Crystal Visions - The Very Best of Stevie Nicks
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With a career that's seen her soar from struggling journeywoman to superstar via a fateful invitation to join Fleetwoood Mac, the singer who now bills herself as the most successful female artist in rock history looks back on the various facets of her iconography via this 16-track career retrospective. The mystic-folkie ethos that has long been her caricature are well-showcased via the cult fave Rumours outtake/B-side "Silver Spring," the muscular Sheryl Crow collaboration "Sorcerer," and a live version of the moody "Rhiannon" that casts it in even longer shadows. Yet Stevie Nicks has always displayed a willingness to push herself beyond her hippie muse, as witnessed by the dense aura of Deep Dish's remix of Mac's "Dreams" and such disparate, pop-savvy solo highlights as "I Can't Wait," "Stand Back," and shrewd, successful duets with Tom Petty ("Stop Draggin' My Heart Around") and Don Henley ("Leather and Lace"). Indeed, bookended by the original version of the hit "Edge of Seventeen" and a live revamping with the Melbourne Symphony that amps its every melodramatic nuance, reinvention often seems the anthology's subtext. The album is also available in a deluxe edition featuring a DVD packed with videos, commentary, and more. --Jerry McCulley

How beloved is Stevie Nicks? All six of her original solo albums, spanning 1981.2001, plus two best of collections,have been certified at least gold. With rock's superstar chanteuse about to go back on the road after guesting on Tom Petty's Highway Companion tour, Crystal Visions... covers her entire solo career for the first time in a CD+DVD package. Featured are several previously unreleased live tracks on the CD, as well as Stevie's voice-over commentary for each video and her artwork on the DVD. Crystal Visions...The Best Of Stevie Nicks is exactly that.

Customer Reviews:

  • Crystal Visions
    I really can't say I am a diehard Stevie Nicks fan but I always have enjoyed a good number of her popular hits (with and without Fleetwood Mac). Her best of collection CRYSTAL VISIONS is perfect for casual listeners like msyelf. The cd contains all of my favorite songs that Stevie has done in the past and present. My personal favorite songs? "Room on Fire" and "Talk to Me" (which goth band Diva Destruction does a spectacular cover for the indie film GYPSY 83). I never really was crazy about Fleetwood Mac's music but in this case I really enjoyed songs like "Silver Springs" and "Landslide".

    In this day and age of Hannah Montana, The Pussycat Dolls, and other disposable pop tarts who tries to pass themselves off as singers, it is refreshing to hear Stevie Nicks. In my opinion, Stevie sounds as good as ever with her distinct raspy vocals which I absolutely adore. She can definitely teach the latest pop du jour on a thing or two about singing and maintaining a career that has gone on for more than the proverbial 15 minutes. CRYSTAL VISIONS is a great testament to Stevie's longevity in an industry that is more concerned with the bottom line than creating long-lasting careers for artists....more info
  • Fantastic & Amazing Stevie Nicks
    This is an amazing CD - because it also comes with a GREAT DVD. Stevie gives a good hour of commentary about what went on behind the scenes while making the videos. Really interesting. Her depth and music bring a whole lot of joy to my life. "Edge of Seventeen", Rhiannon, & Landslide are fantastic here. Definitely a great buy that I'll buy again after mine wear from playing a few hundred times.
    10 Stars! ...more info
  • Un-believeably Fantastic!
    Stevie is my favorite singer of all time. She can "sing" no wrong. I absolutely loved this product. I actually purchased it twice. I have a CD for my car, and a CD/DVD for the house. I can not get enough of her music. This is one of my most favorite products of all. It was delivered on time, in excellent condition. Thank you. ...more info
  • Really the Best
    Excellent CD! I couldn't wait to get it and listen to it all the time....more info
  • Crystal Visions - The Very Best of Stevie Nicks
    We had a chance to listen to Crystal Visions and I really enjoyed hearing Stevie all over, she is a really great singer and now we have most of the favorite songs together. We had some friends over for New Years Eve and it was good to listen and say which songs were favorite.
    My husband is a fan forever and really had a good time listening, he always remembers Stevie Nicks at Red Rocks in Colorado and how he can't forget hearing her sing. ...more info
  • Just like the white winged dove
    Nicely updating Timespace: The Best of Stevie Nicks, this 2007 Best Of catches up with the music Stevie Nicks has been making since then. Nicks' asset has always been that her dreamy voice meshes so perfectly with her hippy queen image, and allows her to get away with making poetic statements like "Edge Of Seventeen" or "Rhiannon." That hippy image also contrasts sharply with the fact that she could rock pretty hard when she chose to, like on "I Can't Wait" or the classic duet with Tom Petty, "Stop Dragging My Heart Around."

    Frankly, I doubt that anything I could say here would influence anyone's opinion of Stevie just suffice to say that the remastering of the songs is quite good and a step up from the previous best-of's. The live takes of Fleetwood Mac material are nice additions, and I get a charge out of Nicks' version of Zep's "Rock and Roll" (although Heart's version tops Stevie's). "Leather and Lace" remains a highpoint of both Nicks' and Don Henley's musical lives, and the re-working of "Dreams" is the best "new" thing on this CD. Add Stevie's personal notes (she loves Jack Black!?!), and this is certainly worth having if you're a fan....more info
  • Gram of 4
    I think Stevie Nicks' voice is totally intriguing. Her raspy tone makes any song delightful to your ears. This is a great mix- fast and slow songs for all moods. ...more info
  • Ultimate Stevie
    Great compilation of some of Stevie's best. Just be aware most songs are live versions - which may be your preference. Either way - beautiful lyrics and masterful performances....more info
  • Platinum!
    Couldn't bear it last night and ran out at the last minute to get Stevie Nick's Best of album, which was just released. What a lovely compilation! Really enjoy hearing the duets with Tom Petty and Don Henley. Also the Cheryl Crow collaboration on the "Sorcerer" is new and refreshing for me. Likewise on the "Planet of the Universe." Really like the Deep Dish band doing "Dreams" with Stevie for a different interpretation. Loved the Led Zeppelin "Rock 'n Roll" interpretation done by Stevie. Cool! (Not to be outdone by the Smashing Pumpkins doing Stevie's "Landslide!")

