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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind [HD DVD]
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Product Description

A guys finds out that his on-again off-again girlfriend has undergone an experimental procedure to erase him from her memory. Frustrated that the woman he continues to love doesn't even recognize him he decides to undergo the same procedure to remove his memories of her.During the procedure the man changes his mind and fights the process to retain his memories of his girlfriend in unlikely places in his mind.System Requirements:Runtime: 108 minsFormat: DVD HD Genre: COMEDY Rating: R UPC: 025193283122 Manufacturer No: 62032831

Screenwriters rarely develop a distinctive voice that can be recognized from movie to movie, but the ornate imagination of Charlie Kaufman (Being John Malkovich, Adaptation) has made him a unique and much-needed cinematic presence. In Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, a guy decides to have the memories of his ex-girlfriend erased after she's had him erased from her own memory--but midway through the procedure, he changes his mind and struggles to hang on to their experiences together. In other hands, the premise of memory-erasing would become a trashy science-fiction thriller; Kaufman, along with director Michel Gondry, spins this idea into a funny, sad, structurally complex, and simply enthralling love story that juggles morality, identity, and heartbreak with confident skill. The entire cast--Jim Carrey, Kate Winslet, Kirsten Dunst, Elijah Wood, Mark Ruffalo, Tom Wilkinson, and more--give superb performances, carefully pitched so that cleverness never trumps feeling. A great movie. --Bret Fetzer

Customer Reviews:

  • Best love story of all time
    The reason I claim this as the best love story, ever, is because its the only one I have seen that tells the fundamental truth of love in a long term relationship.
    Its not a comedy.
    Using a science fiction premise and some of the most elegantly subtle special effects I have ever seen... the film presents the idea of being able to do away with our bad experiences by having them literally deleted.
    Could we be happier without the heartache we have suffered? Or is that heartache rooted in our sense of loss over memories that were, once, cherished?

    The film does not gloss over the hard parts... but cuts to the core of what it is to love another human being... good and bad.
    The erosion of our thoughtless actions and words on each other and the idea we have of what love ought to be.

    And, in the last lines of the last scene, the film offers every one of us redemption for those small sins against love which we all commit.

    ...more info
  • "Look at it out here, it's all falling apart. I'm erasing you and I'm happy!"
    The gorgeous 2004 film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind encirles the tale of Joel(Jim Carrey) and Clementine(Kate Winslet)a couple on the brink of destruction.

    Joel falls in love with any woman who can give him the time of day while Clementine is vivacious, spontaneous and possibly slightly off-her-rocker.

    Only after a fight Joel sees Clementine and it's as if she doesn't remember Joel at all,.... because she doesn't. Clementine has gone under a new procedure to have her relationship with Joel completely erased from her memory. Therefore Joel decides to undergo the same surgery to try to forget Clementine, only his mind is not so willing to let her go.

    To make it short and sweet, this is a film you must see to appreciate, and truly watch to enjoy and understand.

    A brilliant, fantastical film with great performances and a gorgeous score.

    A favorite film of mine for years and years to come.
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    I was not a fan of Jim Carrey's until I saw this film. I bought it because Charlie Kaufman wrote the screenplay, and I loved BEING JOHN MALKOVICH, and ADAPTATION. I have, to date, worn out two discs of THE ETERNAL SUNSHINE....

    The reason I love this movie so much is I've never seen one- ever- that was able to encapsulate with such terrible clarity, and frank eloquence, the nature of love, and ( specifically ) why we love. Though this masterpiece is extremely moving, hysterical, and lethally ascerbic, it is anything but cute.

    Jim Carrey should have gotten an Oscar for his performance, as the quiet, loner, Joel, and Kate Winslet was equally wonderful. The entire cast was superb, in fact. The direction, and cinematography was great, but the story was genius.

