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Audio Unlimited Wireless Speakers with Remote (SPK-VELO-001)
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Product Description

Listen to music just about anywhere without the hassle of running unsightly speaker wire! The powerful transmitter uses 900 MHz technology to send music through walls and floors to the dual wireless speakers up to 150 feet away. These high-quality, weather-resistant speaker can even be used in wet areas. Enjoy the complete freedom of taking your music or other audio almost anywhere.

  • 900 MHz transmitter sends audio signals without speaker wire
  • Weatherproof for outdoor listening
  • Speaker can be up to 150' away from audio source
  • Compact & portable with a stylized design (10H x 5W) - 3 Rubber edge Woofer2 Mylar cone Tweeter10 Watt RMS Output9V DC Transformer
  • Phase Loop Lock circuitry automatically locks in and keeps audio signal clear and strong.

Customer Reviews:

  • Outstanding Wireless System
    This wireless speaker system is truly "unlimited" in range and volume!!
    You won't be disappointed in this purchase....more info
  • wireless speakers
    excellent speakers for the price. easy to set up and the sound quality is great....more info
  • Perfect solution...
    I bought these in hopes that I wouldn't have to buy an MP3 player to play music already on my computer throughout our apartment. In short, they fit the bill. I was worried about interference from surrounding apartments but it hasn't been a problem. Initially, I did experience popping and buzzing from the speakers (as others have mentioned), but turning the volume up on my computer and down on the speakers solved the problem.

    Just one word of warning: If you value your eyesight, don't look directly at the blue power light on the speakers!...more info
  • Great reception, decent sound
    I purchased these speakers because the layout of my house does not lend itself to either acoustics or wiring. My main goal was to get music into other rooms in the simplest way possible, and these little guys did the trick.

    - Excellent reception. The signal is covering 60 feet through two walls without any pops or static. To make things interesting, I also have two wireless access points and one other 900MHz audio device operating in the same area and there is no noticeable interference with these speakers.

    - All the various little adapter plugs you might need are included, so no Radio Shack run required.

    - Good value. As wireless speakers go, these are reasonably-priced and get the job done.

    - Attractive, subtle styling can fit in pretty much anywhere without looking out of place.

    - The option to use AC or batteries is great.

    - These speakers are mono, so they can be put in different rooms without sounding strange.

    - Sound is decent, but not quite good. My expectations weren't terribly high, but the sound quality was still a minor letdown. Walking from a room with a proper stereo into a room with these speakers is a little like putting your head under water. To be fair, though, these are small, inexpensive, indoor-outdoor speakers, so there are some legitimate constraints upon how responsive the drivers themselves can be. These won't be faithfully reproducing any symphonies, but they're entirely adequate for general use.

    - These speakers are mono, so having more than one in a room doesn't add much.

    - The remote isn't particularly useful. Turning the power on or off requires you to hit a button on the speaker, so you may as well just set the volume while you're there.

    - And on a very minor note, the power indicator LED on these things is crazy-bright. Like, bright-enough-to-read-by bright. If you put one in a bedroom, plan on taping it over.

    In summary, I'd say these are a great option if you really want music somewhere and aren't particularly picky about the sound quality. If audio quality is a major factor, there are more expensive indoor-only options available which might do a better job....more info
  • Wireless interference
    I live in a downtown area and have a love hate relationship with these speakers. On one side, they have great sound, portability, and ease of use.

    On the other hand, they make loud buzzing noises when I mute my player. When working, I will get a call and turn on the mute from my computer, then the speakers will start buzzing very loudly for 1-2 second periods.

