Lodge Enameled Cast-Iron 6-Quart Dutch Oven, Cafe
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Product Description

For more than a century home cooks and great chefs have cherished their round enamel cast iron ovens. From the stovetop and oven, to its elegant table presentation, Lodge Enamel provides superior cooking performance, versatility, and unparalleled style. When you're finished with your meal simply store your food in the refrigerator or freezer without any concern about food reacting to the porcelain enamel surface.

  • Porcelain surface eliminates the need to season
  • Tightly fitting lid seals in moisture
  • Superior heat distribution and retention
  • Two layers of porcelain enamel are chip resistant
  • Easy clean up

Customer Reviews:

  • Lodge Cast Iron 6 qt Dutch oven
    I have used mine for about three month now and have cooked various dishes. All came out great. Love the even heating on low. Food retains heat for quit a while after taking off the burner or out of the oven.

    I also ordered a blue one for my son and one for my sister-in-law....more info
  • The best deal in the house
    I have been debating a purchase of Le Creuset for over a year now and try as I might, I just can't spend what amounts to nearly a car payment on a pot. When I saw Lodge now has enamel cookware I felt I would be getting the best as their quality has always been unmatched. Their regular cast iron is indestructible. I ordered the cafe brown (still that 70s girl) and it is gorgeous. It's not a flat brown but gradated and very elegant. The application of the layers of enamel is perfect, no chips or thin areas. The packing was superior with little clips around the base to avoid nicking from the equality well packed lid. These people really know how to "do it right" and Amazon's price on this item is the best, by far.
    I have an eclectic kitchen, always trying to find the best pieces from each manufacturer. I have Calphalon, All-Clad, and Cuisinart pieces but this is quickly becoming my favorite. I really love it....more info
  • Wonderful Dutch Oven
    I purchased this pan for myself, each my children and even the ex husband. All of us have had a great experience with it. It heats evenly and can go from stove-top to oven. I could not be happier....more info
  • NOT Good for the Money....Good Period!
    I have two of the Lodge "Colors" line of dutch ovens (6 quart & 3 Quart)in the "Spice Island" color. In materials and workmanship the Lodge product is every bit as good as their more expensive French cousins. There are no little "pits" or "warts" under the inner coating of enamel. The inner and outer coatings match evenly all the way around the rim of the ovens. The color gradient is exact and uniform across the pieces. The lids fit precisely forming a good seal all the way around. They are a joy to cook with and look great as serving pieces....more info
  • Awesome
    Made beef carbonnade last night in this and it was awesome. I have made about 10 soups and stews with this in the last month and everything is great. Cleanup is easy too.

    I really like all of the surface area at the bottom of the pan. Makes it easier to brown your meat before the slow cooking....more info
  • so far so good
    Just tried it once with excellent results. Used it for [...] recipe for French chicken in a pot (which was exceedingly tender and moist in just 2 hours).
    The pot looks to be well made, and is certainly attractive....more info
  • Excellent replacement for a le creuset pot
    This enameled cast iron pot has done an excellent job replacing a much more expensive le creuset. I will be buying only lodge from now on....more info
  • Lodge enamel cast iron dutch oven
    Exactly the size and shape I wanted. The dutch oven is very sturdy and well enameled. I got the cafe color and the color is nice and vibrant. I especially like the white enameled interior of the pot and lid - that makes it easier to see what you are cooking. It was well packaged and arrived in perfect condition and exactly on time....more info
    I purchased this "Dutch Oven" for my elderly parents to make soups and pot roasts in during cold winters. My mom told me she could NEVER afford one on her social security so I bought her this one!

    THEY BOTH LOVE IT!! She says it keeps the heat real well and it roasts to PERFECTION!! She cannot wait to make her favorite soups in it!!

    Also, they both say it cleans up real well, which, when you are elderly, you are grateful for not having to put extra work into cleaning a pot.

    They like the color and they love the oven!

  • Probably very versatile, and definitely beautiful
    At the outset I must confess I did not keep this after ordering it--not because I wasn't happy with the product, but because circumstances changed in our household and I didn't feel cooking for only two people warranted such a large piece of kitchen equipment. It was beautiful and seemed like it would be very easy to clean. If I needed to purchase a gift for a COOK, this would be on my list. I may order a smaller piece after further research.

