Ikelite Underwater Camera Housing for Nikon D-40, D-40x & D-60 Digital Cameras
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Product Description

The heavy duty thick wall dSLR housing is molded of corrosion free clear polycarbonate, features full capabilities, and operates safely to 60m (200 feet). The housing "O" ring seal is a masterpiece in fail-safe simplicity compared to designs that require stuffing the "O" ring into a groove. You can see that the "O" ring is sealed. The housing size and weight provides neutral buoyancy and superb handling underwater. Camera installation is quick and simple. The dependable controls are conveniently placed at your fingertips, and kept water tight with Ikelite pioneered Quad-Ring? seal glands proven to be the most reliable method for sealing controls. Functionality The Ikelite Super-Eye magnifier provided with the housing offers enhanced viewing while wearing a diving mask. Controls for all camera functions are provided. AE/AF lock can be activated with your thumb while holding the housing's handle. The function and command dial offer convenient access to a multitude of camera settings. Lens release, mode dial and flash mode are easily accessible with control dials. The camera's media card and battery can be removed and replaced without removing the camera from the housing tray. The proven reliable Ikelite bulkhead allows for fail-safe connection of external strobes. Right-angle positioning relieves stress on the sync cord even when the housing is laid on its back. TTL Flash Capability