    Just an FYI, that if you plan on using these like computer speakers, realize that you have to turn them off in between each use or they will buzz at you. Also, you can't use the remote to turn the speakers on which sucks!...more info
  • Does the job
    These speakers more or less do the job. The sound quality is OK, if not probably for blasting classical music concerts. If you have most of your music on your laptop, as I do, you can connect it to your laptop and put your speaker wherever you want without cables. One small caveat, this works best in small apartments as they do not seem to be able to cover a lot of ground. Overall good quality......more info
  • This is our second order for these speakers
    Our original order lasted us over two years of very hard use.
    We take them traveling with us in our RV are able to move them outside and even to the beach. Last year we spent five months in Mexico with lots of humidity and sand. One remote controller does work for both speakers, just hit the Auto Tune at each speaker and adjust on/off or volume. We suggest you turn off the main transmitter when not in use, we didn't and might be the cause having to replace after two years.
    Enjoy...more info
  • First Wireless Speakers to Work
    Excellent Product. Works as advertised. This is the third set I have owned and each were from a different manufacturer. Previous speakers would either drop signal and would loose signal frequently. They also did not have much range. These audio unlimited speakers hold the signal anywhere in our home, back yard and basement. They have excellent sound quality at all volumes. I purchased the optional third speaker but it is another speaker identical to these but without the transmitter. Although it adds nothing to sound quality in the same room it is good to use in another room. These do not operate as right and left stereo speakers. So one speaker can provide the same sound quality as two or three. You only need multiples of these speakers for balanced coverage of larger rooms....more info
  • Great Performance with Sonos
    Over a month and very pleased: I connected this to a non-amplified Sonos unit. We've dragged them all over the house and into the yard. Everywhere it's not practical to have perminent speakers. Haven't used them on bettery yet. I had read elsewhere that they were quite, but I don't buy it. For their size, they give excellent sound & performance....more info
  • Good speakers
    Pros: Good speakers, good range, remote is a nice feature.
    Cons: Uses 6C batteries per speaker, audio device has to be on 50-75% volume before it will connect to the wireless speakers. Not much bass, but quality sound for size.

    I use them mostly with my mp3 player & computer, but have connected them to tv. ...more info
  • No bass!
    Work perfectly right out of the box. Easy setup, look good. Wireless worked from the front of the house to the back porch with no prolems. The only exception was that these speakers have absolutely NO, none, zip, BASS to them. High and Mid range were great and if they had a sub-woofer, the sound would have been awesome. But they don't. I don't need a deep, thumping bass, but SOME bass would have been nice.
    I don't have much experience with outside speakers as far as bass range goes, but if they are all like this, I guess I won't be having any outside speakers....more info
  • Not bad for the price
    I recieved this product before christmas and have been using it since. It has great reception anywhere in the house. I haven'thad a chance to use them outside yet. They are not extremely high quality sound but not bad for the price. Overall a good product for the money....more info
  • audio unlimited speakers
    works well within 25 feet, cant wait to take them outside and test them this summer...more info
  • great speakers
    I received the speakers yesterday. It took 10min to unpack and hook them up.I connected them to my mac,worked with no problem,tried my sterio sounds good.Works good with i-pod.For non sterio speakers they sound great. Very pleased with speakers....more info
  • Excellent Speakers
    I purchased a set of these speakers for my Mom. I was so impressed, I am ordering another set for me. It was easy to hook up. I put one by her chair and one in the kitchen. She likes to turn it real low just enought to hear and every word comes through crystal clear. It saves her from having to turn the volume up on the TV. I haven't tried it on batteries so I can't tell you much as to how they work on batteries, but plugged in, they work great. If you are using them indoors near a receptacle, I highly recommend them....more info
  • Full Sound in a Small Package
    The Audio Unlimited Wireless Speakers are a delight. They are compact and have the kind of full sound you would expect from much larger speakers. I wonder if there is some way to use them with a sub-woofer which would give the kind of bass that would really thrill. I prefer to use them both outside and inside plugged into the household current with the transformer provided. ...more info
  • Used at an outdoor wedding
    I recently bought these speaker to use at my garden wedding. I put batteries in the speakers, hooked up my IPOD and set one speaker in the middle of the garden and one speaker near the altar. The speakers made each song sound crystal clear an gave the illusion of surround sound. We only had the speakers turned half way up and the music was loud enough for everyone to hear even during the reception. We played many genres of music: love songs, jazz and rap included. Everything sounded great--no popping, no static--just the integrity of the music. My in-laws are so impressed with the speakers they are getting a pair for themselves. I will absolutely reuse these speakers over and over again. It is so convenient to put the music where you want it and not where you have an outlet. I put one set of batteries in these speakers which got us through the rehearsal and the complete wedding (about 7 hours) with battery power to spare....more info
  • Love Amazon
    These speakers were just what I was looking for! Love Amazon gets these reviews to help cut through the clutter to help decide among the all the products available. I am able to plug the base into my computer and take the speakers anywhere I want them. They sound great and work just as described! ...more info
  • Good prices......
    We purchased a set of the SPK-VELO-001 Audio Wireless Speakers with Remote as a Christmas present. They arrived promptly, however when my brother-in-law went to hook them up only one speaker worked. I called the vendor who told me I had to write them for a return number. 3 days later we got that and sent the speakers off. It took 3 1/2 weeks for the exchange to arrive back here. I sure hope that this set works.........more info
  • worked for while then one of the speakers just died
    When they were new, sound quality was decent, as was range, but then the batteries get used up quickly and the SQ goes down with it. you can use the included adapter, but that defeats the wireless point.
    remote cant turn them on, and volume adjustment is independent of each speaker (not in stereo)
    today, one of the speakers just died!
    good esthetic design though

