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Sandisk 4GB Cruzer Titanium USB Flash Drive with U3 (SDCZ7-4096-A10, Retail Package)
List Price: $89.99

Our Price: $18.76

You Save: $71.23 (79%)


Product Description

Cruzer Titanium is an extremely rugged and incredibly fast USB Flash Drive that connects to a computer's USB port. You can easily store their key documents, pictures, music & video clips and transfer them to another computer with a USB port. Small, compact size fits on any keychain. The retractable USB port eliminates the need for caps and protects your port. Cruzer Titanium is rugged, fast and smart. The Cruzer Titanium is built with Liquidmetal casing that is crush-resistant over 2000 pounds and has lightning speed up to 15MB per seconds write and read performance. Cruzer Titanium provides the latest in UFD technology, a U3 Smart capable flash drive. CruzerSync synchronization tool SignupShield password manager SKYPE voice over IP software AVAST virus scan Retractable USB connector Distinctive Blue LED Hi-Speed USB 2.0 certified (backwards compatible with all USB 1.1 ports) USB Mass Storage Class Device Compatible with Windows 2000 SP4 and XP Dimensions - Depth 7.14mm x Width 19.05mm x Length 57.94mm

  • Retractable USB connector
  • Rugged Liquidmetal? body
  • Crush force exceeds 2000 pounds
  • Laser etched graphics and finish
  • Loaded with the following U3 programs:
  • * CruzerSync synchronization tool
  • * SignupShield password manager
  • * SKYPE "Make video calls from PC to PC"
  • * AVAST virus scan

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Purchase
    Great product! It does everything I need for carrying my office in my pocket....more info
  • Great, Durable, and Stylish USB drive
    I purchased this drive as a replacement for my old cruzer mini 1GB, which still works perfectly. The first thing I noticed when opening the package (a 'blister' pack) was the weight - the device truly feels heavy, though not in a bad way. I uninstalled U3, which came on the drive, with a utility from Sandisk.
    The only bad thing I can think of is the sliding 'lock' mechanism - it can be slightly difficult to get it to lock so the connector doesn't slide back when connecting it.
    Overall, however, I would highly recommend this drive....more info
  • Tiny gadget with amazing capacity

    This Sandisk flash drive can store 4 gigabytes of information in a box about the size of my little finger. My documents and pictures are currently about 800 megabytes, too much for a CD. Transferring all of it to this flash drive was done in a single step and it took only 3 or 4 minutes. Transferring the stuff to a CD used to take two steps and closer to 20 minutes....more info
  • Not Disappointed
    It is a decent flash drive.

    Good transfer rate.
    Compatible with Vista.
    It comes with U3 which some people may like but I chose to remove.
    Awesome look and feel.

    Risk of a static shock destroying the data.
    Most people probably don't need/want the U3 software.
    May require above average technical skills to do what you want to its full potential (like most technology).

