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Fatal Attraction
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  • "Flashdance" director's 1987 blockbuster
    FLASHDANCE director Adrian Lyne brought moviegoers this 1987 blockbuster starring Michael Douglas,Glenn Close and Anne Archer. New York lawyer Dan Gallagher(Douglas) has an affair with a colleague named Alex(Close). Dan's wife Kate(Archer) learns about the affair and is briefly pissed at him. Kate even threatened to kill Alex if she came within range of her,Dan and their young son again. Alex herself became violent in one of the last scenes,wielding a filet knife but she ends up stabbed with it,drowning in the Gallaghers' water-filled bathtub. I believe that was where Alex and Kate were fighting a duel. I remember a scene like that in 1992's THE HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE. Other '87 blockbusters include THREE MEN AND A BABY,LETHAL WEAPON and BEVERLY HILLS COP 2. Aside from FLASHDANCE,Lyne directed 1986's 9 1/2 WEEKS. Douglas' fans also loved him in other favorites like BASIC INSTINCT,IT'S MY TURN despite its box-office disappointment,THE IN-LAWS,THE WAR OF THE ROSES,ROMANCING THE STONE,THE JEWEL OF THE NILE,COMA,THE CHINA SYNDROME,THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT and FALLING DOWN....more info
  • Almost
    Except for the final scene (which I suspect was "borrowed" from Henri-Georges Clouzot's Diabolique), this is a solid film. In it, Director Adrian Lyne examines the consequences of a one-night affair involving two very attractive people, Alex Forrest (Glenn Close) who is single and Dan Gallagher (Michael Douglas) who is married and a parent of young children. While Beth Gallagher (Anne Archer, also "borrowed," from Jack Ryan) and the children are visiting her mother, Dan unexpectedly finds himself having drinks and then dinner with Alex. They feel an immediate and powerful sexual attraction to each other. Later, they spend the night in her loft apartment. Insofar as he's concerned, it was a memorable night, thanks ever so much, but that's it. Alex reacts differently, at first asking and then demanding that they continue the relationship. She even claims to be pregnant and at one point attempts suicide. Of course, all this is not what Dan had in mind but Alex forces him to recognize the significance of his adultery.

    The acting is consistently strong but the screenplay allows for almost no character development, nor are the nature and extent of Alex's psychological problems ever revealed or even explored. Obviously, she is lonely and delusional as well as envious of the lifestyle Beth and Dan share. Only an actor possessed of Glenn Close's talents and temperament could reveal (albeit only in brief moments) Alex's tenderness which helps to explain her vulnerability to both real and perceived grievances. After seeing the film again, I still think the final scene in the upstairs bathroom doesn't work. In fact, I think it detracts from the narrative development which precedes it. On balance, however, Fatal Attraction offers solid entertainment even as it raises (at least in my mind) questions about the two main characters and their relationship which, for whatever reasons, Lyne and/or his screenwriters do not address in the film.

    Hence my interest in the special features provided with the DVD version. They include a commentary by Lyne, "Forever Fatal: Remembering `Fatal Attraction'" (which offers new, exclusive cast and crew interviews), "Social Attraction" (an analysis of the cultural phenomenon of a fatal attraction), "Visual Attraction" (a behind-the-scenes production featurette), rehearsal footage, and the alternate ending introduced by Lyne....more info

  • Still powerful in 2008
    I remember when this first came out in '87. I was intrigued by the reviews and have always been a Douglas fan. A few of us went to the theater to see it once it was released. Needless to say, the place was packed and this film was an unexpected blockbuster and movie houses all over the country were raking in the sales from this film. Even as a male, I never felt uncomfortable and as tense as I did when watching this movie for the first time, especially when the audience was mostly female.

    We all know the story. A high-powered Manhattan Attorney (Dan)lives the perfect life. A cushy job in the city and cozy home and idyllic family that begins in the city and winds up in the Conn.'burbs. A chance encounter with blonde bombshell Alex leads to a steamy roller coaster ride that takes the viewer on a wild journey throghout the film.

    Even though Douglas also had another great film that year, "Wall Street", I thought his performance in this movie was much more powerful and riveting.

    This film was made for more than just "entertainment", but it also came out during the height of the AIDS crisis and the peak of the indulgent, live for today '80s. It sent a message that if you cheat, there are dire consequences.

    If you haven't seen this movie, definitely make time to do so. This film has a re-run ability that few movies do. It's still just as powerful and engaing in 2008 as it was in '87. I may have seen this about 30= times now.