    update 12/14/08
    Amazon and Cables unlimited have been great about exchanging the defective speakers, even though it was right at the warranty end (1yr). i noticed the replacements say cables unlimited on them instead of velocity wireless, they look the same, but seem to sound a lot better, than the original. for that, i would upgrade to maybe 3.5 stars, and even 4 if these last longer than the originals (call me in a year) :)...more info
  • More than adequate, and good value for "extra" speakers
    We have two sets of these speakers and are pleased with them, but we do not use them as the primary speakers for either system. One set we use outdoors to extend our sound system so you can hear music on both levels of the deck without having to turn the volume so high. The other set is attached to our rec room TV so people in the bar area watching sports can hear the game even thought they are on the other side of the room. In both cases we find them more than adequate.

    These are not high quality stereo speakers, but then of course they didn't cost as much as the mounting brackets for our Bose surround sound system.

    My only real complaints are that they are light weight and the on/off button is too stiff, so unless the speakers are mounted to the wall you have to hold them to turn them on.

    And then, there is that light. The blue indicator light on each of the three components is so bright they look like they were designed to guide planes in for night landing.
    ...more info
  • Decent outdoor speakers for the money
    For the price, this is a decent set of weatherproof speakers. I purchased these after visiting friends who had a similar pair. You can connect the transmitter to any audio source that has an output or headphone jack. Distance is limited, but in general I haven't experienced any problem with them on the back deck, or in the garage or driveway. Nice to have music while washing the car, etc.

    The only drawback I've noticed is some popping from time to time, but this might actually be a result of being close to the limit of their range, or even batteries. ...more info
  • Nice Speakers
    I purchased these speakers a few months ago and am very happy with them. I believe they "go to sleep" when not being used - so that took a little getting used to. The receiver is small and easy to move from one computer to another. I just purchased my 2nd set of these speakers as I want to use them in 2 more locations. That way I'll leave them permanently in 4 areas and not have to keep moving the 2 around I have. I purchased them mainly for my laptop, but use them with my desktop also. Very happy with them. ...more info
  • Very Good or Very Bad Depending...
    I bought these wireless outdoor speakers for a Mothers Day gift for my wife and I have found them to be either very good or very bad, depending on a few critical factors. Of the 150+ reviews I wish someone had taken the time to figure out the "bad" factors - it would have saved my Mothers Day. Here it is for your information - you decide.

    The Good:

    For the price (under $100) the reproduced sound quality of the speakers is very good. The technical details from Amazon are a bit misleading, though. The speaker has a SINGLE, 3 inch rubberized element housed inside the weatherproof enclosure, projecting the sound upward. There is a venturi sound dispersal structure which sends the sound out the sides and top. There is also a low frequency sound tunnel similar to those used in some high end sound systems (you know the ones, very expensive, four letter name beginning with B and rhyming with "nose.") At 900mhz, the distance is limited. In my ordinary stucco-and-wood two story house, it is about 25-30 feet. By taking the transmitter outside the house the range increased by 3x to 60-75 feet. While the speakers are not truly stereo (they blend the right and left channels into a single mono channel) the sound effect when you're within earshot of both speakers is quite good. With a high quality sound source like an Ipod, the full range of sound can be heard. When I thought some music sounded "tinny" I ultimately traced it back to source; the source music was the cause. The transmitter is quite forgiving about the input sound level. The printed instruction booklet that comes with the speakers gives good advice (set earpiece volume on source device at two thirds full). The speaker enclosure is well thought out, has two simple mounting eyelets on the back where the surface is flat. No mounting screws are included; you'll need to provide those yourself if you want to mount on a wall. There are low-profile four rubberized feet on the bottom in case you want to set it on a delicate surface. The brand name (Audio Unlimited) appears as a small discreet logo on the front of the speaker. The transmitter has two transmission channels selected by a switch on the transmitter itself. Tuning between the two offered channels is a snap, just press the button on each speaker and it automatically finds the signal. There is a reassuring blue LED on the front of the speaker to let you know it is active at full power. Using the remote's Power button puts the speaker in Standby and the LED turns to yellow. To fully power off the speaker you must press the power button on each speaker. The Infrared remote emits a strong enough signal to work in direct sunlight and the infrared sensor on each speaker is a 2 inch oval vrtical window on the front. It works well from just about any angle. Each speaker comes with its own AC power adapter capable of 110-240v input. when loaded with its six C-cell batteries the weight of each speaker is hefty enough to withstand wind gusts or the occasional bump, when not fix-mounted, without toppling over.