    ...more info
  • I bought because it was so cheap....
    I bought this flash drive because it was on sale for 27 dollars, and it was 4 gigs. Just seemed like the right thing to do. It works great too....more info
  • Great Product
    I am very happy with this flash drive, it doesn't feel as flimsy as many do on the market today. i have been using it for over a month now and havent had a problem yet! Thanks Amazon for helping me find my product at an incredible price!...more info
  • Product good, software irritaing beyond belief
    Product is a neat design, eliminating the need for a cap which would get lost. The U3 software supplied is annoying as hell; I wanted a disk drive, not some companion. The software is Windows only, so if you have a mac it doesn't make much sense, and it's pretty difficult to uninstall the software, and you need to download a removal kit. Hence the 3 star rating...more info
  • Wolf2fly Review of SanDisk 4 GB Titanium USB Flash Drive w/U3
    The SanDisk 4 GB Cruzer Titanium USB Flash Drive with U3 works as designed. This flash drive is not like an ordinary flash drive; the titanium shell gives this drive a solid, sturdy feel combined with the security features of U3 makes this drive the ultimate 4 GB flash drive....more info
  • Good Stuff
    Just what I wanted. Fast transfer, lots of storage, and strong enough to stick in your backpack and forget. The included software is a bit annoying, but it is no problem to remove....more info
  • Just awesome
    What can I say? Its liquid metal shell is absolutely indestructible and nearly scratch-proof, the drive itself is both fast and roomy, and 2 months into ownership, the retracting USB connector seems to hold as well as it did the first day. A fantastically engineered piece of convenience!...more info
  • Great USB Drive
    Bought this about 1 year ago. I'm confused though: Why is it so much more expensive now then when I bought it? Shouldn't the prices just keep falling as technology improves these flash drives? Seems like you should be able to find an 8GB drive for these prices! Keep looking....more info
  • sandisc
    I think it is an excelent storage tool, and I had a nice surprise with the new operative sistem to run programs direct from the device, which is wonderful to travel. ...more info
  • Sturdy case, Very happy
    Once I figured out how to get rid of U3 (I'm on a mac) I was very happy with this and use it daily at work. Sandisk quality drive in a strong case. It is very sturdy. I throw it in my pocket with all of my keys and never worry about it. Feels good and hefty. Very smooth action on the slider. The whole white slider part glows blue when it is plugged in, and emits some diffused flashes when it is transferring. So you either like this because it reminds you to unplug it before you leave work, or you hate it because it is distracting. Me - I don't mind it. This is a great everyday flash drive, especially if you don't want to have to worry about crushing it, or bumping it around with your keys. ...more info
  • Still a fine choice
    Though this model has been around a while, and it may not be among the fastest anymore, I'm still very happy with it. I've been using it about 6 months, with no issues. It's more durable and MUCH faster than prior drives I've used (Including: Sandisk Cruzer 1GB, Kingston DataTraveller 1GB, 3M 512MB).

    PROS: Durability, Speed, Retractable plug, Cool blue light
    CONS: Must download software from Sandisk to remove the U3 Launcher, of which I'm not a fan....more info
    The reviewers who rave about this product had a different experience. If you want to drive your car over it, buy it. But if you want to use it as it was intended, there are problems: my flash drive loaded something the moment I plugged it in. There was no input from me. Then, I tried to erase the U3 nonsense (a mess, as many Amazon reviews state), and I couldn't do so.
    The company tells you to use their uninstaller. The uninstaller kept telling me that I had to close an open program on the drive. There wasn't any open program, so we couldn't proceed with this option.
    An alternative method was to delete the icon on the system tray. Since there wasn't any icon on the tray, we couldn't do this either.
    We stopped reading the third method (to do something before you install the item) as the item had already installed itself.
    An email for support produced a further complication: an 'EBOX' had been created for me which I had to access with a password - which we had to write down in a secure place. Big deal! We go to the ebox, click on something, and lo and behold! - a message appears from a support person, tellling me to use the 3 methods listed above. My email call for help had already stated that the three methods didn't work.
    In all fairness, we hadn't registered the item at the time of the email (because the serial number was too small for any of us to see without a magnifying glass and it is printed in Grey text on a Grey surface.
    Right now, we are involved in a lottery which will determine which of us will have the great pleasure of being allowed to throw the item under the wheels of the next large truck which passes by our office.

    ...more info
  • 4GB titanium driver
    It has plenty of space for all my music and videos and I used the U3 program to set up my portable web browser....more info
  • Rugged, fast, and priced right. What more can I say?
    This is an excellent price for such a rugged and speedy USB Flash Drive. Some don't like the U3 programs, but I do. I appreciate being able to password protect my drive without having to purchase any external programs. Plus, since I carry my drive constantly in my pocket, the strong body on this is a must for me. And durable? I accidentally left mine in my pants pocket and it got washed. Well, after letting it air dry, the thing still operates with no issues. SanDisk makes solid memory devices. I own a couple of these Titaniums, my prior one being a 2GB. I also have several of their SD and microSD sticks. Solid products, zero complaints from me....more info
  • nice little thumbdrive
    Works as advertised, it's a thumbdrive not much to say really. Nice blue LED while plugged in. USB plug extends from inside, so it stays safe while you're not using it. The U3 software library makes it easy to have your own programs wherever ya go, like Firefox & Thunderbird, even open office, there's a lot of other portable software out there too that works great, just wish there was a way to integrate it into the U3 dashboard. ...more info
  • flash drive
    I have no complaints. Really only bought it because it was on sale. It does what I wanted it to do, store my pictures....more info
  • San DIsk 4GB Titanium cruzer USB Flash drive
    My first usb drive was a Lexar Jump Drive secure. It was nice, but bulky & slow. I had a friend that had one of these and I liked that it was retractable, heavy duty, fast & designed well. The case is easy on the eyes & very classy looking. There is no plastic look or feel to this like the Kingston usb flash drives that are out there.

