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  • Flicka Review
    If you like horses, or have a daughter who loves the animals, go for it. The adult in me will probably only watch it once, but the father in me will probably watch it many times over, together with my daughter....more info
  • Flicka
    Good horse movie for the young and old. Little more drama than the original Flicka. Tim McGraw is great in this movie....more info
  • Bankable
    "Flicka" (2006) bridges several sub-genres, unfortunately it is one of the weakest examples of each. It's a horse movie (the original is better, as are "National Velvet", The Horse Whisperer" and for that matter most episodes of the Saddle Club and "Spin & Marty"). It's a 'wild mustangs as a metaphor for the changing West" movie ("The Misfits" and "Billy Jack" do it better). It's an overwrought coming of age melodrama (countless other films do this better as well as most of the stuff you find playing on Lifetime).

    It's also an Alison Lohman film and in all fairness contains one of her best performances. Lohman is always excellent and in "Flicka" she is given a lot to work with and handles it all quite well but the scripting and editing are so weak that her strong performance (and nice supporting work by Maria Bello and Ryan Kwanten) cannot turn this thing into a quality film. You might notice that neither the two screenwriters nor the director have been involved in any feature productions since the release of the film.

    "Flicka" was a major release (over 2900 theaters in the U.S.) and turned a profit at the box office. I credit shrewd packaging by the film's producers as they focused from inception on insuring that the project would be bankable. They incorporated elements that pre-sold the film beyond its target audience of pre-teen girls. Tim McGraw was cast to bring in his large fan base, Kwanten was counted on to draw a fair number of teenage girls into the multi- plex, and there are so few live action family films in 2006 that it tapped into this under-supplied market.

    Although Mary O'Hara's beloved children's book (My Friend Flicka-previously adapted into two feature films and a television show, is credited) it would be more accurate to say "inspired by" rather than "adapted from". The original's ten-year-old hero has been changed to a 16-year-old heroine named Katy McLaughlin (Lohman).

    I normally rant a bit when an older actress is cast as a teenager but Lohman is the Mary Pickford of her day and with her cute face and freckles still looks physically believable playing a teen. Her new look for the film, long curly hair-dyed dark, makes her look a lot like Kari Russell (insert "very Irish" here). In this remake it's totally Katy's story (in the original the parents had a more central role) and is told from her point-of-view. She even does a short voice-over commentary to begin and close the film. Normally this POV stuff leads to viewer identification and connection, but the scripting and directing works against Lohman and you stay distanced from her character.

    Katy is mega-headstrong, uncomfortable and bored at her boarding school but at one with the wilds of her family's horse ranch in Wyoming. Her father is grooming Katy's older brother Howard to eventually take over the ranch, clueless about Howard's desire to escape and about Katy's affinity for the place. She is the chip-off-the-old-block, not her brother.

    The title character is a two-year old black mustang mare that is a source of conflict between Katy and her father for most of the film. While the movie looks pretty the thin plot, the poor sequencing, and absence of "genuine" emotion" doesn't add up to a particularly satisfying viewing experience.

    Then again, what do I know? I'm only a child....more info
  • Flicka DVD
    We absolutely love watching this movie. The DVD was new in excellent condition after delivery and it came quickly. Purchased with our pepsi points...very satisfied. Thank you. ...more info
    With sumptuous Wyoming scenery and beautiful horses, FLICKA is a retread of the popular book, movie and tv series. The movie sets no new ground in the story of a young free spirited girl who battles her stern father to tame a wild mustang that saved her from a mountain lion.
    Pert Alison Lohman (MATCHSTICK MEN) plays the heroine, who is determined to go against her father's wishes and tame and ride the mustang Flicka. Country superstar Tim McGraw (FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS) makes an okay dad, but he doesn't possess a wide emotional range. Maria Bello is very good as usual in her role as the supportive wife and mother.
    While entertaining in its genre, the movie doesn't really have a lot of dramatic impetus but the family will probably enjoy it....more info
  • Love this movie!
    I highly recommend it! Tim McGraw is fantastic! The soundtrack is awesome...and the movie makes me cry!...more info
  • mediocre even for a horse movie
    "Flicka" is a Y2K version of the children's classic "My Friend Flicka," which is part of a trilogy set on a ranch in Wyoming. The book's protagonist is male and somewhat younger than the "teenage" girl, Katy, here. Alison Lohman does a decent job, but she can't overcome the fact that she looks WAY older than a teen. I mean, some actors you can suspend disbelief and others you just can't. The other actors do a good job with the cliched material, but another problem is that Katy's brother looks only slightly younger than her father. This really should have been corrected because it dampens the drama between the son and dad, who have a major conflict going.