    Be smart, and get a little Sunshine.......more info
  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    Jim Carrey gives an incredible performance in this complicated yet enthralling movie. Kate Winslet is terrific as Carrey's love interest....more info
  • Don't give up!
    Don't turn this off too soon because it is a very quirky and twisted plot. It is a very good movie and worth watching!...more info
  • beautiful, moving, thought-provoking
    This is a beautiful journey through love and the human heart. Both Kate Winslet and Jim Carey produce heartfelt, touching performances. Probably the best acting from either of them. Definitely an excellent love story. Plus, the cinematography is amazing....more info
  • 4.5 stars
    This DVD was a gift to my daughter, and we watched it with her. She says it's the best movie she's ever seen. I wasn't quite as enthralled as she was, but I enjoyed it very much anyway.

    When the movie opens, Joel (Jim Carrey) impulsively skips work and goes to the shore, where he meets a blue-haired woman, Clementine (Kate Winslet) and they hit it off. But then strange things start happening.

    Turns out, Clementine has had boyfriend Joel erased from her mind. When he gets the letter from the memory-erasing clinic informing him of this, he decides to have her erased from his mind as well.

    The movie jumps back and forward in time, which can be a little disorienting, though I think that was the point. Oddly enough, the story flows well that way, as things learned in one scene impact the meaning of the next regardless of where they fit in the chronology, and the story is much more effective than if it had been told in strict chronological order.

    I suspect part of the difference between my daughter's "best movie ever" and my 4.5 stars is that I've read and watched a lot more science fiction than she has, and the concept of erasing memories isn't a new one for me. I did enjoy the details of the technique in this one, though I'd have liked to see it explored a little more thoroughly. For example, much was made of needing to find every single object connected with the person to be erased, but we never saw the consequences of missing something.

    I was surprised, though, that she liked the romance of the movie--she's usually pretty cynical about such things. I, of course, loved the "true love conquers all" as well as the twists when things started going wrong....more info
  • Worst movie ever
    This movie is about two losers trying to find love and meaning in life between their loser lives. Obviously, a hopeless cause. I have never seen a worse, more stupid movie in my life. I would give it zero stars if I could....more info
  • Could this mark a new direction for romantic comedies?
    A romantic comedy that breaks away from the tired formula. Its worthwhile and I enjoyed it. The only thing I didn't like was the scenes inside the apartment of Stan (Mark Ruffalo) and Mary (Kirsten Dunst) goofing off while Joel (Jim Carrey) lies unconcious on the bed - jumping around half naked on the bed and so forth. It felt forced. Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet give great performances while the others aren't on the same level....more info
  • one of my all time favorites
    If you've ever had a relationship....I think you'll enjoy this well produced film. The acting is good, the direction is good and the story is unique and well written....more info
  • Unique
    This movie could really have a genre all its own. It really is a mind bender, but not in a way that's difficult to understand. When Joal's spontaneous girlfriend decides to specifically erase memories of him after a break up, she sets off a whacky chain of events. Though science thinks it's found a way to erase painful memories, the couple discovers that maybe memories are best left alone, even if they're bad. Though the film is a drama, there is some humor thrown in. A great watch for those looking for something 'different'.

    Chrissy K. McVay - Author...more info
  • To Know or Not To Know, That Is The Question...
    This movie turned out to be a half-full, half-empty glass of water. I saw it half-full. My wife saw it half-empty. For once, she was the pessimist. (Write this date down!)

    To me it raised the interesting question of, if you know ahead of time how disappointing something is going to turn out, is it still worth going through anyway? Few things meet our expectations; the concept always outshines the actuality. But when you fall in love everything seems like it's going to be peachy for the rest of eternity. Disappointment almost always looms. It's how you deal with it that counts.

    Because even in the best relationship, you're going to get bored with each other. You're going to start to find small niggling faults becoming reasons for a major fallout. Most breakups aren't over big, dramatic actions ("You slept with my sister while you said you were on a business trip in Seattle!") but rather small things that start to irritate you about the other person--the weird color they dye their hair, or how they say "liberry" instead of "library."