    Sure, it may have been made in the late '80s and the styles and other things in the film may seem "outdated". The technology and gadgets that we enjoy today did not exist back then, but the message and events are timeless. This movie still chills me today as much as it did back in '87 when I saw it for the first time....more info
  • 3 stars out of 4
    The Bottom Line:

    Fatal Attraction kinda flies off the handle in its increasingly over-the-top and hard-to-swallow third act, but it's an interesting enough thriller to be worth recommending despite its slight implosion; with good performances by Douglas and Close, it's a movie that has etched itself into our cultural consciousness....more info
  • Fatal Attraction
    "Fatal Attraction" is a movie that has spawned countless cliches [...] and it's hard to believe that 19 years after it's release people still talk about it. Even more amazing is the fact that this movie was nominated for the Best Picture Oscar. Because of how many look-alike movies there are, it's weird. This movie is one of Adrian Lyne's finest hours, it's right up there with Lolita and Unfaithful. The movie stars Oscar winner Michael Douglas (Best Actor, 'Wall Street') as Dan Gallagher, a successful lawyer with a beautiful wife named Beth (Anne Archer) and a little daughter. Everything is perfect until, one day, Beth and his daughter Ellen go out of town and Dan has a one night stand with Alex Forrest (Glenn Close, TV's 'The Shield'). At least, it's supposed to be a one night stand. Problem is, the second day...Things begin to sour. Suddenly, Alex has a couple of mood swings and attempts suicide; But Dan returns to his normal life. Despite frequent harassment and phone calls at the hands of Alex. There's a twist that occurs in the middle of the film, which makes the movie's protagonist stress even more; But, it's cool.
    The rabbit scene is still infamous, if someone doesn't know the name of the movie...That's the way they figure it out. "What's that movie called with the crazy chick and the rabbit?" Anyway, the movie is really good, but I thought the final twist at the end (which you can see coming from a mile away and is used way too much, especially in today's horror films) was a bit much and frankly, pretty unrealistic. A lot of people might argue that this whole movie is unrealistic, but you'd be surprised. Close, Douglas, and Archer deliver fine performances in this film; But, it's pointless to recommend it. You've probably already seen it.

    GRADE: A-
    ...more info
  • about the movie fatal attraction......
    I bought this code 1 from Singapore...hee hee....and this R film is rated as M18 which only allowed audience of 18 years and above to view. Here is the reviews:-

    The story is about a woman whom is not married and she managed to hook to a married man whom have a happy family during their work discussion. This result in the woman refusal to leave the married man which results in kills which she perished by the married man's wife during the struggle. The story end with a photo of the married man family living happily after. The interesting and exciting portion of thi film is actually the kill portion of the film which the dead woman at first bounce back to alive as she still have some breathe in the water which the married man did not notice.

    Reviews by:

    Ang Poon Kah
    PhD (Prof) in political science from Cambridge University and NUS.
    PhD (Prof) in Neuroscience from Cambridge University and NUS.
    PhD (Prof) in Technology from Cambridge University and NUS.
    PhD (Prof) in Security System from Cambridge University and NUS
    PhD (Prof) in Computer from Cambridge University and NUS.
    PhD (Prof) in film from Cambridge University and NUS.
    PhD (Prof) in Business from Cambridge University and NUS.
    PhD (Prof) in Electronics Engineering from Cambridge University and NUS.
    Bachelor degree in computer studies from Techco University
    Zakkers film director (upcoming film the Da Vinci Code)
    ...more info
  • A Horror Film
    This is more of a Rorschach Test than a movie. You may take
    this film as

    *an 80's cautionary tale about the dangers of extra-marital
    *a feminist revenge fantasy
    *a post-feminist conservative allegory
    *a modern update of Monday Night women's wrestling

    A happily married man (Michael Douglas) has a perfectly
    inexplicable weekend affair with a business associate. (Glenn
    Close). What is a fling for him is the start of an obsession
    for her. When he tries to retreat, she follows him-even into
    the bosom of his family. She visits his wife, kidnaps their
    child and even kills and boils the family bunny.(this last
    scene alone should earn Fatal Attraction a place in the
    Horror Hall of Fame)

    Fatal Attraction did very well indeed at the box office,
    perhaps because it touches so many nerves. It gives the aud-
    ience a chance to identify with the wimpy, cheating husband,
    the borderline-crazy associate or the brave, injured wife.
    It also creates an atmosphere of partisanship in which
    to cheer for our favorite.