    Anyway, like the kid in the book, Katy is quite the daydreamer because she would prefer to be riding on the range than going to boarding school. She seems to be on good terms with her classmates, but she winds up failing a final, and returns home to thunderclouds. Literally and figuratively. Then she spots a wild mare running free and falls in love. Will she tame the beast and prove to her dad that mustangs aren't trouble? Will she show everyone that girls can ride just as well as boys, and have the potential to take over the family ranch? Have you ever seen a horse movie before?

    There are also lots of ballad style songs, sung by the dad, Tim McGraw, that seem to well up at the slightest provocation. The symbolism is always crystal clear, too, so you don't have to worry about missing anything. Good for a rainy day, but there are so many other horse movies out there. I'd recommend "The Black Stallion" instead. Or better yet, read the books. And please. Before you go climbing up on your neighbor's wild horse when no one's looking, wear a hard hat. Forget the romance of your hair flying out, and avoid a possible concussion. Thank you.

    ...more info
  • enjoyable, feel-good western.
    Watch this flick (sorry, couldn't resist) with the expectation of a good, gritty, girl-and-her-horse movie, and you won't be disappointed. Forget it was based on the best-selling 1941 novel My Friend Flicka by Mary O'Hara. The creative license taken in changing Ken McLaughlin to Katy McLaughlin might be too much for fans of the book, or even for those expecting a re-make of the 50's movie starring Roddy McDowell.

    Sixteen-year-old Katy McLaughlin (Alison Lohman) is all you'd expect of a Wyoming rancher's daughter. She's feisty, head-strong, and opinionated. More like her father (Country music's Tim McGraw) than either of them realizes. While out riding one morning, Katy finds a young mustang and instantly bonds with the creature. Determined to catch and tame the horse, she's even willing to risk her father's wrath and do it behind his back if that's what it takes. Needless to say, things don't go as planned. Dad finds out, is less than thrilled, and sells Flicka in front of a begging, pleading Katy. How far will Katy go to get Flicka back?

    Katy herself is like a wild mustang, which is why, perhaps, she connects so deeply with Flicka. "We're the same," Katy says at one point in the movie. They're both loners who don't fit in, they both buck authority, and Katy's father doesn't know what to do with either of them. As Katy writes in her school essay (a summer assignment to keep her from flunking) about the early settlers and their dealings with mustangs, "They couldn't domesticate them, so they destroyed them . . . no one really wants them. Not ranchers, not city people. Let them disappear once and for all, along with all the other misfits and loners and relics of a wilderness no one cares about anymore." The words hit home as we realize they apply not only to Flicka, but to Katy, too. A poignant reminder to go the extra mile and understand those who are different or don't fit the mold in our lives, rather than dismiss them.

    Lohman (who's 27 in real life) delivers a solid performance playing a character over a decade her junior, though a few times the acting seemed a bit stilted, like she was trying too hard. Her Hollywood hair styles also felt out of place on a working horse ranch, but besides those tiny distractions, the authenticity of the character, and the ranch, was totally there. Tim McGraw played stern Rob McLaughlin as well as any professional actor, and Maria Bello's supporting role as Katy's mom brought some kinder (and funnier) moments to the film.

    Family friendly through and through (the PG rating is for some mild language), it was refreshing to watch the affectionate brother-sister interaction of Katy and older brother Howard (Ryan Kwanten), her only real confidant on the ranch. I was also pleasantly surprised the film makers didn't resort to adding the teen romance subplot which seemed to be implied in the trailers. Howard does have a girlfriend, and their relationship seems out of place in the story at first, but everything ties together in the end as the girlfriend plays a role in the climactic scene.

