Belkin USB 2.0 Plus Hub (7 Port) F5U307-WHT
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Product Description

Add USB ports-subtract cable mess. Nearly all your gadgets connect to your computer through USB. You can add ports for your devices with the USB Plus Hub and remove desktop cable clutter with Belkin Components' patent-pending, cable-management feature.Need even more USB ports to connect all your devices? Add another Belkin 7-Port USB Plus Hub on top of your USB Plus Hub to maximize available USB ports and save valuable desktop space.Tired of searching the desk to find the cables to charge your cell phone, PDA, or iPod? The USB Plus Hub adds cable management- keeping cables organized in one location.

  • Adds up to 7 USB devices to your computer
  • Features 2 top-load USB ports for quick access
  • Includes an internal weight and stay-put pads to keep Hub anchored to the desk
  • Requires no external power supply (for most devices)
  • Prevents damage to your computer and devices with over-current protection

Customer Reviews:

  • Great USB hub
    This works as advertised, the USB slots on top are useful for flash drives. I would recommend this item....more info
  • Works as advertised!
    I've had cheaper ones that did not have the power to use multiple devices.
    I now have a USB printer, iPod, Dymo printer, memory card reader and trackball connected and all work!...more info
  • Excellent Quality, Fair Price
    I liked this Belkin seven port USB hub so much I ordered a second one last week for my wife's Windows XP PC. I'm using mine on my Macbook Pro running Leopard. The quality is great and it's a no brainer to setup since they include the USB cable for connecting to the computer. Note this is a powered hub, so you need an outlet close by. I would have given it five stars except I have a hard time keeping them in place all the time once I plugged in a few devices. Amazon had this priced at about 60% of what BestBuy wanted for the same device. Can't beat Amazon, and you can't beat Belkin for quality!...more info
  • Works as advertised!
    I've had cheaper ones that did not have the power to use multiple devices.
    I now have a USB printer, iPod, Dymo printer, memory card reader and trackball connected and all work!...more info
  • Excellent product for USB-hungry needs at a good price with compact design
    This small package 7 port USB 2.0 hub is excellent in design and use. It is priced very attractively on Amazon. I had concerns when I reviewed a previous review that indicated shortcomings including "not all 7 ports are USB 2.0" and "plugging in a USB 1.0 device slows down all devices plugged into the hub." I corresponded with Belkin before purchase and they indicated that all 7 ports were USB 2.0 capable, and that individual USB 1.0 devices plugged into the hub did not effect the performance of other devices plugged into the hub. [Reading through the web literature, it is possible that earlier versions of some USB 2.0 hubs -- maybe even this one -- had such technical limitations.] My short-term experience with this device is that it works as indicated. I don't know of its long-term durability. As a first impression, I highly recommend it....more info
  • Liked it for almost a year---then it DIED
    This seemed to be the perfect hub for my new intel imac which lacks enough usb ports. I think it is attractive, and I found it very handy with the 5 ports on the front for general always plugged in use and especially so with the 2 top ports for easy plugging and unplugging of flash drives, and the imic I had to buy to be able to plug in an external usb microphone. (my switch from PC to Mac wasn't the "it just works" as advertised, but I do like it after the Quicken Naturally Speaking to Bootcamp/Windows hurdles I hadn't anticipated were eventually sorted out)

    This hub seemed like a great value for the price, BUT IT OVERHEATED and DIED in slightly less than 1 year of very minimal use. I just spent the last hour meticulously troubleshooting the sudden "no video" mouse freezes, etc problem until I plugged this little "gem" back in and was able to repeat the rather serious problems with it plugged in. The hub itself was found to be VERY hot so it must have fried. (I am a tech and of all the causes this would be my "pick" if something had to be wrong, so I'm not too upset NOW)

    I thought you all should know though as I appreciate your reviews in helping me select items to purchase and I'm "giving back". Time to read more reviews on something newer perhaps?...more info
  • Works great, nice features, hasn't crapped out
    I have gone though numerous more affordable hubs on my wife's computer which regularly has 3-5 USB devices plugged into it, including printer, USB key, ipod, digital camera, and others. They all seem to start flaking out eventually and dropping out and coming back. I finally decided to got for a more mainstream branded product from Belkin. It has held up well so far.
    The features of this hub are really nice to have. My wife really appreciates the easy top load USB key plugs in slots and the cord keeper for her digital camera cable. Now her camera cord is always within easy reach and she no longer has an extension cable sitting on her desk to plug in a USB key....more info
  • I wouldn't recommend it to friends
    When I first pulled it out of the box I was shocked at the sheer size of the thing, it seemed huge. I don't have much desk space to begin with and this thing was about to eat up more than I was willing to give. It could be significantly smaller if they had simply put two of the USB ports on the front. There are five on the back, plus the power port and the USB uplink port from your computer. However, the unit is well built and will probably last for years.
    One random problem I have had is that when a thumb-drive or external 2.5in drive is plugged into it the speed is only at 11Mb and you receive no warning until you see the time to transfer files skyrockets to hours instead of minutes. Disconnecting the device and reconnecting usually works. Yes, I do have the external power block plugged in.
    An LED is lit along the top-front of the unit for each active connection to the hub, this would be more useful and less distracting if the light could tell you what speed the device connected at (similar to an ethernet network switch).
    Overall, I wouldn't recommend it to friends....more info
  • Learn to fall in love with a hub...
    I have only 2 USB ports on my Macbook Pro and got an external drive that needed both ports! I had a little 4 port hub already, but it wasn't powered and it was already full. This 7-port hub has been fantastic. I love the design, especially the ports on top for when you need to plug in something quickly, and it looks great. It keeps everything neat and organized now, and I only need one plug to connect everything at once.