    This is what happens to both Jim Carey and Kate Winslet in this movie. And both of them, to forget each other, have their memories of the other person flushed out. But to paraphrase Tennyson, is it better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all? That's the difficult question the movie grapples with, and the astonishing thing about it is that you never feel like it's "grappling" with it at all. Screenwriter Charlie Kaufman knows how to deal with some uncommon themes (particularly in Hollywood, where any film in which the female lead doesn't take her top off or get hung upside-down on a meat hook is considered practically an art film these days) very naturally. Carey gradually discovers that even bad feelings have their upside, their purpose, because without them the good have no context. They're inseparable, and when the "bad" ones have to go so must the good. Too late he realizes this is not what he wants. Then a series of complications almost too twisted to chart ensue. Kaufman must have had a roadmap tacked to his wall to keep it all straight. The astonishing thing--and the tribute to his screenwriting prowess--is that we the viewers can keep them straight too. Despite a story that's almost impossible to re-tell, Eternal Sunshine is actually a very easy movie to watch, never confusing, never too fast or too slow. This is no small achievement.

    So that's my take on things. My wife's view is that the film was trying to say that no matter how many chances you get, you still make the same stupid mistakes. She cites as evidence the moment in the doctor's office where the receptionist tells a patient she can't have the procedure three times in one month. She cites as evidence the fact that although a key character (not Winslet) has her memory wiped clean, she turns around and does the same foolish thing with another person when the same opportunity presents itself. All true, but I think that's more of a subplot than *the* plot. The minor characters may fumble about, but our heroes Kate and Jim will learn something in the end from their stumbles, and they do, at an empty beach house, that has to be one of the saddest, most underwritten (in a good way), farewell scene I've watched in years (decades?). Kaufman and the producers trusted their audience. They didn't feel they needed to get out the pile driver. It's beautiful writing. I wish there were more intelligence like this in Hollywood these days.

    As some others have noted, this is first and foremost a director and writer's picture. It's not the acting that carries things along. Still, the right casting is important, for we really have to relate to these characters quickly, since we don't get a lot of exposition before things go nonlinear. In Jim Carney we have the perfect "everyman." I never care for Carey when he's manic or crazy, but beneath the "over-the-top" persona there beats the warm heart of a genuine artist. Brit Kate Winslet astonishes at how effortlessly she plays a very American, very ordinary character--every semi-big town is full of "individualists" like Clementine, with her ever-changing hair, Doc Marten boots, and terminal retail career outlook. ("I'm just a f---ed up girl looking for her own piece of mind!") Both characters have the tough and thankless job of appearing unremarkable while making us care about them very much. Kirsten Dunst plays the Cameron Diaz role--a nice but ditzy blonde who spends a lot of time dancing around in her underwear. Elijah Wood and Mark Ruffalo look like they should have the Verizon wireless Network behind them. (How the sophisticated job of memory erasure is done with a couple of laptops and some simple software is hilarious.) And Tom Wilkinson is effortless, as usual, in the supporting role of the doctor who runs the clinic that vacuums minds the way those cheap professional maid services vacuum carpets. (You never quite trust them in your house. Are they going to break your porcelain knick-knacks? Raid your fridge and drink your beer?)

    But mostly it's the ideas--and the way they're executed--that makes Eternal Sunshine so memorable. Extras include lots of interviews with Carey and director Michel Gondry, Winslet and Gondry (where things start out a little testy, and no, I don't think they were kidding), a making-of featurette that includes the scoop on how they did the remarkable special effects (not how you'd think in this digital day and age), and lots of other goodies we've come to expect from hit movies. Transfer to DVD is excellent. This is one of the more intelligent films to come out in recent years. Here's looking forward to the next Charlie Kaufman project.
    ...more info
  • Good Movie Good Quality
    I bought this movie on a whim, it was a good movie and the picture was clear as well....more info
  • My All-Time Favorite Movie
    Words cannot sum up my love for this movie. It's unique, quirky, funny, romantic, sad, and simply fascinating.