    Flicka is an enjoyable, feel-good western. There's just something about horses--they exude a power and freedom no other creature matches. And there's also something about the American West with its stark beauty and harsh realities. Flicka showcases them both with beautiful cinematography (several shots of running horses and mountains are breathtaking), painting a realistic picture of the struggles modern-day ranchers face in an age that often forgets them, and the mustangs. Katy's essay says it best: "...they [mustangs] are the hope for some kind of living memory of what the promise of America used to be ... and could be again."

    --Reviewed by C.J. Darlington for TitleTrakk...more info
  • Superb
    This movie is superbly done. Great acting by Tim McGraw who is uncomfortable with his daughter and has an estranged relationship with her. This is the best acting I've seen from Maria Bello. Overall, it's a good remake, different from the original, not perfect, but a great family film. I liked it alot, and thought the acting was good. ...more info
  • Flicka (the movie)
    I saw this movie in the theaters and knew I had to own it for myself. My horses are my freedom; a concept that is mirrored in the movie. Plot is predictable and really geared towards teenagers. I don't care. I liked it anyway....more info
  • Lame Remake
    Whoever green-lit this remake needs to be horsewhipped. Now I don't expect every viewer to be coming from my perspective--I read the 1941 novel My Friend Flicka, watched the 1943 movie many times throughout my childhood and, like the protagonist of the story, broke my own horse to ride. However, I do expect that anyone with an iota of horse sense will immediately agree that this is one lame remake.

    The basics are in place: a horse-raising family living in Wyoming struggles to hold onto their ranch while their dreamy youngest child latches onto a wild mustang and becomes convinced that their fates are intertwined. There, the similarities end.

    In the update, 12-year-old Ken has morphed into 16-year-old Katy (Alison Lohman), and Flicka, once a delicate sorrel filly we met as a foal and watched grow into a racehorse, is portrayed by a fully-grown, massive black male horse (though he is still referred to as a "she"). Apparently, once Ken lost his manhood, he also lost his ability to ride: Katy falls off of Flicka so many times, head injuries are the only explanation for her incredibly stupid behavior throughout the movie.

    If you are hoping, at least, for any semblance of authenticity when it comes to the horsey scenes, forget it. For months, Flicka lives in a roundpen with no feeder, no water bucket and no shelter. Katy has no idea how to properly break and train a horse, but of course Flicka--after a stint in the rodeo, no less--plods along like she's a Pony Rides veteran.

    Add to all of the above: over-wrought performances (even the horse overacts!), ding-bat dialogue, and a never-ending barrage of New-Agey songs set to dramatic montages, and you've got the "Flicka" remake. No wonder two horses died during the production of this film--they probably committed suicide.

    The only saving grace for this DVD is a delightful photo slide-show of real girls and their horses, which plays out through the end-credits. It's much more stirring and heartwarming than the film itself.

    Staci Layne Wilson
    ...more info
  • Rent The Original!
    There's just no reason to plod through this unnecessarily butchered remake of Mary O'Hara's book. They could have found an original script about horses, I think, instead of more "remake-itis" that Hollywood is stuck in right now. Rent the 1943 version and the 1945 sequel "Thunderhead."

    They're old movies, but they can't be improved upon. The technicolor of the Big Outdoors is sumptuous, the horse stunts nearly impossible to tell they were staged as when Flicka's mother rears under the sign while she's being trucked out and brains herself. Or when baby Flicka escapes the barn by breaking through a glass window and jumping out and the heart rendering scene where she is caught in the barbed wire fence. Can't watch either of these movies without a BIG box of kleenex! Flawless horse training for movies as was the fight to the death of Thunderhead and the Albino in the sequel. PLus there was the music score by the great Alfred Newman whose son, Thomas Newman, did the superb score to Horse Whisperer.

