Canon PowerShot SD630 Silicone Skin Case - Plus Free Accessory - (Black)
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Product Description

This new GSkinz soft silicone case gives you complete usability of your Canon PowerShot SD630 while it's protected. This silicone skin cover for the Canon PowerShot SD630 is durable, soft to the touch, and can stretch and flex to help cushion your Canon PowerShot SD630 from scratches and hard knocks. Don't settle for a mere skin protector. Get the GSkinz package and protect your screen as well.

  • Soft yet durable silicone case for your Canon PowerShot SD630 digital camera
  • Form-fitting case designed to perfectly fit your Canon PowerShot SD630
  • Protects your Canon PowerShot SD630 from drops and scratches
  • Conveniently designed to provide quick access to all of Canon PowerShot SD630 control buttons
  • Includes GSkinz Canon SD630 Silicone Skin and FREE Screen Protector
Customer Reviews:
  • good idea but not very snug
    I was hoping the skin would fit like a wet-suit. However, it is looser than I'd hoped for. I keep it on my camera, anyway. Mine came with a plastic coating to protect the 3" LCD screen. That's a good idea. I suggest buying it anyway because it will definitely keep my camera from getting scratched-up -- almost like a book cover....more info