    One of the movie's masterstrokes was the way that time was handled. If you don't already know, Joel (Jim Carrey) decides to have the memory of his ex-girlfriend (Clementine - Kate Winslet) erased after she did the same to him. Most of the movie takes place in his memories as they are being erased. However, the memories are erased in reverse-chronological order. So it starts with these very negative memories about their breakup which only confirm the need for the operation. Then, as he travels back in time through more positive memories, he realizes how much he still loves her and he changes his mind about the operation. Of course, since he's asleep, he has trouble figuring out a way to do that. If the movie had shown their relationship go from good to bad, then it would not have been near as touching. Here we get to see that no matter how bad things seem, there are always good memories and the love is still inside somewhere. Both hopelessness and the feeling of love build up concurrently making the film a very intense emotional experience. The last memories (chronologically the first) were unbelievably touching.

    Another thing that made this film great was the dialogue. In modern films, it is rare to see dialogue so eloquent. If you like classic movies, then this may be your film. The dialogue was one of the reasons that the scene in the beachhouse moved me so much.

    The music needs mention too. The soundtrack is amazing and very emotional. My favorites are the song played during the opening and closing credits and the song that was played backwards (fitting, huh?) before, during, and after the beachhouse scene.

    If you haven't seen this movie, do so immediately. It is so unique and very touching. It also has some nice comedic moments although the film is more of a "Twilight Zone" romance than a comedy. Being an image-conscious male, the number of movies that made me cry I can count on one hand. This one is the pinky....more info
  • ZERO
    A donut, total zero, a movie that should never have been made and has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Stare at the wall for a more enjoyable and enlightening time....more info
  • One of the most original films in recent years, a truly mesmerizing accomplishment...
    Very rarely does a film come around that is so utterly flawless I have absolutely nothing negative to say in its behalf. `Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' is that movie. From start to finish, from its script to its cast to its brilliant direction, `Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' is fantastic, engaging, entertaining and most of all genuinely refreshing, unique and completely original and that is a facet of film that is very rarely attached to a motion picture. All to often the same concept is revisited time and time again with different actors but the same story is being told, and while the underlining moral behind this film, of the haste in action and the reversal of consequence, I can't say has never been broached I can honestly say it's never been exploited with such sheer brilliance and most likely never will again.

    The film tells the story of Joel, played by Jim Carrey in his finest performance to date, a man who falls in love with a woman any man would be lucky to find. Clementine is funny, spunky and sincere, nothing like anyone Joel or maybe even the movie going public has ever met and immediately he is absorbed and content in her light. Everything is going perfect, going as expected. They love, they fight, they live and they repeat. They have a normal, healthy relationship until one day when Clementine doesn't remember Joel. Joel soon finds that Clementine had a procedure done to erase him from her memory and so in haste he decides to do the same only to realize partway through the process that his best memories are of her. He struggles to save her, hide her away in the corners of his mind and his fight is so remarkable and heartbreaking to watch.

    Director Michel Gondry is a masterclass of a director, and here he is so remarkably in tune with his characters and their surroundings that every scene jumps from the screen and into our skin. Every scene, every prop is a perfect compliment to the actors and dialog and chemistry that just illuminates and oozes forth with utter satisfaction. The cast is also at the top of their game. As I mentioned Carrey himself gives us the best performance of his career breathing so much maturity coupled with adult naivety into Joel that he becomes the man we know or perhaps even are. Winslet though is a revelation as Clementine giving one of if not the best individual performance of the past decade. Her character is not an easy character to create let alone master yet she effortlessly becomes Clementine and thus we become enthralled in every scene she accompanies. The mere fact that Kate Winslet is nothing more than `Oscar Nominated' infuriates me to no end, but that is for another discussion.