    If your horse-loving daughters really need to see a horse movie, get them training tapes by the gentle and effective trainers out there such as Pat Parelli, Chris Cox, Clinton Anderson, etc. At least they'll learn something. There's nothing in this bastardized version to like. And the only tear I shed was that 2 horses had to die for this turkey. ...more info
  • Save your money!
    I was so disappointed in this movie, being a great fan of Mary O'Hara's original book. Tim MCGraw was better than I expected---everything else was worse!...more info
  • Annoying characters
    This movie should carry a warning about all the whining and arguing contained in it. Why on earth a smart horse like Flicka didn't have enough sense to run for the hills, away from this dysfunctional family is beyond me. I for one have had it up to here with smartalecknowitallkidteachesdumbparent movies. At least in the original movie, Roddy McDowall was respectful to his father. The character of Katie in this movie is just obnoxious. The whole family could benefit from some counselling. The scenery and horses are beautiful however....more info
  • Probably the year's worst film
    This film is awful and insulting. Nothing makes sense, and the characters
    are stereotypes that can't even get their stereotype right. The tough guy Dad is soft and the annoying is she?? And all that "america is wild and free, blah, blah", and then she wants to
    domesticate her symbol of freedom??? HAHA...this movie SUCKS!...more info
  • Loved this movie
    I originally rented this movie for our daughter because she loves horses. After watching it twice, we decided to buy the movie. The scenery is beautiful and the storyline is actually very good. I was a fan of Tim McGraw before seeing the movie, and now am an even bigger fan. He did very well in this movie. Maria Bello, as always(my opinion), is wonderful as well.
    I won't get into the animal cruelty issues that are mentioned in other reviews. Yes, it is very sad and unfortunate that some horses were killed during the making, but my review is based on the movie, not any of the issues that happened behind the scenes....more info
  • Avoid this Flicka flick--read book instead!
    My 11 year old horse-crazy daughter disliked this movie, and so did I. It's not just that they swapped a headstrong teenage girl for the book's original young, quiet, sensitive boy. We both just thought the girl in the movie was a horrible, spoiled, annoying, selfish brat. We couldn't abide her and so no amount of pretty horses could make up for her one-dimensional character. The book is so lovely, so nuanced--it's a gem that wasn't even adequately portrayed by the 1940s "classic" version of the story. Strange that such a subtle story has not been adapted successfully for the screen, whereas the fun but mainly action-adventure "Black Stallion" story was turned into the beautiful, lyrical, timeless film of the same name....more info
  • I love flicka!
    Good re-make of an old classic! A young girl struggles with her 'Rites-of-Passage'. When she meets a horse with a spirit as untamed as her's. Finally, she finds something to focus on and work hard for (a focus she doesn't seem to have with her grades at school). Horse and girl grow together. A wonderful coming-of-age tale.

    Chrissy K. McVay - Author...more info
  • flicka
    Tim McGraw Maria bellow Alison lohman Ryan Kewanee
    Michael Mayer

