO USB ports...

    boooo seagate. i'm offended that you're offering such clumsy connectivity....more info
  • Used right- a great storage device.
    1) Do not use the software provided with this drive. Either get software somewhere else, or just format it and copy/paste your files to the drive for backup.

    2) Use BOTH usb plugins... using just one can ruin your drive! And it's better if you first plug them both into your computer, then plugin the drive. Likewise, unplug the drive first when you're done.

    3) Use "Safely remove hardware" in the tray before unplugging the drive. (Or "unmount" for Linux users.) Or shut down the computer before unplugging.

    4) Don't drop it. Don't bang it around. Especially don't lift or bump it while it's plugged in! This could damage the drive or your data.

    So far, this drive has functioned perfectly fine for me. (I've had it for 3 months.) I just formated it to FAT32 and use it to backup files on Windows and Linux via Copy/Paste. I gave this 4 stars because the software it comes with is junk. But I don't use it anyway. Treat this drive well, and I think you'll be happy....more info
  • Good, Bad, not terribly Ugly
    Buy this if:

    All you want to do is store files.

    Don't buy this if:

    You ever want to safely disconnect it without having to shut down your computer.

    You don't mind losing files when the drive stops being recognized (for no apparent reason) by your computer. (FYI, I've had this happen on multiple computers.) I've lost several files because this happened while I was working on them. Seems to be random...but does seem to happen more if you leave a file on the disk open and walk away for an hour or so. I have zero confidence in the thing.

    You want to run applications off the drive. Ceedo will not work. It seems that it'll only download apps from the Ceedo site.??? (It appears that Seagate does not utilize the most up-to-date version of the Ceedo software.?????)

    Overall...the drive is ok...but does not do what Seagate promises. I bought it thinking I could run my apps from it. No chance. It's somewhat frightening to have a disk like this where I have so little confidence in it...that I'm constantly backing it up.

    Again, barely acceptable. In my opinion, not what was claimed by Seagate...and I wish I'd bought something else.

    I'm editing this on 2-24-08 to add that I just lost another file becuase the disk stopped working for no reason. I think at this point I'd have to recommend that you absolutely NOT buy this drive. It is too unreliable. It has great potential...but without's just an expensive piece of plastic....more info
  • The Road Warrior's Best Friend
    I travel in excess of 150 days a year and do more than 100 presentations a year. I've been stranded, bumped and booted on just about every continent. I've not had PC access for a number of reasons or been forced to use a promoter's PC.

    This drive takes care of all those problems. Well, all except the airline issues, but it does make them more bearable.

    This drive is slightly larger than a BlackBerry, thinner than a deck of cards and a massive 160 gigs. It is lightening fast and the software that comes with it is phenomenal. At first I was unsure about the software, but the first time I plugged it into a presenters computer and had my desktop available to me along with all my programs, all my data, everything I needed, I was hooked. When I plugged it into a hotel PC I was converted.

    If you travel or even if you just want a powerful backup between home and office, this drive is the best external portable I've owned and I've owned them all in the past few years.

    The only thing that I found a little odd was a separate USB power connector that was for power only. You really don't need it, it seems redundant.

    I can't recommend this drive enough. I just bought one for a collegue who is a much a road warrior as I am as a gift and he is thrilled with it as well.

    I strongly recommend this drive.
    Dave Lakhani
    Persuasion: The Art of Getting What You Want and
    Power of An Hour: Business and Life Mastery in One Hour A Week...more info
  • 2 USB ports
    I am not sure you need to use two usb ports. I have been running the drive using only one usb port for power and data. I have another Seagate portable drive that uses the same cable and it only requires the second usb port if the first usb port is not able to power the drive. I tried using a single port assuming that the requirement for the second port on this Seagate drive is due to Seagate not wanting users of this product having to decide if there is enough power to the drive. A single usb port works fine with my IBM laptop for powering the drive and moving data. ...more info
  • Don't Buy It !!!!!
    I purchased this item and within 6 months it stopped working. I recommend not buying anything from seagate. Kick out the extra money and get a quality external drive (such as a LaCie drive) if your digital assets are of value to you....more info
  • Great Product
    The criticisms I have read about this product are really unwarrented. I have travelled thousands of miles and have used this device on many different computers (apple and IBM) with no problems ever. It has been surprisingly durable. Like most devices of this nature it is in your best interest to delete the software that comes with it. They are rarely well written and may be the source of problems for some people. The drive has a great size and weight and the lack of a wall plug is awesome for those who wish to reduce cordage. The device also works well with just one of its two USB ends plugged into my laptop. A few people have complained of speed issues of which I do not understand because for me I have instant (less than a second) access to my data and have never had anykind of delay using any of the different computers I have used. In short, this is a great product. ...more info
  • SeaGate FreeAgent Go...Is Fantastic
    Honestly the best external drive I have ever, sturdy and reliable. It looks great, performs great and I couldn't be more pleased to have purchased it.