    All this shared psychodrama doesn't make for a good movie.
    There is not a shred of motivation for most of the action,
    the suspense comes mostly from some laughable director's
    tricks. In fact this movie has nothing to offer except
    unrelieved operatic hysteria and this is its final, fatal
    detraction....more info
  • Glenn Close over Anne Archer - Not a chance in u know where
    Fun flick in terms of entertainment value, but highly unbelievable in assuming any normal man would pick Glenn Close (to risk everything)over a hottie like Anne Archer. I'll give Close one thing, she can act, but she's beastly looking. And, what's with the black "goth" eyeliner thing going on with her. She looks like a freak, and not in the way that somebody would want to freak her up, but more in the vein of Jason Vorhees from Camp Crystal Lake!!

    UGLY!!!...more info
  • An Engrossing Film Because of Glenn Close"
    This was the movie that showed, "if you played around, it may kill you." I still recall when "Fatal Attraction" came out, way back in 1987; people kept talking about how good this film was, and audiences couldn't believe how a mistake could actually lead to murder. The plot is simple in that a man has an affair behind his wife's back with a woman who turns out to be a clear psychotic. Once the man refuses any more advances from his "one-night stand", she is determined to make his life, as well as that of his family's, a living hell. The timing of the movie couldn't have been better, as it was released during the first decade of the AIDS epidemic, when people realized that HIV was no longer a gay disease, and that straight people were actually dying from it. It was as if the producers were showing that screwing around could kill you. This movie actually worked; more manogamous relationsips were reported by the late '80's, and the number of people that had extramarital affairs dropped. This movie even made the cover of "Time" magazine, a rare feat for a Hollywood film. Glenn Close also received an Oscar nomination as Best Actress, but lost to Cher. I love Cher, but the award should have been given to Close, who gave one of the greatest performances by an actress ever in the history of the cinema.
    The DVD is filled with bonuses, including the trailer, interviews with the cast and crew, commentary, and it even features actual footage of the stars auditioning for their roles.
    An A+ film and a movie you will never tire of....more info
  • Interesting Aspects, But Flawed
    Sometimes we have great ideas and potential, and we may hold onto a lot of the great aspects, but we just can't work out the bugs. If we watch this movie fairly and objectively, we can see that this is most certainly the case here.

    To make a long story short, Douglas is a good lawyer who is going through the stress of climbing the ladder of success. He has friends and a nice wife, as well as a 6 year old daughter. He meets an editor (Glenn Close) through work and he quickly has an affair with her. We are allowed to think that possibly, Douglas's wife was paying too much attention to the daughter and ignoring him. Or perhaps Douglas was just stressed from his job. (Either way, we have some reason why he accepts the offer of an affair.)

    Moving on, Douglas tries to go back to his legitimate life, but finds that Glenn Close is not going to tolerate being 'used' and then just dumped in the garbage. To complicate things further, Douglas has made Glenn Close pregnant. (Great so far.)

    Now, here is where we run into problems. The story tries to make Glenn Close out to be the villain. But let's be honest here. She did NOT FORCE Douglas to sleep with her. Douglas agreed to it. Then he tries to say he loves his wife and is happy with her. Well, Glenn Close is VERY RIGHT when she says: "If you were so happy with your wife, what were you doing with me?" And in all honesty, how can we not side with her a little when she says: "You had your fun, and now you just want to go back to your quiet life.

    From here, the flaws start to get worse and worse. The simplest way I can put it is that the movie tries to make a hurt woman who has some psychological issues into an evil monster who has to be destroyed, and it tries to make the man who had an affair with her, got her pregnant, and wanted to just walk away as if nothing happened a hero. It just doesn't work.

    A grand scale error is when Douglas goes to Close's house and brutally assaults her. Excuse me. This is a lawyer, and he doesn't know how stupid this is? (Even from a selfish standpoint, this is not going to help the matter if he wants Glenn Close arrested.) And even worse. Are we suppose to be cheering for him? Is it Glenn's fault that he consented to this affair? Is it Glenn's fault that he thought he could use her and walk away?

    Reality check...A smarter man may have suggested a group therapy session with a psychologist....(And as a lawyer who understood confidentiality, he would have known his wife would never know about the affair from the mouth of the psychologist! The trip could have even been covered easily. He could have just said he was meeting with a client.)