    This movie wills Mack you laugh cry may even get a little scared! A girl named Katy goes to boarding school and she was tacking her final exam. She did not write her essay down on paper she wrote it in her head. Her family lives on a ranch that they own filled with horses. When she got home from boarding school she went for a ride on the horse. When she got out there ache saw a mountain lion. The mountain lion stared to chase them all of the sudden a wild mustang came running and saved them Katy and the house. Katy went back to the woods one-day and the caught the wild mustang and brought it home. Her parents found out that she did not do her final exam paper her teacher told her that she could do it over the summer or she could repeat the year her dad made her do the paper over summer. They put the wild mustang in an outdoor stable. Her father told everybody not to go in the stable but Katy did not listen to her father! One night she went out to the stable opened the gate and got on the flicka that is what she named the wild mustang. Katy fell off flicka and flicka stepped on her and cut her back Katy kepped it a secret .one night she tried again and she fell off and her whole family came running outside. The dad had the wild mustang took to the rodeo show. One day they all went to see the rodeo show and katty entered in a wild mustang countess and she chose filcka no body the whole time she was their could ride her but as soon as she got on to flicka she rode her right out of the rodeo show. Katy and flicka got lost in the wood s and it stared to rain. Katy whole family went looking for her and they could not find her any where when Kate and flicka were in the woods bye there house t the mountain loin came out and took out flica and Katy came with her Katy got a concision and got very sick the both end up living and o by dies but the mountain loin dies it was so sad
    I loved the movie flicka because it was s ad at times and it was happy at time and I even got scared to! Loved this movie because y our can never tack your eyes away and you cant pause it or stop it was amazing I ha do watch over and over again! At first I thought this movie it boring I would not ever watch then my sister bought to and made me watch it and I loved it so much
    I loved this book I would recommend this book to any one loves houses or even hates them every body in the world should see this movie was ammonizing ...more info
  • flicka
    Hi well to start I was excited about watching this movie cause it looked a lot like dreamer which I enjoyed. BUT IT WAS HORRIBLE!!! Katie is selfish and has a bad attitude which never gets better throughout the movie. The characters are allways yelling at each other. And Katie is also dumb and tries things whith Flicka that get her hurt and in trouble. I hated this and so did my Mom but my Dad strangely liked it. Anyways this is one of those love it or hate it movies. And I personally hated it. Well gotta go hope this was helpful Brooke. ...more info
  • Flicka
    This heartwarming, breathtaking, exciting, PG rated, DVD movie is one of the best I've seen. Featuring Alison Lohman, Maria Bello and country music star Tim McGraw. If you country lovers are excited already, then get ready for an even bigger excitement!
    16-year-old Katy McLaughlin (Lohman) finds a black mustang in the mountains where her family's ranch is set. Katy falls in love with the horse and wants it to be hers. Katy sets out to find and rope the mustang. She then sets out on the struggle to tame the horse. But it's not going to be easy this mustang is pure wild! Taking days to tame, Katy's not going to give up. Katy soon reach's the heart of the horse. Flicka meaning beautiful young girl, is what Katy names her precious horse. Together, Flicka and Katy saddle out for adventures to come. Her and Flicka know that they must become a hard working team in order to stand up to their challenges and face them. But one challenge throws them off. The two meet up with a mountain lion when traveling through the woods to home. Both scared and not knowing what to do. What will happen to Flicka and Katy? Your going to have to see the movie to find out.
    I thought this was a great movie! The best! When I heard about it I knew I had to see it. And when I did I loved it! The end was so sad. Movie's never make me cry no matter how sad, but this one did make me cry. This movie took me on an adventure, and I hope it takes you on one too.
    I recommend this movie for country lovers, ranchers, and horse lovers because this movie has this all packed in it. I recommend you see Flicka....more info
  • Where is Faith Hill?
    I could not get past the fact that Tim McGraw is with another woman in this movie nor could I accept him being such a tough Dad. It just isn't his personality. I just want him to sing but I guess he did OK. Tim McGraw is such an entertainer on a music stage that I just couldn't take this. Maybe I am not being fair; however, Tim stick with the music....more info
  • Inhumane Movie
    I have not seen Flicka because I have read several reputable reports that at least two horses died very inhumanely in the making of this movie. If you care about horses, you should research the claims for yourself and hopefully you won't rent or purchase this movie....more info
    Please do some research before you purchase this DVD. It is beyond question and well documented that at least two horses were killed during the filming of this movie. The ASPCA and many people involved with the film have all testified to this.

    The original release boycott cost FOX $12 million, and we need to keep sending the message that endangering and killing horses is not o.k.

  • A classic revisited
    Sometimes Hollywood tries too hard to stay near the feeling of an original movie when producing the modern version. This time they took the chance to bring it to the modern era and some of the realities of twenty-first century living. Flicka, was a surprisingly delightful and original "remake".

    Generational controversies has always been around and we're still dealing with them today. This story ushered in some of our real life difficulties today. Flicka takes that gap and reveals it through the harshness of an "old-school" rancher and his modern minded kids. The family ranching tradition seems to be in jeopardy until the horse comes on the scene.

    There's some imitative behaviour you might want to be careful of if your kids pick that kind of thing up easily. The two teen-aged children have discussions about hating their dad. The star character openly screams at her father, " I hate you" and "your not my father any more". In another major portion of the movie she defies her fathers wishes and enters the wild horse race to get her way. When the cat gets out of the bag, she runs off on the back of her beloved Flicka.

    This was an enjoyable family film that was pretty clean. Constructively viewed it might actually open up the lines of communications for your family too....more info
  • Strictly phoned in
    As the father of a 9-year-old girl, I'm always on the lookout for a good age-appropriate movie she'll like.

    Neither of us was much impressed by this pro-forma effort's weak, very contrived script. Yes, if you have a child my daughter's age you'll be glad to know the movie contains no profanity or gratuitous violence or sexual titilation. But it is, alas, entirely forgettable.

    I suggest renting it only if and when Amazon prices it at 99 cents....more info