    It came packed well and was a gorgeous color; but be forewarned, it is HEAVY....more info
  • Good Quality for the Money
    I really like this pot. After looking around, I just couldn't justify spending all the $$$ for LC or Staub... so I thought I'd give this a try. I'm glad I did! Cooks great, looks great & is easy to clean. I switched the knob to a stainless cabinet knob so I could use it in a very hot oven (the knob will crack in an oven over 400). $2 at the hardware store - just make sure to buy a long enough screw. If I ever get a little hard-to-clean residue; baking soda w/a drop of water (make a paste) cleans it right up. Now I want to buy the 3 Qt & the skillet...
    UPDATE 4/09: I've now owned this for over a year & I use it at least once/week 6 months of the year. I really like this pot & can't imagine not having one. It still looks beautiful & shiny. I keep the inside clean/white w/baking soda (light cleanup) & Barkeeper's Friend (when food gets really cooked on). It's a really good buy....more info
  • Good soup pot
    I made a big pot of bean and ham soup and it stained the edge of the pot a bit. Spaghetti sauce didn't stain it though. I'm still learning that it takes only a little heat to cook with. This pot is different from the old cast iron one I used to just set in the fire and let go. I wish the lid handle was a little more sturdy but it's supposed to take the heat. I'm still learning how to cook with this but I do love it so far. Every Sunday I put it on the stove and then figure out what I'm going to put in it for that day. Good price too. One thing though....I bought Lodge brand thinking it was made in the USA...wrong! ...more info
  • Who needs Le Creuset?
    I've had a Le Creuset enamel cast iron pot for a few years. Very nice, but I never added more pieces because of the exorbitant expense. Then I discovered Lodge of Tennessee. 120-year old company. Got the 6-quart and 3-quart Lodge "Color" series of enamel cast iron Dutch Ovens -- what a fantastic treat! I adore these Dutch Ovens. Other than color and subtle styling differences I cannot tell the Lodge pieces from the Le Creuset. They are lovely, highly functional and surprisingly easy to clean -- even after cooking and storing chili in the 6-quart for days and potato salad in the 3-quart. Five stars is not enough to convey the tremendous value of these Lodge Dutch Ovens, and that's at full price. I've now been giving them away for birthday presents. ...more info
  • Best Product for the Money
    This is a great product. Cooks like a Le Creuset, gorgeous color (I ordered Cafe) all for a quarter of the price. Definately the most "Bang for the Buck"! ...more info
  • Excellent performance and value
    The quality of this product is excellent. The finish, the weight, the enameled rim on lid and base, the price - all come together on this Dutch Oven. Having used this, I doubt I could ever consider the pricey competitors - some over 4X more expensive. I am certain I will be buying more Lodge enameled cookware....more info
  • Great value
    short and sweet.
    nice dutch oven , great price.
    very good quality at a fraction of the price of "Le big famous brand"
    highly recommended.
    ...more info
  • Good Buy!
    I really like the way I can prepare food in this cookware. Being able to brown meat on the cooktop the bake in the oven in one pan saves time and money. The price, even with shipping, was less expensive than if I purchased it at the Kitchen store at our closest factory outlet mall....more info
  • extremely pleased
    I absolutely love this dutch oven. since I got it I have used it several times a week & the quality is amazing. I just love it!!!!...more info
  • Lodge Color Enamel Dutch Oven
    Excellent Dutch Oven, the price is very good compared to the imports. Functionally the same as the much more expensive pots....more info
  • This is a workhorse!
    I received my Lodge Enameled 6qt Cast Iron Dutch Oven last week. It arrived properly packaged and in great condition. The color is so beautiful, but the utility is amazing. I have used this at least once a day for the past week. Even though I made room in a cupboard for it, I now leave it on the stovetop so I'm not bending every hour to get it out! I have used it on the stovetop and in the oven with amazing results in my recipes - eggplant parm, pot roast, chili, lentils, chicken cacciatore, chicken marsala, steak pizzaiola, rattatouille, zucchini & eggs, you name it - it is great. Easy clean up, too! I highly recommend this size, too. I have other smaller ones and also regular cast iron - which also gets a workout in my kitchen. But this one - just superb!...more info