    Now the worst error. The original end (and at least we can see it as an extra on the dvd) tied things together nicely. Because of her severe depression and hopelessness, Glenn Close kills herself, and Douglas gets the blame because his prints were on the knife Glenn Killed herself with. (GREAT! And it underlines how stupid it was to go to Glenn's house and assault her.) In one option, Douglas was suppose to kill himself in prison. (Good) In the other option, Douglas's wife was to find evidence to clear him. (OK. A less disturbing, but still good end.)

    But no. They choose the worst possible end they can. Let's see what's wrong. (Douglas consents to an affair with Close...He realizes you can't just sleep with someone and throw them in the trash...Glenn Close gets shot because Douglas had an affair with her...) This is a perfect example of an artificial (AND ABSURD) happy end that just doesn't fit.

    Well, I should also say that Stuart Pankin does a good job of adding some badly needed comic relief in this movie.

    SIDE NOTE: It is utterly absurd that Glenn Close became the most hated woman is America for playing this part.

    ...more info
  • What a great film!!!
    Fatal Attraction is a great film. It has suspense, scares and thrills it has many memorable lines such as I will not be ignored Dan and many memorable scenes. Watch out for the bunny scene, (Not Plesent!)...more info
  • "I won't be ignored, Dan!"
    I love this movie. I was too young too watch it when it was first released, but as soon as I did watch it, I loved it. I also like the movie that inspired this, Play Misty for Me. There were a ton of copycat movies after this, some godd and some really bad. Whether you sympathize with Dan or not, you will be on the edge of your seat during the last half of this movie....more info
  • You never really know someone
    This is one of the greatest depictions of a woman gone totally f_____g off the deep end I've ever seen. Which brings me to my point: some women you can get with, use each other and be done with it. And there are those whose diabolical intentions do not come to the fore until it is too late. Lucky for me, I got out of such a situation with minor scrapes a long time ago. This is a great film along the lines of the '78 documentary "Scared Straight". As far as the question of choosing between the lovely Anne Archer vs. the ugly Glenn Close...sometimes these things don't matter as much when enough erotic HEAT is being thrown your way. That explains that....more info
  • Don't make the fatal mistake of missing this one...
    While the overall film may be a tad predictable (okay, a lot predictable) and the genre itself has been pushed practically to the breaking point, it all doesn't seem to really matter with a film as wonderfully constructed as `Fatal Attraction'. Sure, it spawned a lot of disappointing copycats, but the original is still just as steamy and just as intense as it ever was.

    So, I'm sure we all know the story by now, but I'll give you a quick run down. Dan Gallagher is lawyer with a wife and daughter who engages in a weekend fling with a potential client named Alex Frost. When the weekend ends, so does their affair and Dan returns to his wife and child. Alex though, is not ready to let her new man go and so she pursues him, stalks him even. As her pursuit becomes threatening Dan fears that he will not be able to get rid of her without divulging his affair to his wife; but soon, when Alex crosses the line, he realizes he has no choice but to fight back.

    Really, it's the acting that takes this to another level.

    I am not the biggest fan of Michael Douglas, but he really nails this performance. He gets under his characters skin and brings these real and raw emotions to the surface, especially in scenes where he is violently accosting Glenn Close. He brings an air of vulnerability that makes his actions all the more effective. Now, I am a HUGE fan of Glenn Close, and here she does not disappoint. She is deliciously effective as Alex, a borderline crazy, hostile lover who spews aggressive sensuality with every movement. Some have balked that she is not attractive, but that is not the point of the performance. I think that it works so much better having a technically `unpretty' actress play Alex because it shows the power of seduction. She is a master of overpowering and trapping her prey. Anne Archer deserves major props for making Beth, Dan's wife, much more than just a clich¨¦d background character. She breathes a real life into Beth, and tackles her fragile state with a self empowerment that really raises her performance (thus garnering a much deserved Oscar nomination).