    The supporting cast of talented actors is flawless. Kirsten Dunst is charming and fun and Mark Ruffalo is brilliant as always. Even Elijah Wood, an actor I've never really felt owned it, surprised me and put in a great performance despite its lack of length. Plus, any movie with the great Tom Wilkinson is worth its weight in gold, and the subplot involving his infidelitious doctor is a great asset to the film.

    `Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' dissects the most common of problems, human relationships, and does so with such grace and candor that the audience is involved and invested in every second of running time. It beautifully captures the very real feelings of pain, abandonment and despair and the very childish ways that we as adults so often deal with those feelings and then of course the negative affect they have and our humane struggle to correct the problem before we're forced to live with it. Charlie Kaufman's script is perfect, not a flaw in sight, and the casting of Winslet and Carrey in the leads was genius. Neither of these actors, despite their rich resume, has ever accomplished what they have with this film as far as depth and richness of character. `Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' may have been snubbed the Oscar for Best Picture, heck, it wasn't even nominated, but it proved to me to be the best picture of that said year and maybe even of many years that precede and proceed....more info
  • Wow! What a Pleasant Surprise!
    If you've ever wanted to forget something painful or wanted to never forget something precious...this movie will strike a cord in you.

    I was watching this movie for pure entertainment, I admit. I was killing time. I knew it was different. I had no real expectations going into it. But the story line is compelling and thought provoking. And suddenly entertainment becomes so much more.

    I wish more movies were this way. I love an open ended story that allows the audience to bring themselves into it. And forget the fluff and cookie cutter approach to traditional romances today. This movie brings in the reality of relationships and all the pain and insecurity that can come with them. It's an honest look at people. Jim & Kate's relationship isn't what I would call exemplary or a good model, but I still totally got into their connection with each other.

    Yes, I really enjoyed this movie. In an age where time is precious, watching this movie is a very good use of it. Use your grey matter, people! Watch this movie and THINK!
    ...more info
  • External Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: A thoughtful romantic story or a dark precautionary tale
    What an intriguing idea for a story, a man and woman meet, fall in love, fall out of love, have their memories of the whole love experience erased from their memories by a reverse brain mapping process. Who among us would not jump at the possibility of erasing painful or unpleasant memories and then be able move on with our lives with no recollection of anything associated with the person we had wiped from our memory.

    The lead characters in the story Joel and Clementine meet and fall and love, but after a period of few years they have drifted apart. Clementine discovers a doctor, who offers a service where he can erase memories of a particular person from your mind. Part of the process of forgetting is remembering. In order to map all the areas of the brain where the memories reside; the person wanting to forget has to collect all items associated with the person they are trying to forget. These items are shown to the individual, who is trying to forget and as they view the object a map of brain's reaction to the stimulus is created. Through the marvel of modern science this brain map is then used to execute a pinpoint destruction of the memories. Clementine successfully undergoes this procedure and completely erases any memories of Joel. Presumably, she is now free of the pain of a failed relationship. Joel is now a complete stranger to Clementine.

    Later, Joel is told by a friend that Clementine has had all memories of him erased and he becomes interested in doing the same with his memories of Clementine. We are then treated to the spectacle of Joel having all memories of Clementine zapped. The erasing is done while Joel is sleeping and the "technicians" drink, party and mess around during the process, in a startling display of indifference to what is being done to this person. Perhaps this is an indictment against the medical community that treats our mental anguish and discomfort with drugs or other means with a sort of detachment from what other damage may be inflicted on the individual.