    The speed of data transfer is also great. Even from one hard drive to another connected to different ports on the same hub is very fast. And it comes with the power adapter for people who need the extra juice for a hard drive.

    When you boot up your machine, you can see each light turn green in succession as your peripherals are connected one by one to your machine. Overall, a fantastic hub. I have a feeling it's going to last quite a long time since it's from Belkin.

    If you want to fall in love with a USB hub because it's just so darn perfect, this is the hub for you! Plus Amazon is the best price I found anywhere. And Belkin is always a good bet when you're buying computer accessories....more info
  • Seemed to work fine, then it died.
    I really liked the design of this hub. And I still do. Too bad it is uselss now. It seemed to work fine in the beginning. After about a year, I noticed that my shared printer would occasionally stop working. I had the hub connected to an Airport Extreme, and that way I could share the printer over my wireless network. The hub was the last thing that I suspected, until I tried using an older 4-port hub in its place, and then things were working again. Sure enough, it was the Belkin hub that had died. This looked like a good deal in the beginning, but not any more. ...more info
  • Unreliable
    Flaky connections require regular plugging and unplugging of devices before they're recognized. The whole hub died dead after less than a year, and needed to be replaced. ...more info
  • highly recommended
    The feature I love most about this product is the added AC adapter. It makes opening multiple usb devices simultaneously without freezing my screen. No complaints!...more info
  • Worked 7 months
    Hub worked fine for seven months. Then it began running hot. Seems to have damaged one device plugged into it, too. Not recommended....more info
  • Fantastic Choice
    After running out of open USB ports on my PC, I decided to purchase this hub and have had a lot of success with it. It was easy to setup and Windows Vista installed the necessary drivers automatically for me. Everything I've plugged into the port, from a web camera to a printer, has worked on the first try without any trouble. The hub is small and fits easily behind a monitor on our desk. The constant indication lights are enough for me, since I'm only really concerned about whether or not a peripheral is correctly plugged into its port and not if it's currently active. They are somewhat muted and a vast improvement over some of the bright, blue blinking lights on other hubs.

    Though I didn't notice it before, swapping USB dependant gadgets can become a real chore. The addition of a hub has made synchronizing MP3 players, video chatting and printing a whole lot easier. The Belkin USB 2.0 Plus Hub is a great product and one I'd recommend to anyone looking for a hub....more info
  • Doesn't look pretty but does the job.
    so far everything works great. it doens't look nice but it does get the work done. before i only had 4 ports on my laptop. but now with the hub i added another six and now i donlt have to plug and unplug the devices all teh time. ...more info
  • Belkin USB 2.0 Plus Hub (7 Port)
    This product solved many problems for me. Not only do I have more USB ports, but they are easy to get to. Being able to insert a memory stick in the verticle position is a nice feature. I recommend this product not only for quality, but for price....more info
  • Performs well where other USB hubs failed.
    This hub sees heavy use with my Apple PowerBook in my office and usually has at least 5 out of the 7 ports being used at any given time by scanners, art tablets, printers, and cameras.

    I've burned through 3 other hubs in the last year that all died from heavy use or cheap manufacturing, but this one has kept going strong ever since I got it. No difficulty detecting inputs, no downtime, no sluggishness.

    I've found that the two ports on the top are way more useful than I thought they'd be, and I generally reserve them for plugging in cameras or USB flash drives.