    Some of the liner/booklet notes written or talked about live on the DVD describe the work she did to finish her songs, which is quite amusing. No doubt a must-have for die hards.

    Since I have an iPod, I really longed for some remastered songs of hers. Job well done! This really hits the mark when I run. I can really rock to this. Thank you, Stevie!

    Then the Melbourne Symphony plays for her background on a few of her hits. Some of the jammin' on that with the orchestra is just far out freakin' neat and never sounded so good. The last song or grand finale is my fave on this album.

    This album no doubt will go gold too....more info
  • Missing A Lot of Hits
    Stevie Nicks deserves a better compilation than this. Most of the live songs ("Edge of 17," "Landslide," "Rock and Roll") are inferior compared to the original versions. It's nice to hear the live version of "Rhiannon," but Stevie's performance from Fleetwood Mac's "The Dance" was better than the performance selected here. So, these live versions ultimately take up space that could have been occupied by actual hits ("After the glitter fades," "Nightbird," "Needles and Pins," "Sometimes it's a Bitch," "Has anyone ever written anything for you," etc.). It would have been nice to have other Fleetwood Mac songs too ("Sara," "Gypsy," "Gold dust woman," to name a few). So, this compilation ultimately misses the mark despite being a decent listen. Fans wanting her best songs and hits should probably stick to "Timespace" and "Fleetood Mac's Greatest Hits." ...more info
  • Crystal Visions - A murky attempt
    I purchased this CD thinking this would be great collection of my favorite songs, but upon listening to the CD was greatly disappointed. I LOVE Stevie Nicks work, but this attempt to re-vamp her old stuff and make it new is just woefully awful. Now I know why I was able to get it used for only $4.00. Don't waste your money....more info
  • Timespace was better.
    Watch Video Here: My name is Jeremy Gloff. I am a musician (check me out on Amazon!) and retro music enthusiast. If you enjoyed this review make sure to check out my Amazon user profile to check out my other reviews. I am always up for making new friends and discussing the music I love!!! ...more info
  • Too much of a mish mash.
    While I love Stevie Nicks, this compilation irritates me. First off, I don't understand why they wasted space with the live tracks. Although they are nice, they just don't fir for me on a greates hits. Thye take up too much room where a couple of her real hits (After the Glitter Fades, Nightbird, Maybe Love Will Change Your Mind all charted on Billboard's Hot 100) could fit. And since they chose to include Silver Springs from Flettwood Mac, where are her other Mac hits-Sara, Gypsy, Seven Wonders etc-it's just a lopsided compilation. Also, for soemone who stepped out on her own from Fleetwood Mac because she wrote so many songs she needed another outlet to get her music out there, why no new songs? Why not go back and record something from the vaults (which she has done alot of in the past Trouble in Shangri-La from 2001 includes many older songs recorded for the cd) and record something? Seems Stevie no longer has a burning desire to record, just tour...with anyone who asks.

    Lastly, for someone who looks as good as Stevie does at 58, it's sad that they chose to use photos for the front and back cover from almost 30 years ago.

    The dvd version is nice to have for the videos and Stevie's commentaries, but the cd version just doesn't cut it as a best of./greatest hits....more info
  • Stevies still great
    Stevie still sounds great. Nice Cd to hear her great hits. songs not quite as good as with Fleetwood Mac...more info
  • Quintessential Stevie Nicks!
    The CD is billed as very best of Stevie Nicks -- AND HOW! The updated arrangements are unbelievably rich, and her voice has the pure resonance and power that is her undisputed trademark. She is is the quintessential QUEEN OF ROCK! No one can touch her, and these arrangements offer pure proof....more info
  • For casual fans, this is the one to own
    This album combines Stevie's solo hits with Fleetwood Mac hits. Not all of her great solo hits or Fleetwood Mac hits are on here, but this a really good Solo Greatest Hits package.

    What makes this package especially interesting are the live recordings of Rhiannon and Landslide. Also included is the original version of Silver Springs, which was left off Fleetwood Mac's rumours album. It's been remastered and sounds terrific. There are also two versions of Edge of Seventeen, the original and live version recorded with the Melbourne orchestra. Plus, it's chalk full of her great solo hits such Leather and Lace, Stand Back, Rooms on Fire, Talk to Me, Stop Dragging My Heart Around...

    It's a terrific package and is better than her other greatest hits album Timespace....more info
  • Awesome
    I am a huge Fleetwood Mac fan, have been so since I was in High School (I'm 45 now), but in my personal opinion, this is probably Stevie Nicks' best CD, which is a collection of some of her best. Highly recommend it, especially if you are a Stevie Nicks fan, (and as a Fleetwood Mac fan, also) as I have come to be because of this CD. The music, the poetic words, the stories she tells through her music. Brilliant. My personal favorites are "Sorcerer;" a new version of "Dreams;" which is equally awesome. The original version of this song was excellent, but this new version is even better. If Stevie Nicks were to venture onto this website and read what her fans are writing, I think she would be pleased. Awesome. More!! Out of Fleetwood Mac, she is truly worth listening to....more info