    As we watch Joel's memories disappearing, through the use of clever cinematographic techniques, we see that Joel is desperately trying to keep the memories that are being removed. Other memories from his childhood become more vivid and we can clearly see that all his memories work together to create the person that is Joel. That is, I think, the precautionary tale of this film. We can not as humans selectively erase bad or painful memories from our minds without having an impact on our overall psyche. We may lose some pain, but we may also give up a piece of our soul or our being when we try to block out the bad and keep only the good. Our memories are complex and twisted and tied together in ways we do not fully comprehend, so be careful when you hit the erase button and enjoy the movie it will create its own map
    ...more info
  • A True Gem!
    Everytime I watch this film it never gets old. Amazing acting across the board. I cannot recommend this film enough. Just make sure to see this....more info
  • Excellent DVD
    This dvd was delivered in perfect condition and was exactly what i ordered. My only issue was the delivery time. it took a lot longer then excpected to be delivered. but its the right product, so i can't complain that much....more info
  • Great!!
    Solid, intellectual romantic comedy. But I only wrote this because their were 666 reviews prior to this one. LOL. ...more info
  • Carrey at his best
    If Jim Carrey is wondering what to do with himself, he needs to go back to material like this. He is a seriously underrated actor (sneaking in that vulnerable admiration of Courtney Cox in Ace Ventura - Ace Ventura!) since he is mostly a comedian. It's easy enough to cry in this world, but anyone who can see humor and express it personifies what it means to rise above.

    ANYWAY, I hope Jim Carrey tunnels into the independent film world. He's probably exhausted his rubber-face stage, but anything off-beat and insightful will re-launch his career.

    Everyone was wonderful in this movie, no scene was wasted. Really, for everyone in the cast this was their best work. ...more info
  • One of my favorite films of all time
    I like to consider myself a big movie buff. One of my personal favorite films from this decade is "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind". I am not a Jim Carrey but the premise of the film still intrigued me.

    Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet plays a dysfunctional couple named Joel and Clementine. The couple are polar opposites from one another. Joel is more quiet and reserved while Clementine is more gregarious and unpredictable. These personality differences makes their relationship far from dull. After having a huge blow out with Joel, Clementine decides to have her memories of Joel erased courtesy of Howard (Tom Wilkinson) and his assistants played by Mark Ruffalo and Elijah Woods. When Joel finds out about what Clementine did, he decides to get the same procedure done on him. During the process of having his memories of Clementine erased (which is basically a lobotomy), Joel relizes that he still loves Clementine and does not want to forget her.

    I loved this film right from the first time I saw this film in the theatre but I really didn't get it until I viewed it a few more times on dvd. The way the film is edited is a bit confusing but the more I have watched it, the more the film makes sense. What I saw was a history of Joel and Clementine's rocky relationship. The performances was great. It was nice to see Jim Carrey actually tone down his comedic schtick and Kate Winslet take on a more comedic role. The writing and directingis just as good. Too bad most films in the past two years haven't come close to the uniqueness of "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"....more info
  • Moving And Intelligent, Exploring Love in an Unconventional Way
    "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" is a fantastic film, but that's not surprising. I've come to expect excellence from Charlie Kaufman, who always makes seemingly unfilmable plots into a brilliant screenplay. Michel Gondry, who directed Human Nature, directs with sensitivity and ambition, making the visual effects of memories being lost look realistic. The casting choices were unusual but perfect, allowing a group of talented actors to step out of their comfort zones and show how good they truly are. The leads, Jim Carey and Kate Winslet, are perfectly chosen. Carey plays the quiet, intelligent, Kaufman-like guy who doesn't know how to interact with others with Winslet playing the arty, rough, daring girl who opens up his world and shatters it down the road with an impulsive decision. The supporting cast, Kirsten Dunst speficially, also give wonderful performances. Such great work was put into this from all ends, and the result was a truly wonderful film.

    I wouldn't say that "Eternal Sunshine" is as brilliant as Kaufman's Adaptation, but it is more universal. I'm partial to Adaptation because, as a screenwriter myself, the way Kaufman delves into that pain and longing and frustration a writer experiences rang so true to me, whereas "Eternal Sunshine" is a film that is not really specific to anyone. It's about love, what people mean to each other, how deeply the memories we have effect us, and even destiny. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll be intrigued, and you'll certainly leave the film with the intention to see it again. A great movie.