    Quick, simple installation
    Works well even under heavy stress
    Convenient ports on top
    Attractive design
    Sturdy build quality

    A little on the expensive side

    These hubs cost a little more than the competition, but I feel that their superior reliability makes them worth the extra cost. I have purchased a second one of these for use at home, and I plan on buying more of these hubs in the future....more info
  • Great Product
    Works as expected right out of the box. Very nice and practical design. Belkin has been making very good products the past year, it has become a brand to trust....more info
  • Very nice usb hub...
    What can you say about a usb hub? It does exactly what it's supposed to do but has the two usb ports on the top which make very convenient to use. Five more ports on the side for things you don't normally plug in and out a lot. Looks nice sitting on my desk too. The little lights that indicate there is an active connection to a port are under the white plastic and show faint glow. Nice touch....more info
  • Perfect!
    Trying to run an external hard drive that claimed all you had to do was plug it into a USB 2.0 and it sounded like the hard drive was laboring and wouldn't recognize it. Used the Belkin Hub and it worked like a charm. Also, got lots of much needed extra ports. It's perfect!...more info
  • Think twice before buying.
    I bought this thing about a year ago and everything seemed to be going find. I am currently using 6 of the USB plugs but just recently I've realized I have to unplug the USB from my computer during DOS and plug the thing back into the computer after windows boots up. This is getting quite annoying. Also, I'm starting to realize that some of the USB plugs are not working (i.e. my Sennheiser headset) is not being recognized by my computer. I'm not sure if it is just time to get another hub or if this is just not very well made. I think I'm going to try cables to go brand next. I've now tried several different kinds of Belkin, a Kensington, and a host of others and it looks like this particular Belkin loses in terms of longevity. ...more info
  • Defective for the 3rd time since 11/2008
    I bought the 1st one in 11/2008. It failed in 02/2009. Belkin sent a replacement but I had to pay to ship the old one back.
    Installed the replacement on 02/20/2009. It failed on 02/24/2009. After I complained, they sent another one with a call tag so there was no charge to me. Installed it on 03/16/2009.
    Now the 2nd replacement has failed (05/18/2009). Same problems, running very Hot, loses connection, etc.
    Submitted a complaint to the Consumer Products Safety Commission. Only a matter of time before one of these causes a fire for someone....more info
  • 4 stars but: Here's why I decided NOT TO BUY this product
    I love the idea of having my cables organized and also the placement of ports on this product but...
    Some investigation on Belkin's website revealed that only 4 of the 7 ports work at the 480Mbps (USB 2.0) speed. (The product user manual says so. 4 stars to Belkin for at least clarifying this! Most manufacturer's seem to happily keep these details fuzzy)

    There's another problem I read about in some of the reviews for most USB hubs: Connecting even one USB 1.1 device forces all other USB (1.1/2.0)devices to run at the USB 1.1 speed. This product seems no exception. I am yet to come across a hub that solves this problem.

    I have purchased a Cables To Go 7-port USB 2.0 hub. It seemed to have the best reviews and their product description explicitly mentions "7 USB 2.0 ports". I am currently waiting for it in the mail!...more info
  • It's OK
    I'm using this with an iMac. The hub worked well right out of the box. Two hard disk drives, keyboard, mouse, flash drives, camera, iPod, printer... All work well with this product. I just plugged it in and everything worked. I think Belkin should change the design a bit to make the hub heavier. It doesn't stay put on my desk as well as I'd like because of its light weight. I'll just add a piece of velcro to hold it....more info
  • Rather unreliable and completely died after less than a year
    I used this USB hub for less than a year in total, and it was never really very reliable. My Mac would alert me that devices had been removed without being ejected properly at random times. This would sometimes happen if I bumped the hub or my desk or if I removed any device from the hub. It would also happen at random times and I would find all of a sudden a hard drive, memory stick or iPod was no longer connected. After less than 1 year using this hub it stopped working completely. It won't even provide power to my USB devices. If you are looking for a good USB hub I suggest you keep looking....more info
  • some improvement needed!
    Pros: Top-insert ports and simple design.

    Cons: The power adapter is too big. It takes up 2 spaces on the power strip....more info
  • Good product.
    The hub performs as advertised. There are even little lights under the top surface that illuminate for power and for each of the ports when they are in use. The two ports out on top are convenient for jump drives. Sure beats feeling my way around the back of the computer looking for a port....more info
  • Belkin USB hub

    Thi Belkin USB 7 port hub replaced a very old 4 hub product. I like the flat shape. The hubs on top of unit are great for thumb drives. Considering buying another. I have way too many things I use now and then. Would be great to not have to switch plugs....more info
  • Unreliable
    At first I had problems with it not thinking that it was plugged in (overloading the USB port on my computer), but I foregave it. Then I realized WHY it was having the issues, every time I tapped on the top of the unit AT ALL, it rebooted itself. This on a MAC is bad, especially when importing 200 gig of information :(

    Needless to say my faith is shaken and I will be asking for a refund to buy a more stable unit....more info
  • Simply amazing!
    Nothing but spectacular! I ordered this to go with my 4-port hubs of the same design. Does the job, cable management feature is useful, weighted feature a plus, nice it can be stackable. Based on the exhaustive testing at Everything USB, ALL PORTS handled the stress test! And, I'm male and LOVE the color! ;-) ...more info