    The Bad

    Each speaker requires 6 (six) C-size 1.5v batteries, not included. The remote needs two AAA batteries (again, NOT included.) If you haven't bought the C-size battery lately and you're accustomed to AA and AAA prices, get ready for a shock. The price for twelve good quality alkaline batteries is between 12 and 26 dollars, depending on brand. I bought Ray-O-Vac at $12. Duracell copper top were $26. I had planned to use rechargeable niMh, but at $14 for TWO batteries (you can find twelve on the internet for about $60), I decided to wait to see if I liked the speakers. I do not know if the speakers will actually work on rechargeable - something to check out before you buy those expensive batteries. Rechargeables are only 1.2volt (versus the 1.5v of regular batteries). Batteries last for approximately 16 hours of continuous use.


    If you are surrounded by lots of wireless technology already - wireless telephones, wireless internet, wireless security, wireless garage door openers, wireless mailbox sensors, wireless garage door sensors, wireless iPod headphones, bluetooth headsets, bluetooth printers, keyboards, mouse... THESE SPEAKERS ARE NOT FOR YOU.

    I'm a fairly geeky guy who loves his gadgets, and I reasoned that most of my devices operate at or above 2.5ghz and wouldn't interfere. I was WRONG! by process of elimination I figured out that you need to get up abouve 5ghz to be safe from interference with this device. Remember this is an analog device that translates signals into sounds. Our ears are remarkably sensitive to any interference. And the digital kind of interference doesn't come across the speakers the gentle hiss of background static; it comes across as sharply (loud) punctuated squeals, cracks and pops. I live on a golf course, and by taking the transmitter and speaker out onto the middle of the fairway behind my house (with a long extension cord for the transmitter) I was able to eliminate all interference. But as soon as I went back near the house, the transmitter needed to be 4-5 feet away from the speakers to eliminate most of the digital wireless interference (it never truly went away unless I was on the fairway, well removed from any human digital wireless technology).


    If you live in a relatively wireless-free world, or all your other wireless devices operate above 5ghz, these are great value for the money - watch the batteries, the cost can quickly overrun what you paid for the speakers.
    ...more info
  • Surprises!
    When I went "shopping", I expected to hook something into the speaker connections of my stereo system (so that I could A, B, A+B with the controls). It turns out that the "sender" plugs into the headphone jack instead. HOWEVER, it plugs into the headset jack of lots of different devices, and it's small. (Unfortunately, no battery packs for this, so it needs AC.)

    The sender has a "1/8-inch mini-plug", and the package includes a 1/4" headset plug...

    This actually makes them far more versatile than I expected! It hooks up to my sound system more easily than by pulling the receiver out of the wall and working with wire terminals. It will also let me hook it into my TV (no need to turn the stereo to TV Input), my computer, my recording turntable, etc.

    Currently, I am using one speaker in the kitchen and the other on my desktop PC. (I am attempting to record some old vinyl disks.) With this arrangement, I don't need to have them turned up to the distortion level to follow the recording process - one speaker is playing nicely in the back room (where the recording is being done), and one is at my elbow. Wonderful for monitoring!

    Oh yeah, the sound... For speakers that cost so little, they're fantastic!...more info
  • Solid Speakers

    Speakers are always subjective so I was a little concerned about some of the reviews I read about the Audio Unlimited Wireless Speakers. Due to Amazon's easy return policy, I took a chance.

    Talk about painless. Five minutes after unboxing the speakers, I had music in two rooms of my house. I wouldn't even have considered running speaker wire that far. As for the sound, I didn't hear any problems and thought the speakers did a great job. The speakers also come with remote (didn't use) and different adapters. In fact, my PC connected to the speakers as easily as the stereo.

    I should also mention the annoying bright blue power light that is easily taped over.

    Finally, I didn't measure but the speakers are around 16 inches high and should fit anywhere.

    I would buy these speakers again.

    Mike Honeycutt...more info
  • Great Speakers...
    I'm not one to write reviews, but I felt compelled to after getting these speakers. Everything stated in other 5 star reviews of these speakers are accurate. I bought one set, liked it so much that I bought another set. The cool thing is that you can play multiple speakers off of the one transmitter you plug into your computer. I went to Radio Shack and bought a two prong speaker plug so I can plug in my regular speakers into my computer and then plug in these speakers. Again, if you want to listen to music in throughout your house and backyard these speakers will work great. A little side note, I just saw these same speakers that are Indoor/Outdoor. They are not that much more. I wish I would of seen them first....more info