    9/10...more info
  • Far from a spotless movie
    Perhaps my mistake was watching this immediately after "Stranger than Fiction," an equally overworked, derivative premise about a repressed, unfulfilled personality who requires not so much the extermination of his pedestrian self as the recovery of his more vital self (i.e. he needs the right, "spontaneous," life-endowed woman). The prototype is Chris Marker's 1962 masterpiece, "La Jetee," a film that's as profound as it is fresh, provocative, and haunting. The problem with these later spin-offs is not their lack of originality. Adrian Lyne's "Jacob's Ladder" is one of several films to approach "La Jetee"'s greatness. But these most recent efforts are low-budget formula pictures with big-budget stars that unfortunately lend validity to "Chick Flick" as a dismissive term for the whole sub-genre.

    The performances are often of Oscar-worthy quality. But I don't recall Rosalind Russell ("His Girl Friday") or Katherine Hepburn ("Adam's Rib") ever being wasted in scripts so unworthy of their talents as are Emma Thompson and Kate Winslett. Of the two present films, "Stranger Than Fiction" is the better-made movie, but "Eternal Sunshine" is more ambitious and multi-dimensional. The decidedly anti-intellectual message of "Stranger" is: Smelling and eating fresh-baked cookies not only satisfies the palate but heals the incomplete soul more surely than the agonized meanings of great literature. "Spotless Mind" might be said to test this thesis by offering the viewer quotes from Nietszche ("Blessed are the forgetful for they get the better even of their blunders") and Alexander Pope ("How happy is the blameless vessel's lot/The world forgetting by the world forgot/Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind").

    The problem is that the quotes are spoken out of context, as if the characters of the film (and their creator) are clueless to the irony of the quoted statements, both of which condemn forgetfulness and deride the notion of a "spotless mind." As if it weren't bad enough that the writers of the screenplay make mockery of Chris Marker's achievement, they misrepresent Nietszche and Alexander Pope, both of whom prefer to the sunshine of the spotless mind the mind that is alive "because" it remembers the past, however painful or imperfect it may be. (How often I ponder the question of which is worse: the destruction of the world's great literary texts or the distorted, gross and even dangerous interpretations to which such texts, including the Bible, are subjected by tone-deaf, unimaginative, utterly "selfish" readers.)

    Both films overstay their welcome, attempting closure and not finding it. At least "Spotless Mind" provokes genuine reflection, and perhaps some minimal self-scrutiny at that. Were the writers of the film as unashamedly didactic and verbal in their exit strategy as the makers of "Stranger Than Fiction," I would have offered them the following (by Kierkegaard): "When one has once fully entered the realm of love, the world - no matter how imperfect - becomes rich and beautiful, it consists solely of opportunities for love."...more info
  • 3.5 stars out of 4
    The Bottom Line:

    With perfect performances by a vivacious Winslet and a restrained Carrey, ingenious writing/directing by Kaufmann and Gondry, respectively, clever plotting and a touching finale, Eternal Sunshine may have a clunky title, but it's one of the more original and interesting romances to come out in years. ...more info
  • Life is about your relationship with your inner demons
    A strange movie about memory. Jim Carry is an unlovable schmuck, but for some reason he meets this wacky, gorgeous girl who's also quite horny. Slowly we get to see him interact with this girl, slowly we realize that there's much more behind their relationship. Why? Because it's a film from a Charlie Kaufmann script, where anything can happen. The couple has tender, happy moments that are very memorable (or memory-like) in an iconic kind of way. These are devices we refer back to, they make the movie feel like it is warm, comfortable, and we root for the heroes who struggle against what they are doing to themselves. Do they know that they were destined to be together? Things get weird - once we figure out what is going on, we get some back story. And then that back story gets back story. And then that back story also gets back story. And then the back story becomes the only story that there ever was. Because it's destiny. Complaints? None, really, although Kirstin Dunst acting horny is a bit awkward - she doesn't do horny well. Elijah Wood is good and creepy. And Jim Carrey - well, he can act... like a dork. I sometimes wonder how many people out there have so much time for resolving their inner demons that they don't really need to do regular things like work, cook, watch TV... ...more info