    So, truth be told this is not anything groundbreaking, although it did prove to be one of the first universally lauded and accepted thrillers (it even got a Best Picture nomination at the Oscars, which is rather unheard of for a film of this nature). What is great about `Fatal Attraction' is that, for what it is, it gets everything very, very right....more info
  • One of my all time favourite thrillers :-)
    This is such a brilliant movie. It was the movie that scared every guy in the universe. I love it and still watch it a couple of times during the year.
    Dan has a loving wife and young daughter but one thing leads to another and he mistakingly has an affair with Alex who he met through work. They share the weekend together while his wife and daughter are out of town looking for a new home in the country. As you can imagine, Alex doesn't take it well when he wants to end their one and only weekend. Things go South from there very rapidly.
    This is a must see thriller. It is so well acted by Glenn Close (Alex) and the rest of the cast. I think this is a timeless classic of sorts. It will scare the pants off of you....more info
  • Fatal Attraction
    Adrian Lyne's disturbing "Fatal Attraction" remains the ultimate cautionary tale for extra-marital thrill seekers. What begins as an entirely plausible drama about a one-night stand quickly morphs into a shocking psychological thriller in Lyne's hands, with Douglas turning in one of the iconic performance of the 80s. But it's Glenn Close's bestial, unhinged villainess that made this film a box-office smash. Despite a tacked-on, slasher-movie-style ending, "Attraction" picked up six Oscar nominations, including one for Best Film....more info
  • Wow!
    This movie makes you realize the importance of staying with your mate because you might just end up with some quack who's idea of revenge is cooking your pet bunny. Michael Douglas plays Dan Gallagher, a married lawyer who sends his family on a vacation. He stays home and at a party, meets Alex Forest, wonderfully played by Glenn Close, a young lawyer who immediatly falls in love with him after a one night stand. He breaks the affair and soon Alex is lovesick and angry. He refuses to see her and take her phone calls so she starts taking more inteligent matters by kidnapping their son and cooking their pet bunny. Its a great movie and if you watch it, dont have affairs. You might end up with Alex....more info
  • Fatal Attraction
    "Fatal Attraction" was a box office smash in 1987. It is an intense psychological thriller with excellent performances by Michael Douglas, Glenn Close, and Anne Archer. Douglas plays the role of a man (Dan Gallagher) who's uneventful married life with Anne Archer leaves him vulnerable to an intense affair with business colleague, Alex (Close).

    Initially, Alex comes across as an independent woman looking for no more than a brief affair with no strings attached. Once the reality sets in that the affair is over, she becomes jealous and angry. Gradually her anger drives her into madness as she stalks her lover and his family. Viewers may disagree as to whether Dan deserves his fate or not, but most would agree that this film will keep you on the edge of your seat!

    Nominated for six Academy Awards, "Fatal Attraction" is worth watching more than once....more info

  • A Fatal Film
    The 1987 thriller gripped audiences with a superb, believably frightening plot about obscession. Michael Douglas plays Dan Gallegher, a yuppy lawyer from Manhattan who is happily married to his wife played by Anne Archer and their little daughter. After they meet at an office party, Alex (Glenn Close) and Dan become sexually attracted to one another. During a weekend, they engage in a steamy extra marital affair. But afterward, Dan makes it clear to Alex he does not want a relationship. He turns his attention back to his priorities- his job, his family.

    Kudos to Glen Close for a knock-out performance as the obscessed Alex. From then on, she does everything she can to get Dan back. Phone calls incessantly ringing at his house, attempted suicide, abduction of his young daughter, and towards the end an attempt to kill off his own wife. This film is very graphic, portraying internal violence quite vividly and communicating the idea that an affair can become a nightmare, especially with a maladjusted partner. Maybe it's best not to have an affair at all!

    When this film was released, it was one of the first to deal with such intense situations. Many other "thrillers" about fatal attraction would appear in the years to come, such as "Basic Instinct" in 1992 and also starring Michael Douglas, and "Disclosure" also with Michael Douglas (why does Michael Douglas have the habit of co-starring with really dangerous women ?) If you are into femme fatale films, this is the one to have and to add to your collection of steamy but dangerous films about obscession and.....fatal attraction....more info

  • A scary thriller
    Former Prez Bill should have seen this movie when Monica worked her way in the Oval Office, as a friend, and suddenly decided to take off her blouse. (a la Tripp conversation) See how a movie could have helped save my favorite Prez from scandal not to mention his job?!! Anyway, a great thriller. ...more info
  • Outstanding Movie!
    This turned out to be a movie that would scare you to death.I
    watched this movie on LifeLine the other night and I double
    checked all of the locks in the house.Michael Douglas in the lead
    role plays a husband who has an affair with a business colleague
    played by Glen Close.After Douglas attempts to break off the affair Close becomes psychotic and homicidial.Douglas' wife who is played by Anne Archer becomes the target of the spurned lover's wrath.Close makes several attempts to kill the character played by Archer. The character played by Close is absolutely
    frightening.The ending of the movie is prize winning.Watch this movie and you will be looking over your shoulder.A fantastic
    film....more info
  • Classic Affair Gone Wrong
    Love this movie it is a classic Glenn Close was crazy and obsessed in this movie....more info