    Seagate FreeAgent Go 160 GB USB External Hard Drive ST901603FGA1E1-RK...more info
  • no encryption software
    Pros: it seems faster than the other USB hard drives I have, but that could be just my imagination.
    Cons: there is no encryption software included. You have to encrypt one file at a time if you want some security over your data. That is a deal breaker. I returned the item and bought a Western Digital portable drive instead. The return process with JR has been painless. Another minor issue is it takes two USB ports. ...more info
  • Good USB Portable Ext. Hard Drive
    Pretty good drive. Having trouble using it in Plug and Play mode in Windows Vista(upgraded os). But if I boot with the drive connected it's working fine. On my XP laptops it works even if i plug it in while the machine is on. It comes with a lot data synchronizing software but I'm not using any of that. Speed seems to pretty good as well....more info
  • Lost 1 Star for crapware.
    Great HD for back up's had one fail after 6months but another last for a year or so. Pretty decent for the price. Lost one star however for the preinstalled garbage....more info
  • Good but be aware
    I purchased this product in August and it's now December and I've had no technical problems with the device. The first "issue" that surprised me is that it takes up two USB slots. This isn't a deal-breaker for me but it was surprising since I've seen several external hard drives with just one. I can chalk that up to not really paying attention during purchase. If you don't have two USB ports next to each other though, your connection will be pretty awkward. The second "issue" was the Ceedo software. I saw what it did in the first couple of minutes and promptly decided it wasn't for me. I wanted to control the file transfers, and organization so I uninstalled it. There haven't been any problems related to the software then or now, just not for me. To be clear, I haven't synced my hard drive to the external, I just use it for storage and manual backups. That process may create problems that are outlined in other reviews.

    The size of the drive coupled with the cost made it an easy choice especially given the size. It is light, noiseless, and small. You could easily fit this in a pocket if you needed to but it's very portable nonetheless. I certainly carry it with me while traveling as it holds all of my documents and data for work as well as my movies and music, freeing up tons of space on my hard drive. Accessing data from the drive is reasonably fast.

    If it only used one USB port, it would have five stars. ...more info
  • Don't Buy--drive died after 3 months -- lost all data
    Warning! Don't buy. I bought this drive based on these excellent Amazon reviews...BUT my drive just died today ... after 3 only months!! It lost all my past backup files! I even gave my drive super-gentle care (it never left my desk or room).

    So now I googled the words "FreeAgent Go Problem" & found THOUSANDS of similar complaints. I guess many work great, but an equal number just die (or as the FreeAgent software said: 'no drive connected.' "

    Seagate phone & web support has been useless.
    They offered to recover my data for a mere $1,400!!!

    Hello??! $1,400!!!???? Wow! Now I REALLY hate Seagate.

    Pls be careful & avoid this brand. Good luck, dave in austin, tx...more info
  • Robust and reliable
    I got one of the first units, and use it every day now for 1 month (around 2 connect/disconnect per day). It DOES NOT require 2 USB ports, the second USB connector is provided for use only if you plug it into a data only USB port (for example non powered USB hub, some ports in some laptops). When using standard port, use thicker cable (data + power), leave another not connected, this is how I use it. This is common solution, not unique to this model or this brand. Yes, it is NOT housed in an aluminum case, and the top of the housing would flex when you press it hard with your finger. This is perfectly valid engineering solution. Next time you are on a plane observe the wings -- are they flexing? Is it any indication how solid the plane is? I carry a leather wallet and plastic cased Seagate Free Agent Go, both flex a bit, none breaks. If additional pre-loaded software is not what you need, delete it. Easy. Try free, other portable solutions, or none.

    The drive is practically noiseless, goes to sleep mode (disk stops spinning) after preset time (many external drives spin continuously which shortens their life), read/write is very fast. Side orange light very nice and functional. The drive is using new perpendicular magnetic recording to provide higher capacity in physically smaller drive (strangely I could not confirm this as I failed to find Seagate technical data for FreeAgent series). 5 years warranty is great. I would prefer to see a short USB cable integrated with a case and an additional cable extension, but this is small detail. Overall this is excellent product....more info
  • So far so good
    So far, I'm loving my Seagate FreeAgent. I've still yet to use it to it's full capabilities, but the set up and installation are very easy. The size is very compact and easy for travel....more info
  • Review of Seagate Drive
    I have used the product a couple of times in the week or so that I have used it and find the built in software very user un-friendly. Not east to develope a backup scheme. I will try help menues further, but off the top, it is not easy to use the drive for a full system or drive backup...more info
  • Perfect for home, work and travel ...
    I spent a couple of hours researching portable hard drives and their brands. After reading an excellent review in one of the PC magazines, I settled on the Seagate brand. This model (FreeAgent Go 160 USB) comes with software called Ceedo, which attempts to give you a desktop on the go - meaning, in theory, you should be able to plug it in to any PC with a USB port and use it as you would at home.

    Unfortunately, the "approved" software for Ceedo is extremely limited right now. If you use Internet Explorer, you can take it (and your bookmarks and other settings) anywhere. But other Microsoft Office products are not approved, and neither is any of the other software I use on a daily basis.

    In time, this may change, so if you don't need the 8gb of space Ceedo takes, you might keep it for awhile and hope for improvements. Otherwise, I suggest uninstalling it and using the drive for storage (as was my original intention).

    On my laptop, which is a year-old Gateway product (1.66 ghz dual processor, 2 gb RAM), the portable drive requires both USB cables to be plugged in, or it doesn't receive sufficient power.

    I've stored several games with heavy-duty graphics and processing requirements. These run just fine from the external drive.

    Overall, I'm quite pleased with the product. As a result of this experience, I just invested in a Seagate 3.5 USB external drive....more info