    I liked this so much I got 2 of them. San Disk backs their product and they are respected in the Technology community. I also own a computer business and recommend this to anyone looking for one. They come in smaller capacities for storage but the 4GB does it for me....more info
  • Overall, this is the best flash drive I've owned to date.
    It's thin enough but I'd like narrower. It looks good, but not quite as polished as I'd expected. It's reasonably fast. 3.8 GB in reality. I tried the installed software and immediately hated it. It even locked up some XP PCs. Fortunately there is a tool included in the zip file on partition 1 that combines the 2 partitions into one very easily. After I ran it on mine, several friends couldn't wait do the same to their cruzers. Titanium is nearly scratch-proof, so it looks new even after living on my keychain for weeks. I'd have given it 5 stars if not for the crap software on it....more info
  • Sandisk Cruzer TRASH
    really sorry that I wasted my money. usually Sandisk is gr8 but not this piece of junk. too much space taken up with their propriatary system that you can't even format off of there. Very irritating mem device. I simply threw it away. ...more info
  • Awesome flash drive!
    Fast, Love the included U3 software! Hideaway usb connector means no cap to loose. Made of durable metal so won't break easily....more info
  • Great, but dump the U3 software immediately!
    I use a Mac 90% of the time. Transferring files between Macs is no problem. This drive is fully compatible with OS X.

    However, the U3 software is a pain when you use this disk on a Windows machine. Other reviewers here have used it and have more technical explanations for either liking it or hating it. I disliked it as the U3 software just makes using it on a PC confusing, causing Windows to think it loaded several drives simultaneously. The U3 software gives extraneous error messages when you plug and unplug the drive using the Windows to unplug hardware rather than the U3 software. I eventually removed the software as it is simply poorly designed software that I didn't ask for. To make it difficult to uninstall, you have to download more software from U3 to remove it from the drive -- simply trashing the files does nothing as it reinstalls itself!

    Despite the sturdy construction of this drive, I'm not inclined to purchase additional SanDisk products until they stop the preinstallation of the U3 software....more info
  • hard to plug in
    bought this brand because i wanted to run u3 software. the usb plug in for this unit retracts into the base (like lipstick). unfortunately, it is difficult to plug in to a usb port, because pushing it in makes it retract. it is difficult / awkward to hold a slider that controls this movement and plug in at the same time. a pain in the a@@. poor design...why put up with the hassle every time you want to "plug in"?...more info
  • Flash Memory Stick
    The only comment i have to make about the Cruzer 4 gig memory is that it comes with a bunch of programs that I can't erase. Every time i erase them they come right back and take up space. Some kind of U3 that's used for something or other that I don't use and probably never will. Other than that I got it just as i expected....more info
  • great product
    I love almost everything about this product. The feature I really like, is also the feature I don't like. The feature is the retractable part. Very cool so that it doesn't get broken/damaged in my backpack, but kind of a pain to insert into the usb port. I have to hold the lever very firmly to keep it from retracting while I'm trying to plug it in. Very doable, but I wish it had a sort of locking system in place instead. I have used it for only a month or two, but so far has proven to be very reliable and durable. also I love the key chain option it has. I lose things often, but I always know where my keys are...I still recommend this product....more info